Deidre Hall’s Charming House in Southern California

When I saw soap star Deidre Hall’s house featured on HGTV’s new show Celebrities at Home, I searched all over for photos of it, to no avail, and finally resorted to taking pics of her (very down-to-earth, you-wouldn’t-guess-a-celeb-lived-here) house while watching it on TV.

Her house reminds me of Kitty Bartholomew’s cottage in Santa Monica with the traditional, kinda country and vintage touches–and the red. Deidre says she likes to add accents of it to every room.

Nothing is pretentious here. She said her motto is that every room needs to be “comfortable and safe”–meaning that it doesn’t matter if people mess things up or break anything. You can put your feet up on the furniture.

12/13 UPDATE:

A representative of hers asked me to remove the photos in this post, so I have done so.

HGTV usually replays these episodes, so be sure to watch for this one if you want to see more. In it, host Nancy O’Dell also visits Tia Carrere’s modern, light-filled home in the Malibu Hills.

Her house was much more contemporary.

Tia managed to stay pretty classy this season as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. Anyone else watching that train wreck of a reality show?

The network just picked up 13 more episodes of Celebrities at Home, which is hosted and exec-produced by Nancy O’Dell. Can’t wait to see more!

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  1. Carol M says

    Deidre’s home is much more my style. Cozy, casual, comfortable. I would definitely feel at ease in that home.

  2. says

    Oh thanks, Julia. I miss this episode and I am a big fan of hers. I just knew this is how her house would look. I love that porch! Hope they replay it. I have the DVR set to record all the episodes.

  3. says

    Oh, that porch… well, you know me for porches and sunrooms, right? 😉

    Great post, Julia.

    I hope you’re having a great week. It’s been busy around here. but I’m always dropping by whenever I have a minute.

    Big hugs,

    Luciane at

  4. says

    I saw that episode too! Her house was a stand-out for me – very charming and homey. Beautiful home for a beautiful lady! Although… the indoor outdoor porch… I do wonder how you would keep the dust down?? Here in Colorado it would be impossible to have an outdoor room like that (due to the dust, nevermind the snow!)

    • says

      Sarah, I wondered that too. I also know that in NY, she’d never get a permit for an outside fireplace that was surrounded by so much wood. It’s beautiful for sure. Practical? Probably only in California, or with alot of help to keep it looking pristine.

  5. Margaret says

    Thanks for mentioning the show. I’ll give it a try. I stopped watching HGTV when they went “real estate”.

  6. Margie Ford says

    Definitely Diedre’s house. It looks like the roof is extended past the porch to protect it from the elements.

  7. says

    I knew Dr. Evans would have exemplary taste! Beautiful beautiful porch…No need to go inside in my book! Great post.

  8. says

    Julia I could live on Deidre;s back porch; really it has such a comfortable feel!

    Art by Karena

  9. Jane says

    This is my favorite home I’ve seen so far on this site- and there have been some beauties! I’m usually into purely contemporary decor but I love this home and the comfortable and fresh mix of patterns and the pops of red in every room.

  10. says

    Good grief! I knew I liked Deidre Hall for a reason. LOVE her house, her style, her white sofas that invited curling up, feet and all. Love it all.

  11. Sue says

    Love Deirdre’s style — pretty, practical, and oh so comfy! But I agree with others — I think that porch can only work in a climate that gets very little rain or bugs. Or pollen. My old house had a nice front porch, but even the deepest parts would get soaked!

  12. Richard says

    I thought it was interesting you mentioned that some of Deidre’s kitchen reminded you of Kitty Bartholomew’s kitchen. A few years ago Deidre moved to a house, maybe this is the same house, a few doors down from Kitty here in Santa Monica and they became good friends. Kitty told me about some fun adventures they’ve had together

  13. Carrie says

    I love the porch, but am wondering how she keeps the squirrels from tearing holes in her upholstery. I had to throw out two pillows from our porch swing this spring because they were mining in them for nesting material. Maybe Southern Californian squirrels have better manners than Midwestern ones.

    • says

      I don’t know how she keeps it all looking so good! Sounds like it was decorated in 2005, so if it’s the original furnishings, everything is in amazing shape. Like I said, nothing lasted on my screened porch for long (and I didn’t even have to worry about squirrels!).

  14. Lorraine says

    I absolutely love Deidre’s home. It manages to be beautiful, cozy, comfortable, and spacious (but not overly so). It’s the type of home that embraces you when you enter it. And that porch – it almost brought tears to my eyes! However, I would change the TV over the fireplace. I don’t like it aesthetically (even with the cabinet,) plus it can’t be too good for your neck to watch TV at that angle. I would also get rid of the curtains. They’re way too billowy for a kitchen. As for Tia’s home, it just looks like a fancy summer rental – impersonal and easy to clean. Based on the photos it’s hard to tell if anyone actually lives there. Plus, I don’t like super high ceilings. They make me feel like I’m in a public space. (Now of course if someone were to give me her house I would have no problem with it. LOL)

    • Jane says

      I hate televisions over fireplaces too. Even when they are turned off, the black “hole” is distracting.

  15. says

    I would have to say I’m somewhere in the middle of the two; I like comfort and classic lines, but not too fussy. I also don’t like the harsh starkness of some contemporary looks.

  16. Karen says

    Love the outside porch, but it wouldn’t be feasible where I live–too much dust and squirrels are cute, but they sure are naughty and not very respectful of outdoor furniture or anything else for that matter. I grew-up in Calif., so I know squirrels exist. She must have some really good squirrel repellent to ward off the amazing little destructos! Now off to hunt for a good way to ward off wasps.

