Howie Mandel’s Cape Cod-Style Home For Sale in Malibu

Howie Mandel is selling his Cape Cod-style home in Malibu for $7.25 million. It has about 7,000 square feet and sits on an acre of land in Point Dume with panoramic Santa Monica Bay ocean views.

The house was designed by architect Douglas Burdge. Celebrity houses can be way too big and impersonal looking sometimes, so this one was a pleasant surprise. And it’s hard to beat the setting!

Did you happen to see Howie co-hosting on “Live! With Kelly” a few days ago when Jennifer Lopez was the guest?

They talked about how they’re neighbors and the parties he sees going on over there. He also mentioned that he saw her outside painting the brick on her house one day with her twins Max and Emme. She said, “I didn’t like the red brick.” (You can see pics of her house here.)

Want it? Check the listing at Pritchett-Rapf Realtors.

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  1. says

    I heard yesterday on the radio that he will be the one replacing Regis for good. Maybe that’s why it’s for sale? beautiful home though!


  2. Melissa Daly says

    I love it! Don’t forget he’s married with kids, he might not have much say as to the decor. If mommy ain’t happy no one is happy. I’m pretty sure if my husband wasn’t married to me, he would probably live in a very contemporary home. We’ve combined our two styles pretty well. Thanks for posting!

  3. grapevine93 says

    Beautiful and has a “homey” feel to it. Sometimes the large homes miss that no matter how well decorated they are.

  4. Rick says

    Great house, seems to be a home. I loved the comment about Howie seeing Jennifer Lopez painting her red brick. I guess anyone can be a do-it-yourselfer. Painting can be calming.

  5. Brigid says

    I could move right in to this one!!! Just beautiful, love it!!! I do think the woman of the house may be more in charge of decor :) I know my home would look very different if my husband were decorating it solo! Have a SUPER weekend!! 😉

  6. says

    I LOVE it!!! It’s so bright, airy and welcoming at the same time. Isn’t it wonderful to see “stars” that actually have good taste?


    Luciane at

  7. Christina from Dallas says

    Wow it is beautiful. Not too big and has a homey feeling. Whoever decorated that one did a fanstatic job! I am sure there is not a speck of dust anywhere since he’s a neat freak! Wonder if that is their furniture or is it staged? Either way, love the decorating!

  8. Christina says

    I really am surprised. It’s a very nice house and something I would consider buying. I love the East coast Hamptons, Cape Cod look.. They’re such gorgeous homes. As bad as the market is at this time, no matter how much money a person has, why the heck do these people sell these homes after such a short amount of time. Example: Jennifer Aniston building that house, tearing it down and rebuilding it practically from scratch, about 3 years to build, stating it was the house she dreamed of, Bali, etc., and then she decides it’s time to scale down. Oh sure she scaled down..she just bought another home for $20 Million, after this Beverly Hills home sold for who knows how much, and she bought two penthouse apartments in New York City .. one for $9 million and another for $7 million. That’s what you call scaling down? Strange.. I hated that house in Beverly Hills though.. looked like a hotel. It should have never been built.. it was awful. I’m hoping her taste is better in these new places because the other one that appeared on Architectural Digest was a bomb! All that time and it turned out so masculine and nothing about it looked comfortable.. so off it went..

  9. Jane Barrett says

    Julia — thank you so much for hooking me onto your site! I am really loving this house — I’m going to get another coffee and go over each picture again!

  10. says

    Beautiful. I was surprised with how much of a germaphobic he is that he didn’t have less ‘stuff’ in the rooms. I love this house.

    BUT why do people build Cape Cod styles in areas that they don’t fit? Or any type of design for that matter. We live in an area that is all old Victorian houses. Ours is 1890. If I were to build a new house in this neighborhood I would stick to that type of home or era. I wouldn’t throw a Cape Cod in or a Federal style. Know what I mean?

    I think this is a beautiful house. I love it. I’d take it in a heartbeat!

