Olivia Newton-John’s Waterfront Home Florida

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house

Olivia Newton-John, who sang her way into our hearts as Sandy in Grease (and doesn’t look like she’s aged at all since the 1970s!), has a house on Jupiter Island in Florida. She and husband John Easterling bought it in 2009 and put $2 million into renovating it. Now they’re selling for $6.2 million–take a look!

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (2)

My friends at Redfin told me about the listing. Their blog about the house explains: “It is located on the Jupiter Inlet Colony, which is on the southernmost tip of Jupiter Island, surrounded by inlets and the Atlantic Ocean. The area has been home to a variety of celebrities, including Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Kid Rock and Celine Dion.”

(Celine’s “waterpark house” in Florida is pretty wild!)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (3)

“The home has hurricane impact-rated glass windows and doors, which is pretty important given the proximity to the ocean. It has a beachy feel, with custom driftwood cabinets, cypress tongue-and-groove ceilings, coral stone flooring, and lush tropical landscaping.”

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (23)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (22)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (4)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (21)

There are 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (7)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (8)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (20)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (9)

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (19)

I’m going to resist writing a “You can get physical in the exercise area”-type of caption for the next photo. I hope you appreciate my restraint. 😉

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (15)

I will also refrain from saying how I’d love to spend my “Summer Nights” here (I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head since I started writing this post!).

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (5)

Want it? For more photos and information, check the Redfin blog and take the virtual tour here.

Olivia Newton-John 104 Lighthouse Jupiter FL house (6)

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  1. martha says

    I love the “open to nature” feel of this house….lots of windows, lovely views. Not as big a fan of the driftwood cabinets, the idea sounds good, but somehow they seem over done or boring to me. The two bean bags chairs look silly in that room, they should have staged it better. I think I see evidence of some kind of roll down window coverings on all the great big windows. My pet peeve of house staging is huge windows in bathrooms and bedrooms with no way to get privacy.

  2. Alie B says

    OH MY GOODNESS! Sorry for the caps, but what a gorgeous home! She may be known as a 70’s and 80’s celebrity, but there is certainly nothing dated about this place. Love the artisanal feel of the decor. The only thing I’m not so sure about is the life-size dolphin! :)

  3. says

    Good morning, Julia!

    What a beautiful home! This beach house is full of character and it feels so airy… just perfect!

    Thank you for posting this. :-)

    Have a blessed day, Julia.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  4. T. says

    I adored ONJ when I was a pre-teen! I sang along to her records all the time. I like the house from the outside, but the inside isn’t what I imagined her house would look like. I find it a little boring and disappointing. I pictured something softer and more colorful. I think it’s all those driftwood cabinets. They look too heavy and bleak, and usually I am a fan of natural wood cabinets over painted wood cabinets. Something is just off here for me.

  5. says

    Beautiful house with great architectural features…. however, the palette seems a bit blah and neutral. But that could be fixed by the next owner! The driftwood cabinets might be more suitable for a rugged Big Sur home rather than a pretty Florida retreat.

  6. Glenis says

    Great home…not a big fan of the style of decorating that was chosen tho. But hey…any house close to the beach and water is good!

  7. Teresa says

    Love the big open bedroom and sitting area. Also, and the glass enclosed crawfoot tub. Major dislikes are the driftwood cabinets and some of the decor.

  8. says

    Darn you…I now have Summer Nights playing in my head!!! I really liked the exterior and was expecting to see yellow and perhaps cottage-y inside. The interior doesn’t go with the outside to me (but who says that it has to?) Anyway, it reminds me of Hawaii inside for some reason. Maybe it is all the wood…kind of Polynesian. :) Interesting house, though!

  9. Jen says

    Its a really beautiful house she has some nice stuff like dinning chairs something feels off in bathroom tho

    anyway nice to see thank you

  10. Bette says

    I saw the back of this house from a friend’s boat, over the weekend. I really loved the exterior of the house, not knowing who it belonged to, or that it was for sale. I have a “thing” for yellow houses. Most of the surrounding homes are Mediterranean style McMansions….sometimes just mansions, that are a bit ostentatious for my taste. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed with the interior though….awfully bland for the tropics!

  11. cecile delouvrier says

    i don’t like the house itself but the last picture… waow!!! i can easily see myself sipping a french aperitif at dawn with family and friends, especially now we are having an awful weather very cold for a soon june month. I’m sending you all my best, keep going on your wonderful work julia, you’re the best!

