Jennifer Lopez’s New Shingle-Style House in the Hamptons

Jennifer Lopez and twins Emme and Max in Gucci ad smNow that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have split, she’s reportedly making a fresh start with a new shingle-style house in the Hamptons looks like the perfect place for it. The nearly $18 million Mecox Bay estate where Lopez will live with cutie-pie twins Max and Emme (shown here in an ad they shot for Gucci) sits on 2 acres in the exclusive Water Mill area with beautiful bay and ocean views.

*10/1/11 Update: Now I’m hearing that Jennifer Lopez changed her mind and didn’t buy the house after all. Whether the sites reporting it got the info wrong or not, it’s a fun one to look at!

The 14,000 square-foot house was designed by architect John Laffey and built in 2010. The rumors have been swirling that she might buy this house for weeks, but People magazine just confirmed it.

Looking up into the rotunda:

First Floor Hallway:

Living Room:

Dining Room:

It looks a little stark and cold since it’s empty, but I imagine it’ll be gorgeous once it’s furnished and decorated. I hope she’ll let a magazine photograph it like Veranda did with her place in California. This is my kind of house. I love all the windows and the woodwork. Wouldn’t mind the 7 fireplaces, either.


The house has 7 bedrooms and 9.5 baths. The master is so big I thought it was a living room at first:

Master Bath:

The “Junior Suite:”

Upstairs Landing:

There’s a fireplace and TV for people using the spa outside:

If you missed my posts about them, check out the houses from her movies The Back-up Plan and Monster-in-Law.

Like it? More photos and information on the Corcoran website and this site set up for the house. You can also see the floorplans here.

P.S. Check out the house she bought in Cali when she took the American Idol gig:

Jennifer Lopez's house in California Veranda

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  1. says

    Oh, la la!!! I wish I was her! No… just kidding, I wish I had this house! This is stunning!!! Can you imagine how beautiful it will look after it’s all decorated? She has an amazing taste.

    This post made my day! Stunning! Well, you already know I love this kind of house, right?


    Luciane at

  2. says

    gotta say i love it! it’s really pretty. hope she’ll cottage it up. i’ve seen the cali home and it was a little sterile. not warm like her personality at all.

  3. says

    I love that the Corcoran site has a mortgage calculator. REALLY?
    Great house… and J Lo is just a genius at marketing herself.

  4. says

    Um, yes, please. If I had to change one thing, I’d probably redo the master bath, as I’m not a marble fan. But — good grief! This house is the schnizzle. ALL THOSE WIDOWS are fantastic. The woodwork, amazing. The views, breathtaking. Thanks for this lovely tour!

  5. Dawn Sanchez says

    Oh yea. This is definately a ‘keeper’. I’m already designing it in my mind. I too hope we’ll get an opportunity to see it when it’s furnished. I wonder if she’d be interested in adopting me!

  6. says

    Beautiful but too big for me and I would definately NOT want to clean it! S

    he can afford to hire help! For a celebrity though I would not like quite so much open area-no privacy!

  7. says

    Is anybody else thinking “Something’s Gotta Give” or is that just me??? Could you not see this all decorated like Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson are just gonna walk through the front door….???

  8. says

    I don’t know. To me, it looks exactly the same as every other celebrity’s house in the Hamptons. All luxury, no character.

  9. Elisha says

    Agree with all above! What a beautiful house, right up my alley BTW. That master bath tub…..WOW!!

  10. says

    What a stunning home! It is really my kind of home as well with all of the light and neutral interior! I can’t wait to see what she does with it, and hopefully we’ll all get a peek into the finished home!

  11. Shannon says

    I think this is the first celebrity house I’ve seen that I’ve truly loved (the style; it’s a tad large for me!). I can’t help picturing those beautiful stairs barricaded with baby gates though. I’d hate for my toddler to tumble down them! (Although, they probably have at least a few nannies to lug them up and down the stairs.)

  12. says

    It’s very pretty, but too big. I would get lost in 14,000 square feet. I know it’s a personal thing, her decision, ‘floats her boat’ and all that, but I do wonder why she needs 14,000 square feet.
    The view is my favorite thing about this house, then the paneled walls and ceiling, next the windows, followed by the floors.
    As a side note, the photoshop picture of the same exact fire in every fireplace looks strange to me.

    • T. says

      I noticed that, too, and the TV over every fireplace! I guess it draws attention to that feature, though.

  13. Beth says

    Not a bad fixer-upper for J-lo…looks like Jenny bought the whole block! I love the living room with all those windows!

  14. Kim says

    You’re welcome and thankyou! I’m always happy to help.

