Taylor Swift Buys Historic Nashville Estate

Hi, my name is Lily! My mom told me I could write this post because I’m a big Taylor Swift fan. I wrote a biography about her for my 3rd-grade assignment last year. Here’s a picture of it–it’s in the shape of a microphone, if you’re wondering. It has facts about her life and how she became a star:

Let’s look at her house now! It’s in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s got 5,601 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths. It cost $2.5 million. That sounds like a lot of money to me!

The house was built in the 1930s. It’s called the Northumberland Estate. I love this staircase. And the mirrors on the wall are beautiful!

She’s a musician, so she’ll need this piano:

This fridge is HUGE!!! One of those is a freezer probably and one of those is a fridge probably, so wow, she has a lot of room for food. Did you know her favorite dessert is cheesecake? :-)

The chandelier is beautiful. I wish I had one of those for my own dining room.

Taylor’s favorite is white, so I wonder if she’ll paint this room white instead of black?

This is Taylor’s bedroom, I think.  I love the windows!

My favorite song by Taylor Swift is called “You Belong with Me.” You can watch the video of it on YouTube.

Wow. That sunroom is beautiful. I’m pretty sure it’s a sunroom, anyway. Our sunroom isn’t that fancy! :-)

Oh, my gosh, I wish I had a pool like this!

Did you like her house? I did! You can see the rest of the photos at Casa Sugar, or check out more Celebrity Houses here.

Note from Mom: Thanks to Lily for taking over my blog for the day. She did a great job! Here’s a photo of her (and Maizie) heading to the bus stop on her first day of school last week. She has her own invitation-only blog that she works very hard on for her friends to read. She says she wants to be a professional blogger and a rescue-pet foster mom someday.

9/2/11 Update: A little birdie tells me that Taylor may have bought this house for her mom. Isn’t that nice?

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  1. says

    Well done, Lily! I love Taylor’s music (and her house) too! I can’t decide which I like better…her pool or that terrific stairway with the black and white floor. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Brigid says

    Lily, Loved you post, I love Taylor Swift, too :) Her home is beautiful, maybe she will let someone take pics if she re-paints that black room! Have a great school year, and tell your mom I love her blog, too!

  3. belinda foster says

    lily, you did a great job. i have a 12 year old who loves taylor swift and i will show her you’re blogging when she gets home from school today. GREAT JOB!

  4. Wanda says

    Wonderful job! And my granddaughter – Gianna loved it too! She is 10 years old.

  5. says

    Great job Lily! And wow, Taylor sure has amazing taste! I think I might write about her home for my blog too.

    Keep up writing because I can tell you are very good at it!

    Thanks for a great post
    Pieter from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  6. says

    Lilly did a wonderful job. We love Taylor Swift in our house. She’s one talented teenager…geesh. Her home sure looks a lot more mature than I would have expected. I imagined pinks and more glam for a young person. I bet she had a lot of help decorating:)

  7. says

    That’s the sweetest compliment ever, I’m sure… she wants to be just like you. How precious. Also, she did a great job today! Thanks, Lily, for sharing about Taylor Swift!

  8. says

    Great post, Lily! What a beautiful house–Taylor is one lucky lady! (p.s. I’d like that pool and chandelier, too.)

    • says

      She is one Lucky Lady!I really want that pool… but I won’t be able to put it anywhere but my front yard,though.


  9. Heather says

    Great job Lily!! You beautifully described each room. I know your mom is so proud! Please tell her that you need to write more posts!

  10. says

    Thank you for a fun blog Lily. I am a big fan of Taylor Swift and I really enjoyed seeing her house. I especially like the sun room!

  11. says

    Lily is a rockstar in her right. Well done! And I think Taylor’s $2.5 million new house is appropriately modest for Taylor at her age, considering what she could have afforded.

  12. says

    Oh, my! Lily, do you want to come make a post for my blog too? You’re a pro already!!!! :-)

    This is so sweet, Julia! So nice to read a post from your daughter!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. says

    Thank you, Lily! I love Taylor Swift, too. And her house is gorgeous! Thank you for showing it to me!

  14. Toni Vladimirova says

    I am with you, Lily! She made a great choice buying this house. Congratulations on your blog writing- you are very good. Your Biography project was excellent, too. I should know, I am an English teacher! Have a great day!

