Brothers & Sisters: Nora Walker’s House in Pasadena

Brothers and Sisters TV Show Nora Walker's House cvr

Brothers & Sisters premiered on ABC in 2006 about the Walkers, a family in California that owns Ojai Foods. They’ve had a lot to deal with since their father died, as they began to discover all sorts of secrets he had been keeping from them. The sets are fabulous — take a look!

Brothers and Sisters TV Show Nora Walker's House 3

Updated to add: For those of you who asked me to add a photo of Rob Lowe, who plays Senator McAllister on the show, here you go, even though it has nothing to do with the sets. I think we can agree that he contributes to the scenery. This is from the second season when he marries Kitty (Calista Flockhart):

Brothers and Sisters Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart wedding

The sets are so amazing that it’s hard to believe these rooms are on a soundstage and not in real homes. Set designer Bryan Venegas says:

When decorating a set, I always keep in mind who the character is and what quirks I need to exploit to sell their personality. With the Walker Kitchen, I wanted to stay true to the architecture and to who Nora is. The house is a beautiful Spanish home in Pasadena so I wanted to sell the fact that the Walkers were financially well off without making them stuffy or material. I also made sure the house had a sense of history and functionality. Nora is very organized, obsessive, and a mother so I made sure her surroundings told her story.

Also, I just found a behind-the-scenes photo of the kitchen set that was posted on the Subzero website:

Brothers and Sisters TV Show Nora Walker's kitchen set

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  1. says

    I don’t know how you did it, but THANK YOU! Feel free to spend a whole week on the Walker houses. How about Tommy’s? How about the big house loaned to Kevin in one episode? Oh, and you could throw in a picture of Rob Lowe–just for good measure LOL!

    susan’s last blog post..A Pictureless Makeover

  2. says

    Hi Julia. I haven’t had a chance to tune into “Brothers & Sisters” on a regular basis, but my sister loves this show and keeps raving about it. Like you, I really should view past seasons. And, just as you couldn’t stop taking pictures of Nora’s kitchen, I couldn’t stop looking at them. Thanks so much for featuring both homes here! ~Arleen

    Arleen’s last blog post..Inspiration ~ Decorating with Yellow

  3. says

    I’m curious… are the interiors of the houses sets, or are they actually staging and filming in the houses themselves? I’d LOVE to think that these beautiful homes look exactly like the sets do!!
    Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

    DesignTies’s last blog post..And the winner is…

  4. says

    I love this show. I look forward to watching it every Sunday. I have watche dit from the start , but i have to say somehow until tonight i guess i invisoned the outside of the house to be totally different. Not Spanish. I don’t know why either. I do wonder if that is really the inside of that house. Or the inside is really a set. Oh well, great tour , and excellant show. O love Sally Fields. mishelle

    mishelle’s last blog post..Embellishing , Projects and can a girl have to many pillows?

  5. says

    Finally!!! I’m SOOO thankful! LOVE her home, it’s absolutely stunning! And the decor does develop throughout the seasons, Norah will redo the office (which ends up looking great). You’ll also get great views of the bedrooms, bathrooms and the pantry. There’s just so much eye candy in this show!

    Thank you thank you thank you!


    Dagny @ Beautiful Living’s last blog post..Inngangsdør til begjær / Desireable front door..

  6. says

    I have never seen the show before, but I’m hooked on Nora’s home! That kitchen is gorgeous.

    Can anyone tell what they have in the huge apothecary jars by the kitchen sink? I love the way they reflect the light from the window. It looks like one of them is filled with pasta. I’m always looking for good items – past the fruit – to display in my jars.

    Lindsay’s last blog post..Initial Prize

  7. says

    I have never seen this show before!! I may be renting it now! What an amazing house!! WOW! It had me at the front door, too!

    Angela’s last blog post..Monday Memories

  8. Pam says

    Julia, thank you for covering this lovely home. Whether it’s a set or a real house, the design is not only beautiful, but grounds the plotline as the environment for this family’s joys and sorrows. I second Amber’s mention of the homes in Failure To Launch. The Sarah Jessica Parker/Zooey Deschanel house and the home of Terry Bradshaw/Kathy Bates are also two great film houses. But what about coverage of, in my opinion, one of the great pastoral “hobbit-ations” from film…Bag End? Maybe Bilbo’s house was featured earlier; I’m a HoH newbie. Who wouldn’t love Bag End? Rich wood work, craftsmanship and character plus by being an eco-friendly subterranean you get natural climate control!

