Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Selling SoHo Penthouse

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos SoHo Penthouse listingWow. Check out the HUGE penthouse in NYC that the Live! With Kelly and Michael host Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos are selling for $24.5 million. The place they’ve called home since 2005 has a whopping 6,792 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths–plenty of space for their 3 kids to run around.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos NYC penthouse

They bought the condo for $9.5 million and spent 2 years renovating it. The listing boasts “soaring 12’3 ceilings, lit by way of window after window. Enter through a gracious foyer into the spectacular living room sun kissed by an enormous skylight. Tread on dark stained white oak flooring past seven windows into the grand eat-in-kitchen and dining room.”

Kelly Ripa's penthouse living room

“A chef’s dream appears filled with high end appliances, including a fully vented six burner Wolf stove with griddle, two Electrolux dishwashers and three Sub-Zero refrigerators, clad in Carrara marble and luxurious blue stone as well as custom milled wood and stainless cabinetry.”

Kelly Ripa's red and white kitchen SoHo

“A second stunning dining room opens up to a full outdoor kitchen.”

Kelly Ripa's penthouse kitchen table

Kelly Ripa's bathroom-SoHo

“A media room offers a cozy haven lit by an enormous skylight and warmed by a gas fireplace.”

Kelly Ripa's NYC condo for sale family room

I used to watch Kelly and Mark on All My Children, back when my son was little and I was home alone with him all day. I’d look forward to taking a break with my Pine Valley friends every afternoon at 1:00.

Hayley and Mateo on All My Children

Anyone else remember them as Hayley and Mateo? :-)

I was excited when she got the Regis & Kelly gig. It’s just not the same without Reege, though.  But I digress…

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos SoHo penthouse living rm

“Swing open the French doors to reveal an incredible 3,073 square foot private roof deck with an outdoor fireplace and plenty of seating on which to unwind.”

Kelly Ripa's terrace in SoHo pergola

Zillow has more info about the listing, which you can see at The Modlin Group. The property is co-listed with Adam Modlin and Raphael De Niro of Prudential Douglas Elliman.

outdoor tub with TV-Kelly Ripa penthouse

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  1. Maddie says

    I am trying so hard to wrap my head around the cost of $24.5 million !!!!. Soho might be someone’s dream location but for my dream home give me green grass, trees, a pond, & no neighbours.

    • says

      That’s right! A pond the size of the Pacific Ocean. Oh what I could do with a $24.5 million real estate budget . . . . . .

  2. Jen M says

    This place overall is fine, not my thing but nicely done. But the staircase looks like a huge eyesore to me. Am I alone here?

    • Lorraine says

      No. You are not alone. The railing on that staircase looks like a fence for a commercial building. The industrial look has its place but this is a very heavy handed use of it.

  3. says

    That house is beautiful!!! I love her red accents. The amazing dining room table and chairs caught my eye. Also the big Marilyn poster. The deck is gorgeous and the location is stupendous. I love NYC-favorite city by far. My biggest unanswered question is… why sell it? Any idea why?

  4. Lisa Sajna says

    Did they sell their Franklin Lakes house? I grew up there.

  5. Sunny says

    So cold. The living room with the staircase looks like a hotel lobby. Pass. 😉

  6. DB says

    And here I thought she would have all electrolux appliances, what with her commercials for them :)

    • Cheryl in Wisconsin says

      Perhaps that is why they’re moving… Not enough Electrolux appliances in this set up!

  7. Debbie says

    Ugh! This place is so cold and uninviting. I don’t find one thing appealing. I wonder if they already moved out and this is all staging. It doesn’t look like a family lives here. Loved the look of the exterior of the building. It looks historic, I wonder if it is…

  8. Laura says

    Not my thing at all. I just don’t get wanting to live in a hotel/night club setting. I wonder what it looked like before the renovation. 24 million? I wonder if they’ll get anything close.

  9. ShabbyChick says

    I can’t get past my personal feelings about her, in order to give an unbiased opinion. Overall I just don’t like this at all.

  10. 65andcounting says

    New Yorkers are used to huge price tags but where they balk is at the monthly carrying costs; some buildings have huge maintenance fees, especially common if the building is small, and downtown where there is often a land-lease situation, when the building owner/developer doesn’t own the land on which the building sits.

