Cool as Ice: A Hockey Player’s House For Sale in Dallas

A reader wrote me about this house that’s on the market in Preston Hollow for about $2.5 million, saying, “At first I assumed it belonged to some country star or actress, but the seller is actually Dallas Stars player Loui Eriksson. It’s exquisitely designed, but not in a way you’d expect of a hockey player. No tacky beer fridge or jerseys framed above the pool table.” Take a look:

It has 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and 7,000 square feet.

Eriksson, who is Swedish, is a professional ice hockey left winger and an alternate captain for the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League. And yes, I had to look that up.

When I first glanced at these photos after reading that Eriksson was Swedish, I misunderstood and thought the house itself was in Sweden. I was surprised when I realized that it’s actually in Dallas.

It has a European Bulthaup kitchen with quartz countertops and Viking Pro appliances.

The agent says:

This 2007 custom-built Geoffrey Grant home is a one-of-a-kind contemporary in Preston Hollow. With gorgeous maple hardwood floors, designer light fixtures, a European Bulthaup kitchen, 3 living areas, media and exercise rooms, study, loggia, large pool and play yard, this home is one of the finest examples of modern architecture in the Dallas area.

Like it? Check the listing by Julie Provenzano of Dave Perry-Miller and Assoc. for more photos (by Shoot 2 Sell Photography) and information. There’s also an article about it here.

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  1. Holley says

    Pretty, but not to my taste. Until I saw the playroom, at which I said aloud, “Awwwwww.”

  2. Marlene says

    Looks like the hockey player probably has a wife– and a decorator!
    To me it’s okay but feels a little “over-decorated” and slightly pretentious.

  3. says

    It’s “Swedish” and it’s beautiful!
    It’s also predictable and kind of boring.
    I think I’ll grab a beverage from the beer fridge and watch football, because hockey is still on “stirike”, maybe why he is selling. 😉

  4. Shawna says

    Not my taste at all. It looks cold, brittle, decorated and not like a home. It might be interesting to see what the next owner does with it. I think it needs more industrial touches and tons of vibrant art.

  5. Julia says

    Modern and contemporary, yet I still find this home warm and inviting. The white is not too stark and has been off set with other touches. I like it.

  6. Autumn says

    It doesn’t feel like “home” to me. Too much white and too bright.

  7. snaggy says

    To white and a bit boring I ….agree with Sherry about the barcode room!

  8. says

    Maybe it’s the simplicity of the design and the high-end finishes, but that sure looks like more than a $2.5 million house to me … I bet he has the best-designed house of any of his teammates. 😉

  9. Lisa T. says

    I like it and think it is beautiful. Especially since he is Swedish and the design is a reflection of his background. The white used is very creamy and soft. With all the many seating areas it definately gives the vibe that its a party house. In the listing it even showes a butlers pantry or an extension of the kitchen.

    Love the stairway in the kitchen and the booth seating. Very cool unique place.

  10. Jocelyn says

    I am very surprised at all the critical comments. It is not my style of decorating, and I agree with Katherine, it looks like more then 2.5 million. But the house has style and is stunning in it’s own way. A whole lot better then jerseys on the walls.

  11. Laura says

    I have yet to see a huge celebrity mansion that I really love. I think the only big sprawling houses I like would be very old European estates that have that slightly shabby and gathered-over-the-years look to the furnishings. Really hate a house that smacks of decorator, and this one certainly does.

  12. Christina from Dallas says

    I don’t know why anyone would be surprised this is in Dallas. Dallas is a very international city with many different cultures and styles of houses. You got your getto type neighborhoods and your high end neighborhoods. You’ll find a little wooden house somewhere and across town a giant mansion. I still get the impression people think people in Texas are hicks.
    I like the house although a bit of color to offset the all white living room would seem more inviting.

    • says

      Of course I don’t think that. I get a lot of listings sent to me from Texas and just don’t see many Swedish-influenced interiors like this. I thought that made it more interesting.

  13. Laura says

    My first thought was this man cannot possible have children with so much white around! My boys would have “splashes of color” everywhere within 15 minutes – whether they were wanted or not!
    Not my style, but very beautiful.

  14. Chris says

    I think hockey is the only sport, among the big ones, where the players are always dressed smartly. Watch the after game show or when they are interviewed. They have suits on or are more dressed up. If you see them at a charity function, the same. I’m a die hard nyr fan and have noticed that, amongst all the sports, people assume hockey players are hardened and cruel thugs but when they are in public, they are big, mushy pussy cats. Most of them have exquisite taste. Yeah, they have their trophy room but they should. That is their life life and job. Don’t docs hang up their diplomas. I love the house. The guy is from Sweden. Didn’t expect less. And the other viewer is right. Awwww to the kids room. If you all have not yet discovered chalk paint, pls do. So awesome. Pitch black but utterly transforms a room. Especially when you draw on it. ER, I mean the kids. Nice blog

  15. Rick S says

    Thanks for showing us such a mix of houses/homes. This may not be my style to live in but if there was an open house (or the lights were on when driving past) I would look. The off white/cream color is carried throughout the house and when a darker color is used it does stand out. I have never used a decorator myself but would think a designer would work with you to make it your taste and style.
    It does look like a house full of people could be very comfortable and have a good time.
    I also noticed It has a front and back staircase.

  16. says

    Yay Julia! Of course I love it. :) Did you notice that red sofa among all the white? And the kitchen is really something to consider. So practical with the white cabinets, but then the wood bar on the back side. I think they did white in a really good way. Actually pretty homey. I am the opposite of a fan of the chalk room. So don’t love. The chalk walls are a trend for sure that everyone is doing. I am going to be curious has to how they hold up. Wonder if they will last five years? Since they are for kids, doesn’t totally matter. Anyway, thanks for sharing and thanks for always having a variety on your blog.

  17. Adallasdiva says

    Thinking this is the house of a hockey player’s wife, if you know what I mean. It has the Swedish aesthetic, but still looks like it was decorated by a female…

  18. The Country Girl says

    Beautiful house that is designed and decorated with a consistent esthetic. The light colors would undoubtedly help someone from a very cold climate feel more at home in the Texas heat. The kitchen is a gorgeous example of high end, modern European, and it’s nice to see a house like this featured here. Almost every kind of architecture is represented in the Preston Hollow neighborhood, and I’d much rather see this Geoffrey Grant example than one of the overdone faux Italianate, Norman or GWTW mansions. Thanks for this one!

  19. Heather says

    I am pretty sure that President George W. Bush lives in that same neighborhood.