HGTV Dream Home 2011: Who Wants It?

HGTV Dream Home 2011-front of house

Have you seen the HGTV Dream Home 2011 yet? I caught the show on New Year’s Day and was excited to see that it’s in Stowe, Vermont. As I mentioned last week, I’ve always had a fantasy of living in Vermont, so maybe this is my chance, right? Take a look around and tell us what you think of the place.

The first room off the entry is the kitchen, which features massive vaulted ceilings and an impressive, 20′ tall stainless-steel hood over the island stove:

Dream Home 2011-kitchen

They used desk chairs in the dining room, which make the eating area look a little too “conference room-y” to me, but my kids would love rolling around the house in them…

HGTV Dream Home 2011-dining room

An old 7′ x 7′ barn door is the attention-grabber in the living area. I wish it actually functioned as a door, opening into the next room, but it’s apparently just for looks:

HGTV Dream Home 2011-living area

The master bedroom has cranberry-red walls, menswear fabrics, and antique walnut and poplar doors that were stripped of paint for a more rustic look:

HGTV Dream Home 2011-master bedroom

Behind a set of tall curtains in the bedroom is the master bath (I’d personally prefer doors, but that wouldn’t look nearly as dramatic):

HGTV Dream Home 2011-master bath

The “Ski Dorm” is designed to house lots of young guests–up to 8 in one room:

HGTV Dream Home 2011-ski dorm

The bathroom is, too, with three sinks and several toilet and shower stalls:

HGTV Dream Home 2011-ski dorm bath

The colors in the Gathering Room were inspired by Vermont’s famous fall foliage:

HGTV Dream Home 2011-gathering room

I was disappointed by last year’s Dream Home in New Mexico, which wasn’t really my style, but I could go for a vacation home in the mountains like this. Heck, I might even take up skiing!

The big windows and views alone sold me on the place, so I’ll throw my name in the hat. Will you? (You can enter the sweepstakes here.)

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    • fern kirk says

      what a blessing it would be to win anything lke this. I’l include that hope in y prayers

  1. says

    I think it is smart they finally built one in a resort area, where the winner has plenty of options to rent it out to help pay or the taxes. Given the # of beds it would be ideal for group rentals — maybe that is why they did the officey chairs for the DR – in anticipation of a corporate group….
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..New Bird On The Block No 28 chirps farewell to 2010 =-.

  2. says

    There are parts of this that I just love. And there are others, like the hood in the kitchen and lack of door between the master bedroom and bath that I don’t like as much. But to live in Vermont and ski? Oh, I could live with a little more intimacy between my husband and I. I might even leave the curtains open:)
    .-= Puna´s last blog ..Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Don’t- A Shoe Story =-.

  3. says

    ditto on the chairs. I’m glad they tried something unique, but it doesn’t do it for me. Some antler chairs or something more rustic would’ve been cool. I actually like the curtains for the MB! :) Other than the fact that the shower noise might not be great for a late sleeper, I love it!
    It’s a gorgeous house over all- thanks for sharing it!
    P.S. that is disappointing that the barn door isn’t functional!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..lets get it started- office makeover =-.

  4. says

    Last summer while at the Piggly Wiggly I suggested to my mother we buy lottery tickets. Her reply to me was “It’s only for 12 million Nicole.” It’s been a running joke since. My mother said she wants to win BIG.

    After looking at this years HGTV house I now understand why my mother was so ridiculous with that statement. I don’t like this house nearly as much as the others in the past.

    I told my husband this morning it would be my luck if I won an HGTV house that it would be this one. In the mountains. Got those already to look at…..not so impressed. It’s rustic. Not my style. I’m sorry but a bathroom without doors! Ewwww (and I’m not going to spell it out on that but y’all know.) And why didn’t they paint or stain the trim? It looks like 2 x 4’s just thrown around the window like an after thought. Office chairs at the dining table. Come on! If you win that house it’s easy street right? Or is that HG’s way of telling you that if you win you will have to have a strategy of how to keep the lights on in this massive house?

    The bunk room was the only room I adored. I am sooooooo doing that in my beach house that I am going to have one day. ONLY I would do full or queen sized bunks. I never get why they don’t do those. Full would be nicer for adults sleeping in them. Go queen. Be daring!

    Don’t get me wrong if I win I will act a fool on t.v. for the cameras. I’ll claim how much I love the house. But, get ready to see me repaint and redecorate after the deed has my name on it.

