Taylor Swift Sells Hyannis Port House

Taylor Swift's Cape Cod Beach House

Last summer I told you about the house in Hyannis Port Taylor Swift bought when she was dating a Kennedy. But then the Cape Cod Times reported that someone else bought it instead. So imagine my surprise when the news came out this week that she did in fact buy it last year after all–and just sold it again at a million-dollar profit.

27 Marchant Ave Hyannis Port MA-Taylor Swift 2

You always have to be a little skeptical about celeb news, but E! Online reports: “Despite being coy in Vanity Fair about buying the Hyannis Port, Mass., house near the Kennedy compound while dating Conor Kennedy last summer, realtor Bob Kinlin tells E! News that he did in fact sell the house to Swift.”

Cape Cod beach house-Taylor Swift 6

“Kinlin told E! that the young singer snagged the Cape Cod style, 7 bedroom home for $4.8 million” through an LLC registered under someone else’s name.

He says she made some improvements to the house, like renovating the formerly pink kitchen:

Taylor Swift's Hyannis Port House 6

She broke up with Conor last year and sold the property recently, “making almost $1 million in profit after having the home for only seven months. The home sold for $5,675,000 to a couple that had been coveting the house before Swift.”

Taylor Swift's Hyannis Port House 12

The Daily Mail reports: “The 13-room 1928 home was originally on the market for $13.5 million two years ago, making it one of the most expensive summer homes around. But with no buyers the price was slashed by more than 60%. The house overlooks Nantucket Sound and features a private beach and a separate guest house.”

Cape Cod beach house-Taylor Swift 5

Thanks to Kim for updating me about this. Visit my original post for more photos and info:

Taylor Swift’s $4.9 Million Cape Cod Beach House

The historic Nashville estate she bought in 2011 is a little more glam. My daughter Lily is a Taylor Swift fan and wrote that post for me! :-)

Taylor Swift's Nashville house-foyer

In other Celebrity Real Estate news, AOL is reporting that it looks like Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson bought Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Hidden Hills Estate:

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Osbourne Hidden Hills CA house

Remember that one? It was decorated by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and featured in Architectural Digest.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne's house Hidden Hills CA cvr

You can take the tour here: Sharon & Ozzy Selling Cape Cod-Inspired House in California.

Which leads me to another Celebrity Update. Years ago the Osbournes sold their former home–the one made famous by their reality-TV show–to Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera's pink closet

After sitting on the market for what seemed like forever, Christina finally sold the house earlier this year. Pics here: Christina Aguilera’s Pink Closet & the House That Goes With It.

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  1. says

    I would love to see this after her updates. The profit is not shocking considering the location, etc. Isn’t it common for celebrities to have their “managers” and the like, put the house in another name?

    • says

      You’re right, Linda, celebs do often put them under other names like she did. Makes it harder to figure out who owns them. :-)

      And I’m with you–I wish it had been on the open market so we could see how it looked after Taylor’s crew spiffed up the place!

  2. Teresa says

    I wonder how much $$ she put into the renovations. She “flips” houses as quickly as she does boyfriends!

  3. KellyW says

    I had read that the previous owners refused to sell the house to theKennedy’s and that is why she bought it. Wonder if the new buyers are connected to them?

  4. says

    Poor Taylor — she’s still fuming about Tina Fey + Amy Poehler’s fun-poking at the Golden Globes. I feel sorry for her, BUT she does kind of ask for it. Who buys a $ multi million house because you’re dating a Kennedy for a couple months? My foolish pride would’ve had me keeping the darn thing, at least for a few years! What!? No, I didn’t buy this house because of a man! HA! (Meow) Thanks for the trip through celebrity homes! I love Sharon O’s folk art!
    K A Y
    RedBird Vintage Home

  5. ShabbyChick says

    I like the Nashville house interior much better than this house, but you can’t beat Cape Cod for location! I always wonder what these single people do with all that space, seems very lonely to me.

  6. Christina from Dallas says

    I remember that post without even looking it up. I remember one comment from someone who was annoyed at you and others for reporting that she bought it. I ‘m sure you remember! You were just reporting what everyone else was reporting. Sometimes there is truth to those rumors about celebrities.

    • Christina from Dallas says

      By the way, I don’t for a second believe she is “flipping houses” She has too much money.I doubt she’s competing with Vanilla Ice. There’s probably another motive. I’m guessing Taylor and her former boyfriend probably needed a getaway place away from camaras which was close to his regular house.

  7. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing this Julia! I usually love Cape Cod homes, but I don’t care for the inside of this one. It’s a little outdated.

  8. nanne says

    no matter her motives for buying the house, looks like taylor did ended up doing ok.

  9. says

    Thank you Julia

    I was just thinking about this house and what the inside looked like and there you have it!


  10. Maggy says

    Beautiful location, and my take is, if she was able to do some renovations and turn the house in such a short time for a profit, good for her!

    But — with that much $$ invested in real estate, I’d want a little more elbow room .. the 2nd pic on your post makes it look like the houses are closer together than I’d expect for the multi-million dollars they sell for. Anyone else care to weigh in?

  11. lilkunta says

    so taylor LIED about buying the capecod house.
    Just like she LIED about so many other things.
    Yet she claims to be so honest and authentic.


    I like some of TS’ songs but she needs to be careful.
    What is jonas/mayer/styles( singers) and lautner/gyllenhall/kennedy got together
    and wrote a song about her or made a film about her? She would say
    ‘it is wrong to kiss and tell’ and attack them, yet she bashes her ex(or guys she was interested in) and says ‘if you dont want me to write a song about you dont do bad things’. You are only 23 and doing waht most 23yrs olds do–date– however since you are in public eye be cautious of your image.

    More importantly what about growth?
    will she write ‘you wronged me stupid boy’ songs 4 ever?
    she needs to have and show growth.