Beverly Cleary’s Childhood Home in Portland

Beverly Cleary's childhood home Portland 425Beloved children’s author Beverly Cleary spent part of her childhood in this modest but charming one-story bungalow in Portland, Oregon. It was built in 1910 and has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. I don’t know about you, but I can just imagine Ramona and Beezus hanging out on the front porch…

Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (17)

The Oregonian says, “She famously used her childhood surroundings as inspiration for her books for children and young adults. The house on Hancock is just blocks from Klickitat Street, the fictional home of Henry Huggins and Ramona and Beezus Quimby.”

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Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (3)

According to an article about the bungalow in Oregon Live, it’s near Beverly Cleary School and the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden at Grant Park: “Students at Cleary’s namesake school will be touring the house while it’s on the market, said listing agent Tracey Hicks of Dwell Realty.”

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Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (5)

Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (7)

Portland bungalow bedroom-Cleary

Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (4)

Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (6)

Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (13)

Beverly Cleary now lives in California. For more information about her and her books, visit her website. I also came across an interesting article about her life and the Yamhill farmhouse her family lived in before moving to Portland.

Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (12)

Asking price for the bungalow is $362,000. For more photos and information about the property check the listing, which appears to be pending. You can see more photos of the house when it was empty at

Beverly Cleary childhood home Portland OR (2)

Are you a fan of Beverly Cleary’s books? Did you have a favorite series or character when you were growing up?

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  1. Alie B says

    This is indeed a charming little house. Though judging by the article, written about the Yamhill farmhouse, Beverly had been much happier in the country. One can only imagine the difficulty in adjusting to a home in the city, a third the size, with so little property and a lot less family income. Perhaps this early life adversity helped to make her the amazing writer she is.

  2. Mer says

    Such a sweet house! I love that they are letting local school kids tour it while it’s on the market. Loved the Ramona series as a kid.

  3. Esther George says

    Good morning Julia sorry to say I’m not familiar with her books but now that you have mentioned her I will make it my mission to find out. Her home looks lovely thank you for sharing. Hope you have a lovely day. Regards Esther from Sydney.

  4. nicole says

    I loved this post, as I adore Beverly Cleary. She is an amazing woman (and 97 years old now!) and I highly recommend reading her autobiographies to learn more about her and her life: A Girl from Yamhill and My Own Two Feet.

  5. ShabbyChick says

    Such a great house…..on the outside. I can’t express how much I dislike the interior shots. If these are listing photos, they clearly aren’t in a hurry to sell.

  6. says

    Just had to take a moment to comment on this one! I’ve been a fan of Beverly Cleary’s since I was a kid. What fun it was to read her books to my own kids!

    Of course I loved the Ramona books and the Mouse and the Motorcycle books–but I also loved Beverly Cleary’s books for girls. Fifteen, Sister of the Bride, The Luckiest Girl, and Jean and Johnny were some of the favorite books of my preteen years.

    What an amazing contribution this dear woman made to the field of children’s literature! Thanks for showing us her childhood home.

  7. Cindy says

    Oh, what a wonderful post, Julia! I love Beverly Cleary and now my daughter is discovering her books as well. As a matter of fact, her kindergarten class just took a field trip a couple weeks ago to see a play based on Ramona Quimby. How awesome is that?!

    I think this house is adorable! I love the coziness and that it has a few lived-in aspects to it. Sometimes I wonder if the things we look at today and see ‘character’ were looked at the same in their time. Probably not. 😉

    At any rate, great post! It’s really interesting to see one of the homes that played a part in the growing up years of one of my favorite authors.

  8. says

    Beverly Cleary was my top favorite author as a child. It is hard to choose a single favorite book but if I must choose I think it maybe Mouse and the Motorcycle! It touched my heart to think of the local school children touring the home while it is on the market. That is such a thoughtful thing to do!

    As always, thanks for posting Julia. Your blog is one of my very favorite. :)


  9. Brandy says

    Too cool, thanks Julia. I just loved her books when I was little and this house really is a lot like what I imagined the Quimby’s lived in.

  10. says

    I have read many of Beverly Cleary’s books, and I really enjoyed them. We always read “older” books from the library when I was little. 😉
    Loved this post….