  5. says

    I can see why you like reading your comments, they are all so different and so interesting!
    I like/don’t like this house. First thing I’d change is those curtains on the master bath. I would replace it with that barn door that’s serving no purpose other then art, which I understnd IS a purpose! Those dining chairs have to go too, they look like spider legs under the table, and I could just see everyone rolling al over the place!
    I couldn’t tell for sure, but it look like it over-looks a pretty major road. Wouldn’t like that. I do agree with the comment that it’s perfect for large groups or corporate rental….or even me!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..2011! =-.

  6. says

    I think it would be a fun getaway place but I’m not thrilled with how they decorated (easily changed though!). The dining room chairs are just trying to hard and the last picture of the gathering room looks like a doctor’s office waiting room…all a bit sterile. The structure itself and the location are amazing though.

    Best of luck!
    xo J~
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..A Blooming New Year! =-.

  7. Kathy :) says

    Love Vermont……… is so beautiful there…..going to watch tonight at 9 pm, can’t wait……getting a pizza and going to sit in front of the tv and dream of moving in like I do EVERY year !!!!!

    You can enter 2 times per day this year….did you see that ???

    I hope you win Julia ……………….if I don’t LOL

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  8. says

    Hmmm. A few HGTV Dream Homes have been right on the mark in my mind, but this one, as well as the New Mexico home, isn’t it. The idea of those dining chairs is great for function over form (imagine sitting in the middle of the long side and having to get up — how much easier it would be to just roll back than jimmying your chair back one hop at a time), and they fit right in with the modernistic vibe. Again, not my thing. I’ll probably enter once or twice for giggles, but that’s it. Happy 2011 to you!
    .-= Sheila Krehbiel´s last blog ..Happy New Year’s Day — and beyond! =-.

  9. says

    Oh wow. Love it, love it, love it. The view, the decor. I’ll take it all! Going to enter right now. :)

  10. Katieax says

    Love the kitchen!!
    Master bedroom has a masculine feel.
    Love the gathering room.
    Thank you for this great blog!

  11. says

    I was surprised that the kitchen sink faced a blank wall rather than looking out at that beautiful scenery. For a 2 million dollar home that seems very strange not to have the sink face a window or at least out into the family room or maybe if you could afford a home like this you would have a maid and/or cook. Now I love touches of black as an accent but all that black woodwork and black kitchen cabinets was too much for me. I hope someone with a large family wins it.
    .-= Teacup Lane´s last blog ..January 1- 2011 =-.

  12. says

    We just watched the special on TIVO and loved the house! Probably one of my favorites. I used to send in about 100 postcards but now we’re ineligible because of the silly Disney tie-in. Chihuahuas? Really?
    .-= Carbzilla´s last blog ..Be back soon … =-.

  13. says

    Well… hmmm… I LOVE it from the outside… and parts of the inside I love… some of it is a little more modern than I care for (i’d want my kitchen to look more rustic) and … those dining room chairs are NOT my idea of what I’d want in my dining room, but I would HAPPILY take it (and as someone pointed out – the rental possibilities are GREAT
    .-= Lizzy´s last blog ..The One with the Drool =-.

  14. Nita says

    Too lodgey-contemporary for me. Vermont is pretty, but the taxes will kill you to pay for all their liberal programs there. No thanks.

  15. says

    When are they going to let Monica Pedersen decorate an entire house? I think she did a lovely job on the master bedroom a couple of years ago. I live in a mountain resort local…but this “Dream House” isn’t really my cup of tea. The “ski dorm” is probably my favorite part of the house, though.

    Oh, and that barn door should definitely be functional!

    Happy New Year, Julia! I hope you win!

    : )

    Julie M.
    .-= The Little Red Shop´s last blog ..An Old Year MysterySolved! =-.

  16. says

    It may not be my personal style, but oh how I would learn to love it. They had me at Vermont and MUDROOM! My kids and I have already planned who is sleeping where, and my daughter is going to remind me to vote each day. Don’t worry, Julia, I’ll invite you to visit!
    .-= anna see´s last blog ..A Not so Little Crack in the Veneer =-.

  17. says

    I love the home, but I love the location even more. If the dream home were a tent, I’d be all about it, if it were located on this property. I noticed the same strange things you did about the dining room chairs and the doors (or lack thereof) to the master bath, but I definitely could get past that if I won. It’s just dreamy!
    .-= Michele´s last blog ..11 For 2011 =-.