    Love your work, Julia! It’s a joy to visit.

  9. says

    Pasadena has some of the best homes.
    The city was built at the right time.
    I think Nora’s home is beautiful. The stairway, the arched doorways and that great yard!
    Great post, as always.


    velvet and linen’s last blog post..a garden revisited

  10. says

    WOW, that took alot of time and effort for those pictures. I am a super fan of B&S, not only for the story line, but the Walker family home. Simply love it!!!
    Except for the first season Sarah’s house is never shown as much in detail, mostly just the kitchen, making it appear smaller than what you see from the outside.
    Thanks for Sharing,

    Suzy’s last blog post..Best Cookies Ever….

  11. says

    I just “found” this show! I loved it right from the start because of those beautiful, beautiful homes! Thanks for giving us an inside look!

    Deidra’s last blog post..A Beautiful Life

  12. says

    I have never taken the time to watch this program – but now that I know about their homes I will have to tune in one of these days! Thanks so much for the report, it was beautiful!

    Christy’s last blog post..A Fairy House…

  13. says

    This is such an interesting post!! I don’t watch Brothers & Sisters, but I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the houses they use on the show. The kitchen IS nice — I really like the island and the cabinets :-) And WOW, that’s a HUGE dining room table!!!

    I really like House’s house on House :-) And I absolutely ADORE the coffee table in Cuddy’s office — it totally calls out to my love of circles!! Maybe I’ll try to take a few pics off the TV tonight if there’s a good shot of either one :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  14. says

    That kitchen has always been one of my favorites! And the front door! Oh My! Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures. I enjoy being able to study them in more detail!

  15. Kelly in Memphis says

    What a special treat, thank you! This is my favorite show!! I’ve been wanting a closer view of those giant apothecary jars in Nora’s kitchen. When I lived in the desert my house was a smaller version of this one. Of all the houses I’ve lived in, it’s my favorite.

  16. says

    I never get a chance to watch Brothers & Sisters its on opposite something else I watch. But I think that I will have to rent the episodes. It seems like a show I would enjoy. Another great house is in the new show Worst Week. Have you ever watched that show? You wonder how they come up with’em….Robyn

    Robyn’s last blog post..BLUE MONDAY! SPRING FEVER!

  17. Billy says

    Although Holly needs some quality time out behind the wood shed, “her” house in Silver Lake is perfect; it reminds me of the houses my great uncles used to build after the war,3 bd, 1/¾ ba, eat in kit, a den (if the lot was big enough) and a 2 car garage, For $250 you could add a 15×20 flagstone patio with a brick BBQ/fireplace.

  18. says

    The first home has a Tuscan feel to it. I wonder how many people use decor from shows as inspiration for thier personal abodes? For me, dedicated websites are more influential in developing new ideas.

    Gennaro’s last blog post..8 Great Movies For Paris Travelers

  19. says

    If only we were all so lucky to live in such fabulous houses! I do absolutely love the kitchen in Noras home.

  20. Kathy :) says

    I love that show…..I have been following Sally since she was The Flying Nun lol…thanks for the tour it is such a family/cozy home I think !!!

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  21. says

    Thanks for stopping by our blog earlier today and commenting on my old condo’s kitchen remodel – like you, I LOVE before and afters!! I hope you’ll drop in again, particularly in about a month when I hope to post my current kitchen’s before & after pics.
    All the best,
    Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

  22. says

    Your timing is so perfect…we were watching last night and commented about how great Nora’s house is. That, and we couldn’t figure out what William left Holly in his will. Did she get cash and buy Walker Landing, or did William leave her the company? We missed the first season.

    Michael’s last blog post..Just the Necessities

  23. hookedonhouses says

    Okay, you guys can correct me if I’m wrong, but to answer Michael’s question, I believe that William left a portion of land to Holly along with his children–the land that they then sold to pay back the money William had embezzled from the company. So they had to work with her to sell it. Tried to get her to sell her share, but she said she’d give it to them for stock in the company. That’s why they work together. Right? Am I close? -Julia

  24. Melinda says

    Wait, you mean people actually watch for the story line? And I was only watching for shots of Nora’s kitchen!

