Rachel Zoe’s New House (and Baby Nursery!)

If you’ve been watching this season of “The Rachel Zoe Project,” then your eyes probably popped like mine did when she moved into her big new house recently. Rachel and her husband Rodger Berman usually go for minimal, modern spaces (like their condo), so it was kind of surprising to see them choose something more traditional.

Her new styling assistant Jeremiah Brent was given the arduous task of decorating the place in only 10 days before they moved in. It was like some kind of crazy “Design Star” challenge. Here’s how it looked in the real estate listing before they took it off the market by leasing it:

And here’s how the house looks on the show:

The entry hall and staircase as it looked the day Rodger saw the house for the first time:

The living room before:

The living room after Rachel and Rodger moved in:

Dining room:

Is anyone else missing Brad (her former assistant) this season? I liked him.

Here’s how the kitchen looked before they moved in:

And now:

Love that windowseat that runs across the entire wall:

Baby Skyler’s nursery, which hasn’t been shown on the show yet:

Rachel and Rodger’s new bedroom:

I know a lot of you are watching the show because every time it airs hundreds of readers search for her new house on my blog. Not to mention the fact that the post I wrote about her former home is still one of the most popular.

More photos on the Bravo website. There’s an interview with Jeremiah Brent, as well as additional photos, on CasaSugar, and more information about the property itself on RealEstalker.

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  1. says

    I don’t know who she is, but I’m loving her house! That nursery is bigger than my master! :-) Wow! Fantastic house!

    I hope you have a lovely day, Julia!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. says

    I’m so happy you posted this today! I watched parts of two shows yesterday trying to catch glimpses of this house but never saw the actual reveal. That is a great house (but needs color!)

  3. Laura says

    what a beautiful house, but the decor is so modern and bland. the living room actually is a dissapointment. ah well, not my house :)

  4. says

    I shouldn’t watch, but I do. She cracks me up, they crack me up, and now in this huge house? More to be entertained by. Janell

  5. says

    it’s like a train wreck that i can’t pull my eyes from. love that show. i do miss brad though. he was awesome. the house is beautiful. can’t believe it’s only a rental. imagine buying all that furniture and decorating that big of a house and it’s not even yours. still can’t believe she actually had a baby. i’m behind on my dvr.

  6. Bridget says

    Love the house. But the decor… I would pass. My first glance at the livingroom and I thought they were still unpacking. I did a double take and realized I was mistaken. I’m glad somebody mentioned the Hermes blanket. Here I was wondering what the H blanket meant. he.he.

    • Wendy says

      I know what you mean. The stagers did that propped against the wall mirror thing when they staged my grandmother’s house for sale. I said they wouldn’t have needed to “brighten up the room” if they hadn’t brought in all that black furniture. In this case, with the white furniture, it really looks half-baked.

  7. Dean says

    Haven’t a clue who these people are, but the house is beautiful. Can’t stomach the “reality” TV shows.

  8. Janice Mahon says

    Wow, all that beautiful California light in every room. I love the decor, very crisp and clean. And the hardwood floors are to die for! I wonder if they leased because the show would pick up the tab or part of it.

  9. rj says

    Knowing someone who works at E! network, most of these reality shows lease these homes for the show . A new home with all the drama makes good TV! This house is probably leased by the show – which may explain the difference in style.

  10. Nita says

    I just started watching her how this year and wish I hadn’t missed what came before. I love her and her show. Don’t know how she walks on 6 inch heels pregnant. Love her style and the house. I don’t feel a good feeling about her marriage. It seems her husband is along for the ride and gets so irritated by phone calls and such. But, he was right in wanting her to slow down while pregnant.

  11. says

    I don’t know who Rachel Zoe is, but the house is lovely. The way it is decorated it is bright and cheerful. Hard to tell in the photos, but the roofline in the first picture looks to have French influence. I would have gone with a more country French look (NOT the American version of country French).
    I love the white walls, which always makes me think about painting the ceiling a color, just to mix things up a bit! 😉

  12. Kathy :) says

    I don’t watch them………I will have to give them a try !!! Beautiful home !!!

    I know I told you before I tape the Kardashian…..(addicted here) Kim’s wedding is on Sunday and Monday, two parter. I have no idea WHY I watch but I do, my kids think I’m nuts LOL

    Has Lily decided what she wants to be for Hallowen ?? I think my daughter’s doggie/puggle Sydney is going as a Bee……..

