Jeremy Renner’s Art Deco-Style House in L.A.

Jeremy Renner mansion for sale Holmby Hills LA

Who knew? Jeremy Renner, who got 2 Oscar noms for his roles in The Town and The Hurt Locker, has a second career as a high-end house flipper. He and business partner Kristoffer Winters have fixed up over a dozen houses in the L.A. area over the years. Their latest project was a “total rebuild” of a house in the Holmby Hills and is billed as a “Roaring 20s Art Deco-style home fit for a 21st century Howard Hughes.”

Jeremy Renner mansion designed-by-architect-phillip-vertoch

It probably will take a modern-day Howard Hughes to afford this place. Listing price is $24.95 million.

Jeremy Renner mansion living room

Holmby Hills mansion-dining room

Holmby Hills mansion-home office

Holmby Hills mansion-powder room

Holmby Hills mansion-stocked bar

Holmby Hills mansion-master bedroom

They bought the original property for $7 million and the house was rebuilt by architect Philip Vertoch. Renner’s business partner Kristoffer Winters, known as the “stager to the stars,” did the design.

Holmby Hills mansion-master sitting area fireplace

It has 6 bedrooms and 11 baths with 10,000 square feet, all on one level.

Holmby Hills mansion-gentleman's bath

You’ll never have to stand in line at a Great Clips again with your own Barber’s chair in the house…

Holmby Hills mansion-Barber's chair

Holmby Hills mansion-white marble bath

The kitchen has a lot to look at with the tin ceilings, two massive islands, and a patterned tile on the floor.

Holmby Hills mansion-tin ceiling kitchen two islands

Holmby Hills mansion-gourmet kitchen range

Holmby Hills mansion-kitchen hearth room

The house has 14′ ceilings and sits on 2 acres.

Holmby Hills mansion-exterior

You’ll find more photos and information about the property at Business Insider, Zillow, and Curbed. Thanks to Kim for telling me about it.

Jeremy Renner mansion Holmby Hills pool

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  1. says

    The house (and grounds) certainly have that art deco feel… very interesting work, but the multitude of patterns throughout gets a bit dizzying, even overwhelming.

  2. Jennah says

    AbFab!!! So much to look at! The details are incredible! Thank you for sharing, Julia!

  3. Cheryl in Wisconsin says

    The light fixtures above the bar are beautiful!

  4. Suzette says

    The decorating isn’t 100% my taste, although there are elements of it that I really like. But what I absolutely love is the windows!!!

  5. says

    So much gorgeousness in this house but that kitchen is dizzying! I wouldn’t be averse to two islands though. Those windows are stunning. As my mother would say, I certainly wouldn’t knock it back if it was offered!

  6. says

    Wow! I really love this one. It’s a bit masculine and modern, but also really warm and glamorous. I love those floor-to-ceiling windows and all the fireplaces! Agree about the kitchen tile, though! It was hard to see past it to the beautiful cabinetry, range and fixtures!

  7. Alie B says

    LOL @ Julia’s comment about no longer having to stand in line at Great Clips. I have a sneaking suspicion that the person who can afford this place never has to stand in line…for anything! Great post. This house would be an awesome movie set.

  8. Laura says

    I would call that a night-time house. It’s cool, but a little too nightclub-ish for my taste. I’m definitely a day-time house person!

  9. says

    Wow, great house, but why in the world would you need almost twice as many bathrooms as bedrooms?

    Like you, Julia, I’m looking forward to watching the Oscars on Sunday. Very interested in how Seth MacFarlane will fare with his type of humour. Hope he is a huge success.

  10. Caroline says

    Impressive. Jeremy should have a show on HGTV…He could liven it up!

  11. Brandy says

    What a masculine space. It’s a bit overstimulating for my tastes, but very nice.

  12. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing this Julia! My favorite room is the kitchen. I love the cabinets and the vintage looking stove. Overall, there’s parts of this house I do and don’t like, but I think this would be a fun place to stay at for a couple of days.

  13. Rebecca C. says

    I really like all the light fixtures. They’re all very individual for each room. Sure, the place is really over the top, but I guess if you’re looking in this price range, it doesn’t matter. Well done.

  14. says

    Wow – gorgeous! The only thing I would change is the flooring in the kitchen/gathering room area. So beautiful, inside and out!

  15. Tracie says

    That is classy! I really like it, as far as crazy Hollywood mansions go. The Art Deco really works for me. If I could carry that style off through a whole home, I’d go for it. Without some serious resources, it just falls apart. I LOVE the “shaving room”. My husband deserves one of those. :)

  16. Suzy says

    It’s obviously been renovated with great care, but it reminds me of a hotel. I see customers living there, not a family. Gorgeous, but chilly.

  17. Billy says

    I wondered what he was doing between “Idle Hands” and “The Hurt Locker”.

    I’m not sure how hang-over friendly the Kit/Great Room floor is.

    But I would move in, if I was an heir to a Russian Oil baron.

  18. kasey says

    I love the purple couch in the bedroom. And the kitchen is awesome, but the tile patter on the floor makes me dizzy just looking at a picture.

  19. Leanna Comer says

    The light fixtures throughout the house are what caught my eye! Amazing. I especially like the ones over the bar and the one in the dining room. There are elements of the kitchen that are great but I, personally, don’t care for the busy-looking floor.

  20. Adrian says

    I could move in and be completely happy. Have never seen a house where nothing needed to be changed to suit my taste. Stunning!

  21. Amanda S. says

    Whoo! That kitchen made me a little dizzy, but then so does he. I can’t believe I just said that….

  22. Maria says

    I love deco, but this isn’t quite it. Lots of things competing with each other here, and what’s with the Victorian ceiling? Frankly it looks remuddled, but like the windows and statue out front.

  23. Lorraine says

    The woodwork, the windows, and the light fixtures are all beautiful. But overall it looks like it was aggressively designed to impress – much like a high-end hotel or a narcissistic person. Not homey at all. The dining area reminds me of a conference room, there are too many patterns throughout the home, and the entrance would be appropriate for a place of business. (Plus the staging in that one bedroom looks very awkward. I for one wouldn’t want a giant door behind my bed.) Sorry but excess always makes me cranky.

  24. says

    A stunning renovation that managed to stay correct to the period without looking like a museum. Very glamorous!

  25. Michelle says

    This isn’t a home – it’s a hotel! It’s gorgeous to look at, but nothing in this space says warm, cozy or friendly to me.

  26. Wendy says

    Not my style, but I liked more of it than I was expecting to. I loved the windows and the use of plants indoors and out. I found the masculine feel interesting because most homes are decorated neutral or feminine. I fell in love with the lighting and the light fixtures…whatever they paid the lighting consultant was money well spent. that master bath with the wood and the chair is gorgeous. Hated the kitchen, especially the floor. I love tin ceilings, but his one either didn’t photograph well or doesn’t work. Thanks for sharing this one.