  15. says

    Taylor Swift is my favorite too! Lily you did such a wonderful job! Excellent microphone report as well. You should blog more 😉

  16. says

    Hey Girl! Great job on the post. My son Andrew is almost 9 and is a huge Taylor Swift fan as well. When he get’s home from school I’m going to have to show him your post.

  17. says

    Lily, thanks for sharing Taylor’s home and all that great information. I like her songs, too…so this was so much fun to read! You did a great job taking over for your Mom today! Maizie is so cute. :) Hope you have a fabulous school year!

  18. Kelli Campbell says

    Great job, Lily! I really enjoyed reading your post, especially because I live in Nashville! I had no idea Taylor Swift bought this house, so maybe I’ll have to drive by and see it someday, now that I know where it is, thanks to you. You should tell your mom to let you blog more often. :)

  19. Natasha says

    I never leave comments but, after the wonderful job that Lilly has done I felt that she deserved all the recognition and comments that we all could give. Lilly honey you have done a wonderful job and I believe you have the gift to be a great righter one day!

  20. says

    Hi, Lily! I love Taylor’s new house and you’re right, she could totally use that piano. I hope it stays with the house. Your report was very informative, too. I didn’t know those things about Taylor Swift at all.

    I hope your mom lets you guest blog again!


  21. Barbara says

    Great job, Lily. What I like best about Taylor is that she worked very hard to get where she is in her career. Besides performing, she has written most of the songs, made a lot of the outfits, decorated the stage, and many other jobs to make the performance happen. She’s a great inspiration to everyone.
    I loved seeing the house.

  22. says

    Great post Lily! And I enjoyed looking around Taylor Swift’s house. I like the marble floors, and the pool is beautiful! Great job on the biography you did of her. :) I bet she could fit a pretty big cheesecake in that fridge.

  23. says

    Lily, that was a great post! Thanks so much for sharing about Taylor Swift’s house. You did a great job as a guest blogger :-)

  24. Carol says

    Good job Lily, I love the creative microphone essay ! Taylor is very smart to buy real estate. Remember all young ladies out there…stay in school, have a career that you love and use the money earned from that to buy houses. Then maybe decide to have a boyfriend.

  25. says

    That was one of the sweetest posts ever. I loved every word of it! and that house… Amazing!!

  26. says

    Excellent post, Lily. We are big Taylor Swift fans, too (my daughters are 14 and 18). You are a very good writer, and I appreciate your taking the time to write such an awesome post about Taylor’s new home in Nashville.

  27. says

    Great job, Lily! My daughter is 9 years old and is a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, too.

  28. says

    Lily Great Job Girl!! You gave us a great tour and some facts I did not know about Taylor!

    Come and join my new fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce! They have kids clothes that are so fun!

    Art by Karena

  29. says

    Thanks for writing about Taylor Swift’s house, you did a great job Lily! I think her home is really beautiful, a lot of dark rooms but the bones are great. I would be happy with just the pool really!

  30. Amanda says

    Wonderful post! This is one of my favorite blogs…and today it exceeded my expectations! Have a wonderful school year!

  31. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Lily….you did an amazing job ……I really enjoyed seeing Taylor Swift’s new home….so pretty…my favorite rooms were the kitchen and the entry…..the pool wasn’t too shabby either!!!!

  32. Brenda says

    Kudos Lily. Enjoyed your piece on Taylor and loved the microphone! Have a great school year.

  33. May Lrach says

    My 8 year old and I are a HUGE Taylor fan! Thank you so much Lily for posting all this great info! We love how your report on TS was done on a cut out of a microphone….VERY CLEVER! P.S. I hear that TS’s concert is awesome!

  34. says

    Julia, that was adorable. What a cute little lady you have! I bet she loved doing this too.

    Great bones on this house but I betcha’ anything the colors and theme inside will completely change when Taylor moves in!!! (I think that picture of her in the beginning of the post is one of the prettiest ones I have ever seen of her – great choice!)

  35. Cindy says

    GREAT JOB, Lily! Lots of wonderful info about Taylor Swift and I loved your descriptions of her new home, too.

    Way to go!

  36. says

    Wow, Lily, I thought you were your Mom writing – you did such a good job! I love Taylor’s house, and think it’s awesome that you are a fan of Taylor Swift! I am, too. She is beautiful, a great role model, and a great musician. I hope you come back and share more houses with us sometime!

