Kate Hudson Buys 1935 Tudor Revival House Next Door

Kate Hudson, who’s engaged to Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy and expecting a baby with him, just bought the historic 1935 Tudor Revival next door to her long-time Pacific Palisades home in California. Word has it she paid $5.3 million and plans to use it as a guest house. I’m hoping to get my invitation to stay there soon. Hey, Kate, I’ll be happy to babysit!

The 7,014-square-foot home has 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. Plenty of room for visitors if that’s what they plan to use it for.

Since starting my Movie Mondays series, one of the most requested movie houses was the blue Craftsman bungalow from the Kate Hudson comedy You, Me, & Dupree. Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn and stepdad Kurt Russell live nearby, so when I’m not there to help out with the babysitting, I’m sure they’ll lend a hand.
There’s a sweet little playhouse tucked in the backyard. Kate says she has a feeling the baby will be a girl, so I imagine it’ll get a lot of use in years to come! (UDATE: She had a baby boy and named him Bing.)

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  1. Nita says

    Forget the guests! I LOVE that house. But at a time when people are struggling, it seriously ticks me off at the spending these celebs go on and on about. It seems to save stuff it to the rest of us.

    • says

      I used to think that way, too, but you know what? Every time one of these celebs buys a big home or has a lavish wedding, they’re giving money to local stores and vendors. Someone has to move their stuff in, the celebs have to buy their furniture and paint from someone, etc. So, I’m fine with people dropping millions on a big home and decorating it accordingly. It’s not how I’d spend my money (which is a moot point, as I’m rich), but someone has to buy the million dollar homes, you know?

      In my last job, I did a lot of research on the economy. A LOT. When you read report after report about struggling industries, it’s refreshing to see pictures of some celeb’s huge home, or someone’s expensive wedding, or the crazy amount of money someone spent on a dress for the Oscars. It’s a nice break from austerity.

    • says

      At least they’re spending their money and they’re spending it in the USA, where they made it. That helps the economy. Having the money and hoarding it helps no one.

      • hookedonhouses says

        Agreed. Besides, I try not to judge how other people spend their money, lest others start judging how I spend mine. Ha. :)

      • Dawn says

        Agreed! Let them spend and enjoy their money however they want. It’s theirs to do as they want … just as you can do whatever you want with yours.

  2. Kim says

    It’s a very nice house. I love the dark woodwork room with the fireplace. Even though I like this house, I have seen nicer tudor houses before.

  3. says

    Great house! I love the kitchen, with those cute blue and lime green cabinets. So Julia, when you’re on for babysitting, let’s throw a party in there! Woohoo :D!!

    • hookedonhouses says

      I’m sure they won’t mind if I throw a little party while I’m staying there. You’re all invited!

  4. says

    I feel so happy for her. She seem to be a great young woman and she has great taste! Look at this place! It’s so “homey” and it seems to be perfect for a growing family.

    Enjoy your day, Julia!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. says

    What a pretty home! The first thing I would have to do though is change the color of the kitchen cabinets to something more soothing. Overall the house is very tastefully decorated! Lovely!

    • J says

      I like the cabinets in the kitchen. I think the color is soothing.

  6. Jacqueline says

    I’m happy for Kate and Matt. He’s an amazing, talented musician. I love Muse. I consider him a far superior choice than A Rod.

    Anyway, this is a beautiful house! I adore tudor homes. Not too keen about all of the decor pictured, but I’m sure they’ll add their own touches to it.

    Btw, for those unfamiliar with this area – Pacific Palisades’ properties are almost (if not) ALWAYS on the expensive side, $5 mill isn’t a big deal in those neighborhoods. Seems outrageous in this economy, I know. But, they have the money to front for it. When in Rome…

  7. says

    Love the dining room and the sitting room with stairs to the loft. Nice large house yet cozy. But oh the work to keep it clean!

  8. says

    Wow. I usually do not like Tudor houses because they are so dark, but this one is stunning. I would live in it! What style is her current home?

  9. says

    I like the kitchen a lot, and that play house….oh….I die! So, so sweet. My girls would have hours of fun in there-provided there are no bugs. 😉

  10. says

    I love how bright and spacious the kitchen is. I think that I would have to change the color of the cabinets to something more neutral though. I really like the room with the loft space. I would have really enjoyed having that playhouse when I was a little girl. I really love the little yellow house in the Housesitter movie too!

  11. says

    OH! MY! GOSH! I love everything about it!!! Holy cow – that kitchen!!! The little house out back … darling! Lucky Kate … glad that life is going so well for her! (Thanks for the invite to the party Julia – I would love to come!) 😉

  12. elsieb says

    Stars just have way too much money. Imagine a guest house for 5 million. The stars talk about green. What a waste. Am I jealous…maybe.

  13. Richard Orton says

    Looks like a Gerald Colcord house. Does anyone know if he was the architect?