Kelsey Grammer Buys Beverly Hills Villa

Kelsey Grammer reportedly plunked down $6.5 million for this fully renovated, Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion in Beverly Hills at the end of April. The 6,000 square-foot villa, which was built in 1926, should provide plenty of room for his growing family. After divorcing his Real Housewife Camille in early 2011, he married Kayte Walsh, and they’re expecting twins later this year.

The house was designed by Ralph C. Flewelling, the same architect responsible for Diane Keaton’s house that we saw in Architectural Digest a few years ago (btw, she ended up selling it for $10 million to Ryan Murphy, creator of TV shows like American Horror Story).

Grammer already has 4 other children, including 28-year old daughter Spencer Grammer, who played Casey Cartwright on Greek (I loved that show and was sad when it ended!). She just had a baby of her own last year–a boy named Emmett–making Kelsey a grandpa. reports that the residence “features all the typical details one would expect from a Mediterranean villa: terra cotta tiled floors, white-washed stucco walls, dark exposed wood beams. In the kitchen, an attractive chevron-pattern backsplash sets off the otherwise white space with its bright teal stripes.”

There are 6 bedrooms and 7 baths in the house.

This house reminds me of Charlie Sheen’s with the beamed ceilings and arched windows. His was more updated and modern, though.

Like it? For more photos and information, visit and Real Estalker.

Kelsey and his ex-wife Camille had lots of real estate to divide up after the divorce, including a ski chalet in Colorado that was featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

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  1. says

    Good morning, Julia!!! :-)

    I like it! I’m not crazy about Spanish styled houses, but I can appreciate beautiful architecture. This home feels warm and inviting. I love the color palette in the kitchen.

    Have a GREAT day!!!


    Luciane at

  2. Margie Ford says

    I love everything about this house except for the chevron patterned tile back splash in the kitchen. It has so much more charm and patina than contemporary Mediterranean McMansions.

  3. says

    It looks so cozy…
    love it ♥

    It must be nice to be able to buy a beautiful house anytime you want like the way these celebs do.

  4. Jane says

    Like others here, not crazy about the chevron tile, especially since it goes around the window. A bit busy. But do love so much about the house otherwise.

  5. Amy says

    The house is gorgeous, but all I kept thinking was what a nightmare those floors will be when their twins start toddling. And don’t get me started on the staircase. Yikes! See how a mommy’s brain works? haha

    • Stacey says

      I’m with you. I was thinking the same thing. Hope they add more rugs.

      • 2inz4me says

        I thought the SAME thing, too! Haha….cracked tooth anyone? sCARY!

  6. Panda says

    It looks like someone could tumble out of the door into the pool! Step carefully…

  7. Laura says

    What a beautiful house, and 6.5 million just like the Pampered Chef house! Hmmmm – gorgeous, historic, architecturally interesting mansion in Beverly Hills, or McMansion in Illinois? Which one would you choose? (pretty sure it wouldn’t take me long to make up my mind)

  8. Stephanie says

    I think I would knock down the wall (if possible) separating the kitchen and dining area instead of having the two arched entries side by side.

  9. says

    I think my favorite part is the hallway with the arched windows and that long, beautiful rug.

    On a different topic: I wonder if celebrities have more twins than the general population….

  10. Patty says

    Beautiful wide open upstairs hall.

    Can’t imagine it cluttered up w baby gear.

  11. Joan says

    Amy what’s best for toddlers? I raised 5 on hardwood floors with no carpet and no mishaps. I tore out the 3 concrete porches and steps and had them replaced with wood, also tore out concrete sidewalk at base of steps and replaced with sod. (In case a child tumbled and fell). Removed all poisonous plants from yard and replaced with edibles such as blueberries. I did later install barber wool carpet in 1 room for yoga/floor play. Had a large deck built on south side it was their favorite place to be and in summer I let them grow their own vegetables in containers. It was fun! Those tile floors would kill me and my bones !

    • Jane says

      And no matter what, kids can find ways to get their adrenaline rush while terrifying their parents, even in a seemingly safe home.

      Hopefully quick summary:

      Bought house. High second floor hallway had stair rails wide enough for a baby to go through and fall to hardwood floor below. Installed custom made barriers.

