Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Selling Farm in Tennessee

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Tennessee house for saleCountry music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are selling their sprawling farm in Franklin, Tennessee, for $20 million. It comes with over 700 acres and 4 houses, along with a 12-stall barn. The main residence is this beautifully updated log home built in 1850.

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Franklin TN estate for sale (4)

The house has 3 bedrooms, 4 baths and 3,330 square feet.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 11

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 3

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 2

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 4


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 10

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Franklin TN estate for sale (7)

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Franklin TN estate for sale (6)

Anyone else remember seeing this kitchen when the couple appeared on Oprah back in 2009? Tim showed us how to cook chicken and dumplings while Faith looked on (and laughed):

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill cooking on Oprah 2

It left me wanting to see more of the house, so I was excited when I saw these listing photos (even though I had to wait four years for them!). They still have the video of that segment on if you want to see it.

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Franklin TN estate for sale (5)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 8

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 5

Love the long screened porch with the brick floors:

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Franklin TN estate for sale (8)

Their primary residence is reportedly a custom-built, 22,000 square-foot mansion in Nashville.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tennessee house 13

There are several other houses on the property, including this Antebellum-style residence known as Beechwood Hall that was built in 1856 and was once owned by Hank Williams Sr.

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Franklin TN estate for sale (1)

It needs a lot of work but looks like it could be a real show-stopper:

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Franklin TN estate for sale (2)

The listing is by Steve Fridrich of Fridrich & Clark Realty, with more photos here.


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  1. Cindy W says

    Eeesh. I don’t know about this one. It has some really nice lines/”bones” but I really really dislike the columns/portico on the front. It’s like Gone With The Wind meets The Clampetts, like someone slapped a bowtie and cummerbund over a pair of overalls and it just doesn’t mesh. There are a few things I’d want to change inside, if I was going to buy it, but that portico/columns bit really throws things off.

    • Beth C. says

      I’m with ya Cindy. I don’t get the jarring juxtaposition either. And what’s with all the empty picture frames hanging on the walls? There are a lot of odd things here. I like the Hank Williams fixer upper, though. That looks like it would be spectacular if it was restored. Best, Beth C.

      • says

        Cindy definitely has a way with words!
        In my head, I started hearing: “One of these things doesn’t belong here!” when I first laid eyes on that cabin/porch combo . . .
        . . . and I really wanted to hate it, but surprisingly, I didn’t!
        My art history professor would be mortified, though.

    • Dina says

      I totally agree! My first thought was: If Scarlett O’Hara married Daniel Boone this would be their house.

  2. Jonia says

    Okay, ready to move in! I remember you saying Julia, after looking at so many listings you go “oh, what a bargain at X$ million”. That’s exactly what I thought here! 700 acres, four houses with a barn and only $20 million :) There’s a few things I’d change. I like a little something more fun for the décor, but I really, really like this house!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Esther George says

    Hi Julia I remember that episode of Oprah all I saw was the kitchen didn’t pay attention to what they were cooking it was very impressive. From the outside I thought it would have more bedrooms and bathrooms that’s how much I know, but it is beautiful. It looks like a very costly project and I wouldn’t know where to begin. Have you seen the episode of Oprah where she visits Ralph Lauren, he had these beautiful Tippis (sorry about the spelling) where you stay the night or two, I couldn’t get over his stunning property, and don’t get me started on the rugs (WOW). Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney. PS thank you for sharing.

  4. Kelly says

    Hmmm seems a little cold and bare to me. It has the makings of a beautiful home but it just doesn’t have the ‘cosy’ factor that a house like this needs.

    • Sara says

      Agreed. Looks like they’ve already moved on. The house appears staged. No personal touches.

  5. Maddie May says

    I’m in agreement with Cindy’s comments. The pillars just don’t do it for me on a log structure. There are some nice details inside but overall I don’t get that warm & fuzzy feeling. It’s NOT a house I would say “I wish this was mine” like some others that I have seen.

  6. says

    When I first saw the log cabin with a pediment I thought I would hate it but I don’t. Perhaps unintended, that juxtaposition has a sense of humor and is actually quite charming…kind of like an old lady with a mouth like a truck driver. But although I find the interiors quite handsome, I’d like to see them have the same sense of whimsy as the outside. I think it’s fun though.

    • says

      HA @ old lady with a mouth like a truck driver!
      You’ve been eavesdropping on my life!
      Yesh, the interior of that groovy log home needs more personality, but what do you expect?
      It was obviously totally designed + staged by a pro.
      I still love it, though!

  7. says

    An updated log home! Never seen anything like it. :-)

    Thank you for letting us peek in, too!!!

  8. Teresa says

    With this much acreage, it wouldn’t surprise me if some developer came in and bought the house and property to subdivide with high end homes.

    • Jean says

      …or, a country inn much like Blackberry Farm. It’s beautiful!