    What a gorgeous house! I love the style, the details, that staircase, and even the view, but I must say, this house is way too big. It has so many different rooms, I wouldn’t know where to gather. That’s why if I ever build a nice house, I want it to have an open floorplan.

  15. says

    Wow, what a stunning house! A little big for three people though. Would love to see it completely decorated. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. says

    That house is simply breathtaking! I love the large windows and that amazing view from the living/dining rooms and master bedroom! That master bath is pretty killer too! Drooling…

  17. Moi says

    Its lovely, but MUST there be a TV in every room and above every fireplace? ugh.

  18. laney says

    …why on earth would anyone need televisions when they could look out those windows and see that view…

  19. Wendy says

    First thing I would do is take out the TVs! But I don’t think I’d want to furnish it. Just walk through it with all that light and space and open views. Okay, maybe a bed.

  20. coffee mug in hand says

    Televisions outside are just so stupid and lame. She’s forgotten her block days that’s for sure.

  21. Bob says

    I love Watermill, and this shingle styled house. But the outdoor flatscreen TV is way over the top for me. I wonder how long it will survive outdoors. For fun, I used the mortgage calculator provided, put 5M down, and can somebody come pi ck me up off the floor? Shut up.

  22. Daisy says

    Gorgeous house! Cant wait to see it decorated. Im sure her “coconuts” will luv it. Congrats to Jennifer, a new beginning… You deserve it!

  23. Beth A says

    Astonishing photo of her. Just another mom on the beach with toddlers, gazing at the camera with a sexy, smoldering expression. Funny, in the pictures of me on the beach with little ones, the kids are covered head-to-toe with sunscreen and sand, and cheap plastic shovels everywhere. And my facial expression, anything but sexy.

    • Lisa says

      he-he I thought the same thing about the beach photo! :-)

      This house is beautiful! I love the windows, the wood, the lighting choices. I want to see the Master closet especially after she moves in!

  24. Bridget says

    It’s beautiful home! But kind of large. That marble tub would have to go as well as all the faux televisions.

  25. E. George says

    Hi Julia words fail me I’ll keep it simple – absolutely beautiful. Love the outside it is wonderful. the kitchen to die for and so is everything else. Thank you for sharing. Regards Esther the daydreamer from Sydney. PS my daughter and I have discovered Pottery Barn ships to OZ love their Fall decor.

  26. Mandy says

    I love it! Even though it is so big, it looks homey. I could definitely live in that house. Beautiful!

  27. Dawn says

    The master bedroom does look like a living room!

    The house is huge but beautiful!

  28. Tiger says

    This is just another one of Jlo publicity stunts, a statement from the real estate agent who is representing the home Jlo is supposedly purchasing, Agent Peter Huffine, who along with Susan Breitenbach is listed as representing the property for the Corcoran Group, says that the house is still on the market. “I don’t know anything about what’s going on with that property,” he said during a telephone interview on Friday morning. “As far as I know, it’s still for sale, read the link below for more of this story, and the other links that describes Jlo failed careers and business, besides with all the failed careers and business Jlo has had for the last 20 years, what bank would even risks given a home loan or any other loan to a person with a failed pass?

    • says

      Interesting! Seems like a bizarre way for a hugely famous person to get even more publicity. You’d think the person selling the house would have more to gain by a rumor that a celebrity was looking at it. I guess we’ll see if People magazine and all the other sites that reported it retract the story or not. Thanks for the info!

  29. Susan S says

    Stunning property! The house is, of course, stunning also, but too large for my tastes.
    Rumors or not, it was a gorgeous home to feature, Julia!

  30. Kathy :) says

    WOW, love it !!!

    Hey I think she’s had a lot of work done to her face……I know they airbrush in magazines etc…..but I didn’t recognize her !!! Not judging just saying…..I think she is a beauty !!!

    Kathy :)

  31. Rick S says

    Julia I am so hooked.
    I was searching online with the address and found that there is a YouTube tour. just enter 200 Bay Lane, Watermill and you get a tour of the house, coming up drive, main level master bdrm, bath and closets, water views from house and lower level. Makes you feel like you are really there.


  32. Lisa Smith says

    Finally back where I have Internet and have been playing catch up on your amazing sight! I went to YouTube as Rick suggested and this house IS amazing! It is so fun to imagine it furnished and decorated! It is an enormous blank pallet! It reminds me of the house in the new “Revenge”….which you did another terrific post on! Hope you are enjoying a glorious fall. It’s MY favorite season!

  33. mutya like says

    Jennifer Lopez….

    Oh my God…..!!!!!this is the most beautiful house, i like from the design and color….
    wow……!!!!! take care JLo love you so…..!