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

    • says

      Lily wants to be a “caterina”–which she says is a kind of cat-ballerina, or ballerina with cat ears and a tail. I had never heard of that before, but there were a million caterina costumes to choose from when we went shopping last weekend. Baterina costumes (with bat wings), too. Go figure! :-)

  13. says

    I’ve never watched her show so don’t know who she is. Apparently this couple likes black and white….A LOT! I like pops of black and white but this home isn’t to my taste. It seems too stark and cold to me. That’s just my opinion.

  14. Dawn Sanchez says

    Love the design of the house itself, but the interior decor is missing the mark. Too much hard and slick surfaces and furnishings. Take advantage of all that light and add some depth to the decor. But I love the house itself. All that waiscoting. yummmm.

  15. Kim says

    It doesn’t look like they did any decorating to the house except put furniture and accessories around the rooms. I would have liked to have seen a little bit of color on the walls. Other than that though, I love the house.

  16. kathy says

    I don’t know who they are either. I’m guessing they must be in the – I want my taxes increased group?haha I just can’t relate to this.

    • says

      I should have explained for those of you who haven’t heard of Rachel Zoe that she’s a celebrity fashion stylist. Her show on Bravo follows her as she finds gowns for people like Anne Hathaway to wear to big events like the Oscars. Her husband Rodger helps her run the business.

    • says

      They’re upset because he started his own styling business and reportedly snatched Demi Moore away from Rachel. So, yeah, there’s a little bad blood I guess.

      UPDATE: They covered the Demi Moore thing in a recent episode. Turns out he styled her for one event but Rachel insists he didn’t “steal her away.”

  17. Wendy says

    Loving the house. The decor is really not my style, but more than that it looks cheap to me. Those dining chairs look like plastic! (I’m sure they are probably some exalted famous designer and I’m a philistine). Same feel with that white chest in there. But I kinda like what they did with the boring kitchen. At least there’s some color there!

    I don’t watch those shows but I really enjoy your expert curation of them. Keep it coming…

    • Nini says

      @ Wendy
      Those chairs are indeed made of plastic… and they are by Saarinen. So you are right in two regards. But they are extremely confortable. Just a side note.
      They are a design classic from the 50ies. I have to admit, that I love these chairs and worship Saarinen… he was also an architect. He designed the Gateway Arch in St Louis, the Dulles Int Airport and some buildings for the MIT and Yale. http://www.allmodern.com/Eero-Saarinen-Pioneer-of-Modern-Design-A849.html Here are some of his works and a better example of how to pair these chairs a table and decoration.
      What I absolutely hate is that Jeremiah placed the chairs next to a dark brown table! I know the age old rule black next to brown is a no go, is outdated. But it has to be a bold mix! The brown is too subtle to work next to the black and white of the chairs… no, I don’t like it! The shape of the table! Oh no… disaster. The chairs were designed to lighten up a room.
      And the zebra rug in the library! Really?

      The end result is ok, but it has no real concept to me. The only thing I really like is the sofa in the living room. A Chesterfield is an all time classic that blends in with almost any style.

  18. Wendy says

    I meant to also say that nursery makes me sad. It doesn’t look like a warm and wonderful place to cuddle with a newborn.

    • Mere says

      I agree with you Wendy…and the crib looks like a death trap. Although I do like the outside of the house, you know the part they didn’t touch.

  19. laney says

    …i am not familiar with rachel…but from her picture…she looks exactly like sally struthers use to look on “all in the family”…now all of you young people go look up sally and family…the house…oh my…ho hum…

  20. Wayne says

    Is it just me or is that one wall cabinet to the left of the window ruining the whole kitchen?

  21. Kimberly says

    Two things that stood out to me right away:

    1. I really hope those mirrors in the living room are secured to the wall (they look to be just leaning against the wall), especially with a new baby.
    2. Am I seeing it wrong or are there black doors to nowhere in the bedroom? It looks like the doors are in the middle of the room and there is open space behind them. Maybe hiding a TV? It still looks odd to me.

  22. says

    I’ve seen the show once or twice. Is it just me, or does the dining room chandelier look a little high? I also think the big ol’ second-story windows make the house look like a bug…but then look at her sunglasses. (Confession: I think I have the same glasses)

    : )

    Julie M.