  12. Nancy says

    I love the picture on the dock and those blue chairs, however not a fan of the interior. The driftwood cabinets are too drab and look too rustic for the location. I would paint them white or replace them. Also could use a bit more furniture in the den area. Otherwise beautiful exterior and location.


  13. Linda says

    What’s wrong with me – Yuck! I don’t like anything about the interior of this house. The exterior is absolutely beautiful though.

  14. KellyW says

    I think it’s very pretty, but I’m not crazy about the driftwood cabinets in the kitchen. Looks like you would get splinters from them.

  15. Ruth says

    I for one appreciated your restraint! 😉 lol I love the outside and the location…but the inside is awful!!! Those cabinets would have to go!! I wonder where they spent the two million dollars on renovations?

  16. stef says

    What a disappointing contrast between Drew Barrymore’s ‘real’ home and this staged set.
    The furniture is unbelievably clunky, unattractive and boring. This house needs color and fabric and flowers!
    Again and again these celebrity homes prove that money doesn’t buy taste. Sorry.

  17. Laura says

    Kind of weird. Do those clunky driftwood cabinets (especially the bar) remind anyone of the Flintstones? And, what is it, termites or something that prevent people in tropical areas from having wood floors? I can’t get on board with light colored tile all over the floor. Ick. Maybe a nice terra cotta tile. The giant beanbags? Bizarre. I’ll pass.

    • Mary says

      Laura, I live in the tropics so I can answer your question (for me, anyway!). Wood is lovely but sand and water, from both beach and tropical deluge, damage it fast as do the ever present termites. Carpets trap all the sand and dirt blown in by the trade winds, so that’s out. Unless you have money enough to refinish your wood floors frequently, you turn toward hard surface such as tile, polished concrete etc. and I got the grout in the exact color of our Maui dirt so I don’t have to fuss about that either. :)

  18. valvacious says

    Do not like the driftwood at all ……very unatrractive. Overall the house did not excite me

  19. Esther George says

    You know what song is going to replay in my head today…Summer Lovin is that what it was called its been a long time. Well about the home there is something missing I thought she would have a softer style. I love the home on the outside and of course it’s water views. Let me just say if someone gave me the key to this place I couldn’t refuse. Hi Julia after all that hope the sun is shining for you and the flowers are everywhere. Regards Esther fro Sydney. PS have a great weekend.

  20. Kim says

    This house has good bones, but man is it way too white. Someone needs to give it some color. Also I don’t care for the driftwood. It doesn’t look good with the rest of the house. I love that view though. I would spend a lot of time sitting outside on a nice and sunny day.

  21. Wendy says

    I admire the idea of the kitchen, just too much of it. That setting on the dock was stupendous. But I kept thinking how it’s all going to be under water in a few decades. I wonder who is buying this stuff?

  22. says

    The outside is spectacular, as is that last photo with the turquoise adirondacks. I love the landscaping! I do not like the decorating. At all. I have always wondered what happened to her husband who went missing. So sad for her.

  23. says

    Not a fan of the cabinetry, but the views are amazing! They almost looked “doctored in” to some of these photos they are so breathtaking! Too bad I don’t have the 6+ million to enjoy them…

  24. Jduffy says

    I’ve followed her career for years and have been a fan since the 70s. I remember her first home in Malibu–a full-scale ranch. That was my favorite of all of her “homes” and seemed to fit her. I think Sally Field owned this home later (?) I’d have bought that one from her if I could have LOL! This home is beautiful in its own way too. That decor could easily fit a Calif. coastal home and in fact looks more Calif rustic than Florida tropic to me. I definitely see touches of Malibu here. Some bright-colored throws, pillows, etc. would spice it up.

  25. Shari says

    This is a beautiful home. Very sunny and warm exterior, with a cool and casual interior. The photos of her previous homes have had similar decor, with the same white walls and ceilings. I recognize her piano and hooked rugs from the other homes she’s owned. Also the small white sofa in the kitchen area. Maybe the more rustic and Polynesian influences reflect her husbands tastes? Regardless, it looks as though they’ve managed to blend both the femine and masculine pieces, perfectly! It’s a very comfortable and lovely looking home.

  26. Dee says

    I live in the town where this house is and we’ve gone by it more times than I can count when boating in the intracoastal (which the house backs up to–that lovely dock view you see in the last picture). Local rumor has it that Rosie O’Donnell has expressed interest in buying the home but so far nothing has come of it.

    In more unfortunate news, one of the men who helped with the carpentry/renovations of Olivia Newton John’s Jupiter home these past few years recently took his own life IN THE HOUSE while no one was home. Very sad.