  18. says

    I too saw the show. It was instant love when I saw the big windows and the view. There are things I would change if I won. (Office chairs? Really? What WERE they thinking??) Overall I really do love the house though.
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..New Year Wishes =-.

  19. James says

    I just did a Google search to see if anyone had a blog/thread going on this. To me there were a few decorations I’d box and mail back home if I won, but the house itself was a let down. The kitchen is overbuilt yet undersized, the master bedroom has a horrible layout and the hot tub has a beautiful view of… the road to the resort. Assuming they’re valuing the house at around $1.3M those are some serious flaws.

    On the upside, I’m guessing it would be easy to turn around and sell… unlike last year’s middle-of-nowhere home. I’d love to see a story about someone’s experience winning then flipping one of these things.

  20. says

    There are parts I like, and parts I don’t. Of course, I can’t stand those DR chairs. I do happen to love the curtains in the MB.
    When are they going to do one in Seattle?? I would be all over that one!

  21. Kim says

    I love the outside of this house. It’s got that cabin, and barn type style to it. Then there’s the inside, which I don’t care for much. Did they have to mix different styles together? The contemporary totally ruins it for me. It’s just not what I consider a mountain home. I love the bunk room, though. If I won this house, I would turn right around and sell it.

  22. Sue says

    Like the outside more than the inside. I think it be great if they did a culedsac of homes in the $200,00 price range and have “5” winners. The adverage working family with 1-4 kids. 5-Dream Homes !!!

    • Denise says

      Sue I totally agree with you there. A $200K+ house fully furnished WOULD be a dream house for the normal family. (Even the green house and blog cabin is out of our leagues, tax-wise) Why would you want to sit there an oogle at the dream home when you couldn’t afford the taxes, which have to be paid when you accept title to the house. And the cash payout, in lieu of the house, is only $650,000 (not sure if that included the furnishings, if so that’s not fair) + the $500,000 cash + the vehicle. (approx 1.2 million) Sort of a let down considering they are “selling” a dream house.

  23. says

    Oh, my! I haven’t seen this house yet and gosh! This is so cool, isn’t it??? I love it!!!!

    I agree with you, those chairs in the dining room is kind weird… please! :-) Right? My kids would be having “races” all the time! :-)

    The master bedroom’s wall is a little bit too “cranberry juice” for me… or you could say ” merlot” if you want to be more sophisticated than I. But still… no, sir… not for moi here. :-)

    The coolest idea is the “ski dorm”. Can you imagine being a kid and have your friends for a sleep-over? You’d be the coolest kid in Vermont!

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Julia!


    Luciane at

  24. says

    Well.. I’m not sure if I love the Dream Home or hate it. I would love to win it, because heck why not?! Although, I think I would opt to take the money instead of the house. Not sure I could keep up with the costs of maintaining that house… or heating it in the winters. Brrr.

    I won’t elaborate on the dining room chairs, because I’m on board with everyone else on them. I do love that bunk room… but I’m not into how masculine the master bedroom feels. I also really don’t like the super tall ceiling in the master bathroom, because I think it would make me feel very exposed. The huge window above the tub seems a little odd to me too. That master bathroom seems like an afterthought…. but some people might love it?

    Overall, it’s a nice looking house… but I would make some changes if I won it… or like I said above, take the money. :)
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

  25. says

    eh, it’s ok. But to win one of these houses, you have to be prepared for MAJOR taxes and upkeep. I think part of the prize is a big wad of cash, yes? (haven’t watched this show in a while.) I think I read an article somewhere that all of the houses in the past have been put on the market immediately…kind of sad; I like to think of some family winning it and actually living in it!
    .-= Handy Man, Crafty Woman´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  26. says

    I adore mostly everything in the home. My favorite room is the downstairs living area. I really love that barn door…especially after watching the show today on HGTV. And the cute snack area down there is great with the fridge and oven warmers, too! The few things I thought were a bit off were the dining chairs, because it notions to the “office” feel and who wants to feel that in a dining space? And second, the dorm bathroom…I’m a college student, so anything that reminds me of dorm living isn’t quite “relaxing” for me (: hehe. Everything else is stunning though. And the fridge is amazing! Love how you can see through it- it may help in keeping your fridge organized, too!
    .-= Michaela´s last blog ..Fashion Friday 14 a Rope Twist Hairstyle =-.