    • Ann says

      I know what you mean about a house that doesn’t fit the area’s style (and usually they are hard to sell, I think) but I don’t think this applies so much to California, especially Malibu. It’s a mix of styles and people and the reason I love it.

  11. says

    One of my favorite celebrity homes (although I’m not loving the barn shaped rooflines). It looks bright and open and perfect for enjoying all that perfect Southern Ca. weather.

  12. says

    I love it! This is my favorite celebrity house you’ve ever shown! Just perfect! Now to find the 7 million I left around here somewhere…

  13. Lynn says

    I actually clicked on the link to read about the schools in the area, like i can afford to buy it! Wow, I love it! I am so tired of oversized humongous mansions. That is perfect. Ahh, to dream. Now if i could just somehow win lotto money, i’d be living in Malibu!

  14. Linda in AZ * says

    **** Julia, THIS home is one of the VERRRRRY FEW celebrity homes I A*D*O*R*E, and honestly believe I could move right into & be verrry happy with hubby, our dogs and family n’ friends!!! …. Welllll, E*X*C*E*P*T it IS just a “TAD” (!!!) too large for us, realistically speaking!!!

    Howie’s such a cutie, and his home is a TRUE BEAUTY~~~ soooooo light n’ airy, clean and happy, welcoming and joyous!!! I’m… in… love!!! (Well, and growing up in So Cal, I happen to KNOW Malibu “ain’t soooo bad!”, either!!!)…

    THANKS so much for sharing this~~~ a day brightenener for sure!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  15. Cheryl says

    I love every little bit of this house, especially the reading/tv nook on the second floor. Respect Howie, and Mrs. Mandel!!

  16. says

    Great master bedroom and pool area. I guess I wanted the decor to be even more “beachy” — not theme-room beachy, just a few more touches.

  17. says

    Wow, she *is* still Jenny from the block . 😉

    I love that he has that huge tree in his living room, though I wonder how they keep it alive in that tiny pot.

  18. Spring says

    I’m kinda in shock at how much I love this. If you gave me a list of celebrities and told me to guess which one whose style matched my own, Howie Mandel is probably the last person I’d choose.

    It’s lovely. I don’t think there’s one thing I’d change. You know, if I could afford it. :)

  19. HollyM says

    Finally!! A celeb house I could move right into! There is nothing wrong with this house (yet, a little removal of staging wouldn’t hurt). Cozy, airy, comfortable – – and still impressive enough. Very warm and friendly.

  20. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Does anyone have 7.25 million that they would like to give me….I love this house!

  21. Jodi from New Jersey says

    One word: gorgeoulicious! I wouldn’t change a thing. Reminds me of the ” Something’s Gotta Give” house. Really beautiful, and of course, it’s clean :).

      • Lee says

        Right down to the painting over the fireplace – I wondered why no one had commented on the similarities earlier! :) Beautifully designed and decorated, and wonderful views…

  22. Julie B says

    Yes, please! From where I sit in mid-winter Western Mass., that house looks absolutely inviting, sunny, and stunning. I can’t decide where I would hang out the most! Oh well, one can always dream. :)

  23. says

    Oh my! I love this so much. It looks like a home that a regular family could really enjoy. 7,000 sq. ft. is huge but I’m sure I could get used to it…if I could pay someone to clean it for me :)

  24. Kathy :) says

    I LOVE his house, he is a riot……OMG I love him……he is coming to Boston and I’d love to get tickets.

    That little pool house (well not so little lol) is where he goes when someone in his family gets sick…..poor guy suffers from OCD and I think ADD……

    You have a great week-end too :), we are getting together with friends for dinner tonight, I may talk their ears off…..I have been ill with a sore throat, cold etc all week…..going stir crazy can’t wait to go out LOL

    By the way last year at this time we had snow up to our A.. not a flake on the ground, loving this Winter :)

    Kathy :)

  25. says

    Oh- la-la! Love this house. Looks perfectly comfortable but very styling at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Kim says

    This is one of the few celebrity homes that I actually love. The only other one I can think of that I liked just as much is Michael J. Fox’s. I love everything about this place. It’s not too big, and it actually feels like a home. Most celebrity homes are way too big and have no taste. If I was rich, this is one of the type of homes I would own.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Julia!