    Just kidding

  25. says

    I have been waiting everyday for you to show these! Thank you so much! I am IN LOVE with her kitchen and I would spend all day in there also! I had no idea she had such great detail to the ceilings…Thank you again — now I can tell all my friends to visit your blog for their fix!

    katie’s last blog post..An Extremely Easy Chair Makeover

  26. says

    Oh I absolutely loved this post. I’ve never seen this show…and now I’m tempted to rent the whole first season and start catching up on it. What a gorgeous kitchen! And daughter Sarah’s house was beautiful too!

    christy’s last blog post..Drowning in beige…

  27. Jen H. says

    I can’t remember – have you featured the houses from the Steve Martin movie Father of the Bride? If so, nevermind!

  28. says

    I have loved that show from the very first episode; not just because of the house or the incredible characters, but because I have a goal of being Sally Field when I “grow up”. I just love how “real” she is.


    janet’s last blog post..REAL LIFE

  29. Jen H. says

    More movie house suggestions:

    Sleeping With the Enemy: there’s Julia Roberts’ stark modern beach house and then the cosy little small-town cottage she rents to escape her abusive husband. Obviously the contrast between the two homes are a big part of the before/after story of her escape.

    Sweet Home Alabama: Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband has a lovely little log (I think) home that she makes all girly and pretty. And then there’s the southern-style mansion she pretends is her own, and the trash-tastic house (or was it a trailer?) that really was her childhood home. Can’t remember if any of these homes are worth a post, but can’t hurt to check it out!

  30. says

    Oh how wonderful! i ogled and I ogled and I drooled and I drooled!: )
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I too love the kitchen. Now THAT is a heart of the home!!


    Sue’s last blog post..Whew!

  31. Paul says

    Does anyone know what the island countertop is? Any guesses? I cannot tell but I love it.

  32. mercedes says

    Great ´post Julia!!!! Thank you, I am waiting Mondays!!!!

  33. Jen says

    Thanks to your post I have not spent 8 hours watching part of season 1 on DVD. Love it! Thanks!

  34. says

    I love your blog. I can’t get away from it. I can think of tons of movies/tv shows with wonderful homes I’d love to see you cover, but I’m sure your list is growing just fine without my input. =)

    I just have to point something out. I know the interiors are sets, but I can’t believe no one commented on the fact that the front entrance exterior of Nora’s house does not match with the architecture of the inside of the entryway. It’s obviously a three sided “bay window” type entry, while the exterior shot is a flat front house.

    As well, Sarah’s front entry is flat fronted, but the close up of the exterior of the front door clearly shows a window jutting out perpendiciular to the house on the left.

    Interesting Hollywood. 😉

  35. Stephanie says

    I watch Brothers & Sisters every week and noticed little things about Nora’s kitchen that I liked but with the pictures you took I was able to see a lot more. Thank you for posting the pictures, I would love to have Nora’s kitchen!

  36. Sally says

    I love Nora’s kitchen. Can anyone tell me where i can buy those green subway tiles behind the stove?

  37. Ann says

    Great pics! I have one request, I am trying to find a pic of the house with the porch swing scene from Brothers and Sisters(that is my DREAM house)! Can you please put pics of that house up too?

  38. hookedonhouses says

    Hi, Ann! Sorry, but I think the scene you’re referring to is from this season, right? I took these photos from the Season 1 DVD, which I rented and have since returned. Wish I could help! -Julia

  39. Lauren says

    Isn’t the exterior of Sara’s house the same as the one Susan Sarandon lived in the movie “Stepmom?”

  40. Kevin Victor says

    Hey i love your posts. I was looking for Nora Walker’s house and the google search led me to your website. Its really amazing how painstakingly you search for these treasures. There s so much about this house that i love. I love the curved doorways, doors, ceiling, the wooden flooring in the kitchen…
    I stay in Bangalore, India which has these lovely British Bungalows. Your site has inspired me to document them as most of them are disappearing, making way to ugly apartment blocks.

  41. jess says

    I am also wondering what the counter top is on the island and also where to get the subway tiles that were used on wall. Awesome house, kitchen is my favorite.
    although, I love the dining room chairs, simple. ( the new dining room chairs) they have more wood on them than the original ones that were used on the set. Anyone know where we can find those?


  42. Michelle Cottrell says

    I inherited a dining room table like the one in the Nora Walker’s home. And like Jess in the post above, I am interested in the chairs paired with the table-perfect modern touch. WHERE did those come from?