  27. says

    Change the dining room chairs. A different wall color in the master bedroom. And add a kitty door and I’m there! I’ll just dust off my ski gear…
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..scurrying suckers =-.

  28. says

    Sooooooo much better than last year! Oddly enough, I’ve always had a fantasy about living in Vermont too! I’ve never been there, but it just sounds good. I’d happily live there in the HGTV Dream House! I don’t like some of the modern touched (they don’t seem to go with the house), but mostly I love it. Indy would go crazy over the Ski Dorm.
    .-= Mom in High Heels´s last blog ..2010- A Year In Review =-.

  29. alison says

    I agree! Vermont is one of my favourite places in the world. I fell in love after our trip there last year. Woodstock is particularly beautiful!
    What’s stopping you moving there?
    Whatever you can conceive you can achieve!
    Place a photo of your dream property on a dream board, look at it every day. Then take steps to make it happen!! Good luck!! xxx

  30. says

    Too modern for me. Although I do like the views from big windows.

    Mmmm, perhaps I could cozy-up kitchen and gathering rooms… ? ,-)

    Gentle January hugs…
    .-= ‘Aunt Amelia’´s last blog ..Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =-.

  31. says

    Over all I think the house is gorgeous, but I don’t think I’d want it. It looks as though it was designed for corporate rentals rather than a home. Considering it’s location, perhaps that’s a good thing. The dining chairs don’t bother me, although I would not have chosen them. Hate the curtain between the master bedroom/bath.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Did You Have Black-Eyed Peas Today =-.

  32. Roxanna Morgan says

    Whoo hoo, I have been waiting for this. I entered first thing this morning. I agree those dining room chairs would have to got to go & then hit up the GW, lol. I’m not to sure about the green sectional either. But regardless would love to win it! Maybe it will be me this year.

  33. says

    For the most part, I like the inside. But the unbalanced look of the exterior bugs me. It looks very 80’s to me. There are a lot of house plans from that era featuring the huge off center windows. If you are going to own a resort property for years, I think it should look timeless. This doesn’t. Maybe there’s a way to trick the eye with trellis or tall bushes or something?

    Thanks for posting this. It’s always fun to dream!
    .-= Nichole´s last blog ..Happy New Year- Wooden Spoons- And A Few Ideas for New =-.

  34. says

    For me, it’s just OK. The house is a little too “lodge” for my taste. And I’m not really a mountains girl. I’d rather have a dream home in Cape Cod or anywhere near Savannah, Georgia, or Charleston, South Carolina. And something with lots of white and “cottage/new country” decor. I would have to make a lot of changes to this years dream home to make it the home of my dreams.
    .-= beth´s last blog ..Year in Review Our top projects of 2010 =-.

  35. says

    L O V E the barn door… I love polished furnishings with rustic accents! A barn door is on my wish list for my “dream home”.

  36. says

    Of course I would love this beautiful home. I tried every day for the Santa Fe home. I do like the style but it is close to Oklahoma. I’m a little confused about these homes. From what I have learned from internet searches they are plagued with liens from builders, subcontractors, etc. Can you look into it? Thanks.
    .-= TerritoryMom´s last blog ..Gods Promises From A 1972 Bible =-.

    • Dean says

      I’ve been following the dream homes and blog cabins for years and I know of only two instances where those kinds of claims were substantiated.
      One was the dream home in Sante Fe. There was a dispute with the contractor, but was resolved before the drawing.
      The other was a blog cabin in NC near Asheville. Whatever happened (some say a disagreement between the home owners assoc the cabin was connected with and some say otherwise), HGTV/DYI resolved the issue by awarding the winner with a cash prize equal to the value.
      I don’t think HGTV or the DYI Network can afford the level of bad publicity they would entail if it happened a lot, so they make sure all potential issues are taken care of.

  37. says

    I would love to enter, but I live in Germany. So I won’t. I like the style of the house. I have a very soft spot for log/wood houses. But I think they could have done better with the interior…

    .-= Yvonne´s last blog ..Dear 2010- =-.

  38. Vanessa says

    I completely love this house.. I just don’t think I could live there.. So cold and snow all year! I’m a sun people not a grey sky, rain and cold… But for vacations maybe..

  39. Lynn says

    None of the HGTV houses has ever actually seemed livable to me. They always have vacation rental type floor plans.

