Tyler Florence’s Mill Valley Cottage

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence's Mill Valley CA house for sale

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence is selling his charming 1926 Craftsman in Mill Valley, California, that he calls his family’s “sweet little cabin in the woods.” His kitchen was featured in House Beautiful, so I was excited to get a closer look at it and the rest of the house.

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (2)

Tyler and his wife Tolan were introduced by fellow chef Rocco DiSpirito and married in December 2006. He told SFGate, “We spent our honeymoon house-hunting. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, we walked into this house and I said, ‘Honey, this is it.'”

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (4)

The moose antlers were a wedding gift from Tolan to Tyler.

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (6)

“The shingle-roofed home, nestled alongside a creek, is surrounded by redwoods and bay laurels. The property’s wild blackberry bushes and plum tree produce fruit ideal for homemade jam. Fruit from the small apple tree is turned into applesauce.” -SFGate.

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (5)

The listing says, “Tyler Florence’s personal residence offers an unparalleled opportunity to acquire a piece of Mill Valley history. The iconic 1926 cottage has been renovated with high end, timeless designer finishes throughout. Perfectly site placed adjacent to a seasonal creek in a walk to town location.”

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (14)

There are 5 bedrooms and 2 baths in the 2,500 square-foot home.

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (19)

“When they bought the house, there were just two bedrooms upstairs; they are currently used as a guest room and an office. A four-month renovation transformed the unfinished basement into three additional bedrooms and a master bathroom.”

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (17)

A downstairs bedroom is designated for summer visits from Tyler’s son Miles. During the rest of the year, it becomes a playroom for the younger kids:

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (16)

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (13)

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (8)

In House Beautiful, Tyler wrote, “My kitchen at home is where all the action happens. My wife, Tolan, and I balance out our busy lives managing three restaurants; our three kitchen shops; a hectic media schedule; a new wine label; our baby food company, Sprout; and, of course, our three beautiful children: Miles, 14, Hayden, 3, and Dorothy, 2.”

Tyler Florence and his daughter in the kitchen HB

Soon after moving in, they painted the bleached wood cabinets white.

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (9)

Curbed says the house “looks like it was the location for a Williams-Sonoma catalog shoot.”

Tyler Florence's kitchen in HB blackboard wall

“Inspired by the outdoor menus that are ubiquitous in Paris, the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room became a prominent feature with a few coats of chalkboard paint. Florence hired an artist to inscribe a list of wines and French dishes, as well as replicate a drawing of a pig that he came across in The Chronicle’s food section.” -SFGate

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (10)

The kitchen has Viking stainless steel appliances, including a range with six burners, a double oven, and a full-height wine cellar. They also installed a motorized skylight in lieu of a hood, which would generate too much noise and make taping television shows in the kitchen difficult.

Tyler Florence's kitchen in HB

The dark gray tile on the wall came from the Heath Ceramics factory in nearby Sausalito. “We like that the tiles are imperfect,” Tyler says. “Sort of worn and lived-in.” They have different finishes — high-gloss, satin and matte — and were arranged in a staggered pattern.

Tyler Florence's kitchen

When they moved into the house, they only had three weeks to give the outdated kitchen a makeover so they could shoot photos for Tyler’s book Dinner at My Place. At the time, he says, “It looked like IKEA circa 1982 in here.”

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (11)

“Adjacent to the kitchen is a small light-filled room, where Clark Florence speculates that the previous owners kept a washer and dryer. Post-renovation, built-in shelves topped with Carrera marble offer extra storage and prep space.” –SFGate

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (12)

Want it? The asking price is $1.995 million. Check SFGate, Curbed, and House Beautiful for more photos and information. (HB photos by John Lee.) Learn more about Tyler Florence at Food Network and his own website.

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Mill Valley Cottage (20)

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  1. CottageGirl says

    Words fail me!

    I can’t tell you how much I love this charming, welcoming, lovely house! If I had the moo-lah, the next comment I’d post to your website would be from Mill Valley!

