Robin Williams’ Napa Valley Vineyard Estate

Robin Williams Selling Napa Valley Villa Sorriso

Robin Williams is selling his 600-acre estate known as Villa Sorriso, “which spills over the Mayacama Mountains between Napa and Sonoma Valleys.” It’s on the market for $35 million, so take a look!

At nearly 20,000 square feet, the house has plenty of room for guests. Heck, you probably won’t even know they’re there!

According to the listing, there are 5 suites, a library, a theater, an elevator, cellars for art and wine, and a bridge gallery and viewing tower overlooking the valley.

I like that the kitchen is kind of unpretentious. Not like some celebrity kitchens that look like they’re only for show.

I could imagine hanging out in here, though, and actually cooking in it. Those views from the windows don’t hurt.

Interesting to see all the built-in displays in this hallway:

I was kind of surprised by all the blue carpet.

The listing says: “Olives and world class Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are established. Rare end of road privacy, adjoins thousands of acres of protected open space. This fabulous expanse is beautifully cared for by an onsite manager. Accessible within 80 minutes of the Golden Gate Bridge.” Sounds good to me!

*4/14 UPDATE: It was just re-listed for $29.9 million with Cyd Greer and Joyce Rey of Coldwell Banker Previews International.

P.S. My favorite Robin Williams house will always be this one…

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  1. says

    I love the views from the windows, but I really don’t care for the house itself. It is way too big for my tastes and reminds me of a museum.

  2. Michele says

    Oh, that POOL! I agree on the blue carpet – can you imagine how stunning that hallway with the arches would look with marble or a shiny hardwood?

  3. says

    I love it. I think someone did a great job designing it – even though it’s huge, the parts you have posted look remarkably homey. Also, I agree that the blue carpet is surprising, but somehow it works!

  4. Lisa says

    Hi Julia! I was impressed with the unassuming kitchen, too! Not so much the style of it, but that it seemed friendly and down to earth. (…for a mansion!) Though I don’t like a museum “feel” in any house no matter what the size, I did like the bedroom a lot. And the back expansive terrace with that infinity pool. The view was breathtaking! One of my life long dreams is to have a vineyard like that. (One of my favorite movies is “A Walk in the Clouds” – it is vineyard heaven!)
    Anyway, love the photos, thanks for sharing!!

    I was so inspired by your black and white living room that I’ve decided to try it in mine and it is looking fabulous! Thanks to your wonderful blog, I’m finally learning to define what I really like (and what really I don’t) in terms of style and color in my own home. Something that has been elusive to me for 20 years! :) Thanks and Hugs,

  5. 65andcounting says

    I have such a disconnect. The personality of Robin Williams on TV, and I don’t mean Mork, but the guy we see on Leno or Letterman, doesn’t seem anywhere near the guy who would want such a statement of a house. This seems suits a “see me see me, it’s all about me” kind of star. Williams strikes me more down-home, less likely to want a 20,000 sf spread.

    But if he’s looking for someone to take care of the pool (and by that I mean live in the house free and sit by the pool and tan), I’m there.

  6. Lisa says

    On second glance, isn’t that an Ikea Ektorp chair in the bedroom??? (I absolutely LOVE Ektorpl :) That is really surprising to see in a million dollar palace when the best of the best could be afforded.

  7. says

    Well, we were going to go to Livermore for wine tasting this afternoon, but maybe we will head up to Sonoma and see if we take a look!

  8. Cindy says

    Does anyone else think that the blue carpeted hallway slopes down toward the camera? The countertops step down so maybe it is my imagination, but it seems unusual to have a slope like that.

  9. Tricia says

    The planetarium-looking foyer turned me off, but the rest of the house makes up for it. Sans the blue carpet, of course. Although I’d be spending all my time on that fabulous patio so carpet schmarpet!!

  10. Bridget says

    WOW! What a view and the pool is amazing. It is a little museum but a lot “cozy” for such a large home. My 3 kids would love that pool! And playing hide and seek in that house.

  11. RJ says

    The foyer made me think of Cheesecake Factory! Not much about the house that feels very ‘Welcome Home, now kick back and rest for a while’ to me. Just too formal and museum-like. And I was trying to figure out if the built-ins have some type of vent at the top of them? It almost looks like a/c ducting is hidden behind the top panels.