  23. E. George says

    Hi Julia this is great to see we don’t get this show here if it wasn’t for you I would miss out on all these beautiful things so I’m thankful always…. Well now I love the house but I’m not sure about some of the decor it’s still beautiful. What I am sure about is that whatever Lily decides to dress up as she will be enchanting. Regards Esther from Sydney (not quite Spring yet it’s cold and wet) but the roses are looking beautiful.

  24. says

    Since most reality tv is heavy on the tv and light on the reality, I’m pretty sure that this was all faked for drama–bravo probably rented the house so they could have the extra drama of a move while Rachel is pregnant and over-worked. There is no way, even using existing furniture, her assistant could pull the whole house together that quickly without a huge staff. and i find it hard to believe that Rachel, a control freak, even if busy and stressed, would turn over the decorating of the house to someone else without major input—in fact, I remember on an earlier season she and rodger getting into a fight because she wanted to replace all of her newish furniture because she had a fashion shoot scheduled at her home and didn’t want her living room to look dated.

  25. kasey says

    The house is lovely & bright, the decorating is cold and stark. The only warmth to the baby’s room is the stuffed giraffe–not at all cozy, and that white rug while soft and luxurious looking is a disaster waiting to happen. I picture crawling baby and diaper accidents. i guess if that’s their style, its good for them. But I don’t think its very special in my opinion.

    Your sun porch uses white in a real, cozy way as it is a cozy base against all colors. I much prefer that.

  26. says

    i love the airiness of the house. their style was the same in their apartment/condo. there are pops of color like the yellow lamps. plus, the guy had so little time to pull it together. imagine having to run around a house that large. the kitchen skylights, with shutters, i die!

    those leaning mirrors don’t matter. that baby isn’t going to hang out in the livingroom.

    i just can’t believe she’s under 40. that was some shocking information. apparently, la mer is not a magic potion…

  27. says

    Just to clarify. They did lease this house (which is absolutely gorgeous). Rachael loves white, shiny and has a modern esthetic. I’m pretty sure Mitchell is correct w his assessment. I’m sure they edited out the meetings Rachael had w Miah over the decor choices. Two weeks to outfit this place without a huge staff? Impossible. They will have to make some changes to this decor as the baby gets older or if they add more kids. You can do white, but not in the fabric choices in this reveal. We aren’t even going to discuss the leaning mirrors. Julia, try and the do a post on the baby’s closet. It is overflowing w Gucci, Missoni, Hermes etc. I kind of miss Brad but not Taylor. I like seeing more of Joey, he cracks me up.

  28. says

    This post is fantastic! Thank you, Julia! An inside look at Rachel’s beautiful new house, I love it! I was surprised too to see her go with a more traditional house, but the decor is decidedly her. Fresh, white, modern with splashes of color and print. It is so not kid friendly, but she will have to modify and adjust as he gets older I guess! I miss Brad too this season, but I really like Joey and Jeremiah. I can’t wait to see more of the new house!

  29. says

    I watch the show when I stumble upon it. I’m intrigued by her. Is conundrum the right word? She behaves like such a witch with a “b” yet she is apparently very successful. Kind of reminds me of that girl from The Housewives of New York who invented the bottled vodka drink. Betheny. What happned to her? They both seem to have made it big while behaving badly. The house? It didn’t register on my care meter.

  30. says

    That house is missing warmth and personal touches. Then again; it’s Rachel Zoe house!, so it’s reflecting her personality.

  31. Jill says

    I’m smiling as I look around this sterile, white house, imagining a toddler with sticky hands running around, touching everything. I hope they have a large housekeeping staff!

  32. Joni says

    I’m absolutely LOVE this house and the decor. Who cares if it’s white and the baby will make a mess of it. Good quality furniture is worth reupholstering. I’m really obsessed with the windows and would like to know who manufactured them? Please help!

  33. says

    I am super obsessed with Rachel Zoe and have to admit one of my fave episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project was when Jeremiah decorated their new AMAZING house! What a change from their contemporary apartment!

    P.S I miss Brad too!

  34. says

    That house is seriously amazing. I love it. Can’t believe they went with something so big (and so pricey) but that’s their choice. Decorated very well. I watched the episode where they decorated it and I was glad to see Rachel had so much input as to what her expectations were for the finished product.


  35. Tina says

    I can’t believe they sold their lovely Hollywood Hills home – that was amazing!