  2. says

    I love everything about it! It’s so cozy and comfortable, but well done. I’m not sure where Mill Valley is, but I love that you can walk into town from his house. That is really cool to a suburban girl like me.

    • Bridget says

      Mill Valley is located in Northern California. More specifically in Marin County which is quite pricey because it has something to do with not having a lot of homes built vs. open land space. The north half of the Golden Gate Bridge is in Marin. The county is quite beautiful.

  3. Carla says

    I love houses….all shapes, all kinds. But you know when a house just grabs you? That’s this one for me. It may have a little bit to do with the fact that Tyler Florence is from my hometown, and it’s nice to see a local boy do good. :) What I love about it, though, is that there is so much inspiration here for someone with a “regular” house. It’s not a huge mansion with sweeping staircases and football sized rooms that are hard to recreate. It’s warm, it’s inviting, the details are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Cheryl in Wisconsin says

    It’s elegant yet comfortable. It’s decorated without looking too contrived. There is so much to admire.

  5. says

    Oh! where did I put my $1.995 million? maybe on the other pair of jeans :D. Lovely house, the different finishes for the dark gray tiles was a good idea, really eye catching. What I can understand is the motorized skylight as a solution to hoods, what would you do on a rainy day? It calls to my attention how many kitchens do not have a hood or any kind of smoke extractor in sight, can they be hide? or they just don’t have one? I just always assume those kitchen owners didn’t cook to often …

  6. Carolyn says

    Lovely and charming. Did you see the size of that master closet? Or notice the chicken coop? I think the lot is gorgeous – with redwoods and a creek! That would sell me right there. Question is: why move?

  7. says

    I like the color of the house and everything inside too. I have been wanting to do some kind of Chalkboard wall and their board inspires me more.

  8. Kristi says

    Such a gorgeous house! I love looking at the houses you feature on your blog, but I just have to mention that I am always thrown off by the ad you have running on the side- that is a bit of soft porn- I think- and so distracting. But thank you for your blog, I adore it!

    • says

      Which ad are you getting like that, Kristi? I unfortunately don’t have much control over what you see because different people get different ones. That’s why my husband gets car ads on my blog after he’s been car shopping online, for example, and I’m seeing ones from Art.com since I just ordered something from them. I’m not personally selling the ads or anything. It’s just code in the sidebars that responds to your search and browsing history and tries to show you what they think you’ll want to see. (Dave is a computer guy and he says you should probably clear your cache if you’re seeing a lot of objectionable ads, BTW. Or at least try refreshing the page so new ads load.) However, if you can tell me what the ad is for I can try to have it blocked. I already have restrictions on which types of ads they can show (no political ads, dating sites, or weight loss, etc) but sometimes they get through anyway, which is really frustrating. Sorry about that!!

      • Kristi says

        It was for some game- It is not showing up now, but for a few days it was there! I will let you know if I see it again! I will see if I can clear my cache! (not sure what that is or how to do it, but sounds like something I should get on!

  9. jep says

    I love this house and would move to CA just to live in it if we had the money!

  10. maddie may says

    Perfection !!!!!! This home is without a doubt one of the most charming & spectacular ones I have ever seen. I am adicted to decorating magazines & have viewed many, many homes throughout the years. This one sure ticks all the right boxes & I would find it very, very difficult to move on from this absolute treasure. Luvvvvvv it.

  11. says

    apart from the beige-wash, it is VERY charming. Exceedingly charming in fact! I can envision kids there so it is a cozy, comfy place despite the designer touches.

  12. HollyK says

    Lovely… I wish you could locate pictures of the cottage before the remodel of the living areas. I actually LOVED what I saw of the cottage before, and have searched for more detail pics. It was more of a warm and cozy cottage before the remodel… I believe I saw the article featured in a Thanksgiving edition of Southern Living magazine several years ago.