  11. stacey says

    My children grew up reading Beverly Cleary…the Mouse and the Motorcycle really opened my son up to reading chapter books. I was thrilled to read them again with my grand-daughter. The house is precious but the gray paint inside is an awful choice! A little TLC though and this would be warm and cozy. I am thinking of the style of warm whites Trina at Country Farmhouse uses. Love your blog!

  12. says

    It was fun to see this cute little house and find out there is actually a Klickitat Street! I can picture Ramona on that porch and Henry throwing newspapers there too! When I read this article, I remembered that my first grade teacher, Mrs. McHenry, introduced me to Beverly Cleary when she read The Mouse and the Motorcycle to us a each day a chapter at a time. I looked forward to reading time each day to find out what was going to happen next! When I could read, I eventually read every one of her books and have since read them to my own children! Love her!

  13. says

    I had no idea she lived there, I was raised in Portland. What a charming home, I’m not surprised at all by the whimsical colors. Loved her books.

  14. says

    Charming, with a capital CHARM! Portland has neighborhoods filled with bungalows. When I visited, I coerced my companions to ride around + have a look-see. A film crew was there that day. Interesting.
    K A Y

  15. says

    I HAVE to show this to my class! We read quite a large number of her books in my third grade class, and one of my favorite childhood books was Henry and Ribsy. Like Richella, above, Beverly Cleary’s preteen books for girls were among my favorites. Love her! And my students will enjoy being able to connect the author’s “real life” with the books they love so much through your post here. When I taught second grade, we read many books by Tomie de Paola. He had a very interesting home years ago that was featured in Country Home magazine (saved the article and showed it to my students.)

  16. Antonia says

    I loved this post and went on to read and watch the link about Beverly Cleary. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to getting to read it when I can.

  17. nanne says

    love beverly clearly & love her home! it’s just exactly the house i would imagine her living in…bright & sunny, quirky & homey, utterly unpretentious.

    it would be so much fun if you did a now & again series of writers’ homes (like your great t.v./movie home series)!

  18. nanne says

    love beverly cleary & love her home! it’s just exactly the house i would imagine her living in…bright & sunny, quirky & homey, utterly unpretentious.

    it would be so much fun if you did a now & again series of writers’ homes (like your great t.v./movie home series)!

  19. martha says

    As a retired elementary librarian I always encouraged kids to read Beverly Cleary”s books. My granddaughters are enjoying them now. The house is charming and just like I would imagine it to be. Thanks so much for finding all these fun house posts. I look forward everyday to seeing what you have in store for us.

  20. Kim says

    What a charming house! This brings back so many great memories. I read all of Beverly Cleary’s books when I was kid and they were such fun stories. When I have kids of my own someday, I want to read these books to them.

  21. says

    Oh, THANK YOU for posting this! A few years ago my dear friend, who lives in Portland, and I went driving around in what we knew was her former neighborhood trying to figure out which house might have been hers according to her descriptions in her autobiographies. We are both big fans of her books and my daughter is also a huge fan of all her children’s books. So we went to Klickatat Street and to the sculpture garden at Grant Park (which is also a water park) and watched our children play and pose with some of their favorite book characters. She also attended Grant High School which is there as well. I will be sending a link of this post to my friend, so she can also know exactly which house was hers. Funny enough, the layout of the house reminds me very much of my friend’s bungalow in Portland. Such a great city! Another acquaintance of mine wrote an article that ran in our local paper about, Betty McDonald, another favorite author of mine’s home in Seattle and her chicken farm on Vashon Island.

  22. says

    I absolutely love your series of famous homes. It’s so much fun peaking into the lives of your favorite author or movie. Home is an important aspect of who you are, and I felt such a thrill looking into Beverly Clearly’s childhood home. It makes me think of our own children and what amazing things they will do one day!

  23. Karen says

    Couldn’t access this post for some reason, but no problem with some of the others. This is a charming home, but I tend to love cottages and bungalows. I have to say though that the listing photo’s don’t do it much justice–don’t know if that’s just the photo’s or a combination of not liking how the interiors look due to how it is decorated and photographed. It’s probably both. Still it’s a charming home.

  24. tammyCA says

    A cute house. Loved reading Bevery Cleary books many, many and still do. I remember always imagining the settings and I always imagined a Ranch house with a big picture window in one of the books.