    Even if a buyer can afford the sale price of this penthouse, the monthly carrying costs are pretty steep.
    Common Charges: $9,628
    Real Estate Taxes $4,306

    That doesn’t include what it costs to garage their cars, electric and cable bills, house keeping….the basics. In other words, I won’t be submitting a bid.

    Agree with Jen M that the staircase overwhelms the room.

  11. says

    I think it’s amazing and if you have to live in the city (or want to) that’s the way to do it! The outdoor space in SoHo alone is worth the big bucks!!!!

    Any idea where they’re headed? I know that they have the place in the hamptons but I would imagine they’ll stay in the city….

  12. Karen says

    Remember Kelly when she first showed up on AMC as the rebellious teen. I have to agree that it does not look like a family with small kids lives there. I expect at least some of this is staging. The only thing I loved was that dining room table, the rest just looked generic high end.

  13. Lisa says

    What’s with the creepy gallery shot of Marilyn Monroe? Yikes.

    This place has no appeal to me – whatsoever. I cannot imagine buying a home that expensive without a lake and acreage for that price tag.

    Oh give me land, lots o’ land underneath the starry skies…don’t fence me in. (Sing with me, now. :)

    • says

      It’s not my taste by any means, but I think it’s gorgeous! And I happen to love the staircase!

      • Holley says


        I wouldn’t want to live there permanently, but it would be fun for a vacation.

        I do like elements of it. The skylight, the shape of the dining room chairs (though no fire engine red please) in the second dining room, the private roof deck, and so on.

  14. Lisa T. says

    With her work in NY and a largish family this is the best case scenario of living accommodations I would think. And if you want to make the big bucks in the big apple your going to have to pay the big bucks for a place to live.

    I love the apartment and the pops of raspberry. But I’d bet it is staged to sell.

    Its a great space and all the outdoor space is awesome and looks somewhat private. I wonder where they’re going?

  15. Kim says

    This isn’t my style and I wouldn’t want to live here, but I will say it’s nicer than most penthouses I have seen.

  16. Wade Watson says

    I recognize the kitchen from once or twice when we saw Kelly at home making holiday meals with the family. We once saw Regis drop something heavy on that dark wood floor near the entry and chip a notch into it, much to Mark’s dismay. It’s a nice place and that outdoor space certainly is a premium in NYC. People like them with large incomes coming in always need good investments and there’s nothing better than investing in your own home. I wouldn’t be surprised if their new home costs a good bit more than that. Since the show is doing very well, they’re not moving far, I’m sure.

  17. Mary says

    I really hope it’s just staged. Imagine being a little kid and trying to eat our breakfast while a big scary poster lady is having a nervous breakdown on the wall. I would be worried that somebody is going to slip and impale them self on those stair rails. Chilly, chilly place.

  18. Emipie says

    Of course its staged to sell… it shows just the way an upscale SoHo apartment should to appeal to buyers in that market. I love it (except for the depressed Marilyn artwork).

  19. Terry says

    I agree with what looks like the majority – too cold looking. Don’t get me wrong, it is lovely. I’m just a small town,cottage kind of gal. The breakfast table is gorgeous. The outdoor space is to die for. But all-in-all, if I had 24 million to spend, this would not be it. As tiny as she is, doesn’t she freeze to death in this place?

  20. Nica says

    Raphael De Niro is Robert’s son, correct? I remember when he was born so I definitely remember Haley and Mateo! When the character first appeared she had black hair and was supposed to be street tough. And I think Mateo was known as Matt in the very beginning. My brain is filled with lots of useless information!

    • says

      correct. she was a mess and her uncle trevor the police detective/ex-mercenary, had to clean her up.

  21. Rebecca says

    Anyone who has followed the real estate history of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos knows that this penthouse is exactly their style – it has not been staged at all. Their past real estate listing photos, etc, have shown exactly the same interior design taste: minimal, neutral, pops of red. I find the space calming and gorgeous; but more than that, I wanted to just say that yes, this is their space as they lived in it.

  22. Lisa says

    Well, I have to admit this is certainly not my style, but it is interesting to see none the less. Julia, I, too, loved watching “All My Children” and remember Haley first arriving on the scene with her black hair and street toughness! I really enjoyed the banter between Kelly and Regis. She seems so warm and friendly, that I am surprised how differently I IMAGINED they would live. I guess, after reading the other comments, I was just WAY off in my perception! Having an actress daughter living in the city, we have considered purchasing rather than renting. We will NOT be looking into this one!!!! What appeals to us is something charming on the Upper West Side, a la “You’ve Got Mail”!