    • says

      Oh, really? I didn’t know there were before photos of it out there! If anyone tracks them down, let us know. Would love to see them.

      • HollyK says

        oops! I dug through my magazine clippings, and it was actually in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Nov. 2010.

  13. Rebecca C says

    I’m moving. This is the house. Just wish I had that kind of money. We can all dream. Love, love, love it.

  14. Esther George says

    I love every inch of this charming home. Sure would be a perfect family home…I’m day dreaming again… Every week my husband says this is the week (winning Lotto) Hah….. Hi Julia thank you for sharing this beauty. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS this deserves another cup of coffee.

  15. B. Venti says

    This house is perfection! Do you have any idea why they’d be selling it? I could literally just move right in! Love your blog Julia!

  16. Erin says

    One of my all-time favorites! I guess I’m going to have to fight off everyone else in line to move right in? Maybe we can all pool our money. Perfection!

  17. Laurie says

    Wow, what a great place!! But I can’t understand why a couple put so much love, money and talent into a house, get it completely perfect and have a perfect location, and then move. How could you ever improve on a home like this?!?

    • says

      Yes, from what I understand it started as a 2-bedroom cottage and they finished the basement to add a master and two more bedrooms. Now they use the upstairs bedrooms as an office and guest room. It looks like a “walk-out” basement, though, since there are doors leading outside.

      • Nancy says

        That is what I thought. The rooms look they get a lot of natural light. Very inviting home!!

  18. Linzy says

    Hey Julia? The video ad on the right side of your blog makes really loud, really obnoxious noises and there is no way to shut it off or pause it. I think it is the first second of each ad that plays, even though it is supposed to be on mute. It’s really obnoxious.

    • says

      Everyone sees different ads, which makes it hard for me to track down problems like that. (I’m not seeing any videos in the sidebar.) Hit refresh and hopefully you’ll get something else. Weird that you’re hearing it even on Mute? Sorry about that, Linzy!!

      • Leanna says

        Just so you don’t think you are losing your mind, Linzy, the same thing has been happening to me lately. Random bits of audio and it always makes me jump since I haven’t clicked on anything! I upgraded to Explorer 11 recently and I’m wondering if that’s why. I’ve had a few other strange things happen on site since I loaded the new version.

        • Linzy says

          Huh. Well, I’m glad you said something, Leanna, because it’s not happening right now. And I’m running the latest version of Firefox, so that can’t be it. It did happen several times last week, sorry I can’t specifically remember the ads, Julia. That said, to be able to enjoy your blog as a free service I really can’t complain too much. I’m glad you have ads, Julia, if it keeps allowing you to post on pretty places.

  19. Little Edie says

    So nice to see all of the love for this home. I’m crazy about that funky front porch and the big old antique butcher block tops set into the kitchen counters.

    Had I only bought that winning lotto ticket sold around the corner from me last week I’d be moving to Mill Valley … if I could beat the rest of the readers to the listing, that is.

  20. Wendy says

    This is my town! And yes, this is just what many of the houses look like (we also have an old cottage, a creek running through our property. and are surrounded by redwoods, can’t walk to town, though). That cottagey look is the reason I love the place, as well as being surrounded by open space. But I can’t claim all the cottages have all been so beautifully redone. Often they tear down the cottages and build Monster Houses, so hats off to Tyler Florence. If he’s in Cascade Canyon then he can walk to downtown and his beautiful shop as well as my favorite restaurant in town, El Paseo. I knew from what he did with that historic space that he had a feel for creating a profound sense of place. I see he worked the same magic, with a different aesthetic, in his home. If we can’t afford to buy they house at least we can stop in for a burger!

  21. says

    Thanks so much for sharing Julia. The whole house is spectacular, but the kitchen is amazing!!! I can’t decide what feature I like best, but maybe that chopping board! You can tell a real cook lives there and they thought through all the critical details. Now if I just had a couple million dollars and needed to live in California!