Kat Von D’s House in the Hollywood Hills

Kat Von D's Spanish house 1818 Outpost Drive LA

Reality star and tattoo artist Kat Von D may be best known for her TLC series LA Ink and for dating Jesse James after Sandra Bullock divorced him. She listed her 1920s Spanish-style home for $2.5 million recently and then removed it, but not before giving the world a glimpse of her Gothic style.

Kat Von D's Gothic Mansion Hollywood Hills (6)

A reader named Kim sent me old listing photos that show how the house looked when Kat Von D bought it. It’s fun to compare the before and afters. For instance, here’s how the staircase and living room looked when the former owners lived there:

1818 Outpost Drive LA former listing (3)

1818 Outpost Drive LA former listing (9)

This is how the living room looks now that she lives there:

Kat Von D's Gothic Mansion Hollywood Hills (4)

An article about her house says: “Décor wise, Von D seems to be going for an Alice in Wonderland-goes-Goth vibe. The living room features red and purple velvet-upholstered chairs, drippy candles with hardened wax spilling out of the fireplace and on to the floor, creepy paintings of ghastly faces, a dramatic candelabra, and mini replicas of deer on the mantel.”

Kat Von D's Gothic Mansion Hollywood Hills (10)

The dining room before Kat Von D bought the house:

1818 Outpost Drive LA former listing (5)

And the dining room now:

Kat Von D's Gothic Mansion Hollywood Hills (9)

She was planning a wedding to the Canadian DJ-slash-music producer known as deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”–real name, Joel Zimmerman), who proposed to her on Twitter. Rumor had it she was selling this house and buying a new one with him. But then she took this house off the market and announced this week that the wedding is off.

Kat Von D's Gothic Mansion Hollywood Hills (3)

I love seeing original tile in old houses like this.

1818 Outpost Dr former listing

I doubt anything about the kitchen is original, however…

Kat Von D's Gothic Mansion Hollywood Hills (8)

The listing said: “Gated and private artist’s retreat with guest house. Romantic 1920’s Spanish. 4 Beds, 4.5 Baths. Recently upgraded systems. Chef’s kitchen with Viking Appliances leads to the large formal dining room, beautiful hardwood floors & original tile. High ceilings. Retractable projection screen with surround sound in living room, cozy outdoor area w/ barbecue, firepit & spa.”

Kat Von D's Gothic Mansion Hollywood Hills (5)

For more photos and information about the house, check out the former listing with all the “before photos” by Aaron Montelongo, Trulia blog, and Yahoo!.

1818 Outpost Drive LA former listing (11)

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  1. nanne says

    wow. i feel like i just saw a huge Hot Topics outlet store..

    the original decor was lovely.

  2. Dean says

    I like her and I like the exterior and the bones, but the decor is not something I could take seriously enough to live in, though I understand her style. There is NO way I’d let purple(!) candle wax flow over hardwood floors as she has in the fireplace of the living room.

    • Nan says

      The wax made me gasp in horror. Pull out her “decor,” slap some paint on the walls, and the house would be lovely again in no time. But that wax gives me nightmares.

      • Constance says

        Oh yes, that wax is horrifying. On the other hand I’m glad she left the original tile work in the bathroom.

  3. Teresa says

    The “before” pics of the house were so lovely. I guess if gothic and moody décor are your taste then you will love it.

  4. Tricia says

    I nearly spit out my coffee when I read that the listing calls that place “romantic”!! Although I don’t know what words could possibly be used to describe it in a way that would make anyone want to see it, much less make an offer. What she did to that poor house is a crime.

  5. Peggy says

    As the saying goes, “Some people have all their taste in their mouths”.

  6. Amanda says

    Well, now we know the “D” in her name doesn’t stand for “decorator.”

  7. Heatherly says

    It is not even “thoughtfully” Gothic, it is like she just did everything black and gaudy. I remember Ozzy and Sharon’s gothic style and thought that worked better.

  8. says

    Wow, I couldn’t help but gasp out loud when Is saw all the purple wax all over the floor! I would have freaked out if it were my house. The deer on the mantle are a wee bit creepy too! LOL

  9. says

    I so wanted to like it, but alas, I can only say I like some elements of it. My OCD hit the ceiling when I saw the candle wax on the hearth and wood floor. Unbelieveable!

    I love the wall treatment in the sitting room/guest house and the green tile bathroom. The bones of this home are amazing. I would love to fill it with furniture and decor that showcase it’s beauty.

  10. Martha says

    I agree with everyone….nice house, but her decor is awful!!! the purple wax all over the floor , the overdone goth look, the hideous dinning room furniture…..she is trying too hard to be cool and different….yuk!

