Vote For Your Favorite Kitchen with Painted Cabinets!

Top 5 Kitchens with Painted Cabinets-collage

So far you have voted for your favorite white kitchen and your favorite kitchen with wood cabinets in my ongoing contest. Today I’m showing you 5 readers’ kitchens with cabinets painted black, gray, blue, red–anything but white! Take a look and then tell us which one you like best (email subscribers will have to click over to my blog to vote).

Click the pics and links to see the original posts about these kitchens:

Alysons kitchen with-black-cabinets

1. Alyson’s Kitchenorange-line

Chris Kauffman's kitchen range subway tile

2. Chris’s Kitchenorange-line

Silvinas-kitchen-in Argentina

3. Sylvina’s Kitchenorange-line


4. Penelope’s Kitchenorange-line


5. Kimberly’s Kitchen

After you vote for your favorite in each of the 5 categories (2 more to come!), you’ll choose the overall winner, who will get a $150 Visa card and bragging rights. You can see more kitchen contest entries here.

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Have you voted for your favorite white kitchen yet? Favorite with wood cabinets? Looks like Kay and Jodie are in the lead in those categories right now. Check ’em out!


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  1. Laura says

    That’s a tough one, because I these painted cabinet kitchens are my favorites (so far, anyway – can’t wait to see your other categories). I had to go with Sylvina’s because I really love the “unfitted” kitchen with furniture, open shelving, vintage pieces, and different finishes. I do love Chris’s baking center and Penelope and Kimberly’s colors.

  2. says

    Beautiful kitchens, Julia! I love the fact they’re painted… it’s always refreshing seeing what people are doing around their house. “YES” to creativity!!! 😉

    Big hugs, sweetie.

    Luciane at

  3. says

    I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am to be int the “five” favorite “painted cabinet” kitchens!


    I have spent my life as a decorator; (42 years!) steering people away from “wood color ! light, dark., medium cabinets and beams)
    I always say……..”paint kitchen cabinets”!!

    (obviously different colors! It becomes “all of a piece”!! And it feels like a warm lovely room!)

    Good grief ! What an honor!

    Thank you; voters! And thank you; you darling…..who have this fantastic website!

    I cannot even believe I was in some finals!!

    Bravo to YOU!!!


  4. says

    Without a doubt, my vote’s for Sylvina! Her kitchen speaks to me on all levels, and if I sat my butt down there, chances are I’d never leave! Hx

  5. jep says

    Oh, I so agree with those who voted for Sylvina’s kitchen. I did, too! I admire her collection of children’s dishes and how she displayed them and that table for an island, wow! It is the kind of kitchen that just says “come in, sit down and be a part of our family.” She is one creative lady.

  6. Margaret says

    To each his own…I don’t really care for painted cabinets. Maybe because I grew up in a 1970’s house with Carolina blue painted cabinets, white countertops, white appliances, and blue and white patterned linoleum. My mother has since replaced all of that with maple, black granite, stainless steel and hardwood. Someday, that will all look just as dated! Anyway, I voted for Alyson’s kitchen, maybe because the cabinets looked the least painted?

  7. Trissa says

    I personally LOVE Penelope’s kitchen. Ooh La La! I want to be her bestie and drink wine and eat cheese and crusty bread in her kitchen. Maybe Oprah would like to come over too!

  8. says

    Wow. I remember Chris’ kitchen. It knocked my socks off.
    And I remembered Sylvina’s kitchen…..likewise!
    In the end, I had to vote for Sylvina. She has my personality, vintage vibe, and I could absolutely feel right at home waking up to that kitchen and baking up a storm in there. To me, hers is kitchen perfection. 😉

  9. Carolyn says

    Ooooh. It’s a tie for me. Love Penelope’s and Sylvina’s both. Penelope’s has so many interesting things going on, but I’m not a red person. Sylvina’s is eclectic and airy, and I’m taken with that drawing board. (I, too, have an an antique drawing board that was my grandfather’s, but no room for it in my kitchen!)

  10. Wendy says

    Intersting. The votes are running counter to the comments, which favor Penelope and Sylvina’s kitchens (my favorites too). Maybe they split the vote 😉

  11. Esther George says

    Hi Julia I chose Chris’s kitchen the colour is lovely and just the way it’s set up just my size. Regards Esther from Sydney.

  12. Lisa says

    I think they all had great charm and style. Tough choice! I voted for Alyson’s. The contrasting black cabinets are stunning and the island is amazing and HUGE. Great kitchens, ladies! Thanks for inviting us nosy neighbors in! :)

  13. Ruth McArthur says

    I love Sylvina’s kitchen. It is so individual. None other seems like it. But I do love Penelope’s kitchen which is equally individual but so different. Wish I could vote for two. Quite a few people seem to like both of these best. I wonder what the vote would turn out to be if everyone could have a runner up choice. My favorite are yellow (as in corn or butter yellow, not lemon) kitchens but yellow is a color that people don’t seem to be drawn to much any more.

