Larry Hagman’s Santa Monica Penthouse

Larry Hagman's ocean front penthouse condo listing

Big fan of Larry Hagman here. I watched I Dream of Jeannie reruns after school and got totally hooked on the original Dallas on DVD a few years ago. I’ve been enjoying the new Dallas reboot on TNT, too, and was sad when Hagman died at the end of last year. The penthouse condo he had in Santa Monica is on the market now for $5.2 million, so I had to take a look…

Larry Hagman's Santa Monica condo living room

Over the holidays I read Barbara Eden’s book Jeannie Out of the Bottle, mostly because I wanted to hear what Hagman was like to work with. She had one hair-raising story after the other and says she spent most of the time between scenes hiding in her dressing room from his tantrums. However, after he got sober, they became friends. She even had a guest turn on Dallas with him.

Larry Hagman's condo living room

By all accounts, Hagman was quirky and funny and truly one of a kind. I think his personality is reflected in some of the things you see in his former home.

Larry Hagman's Santa Monica condo living room 2

Doesn’t that bottle in the dining room look like something from the set of Jeannie?

genie bottle in Larry Hagman's dining room

Larry Hagman's ocean front penthouse condo listing BR

The condo has 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

Larry Hagman's ocean front penthouse condo listing 3

Not sure if his pet cheetah comes with it…?

stuffed cheetah in Larry Hagman's condo

The listing agent says:

Top floor very front penthouse at the much sought after One Zero One Ocean. This extraordinary one of a kind penthouse is truly the King of the Coast and was home to the late legendary Larry Hagman. Floor to ceiling windows wrap the entire 3000 sf and frame endless views of the Pacific from Palos Verdes to Malibu and all the way out to Catalina Island. Semi private glass elevator shared with only 7 other residences opens directly into the unit.

Larry Hagman's condo twin beds

The framed money looks like something J.R. would have in his bathroom:

framed money in the bathroom Larry Hagman condo

I’m guessing that you’re paying $5.2 million for the location and the view–not to mention the celebrity history.

view of beach from Larry Hagman's condo

Three years ago Hagman puts his Ojai estate known as “Heaven” on the market. You can see photos of it here.

Larry Hagman's Heaven estate Ojai CA

Dallas returned for a second season on TNT last week. It’s been so much fun watching some of the original characters like J.R.’s ex Sue Ellen, his brother Bobby, and long-time rival Cliff Barnes spar with him again. Hagman taped 6 episodes before his death, and a funeral for J.R. will air in March. I’ll be glued to the TV, tissues in hand.

Dallas TNT cast photo new series Hagman

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  1. laney says

    ..i think it is interesting how the coverlet on the bed matches the sky out the window…other than that…if you can’t say somethng nice….blessings laney

  2. martha says

    The views are fantastic, but Wow !!!……….. everything else is a hot mess !

    • ladyofargonne says

      Like she said. It doesn’t look staged. I think how personal it looks is kind of sad and touching.

  3. Caroline says

    So tacky! I wouldn’t want to live with his decor but it was perfect for him!

  4. maddie says

    Larry & his wife Maj may have enjoyed this home but I think it now needs some tender loving care.

  5. Jen says

    I’d buy it for the views alone ha
    think the jennie bottle and framed money are kinda cool

  6. says

    I too loved I Dream of Jeannie…it’s on tv again on ME TV…love watching the reruns. I also loved the original Dallas and Dynasty shows (named my daughter Falon!). I agree the Dallas reboot is pretty good…it’s so sad that Hagman passed away. Will be a very sad episode when they bury JR :(

    As an LA resident currently searching for a new home, I wish I had a $5 million budget but I’m not sure that condo will fetch that much. I’d love to know what it goes for. The views are spectacular.

    Love your blog! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Feels like a holiday right?

  7. says

    I actually love it! When you can walk into a place (or view pictures of it) and not be bored to tears with the same old, same old, then I’d call that a success. Kudos to Larry for living like he means it! I truly wish more people would let it loose the way Larry did!