  9. Dean says

    I agree with the comments about the portico attached to the front–It’s jarring and is totally inappropriate for the front of a traditional log house. There’s a lot to like about the interiors, but there’s some bad feng shui in the bedroom: You’re not to put your bed under exposed beams that run parallel to the couple sleeping under, as they will “separate” the two, leading to discord.

  10. Jennah says

    While looking at these photos, Sesame Street’s “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others” song played through my head. The house seems “off”. Individually, there are many beautiful aspects but mashed together – it’s off putting. The log cabin needs the warmth and charm you’d expect from a log cabin – and – it doesn’t show that. Maybe the photos don’t do the property justice? Very grey outside and very grey inside. Meh.

  11. Carolyn says

    I was surprised by the large classical portico, too. Wonder when it was added? There’s another one on the right side, it looks like. Actually a pedimented porch is not unusual for the period on a house this size (sometimes they had a balcony at the second story level), but this one looks like it has been beefed up and made more grand. It does give the impression of putting a fancy ball gown on a simple country girl. I think the house itself is very appealing, and I’d prefer it to a monstrous 22,000 square foot mansion. Glad to see they didn’t do log cabin kitsch. Rustic, but refined. The other house, barn, and the grounds are all fabulous, too.

  12. says

    I did not recognize that room as a kitchen until you pointed it out, Julia. Seriously, it looked like a bathroom. A cold, sterile, antiseptic bathroom. Weird.

  13. stef says

    I very much like the staircase and landing from the first house.

  14. Kim says

    I think it a would be fun to have property that has several different styled homes on it. Then you could pick which one you would want to stay in for the night. Plus guests would have their own place to stay in.

  15. Laura says

    Sort of interesting, but WAAAAY too neutral for me! It’s almost like the pictures are in sepia-toned black & white. I sure hope that’s just the staging. Who could live like that?

  16. Jennifer says

    Love it. Beautiful. The color scheme is quiet and soothing to my eyes. The dark floors are stunning.

  17. Jennifer says

    Love it. Gorgeous. The color scheme is soothing and calm-the dark wood floors warm the rooms up.

  18. Jill says

    Am I the only one that absolutely loves it? Of course, I would want to personalize it a bit, but who wouldn’t? I can’t imagine selling this divine cabin and all that lovely property. Makes me sad to think someone might carve it up into “little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky”.

  19. lilkunta says

    this has 3 bedrooms so I thought “wow they are having their kids share a room, how normail’ until i saw there are 2 other houses on the farm, and that they live in a 22,000 sq fo mansion is..

    so this was their weekend/summer home?
    this looks weird. the sink, the colums on a wood cabin ?

    i’ll save my $20mill thank you.

  20. Christina from Dallas says

    When you said this house was 3300 square feet, I was thinking , “Wow so small for a Celebrity”! But then you said their other house was 22,000 I was like ‘ Now that sounds about right for a Celebrity”. Anyway, the columns on the front of the log cabin looks strange. Either go all the way with the log cabin look ,or go with the Colonial look. I don’t think the two of them mix well together.

  21. Karen says

    This is an unusual house with good bones and overall I like what they have done with the place. There are lots of nice features here. It’s also obvious that a stylist was used as is usually the case when they feature homes for sale or in magazines.

    I think the very first picture of the columns from a distance looks nice as there is more symmetry and green to provide balance, The close up pictures makes with the white against the wood feel more jarring and stark. I don’t know how I feel about the columns, however I’m not as put off by the juxtaposition as other people are, although I find some of the commentary amusing. It gives the place some character and a bit of quirkiness that I don’t mind. I don’t feel quirk and character is such a bad thing. It’s pretty large for me and I don’t know what shape the place was in when they got it, but it seems to me they showed it some real love and I’m glad for that. I

    also agree that the Antebellum-style residence could be a real show stopper.

  22. Danita says

    It’s a beautiful place. I’ve been by there, and it goes on forever. Coming down the mountain, look over on the left and u finally spot this tiny, but you know it’s big house from far far away. Keep going all the way down n curve to the left a your finally looking at the front. Kind of hard to see from trees and hills, but you get the just of it. Why would you be worried how this n this doesn’t go together. Normally when someone buys a house, they give it their on touch, right. So let your imagination soar! Really wish I had the cash , cause I have a good feeling it is wonderful neighbors. Course it would be quiet a hike. Dang, I knew I should have bought a powerball. 300 mil, I would have pd cash! Love it!

  23. Ms Amy says

    I love it if I had it I would have a small horse rescue farm and live it one of the homes and with the other homes I would have homes for a few homeless children. Sounds good to me :)

  24. Blaine says

    LOVE the first house. It’s a great combination of rustic/old school charm with some modern touches. Just because a house is old, it doesn’t mean everything has to be old in it. Same thing for new construction. It’s a great combo!