  40. Tsumicat says

    There are some very charming aspects (I love that barn door too), but altogether it feels confused to me like it doesn’t know what it wants to be. I bet the view is spectacular.

  41. says

    Vermont always makes me think of beautiful scenery and lots of greenery. It also makes me think of the movie ‘White Christmas’. As for the house, I prefer traditional floor plans with a traditional style – actual rooms that have an actual purpose. Not implied ‘rooms’. A very large kitchen is great for entertaining, though. What a fun room the ‘ski-dorm’ would be – the kids would love that! And the barn door and the hardware are very beautiful and classic, though unlike the rest of the room which I suppose was meant to be ‘rustic’ (?). The garage is my one of favorite parts of the exterior of the house because it’s architectural design is more traditional than the rest of the exterior. I like the front entry porch – it has good scale for a cozy welcome.

    Thanks for all your interesting posts!

  42. says

    Two years in a row that I’m not totally salivating over the dream home. It’s definitely better than last year but I still think it’s kind of weird. I mean who really wants a locker room in their house? And I’m not loving the furnishings either (and I hate the office chairs at the dining room table). I guess I’m used to the beautiful coastal/beach home dream homes and I want a return to those!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..A great looking wood floor for pennies You bet! =-.

  43. Dean says

    this house! It’s so close to my image of a dream home it’s scary (with the exception of the bunk area–I really have no need for that kind of set-up). I also had mixed feelings about the dining room chairs. They definitely look office, but would definitely work if running a business from home and having clients visit. But, that’s an easy fix to change the chairs. Back to the positive: The design is beautiful, modern and rustic. Love the exposed wood. Love the open spaces and the windows. And yes ( goes without saying at this point) I would LOVE to win this home! :-)

  44. says

    I LOVE the attention to the view (and to be honest, the footage of foliage they showed in the TV special did the landscape NO justice- fall foliage in Stowe is MUCH more vivid), and all of the local art and materials that were used. The desk chairs in the dining room strike me as odd. I wish there was a home office in the house as well…but certainly there is room to play with!
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..One can Dream =-.

  45. says

    This is the first of HGTV’s dream homes that I’ve just been “eh” about. The location is gorgeous and I’m sure the scenery is great, but… it seems like they really went cheap with a lot of decor. The kitchen looks so blah and there’s barely any artwork on the walls or any statement-making pieces. Those dining room chairs just don’t fit in. And I love the barn door, but like you said, how much harder would it have been for them to actually make it work over that doorway just a few feet further down the wall? The bunks are cute, but they and the “public” bathroom just scream rental to me. As my husband pointed out, “In this economy it would be nice to have a house that could be rented out when not in use.” I get that, but it just doesn’t feel like a home at all to me. Plus, like someone else stated, it looks like it’s on a busy road. If not, it’s at least right off the road with barely much of a driveway. Assuming you have that many people to stay in the house, where are they all going to park? Wouldn’t it have been gorgeous to see this house at the end of a long, winding drive in the mountains?
    .-= Alecia´s last blog ..2011! Its the new 2010! =-.

  46. Maria says

    Over all not bad. Worst thing is *tiny* closets and master bath which is a hot mess.

    However, are they EVER going to let someone else be the interior designer? Does she have something on HGTV to keep doing these? How many times must we see black/red/checks? How many times must I see the same bed in the master? Can you say last house? The green home giveaway house.

    I actually don’t mind the dining rm chairs as they’d meet my criteria of comfortable for long talks over food, and they are super easy to change. Awful for kids though.

    As for the layout/things not easy to change, it’s better than some – remember the one with the master as a separate unit and the kids could fall through the 3rd flr railing in their loft? This one seems to have forgotten closet space/storage though, really my current tiny closet holds more – and where is the storage for all the sports stuff like bikes/kayaks? Is it the room off the laundry so you need to drag stuff from garage, through the house, downstairs?

    The master is poorly thought out/worst rm in house IMHO. The drapes to bath look great but with the height would be really hard to pull closed and not closing it off would make the room drafty/cold. Walking in the bath you see a cheap flat hollow-core door in front of you and a tub on 2×6’s (what, no duct tape?), also the trim looks bad and the room just seems unfinished. The guest room is more to my taste and gets a nice big tv which the master doesn’t have. The master would be a complete do over for me – at least with paint.

    The kitchen layout is pretty good though I’m not a fan of island hoods (insert product placement!). The color choices were very 1990’s though: espresso with white counters looked very blah and flat doors seems more dated rather than contemporary. I might paint them.