  27. Nancy Fetterling says

    So pretty, thanks for sharing Julia, you’re the best!

  28. Dee says

    Inside the house is warm and inviting, though hardly original. But I really dislike the outside: Cape Cod style in Malibu? It’s like building a beamed adobe house in, say, North Dakota. A cultural mismatch…. If I had the money to buy a house like that, I’d change the outside to something more contemporary and geographically-neutral.

    • Jane says

      I agree. The house seems a bit cold and impersonal. I’d want to add more unique touches.

  29. says

    A stunning house, really. So lovely in so many ways. This would be the one to buy — no fear of leftover nastiness by those leaving! I guess I’m one of the few who think that the most interesting neighborhoods are the ones with houses of varying styles. Here in the Midwest (Kansas), so many neighborhoods demand a certain style of home, which means that every home in the neighborhood — no matter how high the price tag — ends up looking inherently like its neighbor. To me, that’s a bit boring. I like the typical older neighborhoods that have Cape Cods next to Ranches, Victorians, Prairies, Georgians and Colonials. And Julia, I can hardly believe that I forgot to share this with you, but we’ve finally broken ground on our new house (Coastal/Hamptons style). It’s going up so quickly, it seems, and I’ve started a blog about it, if you want to check it out:

  30. Stacia says

    Love the color of the living room walls. The trim and fireplace are white but any ideas on what the wall color might be?

  31. says

    I just want to say I so enjoy coming over to visit the houses you pick for your posts. It is always a surprise. Thank you for taking the time to do these posts. As for the house, if I had the spare change I could definitely live in this house-all that white is a dream.

  32. Jane says

    While I absolutely LOVE the design, room sizes, and all that wonderful light, the house seems impersonal to me. It could be anyone!s home , although admittedly someone with a good eye for home design…and plenty of money. Nothing wrong with either of those things.

    I guess the whole point is to have a home that appeals to many buyers in that price range and I guess that person could hire someone to handle all that white and pale furniture.

    Sorry to be in the minority here. another pet peeve? I’m not someone who likes televisions over fireplaces. The big black “hole” distracts from a lovely fire , even if the television is on. They are best enjoyed separately in my opinion. Have a large and gorgeous wall, complete with fireplace? Let it make it’s own statement..unless there is no other room to put the television.

  33. Ann says

    Love it, as long as someone else is going to clean and maintain it!

  34. says

    Why, oh why, can’t they just remove a zero from the end of the listing price?!?!

    One tiny zero!!!

  35. Candy says

    Not too bad for a kid from Scarborough! – Great house, must be hard to leave

  36. Jared says

    I’ve got to be honest, I am a little bit surprised at how tasteful his house is! Its gorgeous, I love every room and its totally my style. He must have a classy wife.

  37. says

    I would happily live in that house! Love the upstairs landing. I imagine getting nestled in one of the chairs with a good book. So many things I love about it. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Neesha says

    Does anyone know the floorplan of the house? Because I just love the layout. Who designed it? Thanks!

  39. Maria says


    This is my favorite style of house and very SGG. I could move right in with only minor changes. Just love it. Well thought out for how it lives indoor/outdoor. Would’ve liked to see the pool house. He mentioned on The Talk he is neighbors with Sharon Osbourne too.

    • says

      Oh, really? I didn’t hear that. Can you imagine a street where Howie, Ozzy, and Jennifer Lopez are all neighbors? Would make for some pretty fun block parties! :)

  40. Mary says

    I would never image Howie’s home so beautiful. This is one of my favorites.