    • says

      HaHa. Cheesecake Factory… you nailed it! I’m also wondering about all those display cases in that sloping hallway and if they are used for storing/displaying wine since they almost resemble built-in refrigerators with those vents- odd because it has a wine cellar, but still not typical display cabinets. And, yes, that blue carpet is a big “surprise”!

  12. T. says

    I enjoyed the tour. I like some of it, but not all of it.

    I wonder what Robin Williams would think of MY house? The whole thing would fit in his foyer!

  13. Kim says

    I love Robin Williams in movies. He’s a great actor. I love his house. It feels so welcoming and homey, but it’s too big.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Julia!

  14. Christina from Dallas says

    I wonder why he’s selling. If it’s because he can’t afford it because of the economy then who can? Very few can afford such an expensive house. Wonder what the electricity bill is?
    The blue carpet is wierd but I love the kitchen. Also 600 acres? Wow, that would be awesome!

  15. says

    This home is grand, of course, yet understated in decoration. I love the complementary orange/blue color scheme.

  16. says

    What a house …
    and what a view!!

    Is there ever a house you feature, Julia, that I really don’t like? Maybe only a very few!! Keep ’em coming!

  17. says

    The photos in the actual listing are stunning! In case you ever wondered where he keeps all his awards, check out the shelves in the library. I spy an Oscar and an Emmy, among many, many others.

    I read in the listing that the house comes with not one, not two, but three Kevlar-wrapped safe rooms. Wow!

  18. Dean says

    Not what I usually go for, but it’s a beautiful estate. Normally, I wouldn’t consider blue carpet as an option, but I think it works in this setting and with the current decor. It all works together very nicely.

  19. Mary says

    Beautiful location and home. I don’t know the market in this area, but does 35 million seem high with the amount of updates which most will wish to do?

  20. Carla Z says

    Wow! That is a beautiful home, that hallway is crazy fancy pants! I still love Robin Williams, I also watched Mork & Mindy with my sister when we were little on Nick at Nite, kind of funny to think of him in such a sophisticated estate :)

  21. Linda G says

    The blue carpet seems a bit jarring at first, but take another look and you will see lots of touches of blue and aqua. The tile roofs are teal, trim around the windows and doors are aqua, a few ceilings are a light blue, too. It’s almost as though someone wanted to live on the water, but settled for a vineyard location.
    I love the way design elements tie together, such as round light fixtures inside and out. I also enjoy the clean, open feel of the house. It’s huge, but it also feels spacious, and perhaps accessible for someone in a wheelchair. Yes, there is a ramp in that hallway with the vented cases. I wonder if that is an archival A/C system or for wine, as someone mentioned.
    I think the most surprising element for me is the bright and simple wine room. Did anyone else expect one of those old, dark-feeling cave-like rooms full of wooden beams and barrel tables? This one is refreshingly different, although I bet you’d feel chilly in it, no matter the temperature at which it is kept.

    • Lisa T. says

      Perhaps its the land and vineyard it is on, not just the house.

  22. RosieJo says

    The blue carpet ties back to the color of the roof tiles and the trim color used for the windows on the front of the house. The whole house left me cold and indifferent…I think you’d need a family of 10 to warm it up… I predict they’ll be lucky to get 10 million for it in this economy, but I’ve been wrong before.

  23. Sandra says

    Uh—no! Given the choice between this one and the Fig Tree Cottage you showed us awhile back, I would choose the cottage in a heartbeat. Or just about any one of the other cottages. This place would be like living in a museum, not my taste at all. And thirty-five million?? That is obscene.

  24. Linda says

    I love everything about it, whom ever designed this had great taste and Wow we the views and the wonderful wine vinyard goodness, I think I had died and gone to heaven, my coco would have plenty of room inside and outside, she as a puppy wuppy would get lost, days to find her, we could imagine living there if we had the money for sure.

  25. Linda says

    Robin, I would not sell, I would make this one my home away from home in the mountains, and besides maybe just maybe a place to retire to when that time comes, peace, peace, peace.

  26. Elaine says

    I dont like big homes at all. Prefer little one bedroom place away from people.
    Nightmare to clean I cant understand why people like to live in these gigantic homes .It must cost a bomb to upkeep and really no one needs all that space! thats just extravagant and materialistic!