    I liked the dorm room, not so much the bathroom but if the showers were big enough you could change in there might be ok.

    Overall I liked the gathering spaces and bump-out nook spaces. Outside needs plants to grow a lot because the whole world can see you from the busy road it backs up to. I think it might make a decent rental property/vacay home.

  47. says

    I am a mixture of two on the poll. Its not my style but I think thats why I love it and hope I win it =)

    I love the curtains on the master bath but also would rather have doors. You could keep the curtains and add pocket doors =) So you get both! The dramatic look of curtains and the functionality of doors! Twofer
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Really December is about gone too =-.

  48. Jocelyn says

    The dream house from 2 years ago was my favorite. The one in Sonoma. This one is okay.

    If I were to win any of the dream homes, I’d immediately sell the house and build my dream house here in Missouri. The taxes are outrageous on those giveaways.

  49. says

    I would LOVE to win this home! It looks so pretty and has sooo much room. I think I would put my own stamp on it if I won, but still! The structure and by the looks of it the location and view are pretty darn FAB. Happy New year to you Julia!
    Nancy xo
    .-= Nancy@marcusdesign´s last blog ..sarah 101- will you be watching =-.

  50. Ann says

    I like it better than last year’s also but not nearly as ones they had previous to that. At least this one could easily be used as a rental which might allow the winner to actually keep it.

  51. Taylor says

    I really love the house. I did the virtual tour on and the home is great. I too, was disappointed with last year’s home, but heck, I think I would love it if I won it! Haha. I enter every year hoping I win one, but no luck yet:( Have you seen the 2007 Dream Home? It’s my second favorite dream home from HGTV (after this one, of course!). Hopefully my years of entering will win me something someday! Fingers crossed!

  52. Talia says

    No Thank you–a serious disappointment–the furniture is well planned in the space but it looks like it got plucked right out of the Ethan Allen showroom–there is little creativity or personalization of the space–the barn door??? fabulous but has been around in design blogland for a while now–so again–nothing new or creative or interesting–I agree with the comment that the wood used could have been stained and cleaned up and “contemporized” a bit–speaking of contemporary–what the heck with the guest bedroom???? It’s really one of the better rooms of the house but it looks like it belongs in a high rise in a city environment–as a guest in a house in Vermont–give me Ralph Lauren ski lodge all the way-will not be entering the contest:)

  53. Sienna Sessa says

    I love this house! We have been needing a new home! I love VT and skiing! I am praying I can get this house! Also, the car and extra money is good! My mom’s car is poopy :( And, who doesn’t want extra money! My family and I will LOVE it and really a DREAM COME TRUE! My sister and I have spend all winter break planning about the house and it’s perfect! (Just need the house!)Wish me luck and good luck to all the other people! :)

  54. Tracey Sessa says

    My kids are sooo excided!! They allready know where to sleep and remind me to vote everyday! It would be AWESOME if my family won! We need a place to get away from the city life! Also, It gives me a chance to work on my skiing skills!

  55. AJ Sessa says

    Fingers crossed!!! enter every year!! want to live here!! love it!! first thing i will do it ski!! :)

  56. E. George says

    Hi Julia just wanted to let you know I’m in your corner I think its beautiful. Hope your New Year was spectacular ..ours was… lots of fireworks on TV and in the parks around us felt sorry for the dogs. Till next time Esther from Sydney.

  57. Manchester says

    What a disappointment!!! The designer usually nails it, but this is no ski lodge. And while the bunkroom may be cool for young children, get a group of teens or adults in that bathroom free-for-all?? Don’t think so.
    Way too contemporary in spots, and the rustic touches aren’t done well. A barn door to nowhere? Not feeling it. Even that large panoramic window doesn’t go anywhere.
    That’s one fewer entry from me, for all you that do like it. Go for it! Somebody has to win!! Good luck.

  58. says

    I love the color choices in the gathering room and I especially love the annex. And you know what…I even like the office chairs. (The wheels are great I think it’s smart that you can adjust the level of the seating – although I wonder if you raise the height will the arms still fit under the table??) Living in Massachusetts, I would be more than thrilled to hike it up to there on the weekends to enjoy the beautiful home and the beautiful town of Stowe. I think it’s perfect for a vacation house. The ski dorm is spectacular.