  37. says

    Beautiful home, I just wished I could have done her custom entry doors with the staircase and balcony railings!!

  38. Lindsay K. Smith :) says

    Hi Lily!!

    You did a great job as the guest blogger today!! :) I’m so glad your mom got her site back up and running otherwise we would have all missed out on your post!! :) I heard that you and Elly got to spend some more time together this summer. I’m sure you had fun together playing with Mazie. I need to post some pictures of my puppy Mattie so you can see her. Well, Lily, I hope you’ve had a great first few days of school!!

    I love you!!

    Lindsay :)

  39. says

    Thanks for a great post, Lily! I am also curious about how she will change things to suit her tastes. I think that library would look beautiful painted white (and a bit more feminine too)! I hope you will post again if you get info. as she changes things!

  40. says

    Hi Lily! You did a great job on your mom’s blog, and I totally agree with your comments, what a beautiful home for Taylor Swift.


  41. says

    Awesome job Lily! I bet Mom is so proud of you! You are so sweet from giving Mom a day off from blogging! My daughter & I are huge Taylor Swift fans too. We just saw her in concert 2 weeks ago here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and we loved it so much! When my daughter gets home from school, I am going to show her your post on Taylor’s new house! Have a terrific day Lily! Angie xo

  42. Maddie says

    Thank you, Lily! This was a very informative post, and I can’t wait to show it to my Morgan who is also a Taylor Swift fan.

  43. Jodi from New Jersey says

    Wow! Great job, Lily. We love Taylor at our house, too. My daughter just graduated 8th grade and her gift was a Taylor concert at Prudential Center in Newark. I had to go, of course,with one friend,and it was great! I love that she writes all of her own songs. My favorite (for today) is “Dear John”. I thought her house would be more pink and girly, maybe she will redecorate.Keep writing –loved your post…..

  44. Kathy says

    What a beautiful home and some interesting facts about Taylor Swift. Thanks for showing us around! Great job! I love your cute pink sandals too.

  45. Rachel says

    That was the cutest thing ever….she did a fabulous job!! I’m impressed…

  46. laney says

    …hey lily!!…you did a great job on your post here…and i was impressed with your microphone…what a creative way to share the important aspects of taylor’s professional life…she has certainly bought a beautiful home!…i love houses that were built in the 30s… their rooms could tell us so many different stories of the people who have lived in them…i wonder what changes taylor will make…perhaps lighten up the paint a bit?…in any event over the years taylor will add her own personality to the house…and one day the rooms will tell her story…thanks for sharing with us…hugs…laney

  47. Talia says

    Lily — great job (and name too!).

    Taylor’s house is lovely. I wouldn’t mind a pool like that either!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  48. says

    Hi Julia,
    Just to say your blog gets better and better, you are my salvation and my place of escape! I have just started a blog, simplethingsmakeushappy, and have added a link (and a recommendation) to your site, everyone should get to enjoy it!
    Take care,
    Angela xxx

  49. Maggy says

    Lily, you did a *fantastic* job! What a wonderful post, and terrific commentary! You are a natural “blogista”, just like your mom! I hope you’ll fill in for your mother again sometime :- )

    PS — Loved the ‘microphone’ assignment; VERY creative, and I’m pretty sure that Taylor Swift would agree!

  50. says

    This was a truly fantastic post, Lily! Like mother, like daughter! I loved seeing Taylor’s gorgeous home and learning more about her. Your report looks great, so clever to make it into the shape of a guitar! Thanks for this post and best of luck with school this year! :)

  51. Destiny says

    Great job, Lilly! I hope you got an A.

    I would love to have her refrigerator — except when it comes time to clean it. That would be a BIG job.

  52. says

    Absolutely gorgeous home. From the architecture to the interior design this home is perfect. I especially love the kitchen & dining room.

  53. Lisa Smith says

    Hi Lilly, thank you for the awesome Blog about Taylor Swift’s beautiful new home! You did an amazing job and I loved learning all those interesting facts….especially the really important one….CHEESE CAKE!!! Yum! You did such a wonderful job, maybe she will invite you back to see and write about all the changes she makes! Wouldn’t that be cool?!?