  14. says

    I voted for Chris’s – loving the contrast in colours from the flooring to the cabinets to the worktop to the walls. Great stuff!

  15. Amanda says

    Kimberly blue cabinet is perfect. I would have done the same thing. She gets my vote.

  16. says

    You darling girl!
    I was completely astonished to be one of the “top five” of the kitchen contest!

    My house and kitchen are not for “most”
    Thank you again for the incredible compliment! YIKES!!

    “The top 5 painted kitchens!!!” Thank you sooo much!
    Just so you know…..we are still here…..loving it….and we had 11 ducklings and they got big and flew…..and they come back every morning to be fed!

    How wonderful is that??



  17. Ellie says

    I like Penelope’s the best, but I’d have to do a major uncluttering of the counter tops.

    • says

      Oh! Me too!!

      I might just add; My kitchen was not changed to be photographed (styled)!!

      The photographer arrived…..The dog bowls were at the ready!

      This is a kitchen in the middle of “life!!” Not “styled”!

      I just think that shows your readers an enormous difference!!!

      I am flattered beyond being one of “five painted, but not white” kitchens!!

      A supreme compliment!!

      Thank you!


      ps those were complete (“off the cuff pics…….not one bit “staged”! )
      I am so delighted to be in the “top 5 ‘painted kitchens..’ on your glorious website; it takes my breath away!

      Thank you!!


  18. says

    Oh Julia! I can’t find enought words to express you how happy I feel watching my kitchen here and reading such sweet comments!
    I’m really very very happy!
    Congratulations to all the other bloogers who sharing this wonderful contest too.
    Besos! Silvina

  19. Jonia says

    Oh Yummy! This was really hard for me. My favourite category, thus far anyway. There were things about Kimberley’s kitchen I really liked – yay counter space and a turquoise cabinet! And what’s not to love about Chris’ baking centre! I had to go with Sylvina’s though. Eclectic, but it didn’t feel cluttered at all. It was fresh, but it no ways bland. So much character and personality, but it didn’t feel overwhelming. For me, it was just sublime! Oh, and I loved Sylvina’s problem solving – figuring out how to get the farmhouse sink and subway tile looks she wanted :)

  20. says

    This is a hard one, I like them all. I do like how Penelope’s kitchen looks like it is used, not perfectly spotless like the others.

    • says


      Leave me your address (email) You are in my will!!

      Tee hee! and thank you! It is looking just like that; this evening !


      Julia, what a wonderful blogger you are! You have fabulous ideas!
      the internet is a real game-changer! And my favorite thing is that “kindred souls” find each other!!

      Your blog is one of my very favorites!!

      thank you so much for honoring me so often……………it is a huge compliment!



  21. Karen says

    I don’t know if this is still open to voting as I’m catching up. This is another hard one to choose because they are all beautiful and I like them all. However, I’m drawn to Silvina’s kitchen, because I love how she mixed her vintage collections and antique furniture. I love Penelope’s because it’s so colorful, lived in and so very French just how a farmhouse should be and I also used to live in Santa Barbara, so perhaps I’m having a fit of nostalgia too. I also can’t keep a spotless kitchen no matter how hard I try, because I actually cook and use my kitchen.

    And I love the color in Kimberly’s too. I like how she respected the footprint of the rooms and the attention to detail. The aqua/blue color of the original built-in cabinet is gorgeous. Considering that it is an older home the renovation looks seamless keeping in character with the rest of the house, which I feel is quite a feat. Well, I’ve made up my mind now….Thank you for featuring these lovely, inspiring kitchens.

    • says

      Hi ! You darling one1

      I adore ‘Hooked on Houses”! and I am planning looking into your advertisers!
      This makes sense!

      (I would guess most companies do not realize the “focus” on their specific market!

      Astonishing; really!!

      Thank you so much for your lovely coverage….(for a couple of years, really!!)
      Do we think that advertisers really know how “core” our subscribers are?

      I doubt it!

      Maybe yours! (and I have investigated…great stuff , here!)


      I adore your blog…..and I am flattered beyond to be in the “top 5 painted kitchens!

      I think I will skip the results……the comments have touched my heart!




  22. says

    All kitchen cabinets are awesome and amazing designed. But, i vote to Alyson’s Kitchen as my favorite because of its stunning look and functionality features.

  23. says

    Absolutely incredible Kitchen designs !! And, I am also going here with majority votes that Chris’s Kitchen design is truly superb. Rest of designs are also well.

  24. says

    All kitchen designs are very amazing and incredible. Sylvina’s Kitchen design is so awesome and elegance so i vote to it as my favorite kitchen design.

  25. says

    I am also going with the public vote . The design of Chris’s Kitchen is so wonderful i like it lot . It is so bright the use of pendant lamp make it more pretty .