  59. Karen says

    Don’t like the dining room chairs, and I’m not fond of the Pier 1-esque thing over the fireplace in the upstairs great room, but I love the downstairs great room, like the bunk room, the master, the upstairs deck, the annex…

  60. Cheryl Stoy says

    Maybe it’s just me but this and the New Mexico home don’t do it for me. This house doesn’t feel very “Vermonty” but it looks like it would be right at home in say Aspen or Boulder. The dining room is very “Addams Family” looking and the living room makes me wonder if they couldn’t decide on “barn house or contemporary” decor. Again, this is my opinion only.

  61. Mandy says

    It really isn’t my style. It is nice, just not something I would want.

  62. Joan says

    I think the design of the house is good. The views are spectacular. The interior wasn’t WOW for me. I wish they would have hired Sarah Richardson.

  63. Joan D says

    My husband wants this house SOOOO badly! So he’s the one entering us both each day…I find it really adorable as he’s usually so uninterested in these kinds of things but he’s passionate about this one, that’s for sure! Don’t love the dining room chairs, I agree with many that it’s a strange selection but I love that cloud sculpture in the annex and IF we were to win, the first place I’d sleep is in one of the bunks with the curtains pulled! Just seems like it’d be some fun…

  64. Britt says

    We live in Upstate NY, about an hour’s drive from this house. Therefore, it’d be nothing to move there and still be able to see family and friends all the time! I love this place! I don’t like the dining rooms chairs or the curtain to the master bath like most of you! I have to say too, I’m not a big fan of the bunk room! We would rip most of those out and make it into a usable 3rd bedroom for when we have kids. I’m wondering what the taxes would be on this house…is that why they give you so much money? Also, it says it’s located in a private resort park type of deal…I bet there is a high dues for living in that? IDK that we’d live there for a super long time if we do win, probably turn around and rent or sell it. I have to say to those that don’t think this is rustic…I kind of agree. Being from the Adirondacks, I don’t see much of that in this…I do like the modern touches on this house though. I thought it was funny how one of the men they interviewed with on the special didn’t even know how to say Adirondacks correctly. I giggled!

  65. says

    I saw the walk through on HGTV the other night. i love it. I love the bunk beds in the guest rooms and all the accessories and windows. Oh how I would love to win it!
    .-= carey´s last blog ..Oh Christmas Tree =-.

  66. Nancy says

    Saw this on New Year’s Eve, love the house. Would love a much smaller version on my lake camp in Maine. (It’s falling down). I love Vermont and at my age I’d take up skiing love snowmobiling. I love the rustic look and those barn doors really make the livingroom.

  67. says

    This house is gorgeous! I am in serious LOVE with the bathroom. Bathrooms and kitchens are my main selling points and this house does not disappoint. I’m not one for skiing (accident prone) but this house is inspiring on all levels. Great post!
    .-= Bre´s last blog ..BreBeauty Quick Tip- Nail Polish Removal =-.

  68. Lisa says

    I love it. I love the guest room. It does look kind of city high rise, but I would love it anywhere in any house.

    The master bedroom is sooo masculine. I would have to figure out how to fem it up. It has great rental potential. But the renters couldn’t have it ALL year. Just beautiful.

  69. Perrie says

    I would sell this beast in a heartbeat. It’s an energy hog and very impractical. Two bedrooms and a unisex dorm for sleeping but enough seating for an army. I didn’t see a powder room on the main floor living area. Is everyone going to use the master bathroom with curtains. Nice to look at, but hard to looks hard to heat. Promises the acoustics of a canyon and the privacy of a fishbowl.

  70. Jt says

    I think the house is amazing place, smart design, great decor. I really do love the house and wish I could win. the only down fall is probably the taxes but im sure you can work things out.

  71. Greg says

    I estimate Federal taxes alone would be in the neighborhood of $700,000 on the entire prize. Add to that your own state taxes (about $120,000 for Virginia residents). That means you’ll need at least $200k above the cash they give you to settle up with the Govt. You could certainly take out a mortgage to cover this, though.

  72. says

    I love the house except for a few things. 1. The dining room chairs “odd”. 2. The tiny fireplace that looks like it belongs in a condo. 3. I really think there should be a third “adult” bedroom, even a small one. and 4. The bathrooms! No 1/2 bath upstairs. The dorm bath downstairs is a neat concept but not practical on any level. Whoever is using the bath will want some privacy if they are using the shower or toilet so the “open bathroom” concept is a flop…. and I agree with the barn door comment above.
    .-= rmt´s last blog ..Charming &amp Unique clean 2 story with private Hot tub-Pet friendly-modern &amp stylish sleeps9 =-.