  11. Rebecca C. says

    At least that’s all fixable once she decides to sell again.

  12. Hana says

    I just really love this house. I also think you should take a look to Billie Joe Armstrong’s Newport house which is also listed right now, I think you’ll love it.

  13. Tracie says

    Looks to me like Deadmau5 dodged a bullet….lol! I thought she was extreme before, but seeing her home puts her on a whole different level of “not my style”! The house itself is lovely, but her style makes it look like a freakshow!

    I’d love to own that home and bring it back to it’s original glamour instead of this spooky cartoon environment. EEEEK!

    Fun post, though….thanks!

  14. Mary says

    Doesn’t she ever get tired of the gloom? Even Lydia (Beetlejuice) lightened up by the end. In an odd way it reminded me of What Not To Wear, when women cling to a look they wore 20 years ago. Sad.

  15. says

    That wrought iron stair railing is spectacular, and I love that original green tile in the bathroom (also I think I spy a cute original phone niche in the stair hall). Hopefully, sometime in the future, someone will tear out the “newly remodeled” kitchen. I imagine with enough money it could be re-done with a nod toward the same vintage style in that bathroom and it would be fantastic!

  16. Christina from Dallas says

    I wonder if she really likes this style or does she just feels like it’s expected of her. Anyway I feel sorry for her because she has had two bad public breakups over the same issue of cheating by her boyfriends.

  17. Destiny says

    This house was a departure from what we normally see here, but it was an interesting glimpse for sure and who’s to say that we don’t need a good shake up every now and then. With that said, I like the description of the house, I’m just not sure it’s describing this house!

  18. Gur says

    Oh, the deer! It’s like goth-redneck. (apologies to all hunters, but some things don’t go together). The only change I might like would be the dining room wallpaper… on small accent wall or covering a wood box.

  19. The Country Girl says

    It looks less like a house than the movie set of a low budget horror flick….for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Trailer is as trailer does.

  20. says

    wow, a unique house like the owner. Notsure I like her decor , but it fits her. She needs to quit getting engaged to men that are troubled.. But maybe she is troubled too ! On a positive note , she is a very talented tatoo artist. Her work is amazing. :)

  21. Esther George says

    Hi Julia now I love a bit of gothic if done in style, but this is way over the top and SO not romantic. I like the before ( gothic attack) so much nicer….. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney (in hibernation).

  22. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing this! The house looked so much better for. The decor now kind of reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s old home that the Osbournes once lived in. Both are extremely ugly.

  23. Maddie May says

    This house just feels sad to me. I can’t find anything that is welcoming & that would make someone want to visit & stay awhile. I wonder if this is how she will decorate when she’s a senior citizen. Hopefully not.

  24. Marie says

    What are the words engraved into the living room fireplace? Is it “Home’s a good place” ??

  25. Karen says

    The original house is beautiful, although even in some of the previous pictures the owner’s seemed to favor darker furnishings and colors which I would have wanted to brighten up a bit.

    I’m just not a fan of this vibe. I find it extremely gloomy and depressing. I don’t think I’d even want to visit–not that I’d run with her crowd, but my gosh it is just so depressing. I hope one day that she’ll find happiness, because the darkness that is expressed here certainly doesn’t convey an environment that would be self-nurturing or happy.

  26. Marg says

    Ewwwww! The house is a true reflection of Kat Von D…..both are creepy!

  27. AmyEbbertHill says

    The next time this house goes on the market, the listing agent should hire an exorcist. That poor house. Some people should never move out of the trailer park.

  28. jordii says

    It looks like she decorated it the way she thought people thought she should decorate it. It would cause me to have nightmares!!

    The good news is that when all of her junk is removed it won’t be too hard to put things right.

  29. Alie B says

    The home was beautiful with previous owners things in it. Her decorating style reminds me of the Adam’s family….if they were on crack! lol

  30. Ronnie says

    Truly a house of horrors! Couldn’t spend a minute in there.

  31. crazygirl says

    Kat Von D as millions of dollars and worked hard for it and so she can do what she wants with it.

  32. delana qeseth says

    She has a lot of that cheap Indonesian import furniture from down on Wall Street, all upholstered in the lowest grade of nylon velvet. I guess it’s trashy on purpose.

  33. Victoria Porter says

    I’m extremely fond of the Gothic style, but I very much preferred the original decor. A bit too much in one place, I find. If she added in a few Gothic pieces it’d make it just as dark, mysterious and romantic, but subtle, not just clustered up and seemingly random. I love her style and I can see what she’s going for and everything, but this is a bit much for me personally.