Tony Danza’s Malibu Beach House For Sale & More

Tony Danza’s Malibu beach house has killer views: Listing.

Kim Kardashian just got married, and her house has been the top search on my blog this week: Her House Photos.

The Big Lebowski bungalow is for sale in LA: Gawker.

Cool old postcard images of movie-star houses: Image-Archeology.

A real house tour with crappy pictures (funny!): PWCP.

The prettiest chicken coop you’ve ever seen: The Fancy Farmgirl.

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Looking for luxury house plans? The Plan Collection.

Q & As about bath remodeling: Home Talk.

How much would it cost to add a porch to your house? Fixr.

I’ll be back Sunday with more of my readers’ houses that are on the market. Happy Friday, everybody! :-)

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Lauren Conrad's Hollywood Hills house
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  1. says

    Oh Tony Danza’s beach house is lovely,

    I’ve always fantasized of having a really nice beach house

    where friends and family can vacation every summer.

    Oh… someday… ♥

  2. says

    Wow. I don’t really like the decorating in Tony Danza’s home but the house itself is, well, wow! Can you imagine having those views every day? That’s one way to be spoiled.

    Thanks for sharing it Julia.

  3. Nita says

    Don’t you ever wonder where they go after they sell such a perfect home location such as Danza’s????

  4. Jamie says

    Love the PWCP piece….it really makes you appreciate the lengths that home sellers with children must go through when their home is on the market!

  5. Kim says

    Great Links! I absolutely love those house postcards. They are so cool and nice. It’s fun to see the different styled homes those celebrities lived in.

  6. Jano says

    The vintage postcards are lovely, and they speak of a different time and perspective. For the most part, the houses are luxurious looking but quite modest by comparison to today’s monstrous footprints. I wonder how many still exist in a tear-down world? I hope many are still there.

  7. LindaSonia says

    I wonder if those folks that have homes with spectacular views wind up taking them for granted after a while…

  8. says

    My in-laws house was built in Buffalo, NY in the 1930s by a man who made his entire fortune gambling. The house is a copy of Norma Shearer’s only without that indoor swimming pool wing on the right. There’s a fountain in the living room which my in-laws kept turned off because their seven children made such a mess with it. I grew up in the same neighborhood and it was funny to have such a big boisterous family living in a “Hollywood” house. It was great to see those post cards.

  9. Julie says

    Thanks for posting the link to the vintage postcards of “movie star” homes. I agree with Jano. I was pleasantly surprised by the modest, and quite human, scale of even the biggest stars. Such a contrast to the status symbols of today. Cant’ say enough, how much I enjoy your site!