    • Jane says

      Karen- depending on the type of wasps you have, i can suggest an ideal deterrent. Unfortunately, I don’t have a brand or manufacturer’s name but we purchased these VERY lifelike fake wasps nests online. A search ought to turn them up fairly easily.

      They work great and without chemicals that can wash away or be hazardous. We hang several of these up every year. Until then, wasps would get onto our porch and into our home, even stinging me (once) in the bath tub!

      It nearly discouraged me from taking baths entirely (that and the fact I took down the entire glass door to the shower/tub as I fled the scene).

      So I too hate living near or in the same house as wasps. The fake nests worked very, very well.

      • says

        I was just reading through my “Gardener’s Supply Company” catalog and they advertise those fake wasps nest. I had just found a wasp nest in my shed and thought it was time to get something to deal with the problem. They have a website:

      • Karen says

        Just checked back and thank you everyone. Yes, my hubby has been stung. I’ve fixed up my covered patio and enjoy dining out there, except we’ve had to deal with these wasps and occasionally mosquitos, but the wasps are really the worst. I’ve considered mosquito netting as curtains, but hubby thinks it impractical given storms and winds. I’ve seen very colorful glass wasp traps, but I wonder if they work well. I wouldn’t want any traps to hurt any occasional honey bees either, which is of concern. Thank you for the suggestions everyone.

  17. Kim says

    I love Deidre’s country home. It’s very beautiful. My dream is to live in a country home someday.

  18. says

    I’d LIKE my style to be more like Tia’s, but reality intrudes. I do love that porch though! And I have had a blitz on everything not strictly functional…

  19. Kris says

    Boy I am going to save pics of Diedre’s house for my next retirement home. I will definitely tune into HGTV to catch the episode. Also thanks for mentioning Kitty Bartholomew- I’m going to buy her book too both of these have me thinking of how to cozy up for retirement.

  20. Shannon says

    I love Deidre’s house! I would never leave the porch.

  21. ShabbyChick says

    How lovely! She always seemed very down to earth and loveable, her home really reflects that, very welcoming! It really does remind me of Kitty Bartholomew’s house!!

  22. Deborah J says

    Love love her house. Can anyone tell me is the wood she used in the kitchen functional? I love the look of it, and have wanted to at least do our island in wood, but figured it would have to be butcher block …the kitchen looks so warm with the wood. Love it. All of it.

  23. says

    I caught this program and too loved this house. I can’t imagine a porch…anywhere that is so rain/dust resistant, but it sure is lovely.
    I’m so glad you posted this because of the stills you took, it goes by way to fast when watching it on tv!

  24. Shawna says

    Deidre’s home, while a bit 80’s looking in it’s decor, is cozy, and comfortable looking. It would be my preference between the two. I would definitely get rid of the balloon curtains though.

  25. says

    Wow! Deidre’s home is beautiful! Very refreshing to see a celebrity home that isn’t over the top and untouchable-looking.

    Tia’s home looks a little more museum-ish. Funny, because I actually worked as the prop stylist on a photo shoot in her old Hollywood Hills home a number of years ago and it had a much warmer, more tropical feel. Guess she wanted to change it up?

    Here’s a link to photos from the story and her old place, if anyone’s interested:

    Thanks for another fun blog post, Julia!

  26. says

    lovely house! that porch would be covered with pollen here, but it looks like a great place to relax.

  27. says

    I’m so glad you saw this program because I was hoping you’d capture Deidre’s home. It’s so my style. Homey, comfortable but stylish. I LOVE her back porch, I’d so be living outside daily if I had a back porch like that. Can’t wait to see what other celebs they’ll be previewing.

  28. Jodi from New Jersey says

    Wow, Deidre’s home is so pretty! I admired a dressing room of hers that was featured a while back in one of my mags. Her home reminds me of Paula Deen’s a bit, so comfortable and lived in , yet stylish. I know it “never” rains in California, but everything does get damp outside . I know it . I won’t even use a white sofa inside, much less outside! I can’t wait to check out the new show on HGTV also–right up my alley. Thanks, Julia!

  29. MarthaMOM says

    I am sooo glad you found her house after seeing the HGTV show!! I was sending you telepathic messages and you came through!! haha! Her house is soo cute!! Thanks a bunch, Julia!!!

  30. Rebecca C. says

    Brave choice with the white sofa outside. It’s a really beautiful house. She has good, classic taste in everything. It does rain in So Cal. As a matter of fact, it’s been raining on and off for the past few days. That white sofa would be ruined on my porch. And the dust wouldn’t help matters. I’ve never had squirrels tear anything up though. Thank goodness. Tia’s house, while beautiful, is just too sterile for me.

  31. Christina from Dallas says

    That porch is to die for! Has anybody been watching “Celebrity House Hunters”?Julia, do you know what the behind the scenes scoop is on that series? Surely they don’t just look at three houses?

  32. 2inz4me says

    Deirdre’s home is very nice! I am not a fan of red, but that would be an easy change. Love the kitchen! That porch is awesome! It doesn’t rain too much here, so a few tarps would do the trick for those random stormy days…what a great use of space!

  33. Katherine says

    How does she look so amazing? Loved her years ago on “Days”. The house is beautiful…love the red accents!

  34. joyce says

    I love Deidre Hall’s house so much, it looks so warm and inviting. I love her and would like to know if there is any way I could communicate with her, just to tell her how much I love her work on the show. If you could help me in that way I would appreciate it. I am not a crazy fan, I am seventy seven, I just want to let her know how much I am glad they brought her and John back.

    Thank you

  35. says

    Does anyone know where I could find those pictures that she has on each side of the Fireplace?
    The one on the right has a woman and the one on the left has a man,, it looks like they are looking out at the water.