Dennis Quaid’s Equestrian Estate in California

Dennis Quaid was born and raised in Texas. Now he’s selling his Pacific Palisades property in California and heading back to the Lone Star State where he and his wife Kimberly, along with their twins Thomas and Zoe, can live closer to extended family.

Quaid bought his California home in 1999 for about $1.8 million and, after transforming it into an “equestrian estate,” he’s selling it for $13.9.

The main house has 8,400 square feet with not only a master suite, but 7 additional bedrooms and 9.5 baths.  The barn has a corral and private horse trail with access to the Will Rogers State Park.

“Dennis Quaid is here!” Every time I see him now I think of the hilarious hidden-camera segment he filmed for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where she had him announced his presence to everyone in Starbucks and then make demands in the third person. “Dennis Quaid wants a coffee!” (You can see the video here.)


The house was featured in Architectural Digest in 2008. Here’s how the dining room looked then:

I’m guessing that a lot of their personal items have been removed and replaced with furniture to stage the house. The family room as it looks in the listing:

And the same room shown in Architectural Digest:

This bedroom is lovely, but I’m a little confused by the missing light fixture and the desk sitting at an angle in front of the fireplace:

Here’s how it looked in AD–with not only the light fixture, but a piano, too!

You can see the rest of the photos in Architectural Digest and Zillow.

Does this remind anyone else of the wonderful horse ranch Dennis Quaid’s character had in The Parent Trap? I loved that one! :-)

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  1. says

    Oh, I LOVE his home and his dining room is my dream one! I’ve posted his house before and did you see the guest house??? It’s as nice as the main house!

    Simply gorgeous, Julia!


    Luciane at

  2. says

    It does remind me of the ranch in The Parent Trap, Julia. I was just thinking the same thing! I liked the before in the living room better. Thanks so much for including the links!

  3. Miss Emily says

    I love it! I’d love it even better if it were in Texas.

    I still can’t believe Meg Ryan dumped him the way she did. Silly, silly woman.

    • misha says

      Dennis Quaid has a long-standing substance abuse problem of which he has openly spoken of. He rarely puts much “clean-time” together. A volatile personality when he is drinking and/or binging on cocaine, in past interviews he remarked that Meg Ryan just couldn’t take the merry-go-round life with him anymore.

  4. says

    How funny, because when I saw the shot of the rear of the house, my first thought was that it looked like “The Parent Trap.” I really like the house and rustic elements usually aren’t my thing. Pretty dining room!!! Going to check out the Ellen video. I love her show.

  5. Barbara says

    Ha! I was thinking the same thing about The Parent Trap, which I love. Gorgeous home.

  6. Lisa | Being An American Mom says

    Wow I love that house. Love him too. Great actor and easy on the eyes. :)

    When I see him I can’t help but think of how’ve ditched Meg Ryan and had twins with this lady but of course we never know what all really goes down.

    Not surprising he’s moving to Texas with his income. It’s cheaper and no state income tax. Enjoy Dennis!

  7. Billy says

    The house was built in 2004, with the garage facing front like an over grown tract house.

    Over priced by half even after a $3,000k price chop

    Is it just me or dose it look like a wildfire is in the background of the first pic?

    Now maybe I should go have another bowl of Cheerios, this time with milk.

  8. says

    I don’t usually root for celebrities to get their price when selling, but Dennis is a class act. Good luck to him — fantastic house.

  9. says

    i love the exterior photos of the house, but not the inside so much. i’ve always loved him as an actor. he always plays the guy with the heart of gold. love the way he shows emotion. with the meg ryan divorce i didn’t know if he was a good guy in real life or not…i’m keeping my fingers crossed that he is.

  10. Cheryl says

    Beautiful home. I prefer the Architectural Digest styling over the listing photos. The beams on the ceiling in the living room are an awesome detail.
    I loved that clip from Ellen! One of my favourite pieces from her show. I announce my Dad like that when he shows up places… “Ron Findlay is here!” I don’t think he gets it but my friends do and they all address him this way now when they see him.

    No judgement but really Meg Ryan? I would take Dennis over Russell Crowe anyday!

  11. says

    A fabulous estate and ranch!! I adore this home and have always had a secret cruch on Quaid!!

    Come and join my amazing Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  12. says

    Wow, interesting assortment of comments. I agree with you about “The Parent Trap” feel, and the remark about the wildfire. After my dad went to be with the Lord, my mom sold the custom home where I grew up that he and my grandpa had designed. I put “goes with seller” on most of our light fixtures, the powder room mirror, and even the door bell (it plays around 26 tunes). I don’t know if that’s the case with the missing fixture in the bedroom, but that desk placement certainly is odd…unless the house is freezing…or maybe it was broken during the move.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I think I actually still have this issue of Architectural Digest in a stack on my coffee table.

  13. says

    That is the worst HDR image of an exterior I have ever seen. I would have paid the dude from AD for the twilight image to represent this listing.