  43. Natalia Sol says

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Your website is terrific! It’s soo good to know I’m not alone in my craziness of house-crushes on films and tv shows :) I do have a question that I have always wondered about and perhaps someone out there knows: WHAT DO THE MOVIE PRODUCTION COMPANIES DO WITH ALL THE FURNITURE AFTER THE MOVIE IS COMPLETED???!!!! Is there an auction, an outlet, a website??? I’m pretty sure many people out there would LOVE to buy the living room set from one of your featured movies. Right?

  44. Stephanie B. says

    Does anyone know where to find the wallpaper that is in Sarah’s family room?? I just love it.

  45. says

    Thanks for posting these kitchen pics. We just bought a new house and are rennovating the kitchen and bathroom and putting arched doorways in and out of the kitchen and these are just beautiful. Now I have the perfect picture to give my contractor! Thank u!
    .-= Candy´s last blog ..Dear Ikea, ur awesome =-.

  46. Anne says

    Does anyone know where to vind the apothecary jars that are shown in Nora’s kitchen by the window?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Not sure where to find the exact ones, but I’ve seen apothecary jars everywhere from Pier One to Home Goods. -Julia

  47. michael d says

    please help where can i find the new dining room chairs and table in this seasons brothers & sisters?

  48. says

    Have you noticed on this season of Brothers & Sisters how they changed the outside of Sara’s house? It is now a fabulous bungalow. Funny…they didn’t have her move in the show and the inside of her home still looks the same. You get a really good look at the exterior in the 3/14/2010 episode.
    .-= Melissa Precourt´s last blog ..Will he go for it? =-.

  49. Swan Hunter says

    Does anyone know where that fabulous bed that Justin & Rebecca have in their bedroom?

  50. Nate says

    Any idea the name of the designers of the wallpapers in Nora’s home?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Sorry, I don’t know anything about the wallpaper. -Julia

  51. Liam says

    Nate, I am also looking for Nora’s wallpapers – I love the tan and the blue gray versions. Please let us know if you find the brand name and colors.


  52. Sandy says

    Does anyone know the outside paint color of Nora Walker’s House on Brothers and Sisters? Is that Black Trim?

  53. mary says

    Everyone all over the web wants to know where to find the curved subway tiles in Nora’s kitchen! Why is this information so ellusive? Please, I want some….

  54. says

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    a birdhouse. Please check out our custom birdhouse section. You and your readers
    may be interested.

    Michael Bowen

  55. Nate says

    Anne: Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. Her’s is a mix of both store’s apothecary jars.

  56. Guillaume says

    Thanks for this amazing work. I’m a big fan of this show, even if in France they stop showing it just after the first season but I keep watching online. I discover your blog searching photos of Nora’s House and now its on my favorite.
    Guillaume from France

  57. Susan Houser says

    Can you please tell me where I might find the wallpaper in Sarah’s kitchen. I’ve wanted to know since I first saw it but didn’t know how to find out – and then I found this site. Hoping you can help.

  58. Jac says

    I love this kitchen! I also love the home in the movie “It’s complicated” the kitchen, the shop, the garden… it’s all just so stunning.

  59. Robyn says

    Can anyone tell me if the walls in Nora Walker’s kitchen are wood or a type of textured wallpaper????

  60. Julia says

    I watch the show and I’m always trying to figure out what this one painting is that is off of the kitchen. It looks like a picture of a red river in a blue sky. I’m in love with it. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  61. Amanda says

    I was also wondering about the large art on the walls in the dining room and study. If you know the names of the art please let us know. Thank you.

    • hookedonhouses says

      If I knew about the art or tile or paint colors or anything else, I would tell you, I promise! I’m including everything I know in these posts. If anyone else knows more, please fill us in. Thanks! -Julia

      • Joanne says

        just wondering what the dark timber floors are??.. I mean type of wood etc

  62. Lauren says

    Can someone please tell me where I can find the vertical poster in kevin and scotty’s apartment? It has Manhattan locations listed all over in different colors. I’v been searching everywhere!!!! Please help!! I’d like to buy it for my birthday.

      • Anna says

        Hi – I am trying to find this poster too – if you have any luck in finding it please let me know!