    • says

      Yeah, I thought it was fun to see some of his personality in the place. I’m sure whoever buys it will gut it and start over, but at least we get a glimpse of how he lived when he was there–Jeannie bottle and all! :-)

  8. 65andcounting says

    Larry had an over-the-top personality. He loved things in life that were big and bold. His homes were no exception. HGTV has trained us to neuter our living spaces but Larry thankfully paid them no heed and did what was right to fill his ten gallon hat and big shoes.

  9. Lisa says

    It’s obvious the Hagmans decorated their home themselves, without a decorator of stylist, using pieces they probably picked up in their travels. I’m betting you could have pointed to just about anything in the home and Larry or Maj would have been able to launch into an interesting tale about its acquisition. How refreshing!.

  10. SWT says

    The views are stunning, and so inspiring.

    Personally I think it’s fantastic that his home looks so unique and non-updated. It is refreshing to see books (that appear to be read!) shelved in the curving sofa table, instead of decorator-purchased objects d’art. The Jeannie bottle is great, as are so many of the other original but atypical decorating choices.

    It is tiring that everyone’s house is now looking a bit like their next door neighbor’s house. In order to have a comfortable, lovely home one shouldn’t have to own only objects or fixtures that are newer.

  11. ladyofargonne says

    I can’t believe some of the cruel comments people are making. The man just died. Maybe redecorating is not the first thing on his family’s mind. This place is a shrine to a talented man. It’s an honor to see how he really lived. The things that were important to him. Some of you know where you can put your throw pillows.

  12. Rebecca C. says

    What a beautiful view he must have had every morning.

  13. ShabbyChick says

    Picture #1 looks like it is on a yacht! WOW! Amazing windows throughout. And am I the only one who loves that round, glass-topped table with the peachy pink silk in the master bedroom? And those built-ins, also in the master. 😉

  14. Karen says

    I think it’s tacky to stage the home with beer and wine since Larry was a recovering alcoholic. I also would not like the view downward of bumper to bumper traffic on PCH. The ocean view is beautiful though.

  15. Sherry says

    It wouldn’t suit my lifestyle, but I love it. It’s a very unique location for a very unique person. Why should it be cookie-cutter style?

  16. Beth says

    The first thing I wondered, with views like that, why on earth would you place 2 barstools and a table on the balcony smack dab in the middle of the sofa site line?

  17. Jano says

    I like the chandelier – it’s a keeper. My only other observation is that the semi-circular sofa reminds me of the inside of Jeannie’s bottle. I always thought it was terribly racy when Jeannie miniaturized Tony and he joined her in the bottle. I also thought it was creepy when he would peer into the bottle when she wouldn’t come out.

  18. says

    I’m disappointed that there are no pictures of the kitchen. It would have been interesting to see if they had personalized that room in the same manner as they had done for the others.

  19. Alie B says

    I think the condo itself is really nice. To me, it seems to only need cosmetic refurbishment. With the carpeting gone and replaced with hardwood and new paint everywhere, the place would be gorgeous. That view of the ocean…..amazing!

    • Billy says

      most condos that have downstairs neighbors, have maximum sqft of hard surface flooring, Usually it is equal to the total sqft of the baths and kitchen.

  20. Billy says

    I see decorator all over the place just one who knew who ‘s name was on the check twice. It’s great to see a celeb home that looks like some one lives there. The only thing that causes me pause , besides the $, is a shared direct access elevator. Even if it is keyed.

  21. Barbara says

    You have shown this apartment in a much better light than other photos I saw a week or so ago – Bravo to you (and the listing agent should use your photos!)

  22. says

    Pretty awesome view! That has to be her bottle. I know it. The comments here are kind of funny considering poor Mr. Hagman is dead. His pretty penthouse can be redone in a jiff. If you have the change.