  14. says

    The back exterior shot does remind me of The Parent Trap house. I really like the front exterior of the home. I love the staircase, and the ceiling beams in the family room. It’s really awesome that the property includes a private horse trail with access to Will Rogers State Park. The piano in the master bedroom pic is an interesting touch.

  15. Teresa says

    Don’t like the house. Ugly exterior and not feeling the interior. It’s like there is no soul in it at all. They probably had it decorated by someone else.

    It’s no wonder Meg Ryan left this man. He totally CHEATED on her for years during the late nineties! I can’t believe there are still people here who are unaware of that. He now lives in Austin with his latest wife. Cheated on her too with various strippers, but I guess she does not care. Golddiggers. Gotta love em 😉

    • Cheryl says

      I had never heard all of that about him. I’m not doubting you – I just didn’t know. I thought their break up was about Meg and Russell.

  16. says

    As always, I LOVE the home photos you posted. I have always liked Dennis Quaid (kind of wish he had stayed with Meg Ryan though…they were so cute together) Wonder where in Texas he is heading to? I am thinking Austin would be a fit for him. I now live in the NW near Seattle but lived 18 years in Houston. Texas stays in your blood and you always have a place in your heart for it. I don’t think I have ever seen a piano in a bedroom. Dennis played Jerry Lee Lewis in a movie…Great Balls of Fire. I love the living room area. I think that is my favorite room. You can see touches of oriental along with the Tuscan/Texas look of the room. The house DOES remind me of the home on the parent trap…a very cute movie. Thanks for sharing it. Maybe you can snag some photos of his new home, too! I really enjoy your blog and the photos you share. Love a great home tour! xoxo Kim

  17. Janice Mahon says

    All I care about is the fact that their twins are healthy, after all went they went through when they were given medications that were 100 time stronger than the prescribed dosages and almost died. Best of luck to them, they deserve it.

  18. Rachel says

    Ha! LOVE that segment from the Ellen show too! Whenever I see him I think the same thing, and start laughing all over again, or have to watch it.

  19. says

    Absolutely gorgeous home! I adore horses so this would be an absolute dream to live in! I don’t know why he’s selling-I’d definitely keep that house AND have a house in Texas if I was him. His babies are so adorable too-what a beautiful family. Off to see the Ellen video-she’s so hysterical.

  20. Kim says

    What a gorgeous house and staircase! I can’t decide whether I like the before or after family room design better, but I do love the dining room in Architectural Digest better then the current design.

  21. Jodi from New Jersey says

    What a relief! I expected to be in love, but the inside is kind of”not me”. Oh well. Love the sky and clouds in the first exterior shot. Dennis Quaid is such a cutie! Thanks for a great job, Julia.

  22. Jackie W. - Kanasas says

    Elmore City, OK is the town Footloose was based on. It was actually against the law to hold dances until the ’80s.

  23. says

    Julia, I almost laughed coffee through my nose watching that video – and then went on a tangent watching other celebs fall prey to Ellen’s pranking. Hilarious!!!! Oh, and great house, too :)

  24. Lizzy says

    I’m just kinda befuddled by the lack of light fixture in the bedroom picture….

  25. nanne says

    that house is gorgeous, as is dennis quaid (i’ve had a crush on him since “The Big Easy”…).

    would love to have a place like that with horses (and someone to take care of the horses) with trails and a connection to a state park. heaven!

    julia, i always think of that ellen show whenever i see dennis q. it makes me laugh everytime, classic!!!

    nanne in columbus, indiana

  26. says

    A house that’s almost as beautiful as Dennis Quid himself (not really…but to the house’s defense, Dennis is hard to beat).

  27. cbean says

    It’s a lovely home, despite being a little on the large side for my taste.

    Speaking of Mr. Quaid: he directed a really fine movie called, “Everything That Rises”. A story about a family that goes through a terrible tragedy and comes out triumphant. The 1998 film was shot in Livingston, Montana. It has breathtaking shots of the countryside. It co-stars the incredible Mare Winningham as Dennis’ wife, and Harve Presnell as farm-hand, cum cowboy, cum honorary grandfather. However, young Ryan Merriman steals the movie as the victim of a terrible accident, whose tragedy ends up bringing out the best in everyone. The soundtrack is also marvelous. A great movie for the whole family.

  28. Nita says

    Another lib leaving California after they elected Gov. Brown and are saddling us with $55 BILLION of higher taxes the next 5 years. I can’t stand him or the rest of his ilk! They ruin this state and then can afford to leave.

  29. Jackie says

    I hope that the glass coffee table is just for staging. Glass corners with toddlers..not a great idea.

  30. says

    The house is simply gorgeous; not over the top. I like that. Beautiful stair case
    Dennis Quaid looks very relaxed and happy. He’s probably in a better place than his ex Meg Ryan is.

  31. says

    This post was amazing. I like the interior architectural designs it was perfect and it fits to the entire are. I love the color, very lovely and captivating. Thank you for this fabulous post. I love it.

    Charles A