  23. says

    I think it is a beautiful home! And I’m a shabby chic girl.

    Picture it full of kids and friends. This is just staged for real estate.

    I wonder where they’ll move.

    • says

      By “staged” I mean, no dirty soccer socks or back packs in pics. Both of them have a sleek, minimalist style.

  24. says

    as a new yorker, i’ll take it. location, space, skylights!, outdoor space and privacy. you can put whatever kind of decor you want in it. i’m going with eclectic bohemian. and i’ll hang some some nice dhurries from that ugly staircase to cover up the spikes. all good.

  25. says

    Love to see the great peeks you offer into these amazing homes! Doesn’t matter if I like the style or not.. the tours are wonderful and I can appreciate them, even if it’s not to my taste. Thanks for the look inside!!

    • says

      I like that you said that, Shannon, because I’m the same way. I think it’s fun to see the different personalities expressed in houses (and penthouses), even if they’re not like mine! :-)

  26. says

    …but does this come with the magic laundry room where you just toss your clothes and they fold midair, ’cause I’m all over that:)

  27. says

    I love the pic of Marilyn! It seems the ONLY fun whimsical thing there…and with 3 kids! It is definetly staged, and too sterile for a “home”. for me. It looks like a home for an Urban young couple, even the furnishings, look that way. Beautiful yes, but for 3 kids..nah. Now the outdoor space, maybe..but still. I wondere WHAT it looked like BEFORE the reno..any pics on that??

  28. The Other Sue says

    This is really surprising, and not at all what I pictured Kelly and her family living in. There’s nothing inside that appeals to me at all! Too modern and cold. I do like the warmth of the exterior. The roof top deck is amazing, and doesn’t feel like you’re in NYC at all! I think if I had the means and wanted to live in that location, I gut it, and return it to its pre-war elegance and charm.

  29. Cindy says

    Well, I do love the outdoor space. That looked cozy and inviting. The interiors feel really cold and hard to me, though. They all seem filled with sharp edges and nothing soft to warm things up a bit. I wonder how much of that is the staging and much of that is their actual taste?

    Of course, I don’t have that kind of budget and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to actually live in the city. I wonder what the general demographic (those who might really consider buying this property, I mean) think of this place. Or do they just look at the unchangeable elements (like location) and go in knowing they might do a complete reno? Since I am far-removed from this set of folks, I can’t really say.


  30. Marie says

    I have a young family and I could totally see us living here! Love it! Glad to see it’s not “cookie cutter” like all the L.A. homes you see. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Mrs. D. says

    I can’t stand Kelly Ripa and can’t figure out why she is even on TV. I like modern but this place gives me the deep chills. The picture of Marilyn Monroe at one of her worst times is another downer in the place.

  32. Candy Jo says

    Okay…I will be the dissenter here. I like it! Though it doesn’t look like a family home now, I am sure that they had stagers come in to prepare it for photography. Actually this would be a dream empty nesters home for hubby and me. We lived in loft apartments when we were a young couple, then houses and now dream of living the loft life again- but with more money and style hopefully! That’s my two cents.

  33. Ronnie says

    Sorry, but $24.5 million for that!! I agree — give me trees, grass and mountains. I’ll even take a pond and a hill. I don’t get living cheek-to-jowel the way NYers do while paying extraordinary amounts of money to do so. I lived there for three years and couldn’t wait to leave!!

  34. says

    Well, yeah I have to agree with you guys about the “fencing” by the stairs. It does not complement the rest of the modern contemporary interior and kinds of reduce the beauty of the overall layout. I have to say that $24.5million is a little far-fetched for an average interior design of this house which is actually quite a common design and nothing so special about it, except the fact that it is a celebrity house. Or perhaps because the house is fully-furbished with expensive furnishing. Great for owners who wish to move in directly and have not many items from previous house or their storage units.

  35. John says

    Why does one of the couches have its back to the TV? It looks cluttered and somewhat not well thought through. Anyway, who am I to a 24 million abode?

  36. Trisha Pool says

    I love it! All of it! Gorgeous!! I think there are some jealous people on here making their negative comments. They are selling it for that because of the money they have put into it and they deserve to make a profit!