  54. Farmeress says

    A professional job! Well done Lily. I liked the previously written microphone shaped biography which acquainted me with facts I did not know about Taylor Swift. She has caught my ear from the first time I heard her. Hope you will do with your words ability what she has done with her voice, entertain. With your talent, you are also able to inform & educate too! Looking forward to more of your competent writing in the future.

  55. Julie says

    Lily – I can’t say it any better than the above comments. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks! Also, thanks to your mom for letting you take over for this one. I hope you do it again sometime!

  56. says

    Hi Lily, what a great guest blogger you are. I really enjoyed your post. I would love to see more posts of people you are interested in….


  57. Dean says

    Great descriptions and run down on her new house Lily!
    Didn’t she also buy a penthouse in Nashville about a year ago? And it has a waterfall or some other outstanding feature?

  58. Norma McGee says

    Hi Lily
    It was so nice to read the post that you did on Taylor.You did a fantastic job.I hope you have a few more posts that you can do for us in the future.It was so nice of your Mom to let you do this. Enjoy School this year. Norma.

  59. Missy says

    Beautiful home, but I enjoyed reading the blog entry more. Lily, you may admire Taylor for her talent, but I admire you for yours. I am a grade school teacher in Chicago and wish that all of my students had the passion and talent for learning and trying new things as you have demonstrated in this blog post. I look forward to more guest posts from you and more posts by your Mom. Good job, you have one lucky teacher this year to have a student like you!

    PS: I have a ShihTzu too. Her name is Coco, they are the best dogs!

  60. says

    That was a great post Lily! My daughter and I love Taylor Swift too! I think her staircase is my favorite thing… my daughter’s favorite thing is the pool! I love the pic of you and Maizie – you two are precious! :)

  61. Gina says

    Great job on the blog Lily! You will be an awesome professional blogger. And so glad to hear you want to be a pet-rescue foster mom as well. I volunteer for a local pet rescue. It’s one of the most rewarding things to see a rescued animal get a second chance. :-)

  62. says

    Hello, Miss Lily, from your Miss Barz! :-) What a great job! I can’t believe you started fourth grade this year. Weren’t we just practicing handwriting in Kindergarten together? I remember you writing notes at our writing center, and look at you now…writing on a website! I’m so proud of you. Have a great year in school! Keep reading and writing lots!

  63. Hannah D. says

    Great place, but in serious need of inside redecoration…

  64. Wanda says

    Great Job Lilly! I am at work and reading your article made work more fun!! Hope you do more blogging in the future. Oh, and I hope your first day of school went well – my little girl starts tomorrow.

  65. says

    ‘At a girl, Lily! I think blogging is in her genes!
    My girls love to help “Stage” for photos! Maybe I should let them guest blog!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  66. says

    Great post Lily! Wow.. Like mom, like Lily :) I love Taylor’s house, but it doesn’t really seem to me that this house belongs to a super beautiful young lady like her, its like a dramatic house but i love the interior.. The colors are wonderful.. Taylor’s parents must be really proud of her.

  67. john fiorvante says

    beautiful house taylor bought could you give taylor fearlesses compliments.

  68. Kathy :) says

    How did I miss this post, what a fantastic job you did Lily….I like Taylor too.

    That is the cutest pic of you and your doggie !!!

    Happy New Year……

    Kathy :)

  69. says

    Dear Miss Taylor Swift:
    I’m Mr.Wayne Covington Sr. wrting to say hello to you ,and tell you that I love you,and want to see you soon so that w e can get together.I want to make all the money that I acn get.I want you to sympathize ,and send me some cash money,and don’t let anyone take you away from me.I need $250 thousand dollars call me 1.336.995.0150

  70. Kim says

    I missed this post because I was in Utah for my brother’s wedding back in September. Lily did such a good job on this post, that I can see her being a great blog writer Just like her mom.

    I love how different Taylor Swift’s house is. Especially with all of the different colors. I hope Taylor Swift enjoys living here for a while.

  71. Hai says

    Do you know what address she live on?!Please I’m like her biggest fan! And very nice work Lily!

    • says

      Oh, it wasn’t totally wired shut so she was able to (slowly) eat soft canned food. She still has trouble chewing anything too hard or too big but can eat tiny kibble now, at least! Just took her to the vet who was very pleased with the progress she’s made since then. :-)