  73. Wes says

    I absolutely love this house!!! My absolute dream home. Ever since I was a young boy I truly dreamed of living in a beautiful cabin/mountain home like this. I love everything about this house and would not change a thing, not even the office chairs!!!!! The designers did an outstanding job on this home and I hope I win. I could do without the GMC and $500,000. The home is good enough alone for me. Heres to hopes and dreams!!!!!

  74. jeni says

    I want this house sooooooo badly my daughter says see loves the bonus room so bad

  75. says


  76. says

    i im anna i look at this house all day long my mommy and daddy love this house to but i look at it over and over again i really hope we get tbecause i want my dogs to be free and run around i think the house is beautiful i alaways try to sign in every day i been doing this for years trying to find us the right home.

  77. ams says

    Is simply amazed at how many people are complaining about this house, it’s not 100% my style but it’s free for goodness sake. I guess when I read about trim not being right color and so on, and how redecorating would be a must. Wow, wish I had that much money to redecorate at 1.2 million dollar home. Just blows my mind.

  78. Susan says

    We are a blessed people!
    America the beautiful; a country that still gives us a freedom to strive for whatever path we choose to walk. It’s a country that provides opportunites beyond what one can imagine, even in the greatest of minds. It doesn’t matter what the color of our skin is, because we are what we think in our heart.
    Yes, I too have the hope, when entering this sweepstakes that it would be wonderful to win, for many reasons, but my greatest hope is not found in anything that money can buy or that rust an moth can destroy.
    It is a disappointment that the taxes on such a place could exceed what even the monetary gift is with the house. The reality is: even though there is freedom to enter the sweepstakes many, many people are put in bondage, in the mere fact they cannot afford the home if they do win. Our hopes, and dreams are shattered, while we still hope in becoming the winner. Financial freedoms have been stripped from us as we enter the sweepstakes, because we don’t have the means to afford such a blessing if we do win.
    Is this home REALLY offered to anyone and everyone? Not really, it is obvious that it can only be truly owned by someone with money; please correct me if I am wrong.
    True blessings do not come with burdens. Why is it we can’t give without expecting that person to give back? Extreme Makeover is a prime example of giving more abundantly and exceedingly far beyond what the mind can even consume.
    You can be sure it is better to give than to receive, because God Himself; the God whose son is Jesus, and the God in which this country was sought after; He says He loves a cheerful giver.
    By the way: the house is beautiful, and anyone would be blessed to own it. It definitely will put sparks and tears in someones’ eyes, gasps within their breaths, a racing heartbeat, laughter deep within their soul; all resulting in joy beyond compare, but the biggest question is: For how long?

  79. says

    Love, Love, Love, it, every aspect of it, would be a perfect place to take all 7 of grandchildren, and parents to the place, for a fab vacation in winters, we ski, be fun to watch the grand children to learn and their parents, we farm and winter is the only time for something like this, after fall harvest too, to watch the fall colors, praying to winnnnn!!!!

  80. jt says

    what a beautiful house!!! i would love to win this house. They really went all out and made a perfect snow haven. I just wish that the chances to win was a little better.

  81. Tammy says

    I can imagine myself and family making some beautiful memories in this home. I dream of being a home owner and this could be the perfect home for our family, here’s to dreaming!

  82. Belinda in NC says

    I have faithfully entered everyday for this house and I hope to win. I see a few problems with the house such as closet space that noboday has even seen, the dorm room feel of the bunk room as well as the bath that goes with it, and most of all, the taxes on this place. If I win the home, then I would have to sell it. I can’t afford to pay the taxes or pay for the upkeep on the home. I think HGTV needs to really consider the financial status of people who would enter the sweepstakes. The majority are people who really need and want a nice home but cannot afford it on their own. So, I do think that the sweepstakes leans more toward the wealthy when building the homes and the cash that is given away. If you are going to build the home, have a giveaway, then let it be a giveaway.

    At this point, I would opt for the cash payout instead of accepting ownership of the home so that I could buy a place that I can actually afford to live in. This is not a complaint but fact. God Bless and good luck to everyone!!

  83. Bar says

    the wall art/chandler above fireplace—can i get it online, whose it by?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Not sure, but there’s source information over at Check there!