      As soon as he turned 5, one of our sons decided to try and jump from 2nd floor to sofa below to (quote) “see if i could do it” I saw him at the moment he launched himself. Luckily, he (barely) landed on couch. Just one of a series of thrill seeking moments in our seemingly safe home..

      Only one exploit resulted in a broken bone: trying to bounce from a trampoline to roof of our house. To be fair, he nearly made it. It was a game try.

      And the same kid just graduated law school. With honors. Now he has a wife to unnerve with his adventures and I can hardly wait to see them both on Mother’s Day! Love them madly.

      recently graduated law school.

  12. Julie says

    Love the beamed ceilings. Love the hallway with the arched windows. Love this house! I agree though – I could do without the chevron tile around the window in the kitchen. Also, being a mom with twin two year old boys I know I would be holding my breath a lot with those stairs!!

  13. says

    Well bless his little unfaithful heart! Glad he isn’t suffering!
    Enough sarcasm, right?!
    At least the celeb homes entertain us, but their lives sure don’t seem that happy.

  14. says

    I adore her new home. The kitchen is my fave. The fridge, the wood top island and opposite marble counters and that aqua chevron backsplash. It’s a L O V E for me!

  15. says

    I’m in love with this house and it wouldn’t even be my first pick (if I had a pick) It’s so well done. I love how you combine celebrity gossip and gorgeous houses. It’s an unbeatable combination.

  16. Kim says

    I absolutely love this house! The wood beams and design are gorgeous and I’m a person who usually doesn’t go for Mediterranean/villa style.

  17. Karen says

    It’s a beautiful home and I love all the architectual details. The tile floors–herringbone pattern in the kitchen and thoughout the home are gorgeous, but hard surfaces are hard on the body too, especially the legs and feet. I love the shot of the long hallway and gorgeous rug too. This place looks cozy, despite the size and I love the warmth of the place. What’s not to love about this place.

  18. 2inz4me says

    NMS….not my style! It looks like it was updated somewhere along the way, but on the cheap side. The white paint is TOO bright….but I’m sure when they put their own furniture and get it decorated, it’ll be beautiful! That house had good bones and the facade is lovely!


  19. Al says

    I like the home, and I like him. Just please, everybody watch out for toddler twins and all those balcony railings!

  20. Rebecca C. says

    Love all the wood in this house.

    I bet that they won’t worry about the twins. A nanny will worry about the twins falling in this house. It is a beautiful house. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, if I had those millions.

  21. The Decor Girl says

    Oooh, ripe for a interior makeover. Would love to get my hands on this home with the historic details and Spanish influence. Definitely needs a bit of life – a great starting canvas. Love tiled risers on the stairs.

  22. missy says

    Beautiful home. Looks like a resort. I guess with Kelsey’s money it probably comes with a full staff, so I guess it IS like a resort!!! Nice…

  23. Wendy says

    Wow! Love it. Even love the kitchen, though I suppose that fixed pattern would get old after a while. But I guess with that kind of dough you just rip it out after a while and put in something else.

    • Wendy says

      Oh, and I met him in a bar once when I was in college (20+ years ago). What a jerk he was then. Haven’t paid much attention to him since.

  24. Mary says

    To me, the house doesn’t look fully renovated or I agree with an earlier response it was done cheaply.

  25. Eric86 says

    Architecturally, the house is incredible! I’m not fond of the interior, though– despite the great tub.

  26. Maria says

    The more I look at it the more I like it. Love the site lines of the home. Count me in as not a fan of the tile in the kitchen and I’d like to see the pool pushed further away from the house, but otherwise it’s a diamond in the rough. The white seems stark, but I know it can read colder in a photo than in person. In fact, the white shares a design learning opportunity – to show off how gray a white ceiling can look unless you have tons of natural light. Lovely home, with human sized rather than over-sized rooms. I love these old LA houses.

  27. HollyM says

    I love it! But, I loved Diane Keaton’s house as well. It is warm, inviting, interesting, cozy, and devoid of the usual “details” that other people think exude wealth and taste. This is a great home to raise a family in.

  28. says

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