  63. tcg says

    hi! i love your site…and i am in love with nora’s kitchen. do you have any info on her subway tile backsplash? i am re-doing my kitchen and would LOVE to get it!!

    Thanks for your help!

    • hookedonhouses says

      Once again, all I can say is that I include everything I know in these posts. I don’t have any other information. Sorry! -Julia

  64. Kevin says

    To everyone who has been inquiring about the wallpaper – I believe it is a type of grass wallpaper. The texture looks similar if you google it.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I think you’re right, Kevin. Should be fairly easy to find a similar grasscloth wallpaper to achieve this same look. -Julia

  65. Adam says

    I would like to find out what style of the house this is called. Thanks

  66. says

    I love your blog! I was watching B&S tonight and there was a painting in Holly’s house that I really like. I wish I could figure out who the artist is. Kind of modern, very colorful. Any suggestions on where I could start looking?
    .-= The Waspy Redhead´s last blog ..Gypsy Picnic 11-6 – Austin Texas =-.

  67. barbara says

    I just love your website and I would like to see the Bloom´s house from undercovers, it’s very beautifull…. thanks

  68. geri says

    I love the show and have seen every episode. Last fall I noticed the multi-colored striped chairs and table at Sarah’s house. It would be perfect in my kitchen!! Does anyone know where I can find one like it? Please let me know!

  69. kelly says

    I am desparately trying to find the name of the color on Sarah’s walls around her front door on the inside. You could really see it well on Sunday’s episode…kind of blue kind of teal. I just painted my dining room blue and it is great but this color in Sarah’s entry would be THE PERFECT shade. Any help is appreciated!!

    • Gerry says

      I am looking for the wallpaper they have but cannot find it in the UK – they seemn to have it in 3 colours and one is blueish! I love it, so if you know what make it is I would appreciate it…

  70. Mamadocmel says

    If you were to look for house plans similar to Nora’s house….what type of house would you search for? California Italianate, Mediterranean, French Country?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Hmmm…not sure. Seems like there’s some Spanish influence in there, too.

  71. becky says

    do you know where i can find a picture of the fireplace in Kitty’s new house? I know it and want to show it to my designer.

    • says

      You’ll need to get that season on DVD and take a snapshot of it. Not sure there are any photos of it on the Internet (that I’ve seen, anyway).

  72. Becky says

    Love the House! Love the Rob Lowe picture! Been in love with him since I was a teenager. I must say of all the teen heart throbs of my time – he has aged the best!

  73. says

    So I was watching tv tonight and came across this show. It appears that I’m a wee bit late hearing about it. So anywho… as I’m watching (36 hours episode) I can’t help but look drop my jaw in awe of this beautiful home. Is the grasscloth not to die for?! Then I immediately thought about your blog. It’s been a while since I’ve checked it out and low and behold you have a post about it. Yeeees! So excited.

  74. mia says

    i like nora’s kitchen :)

    i wish i could had a kitchen like this.Surely cooking is so much fun!

  75. Gerry says

    I am desperate to find the wallpaper that is in the house – it seems to be the same wallpaper but in different colours – I cannot find a UK manufacturer that does anything similar so would appreciate if anyone knows the make ???? cheers

  76. Pamela Strandburg says

    I majored in the wrong thing in college, and have spent my lifetime, looking at /sketching/wishing I were an architect/designer. AND I thought my very favorite home EVER was Diane Keaton’s home in the movie “SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE”. I understand it’s really mostly a movie set, and just some of the interior and the the exterior are a real house. BUT THEN I FOUND “BROTHERS & SISERS” , actually in reruns—-AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH NORA WALKER’S HOUSE !! FABULOUS!!! Can you show the floor plan of Nora’s house, it is SO perfect??? Also, is it possible to see the floor plan of the part of the house/set used for Diane Keaton’s house in the Hamptons in “Something’s Gotta Give”?? I LOVE BOTH HOUSES SO MUCH, and am interested in adding on to my lake home in NC. And I have looked for years, for just some ideas of perfection to add on, and can find NOTHING I LOVE AS MUCH AS THESE 2 HOUSES!! If I could just see rudimentary floor plans, to just see where rooms are located in relation to other rooms WOULD BE SO FABULOUS!! Thank you so very much!! Pam in NC

    • says

      If I ever find the floorplans, I’ll definitely post them. They’re hard to find, but sometimes someone from behind the scenes helps me out. Here’s hoping! :)