Lisa Vanderpump’s (and Giggy’s!) Mansion in Beverly Hills

“Real Housewives” star Lisa Vanderpump brought some humor and fun to Bravo-TV’s popular reality series earlier this year, which revolved around the endless cat-fights among a group of wealthy women in Beverly Hills. The women on the RHOBH had some seriously big houses, and Lisa’s was no exception.

Now that their children Max and Pandora are grown and their famous houseguest Cedric has been kicked to the curb, Lisa says their 15,000 square-foot mansion is feeling a little too big for just her, husband Ken, and their and their 4-pound pup Giggy (pronounced Jiggy). So maybe, just maybe, they’ll sell it…assuming that the right buyer comes along, pushing a few wheelbarrows full of cash.

Vanderpump insists it isn’t really for sale, despite the fact that it popped up on a real estate website that belongs to RHOBH co-star Kyle’s hunky husband Mauricio. She says it’s “just a pocket listing” to see if there’s anyone would be interested in paying $29 million for her 7 bedroom, 10 bathroom estate.

I’m just happy to get a closer look at her house, which always looks so glam on TV. It’s the kind of place where you can wear high heels all day like Lisa does and feel right at home…

I’m not sure these photos do much for the house, especially considering its hefty price tag. Why is there an old towel thrown over the bench here? All I can figure is that maybe it’s a place where Giggy likes to sit:

Lisa and Ken are Brits who moved to California to open some posh restaurants there about 5 years ago, so you expect their kitchen to be nice. I’m surprised it’s not a little bigger, considering the size of the house and their passion for food:

I really can’t handle this black billiards room with the purple table:

The master suite alone, which is one of the areas of the house we saw the most of on the show, is 2,500 square feet. My family of four could live comfortably in that much space!

Everything in the master bedroom and bath is white and pale pink, including the cabinets:

Lisa’s closet is huge. She says all of her clothes are black, white, pink or blue:

Some of the scenes on the show have played out on this covered porch:

Giggy is known to hang out there, too:

How cute is he? He’s so popular now that he has his own fan site on Facebook (you can “like” him here).

You can see all the photos of Lisa Vanderpump’s place on Mauricio Umansky’s real estate website, or watch this video tour of the house hosted by Lisa herself (with thanks to Ramon for the link!):

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  1. says

    Wow, this house is insanely big! I do like the kitchen, but I don’t really fancy the rest of it. It’s all a bit too perfect for me. Take the garden for example. Gorgeous, no doubt, but everything is sooo styled. But hey, it would sure be nice to live here for a while 😀

      • Monica says

        Okay…so I know a bit too much about this little dog. He has to wear clothes as he has a skin disease and has almost no fur on his body. Without the clothes he would catch a chill in those CA air-conditioned houses and would sunburn outside. The fact that he has SO many outfits (that probably cost more than my entire wardrobe) is the over-the-top bit.

        • says

          OMG! Now I don’t know what’s more weird: the fact that such a tiny dog might get ill because he has no fur or the fact that apparently half of all Americans know about this :S

          (Just kidding, I know how the showbiz works, I know strange things about some Dutch celebrities as well lol.)

          But, alright, the clothes are OK in that case. And the fact that Giggy has an entire wandrobe, well, that fits the rest of the house I guess :)

    • Barbara says

      Yes, the dog shouldn’t have those warm clothes on. He already has his
      own fur which is very warm. Lisa has a summer dress on……the dog has
      his own fur AND a winter outfit. Imagine how over heated that poor little
      guy is. I think it’s a disgrace.

      • A Panda says

        The dog does not actually have any fur. He has a skin problem and he has to wear clothes bc he is bald and if he is not properly covered he will get a sunburn from the harsh Cali sun or a chill from being in the air conditioning.

  2. says

    Wow, what a beautiful home! It’s huge but beautiful and welcoming at the same time.

    I especially love the eating area… so cozy and pretty!!!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  3. Carol M says

    Never watched the show. Some of the house is nice, some I didn’t like very much.

    Also, am I the only one that again gets a full screen Home Depot ad every time I come to this blog and have to click “continue to site”? It did it to me twice today — once at the home page, and again when I clicked to read more of the new story. Julia, I know you had a problem with this in the past, and unfortunately it’s happening again. Shame on Home Depot.

    • hookedonhouses says

      You’re not the only one. It’s a campaign they’re running on design and house blogs this month. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Julia

    • Dawn says

      I’m not seeing that annoying campaign because I use Firefox and the free Ad Blocker add-on (extension).

      You don’t have to put up with annoying pop-up ads on sites and can take some control and make your internet browsing safer and more pleasant.

  4. ShabbyChick says

    Ooh, there is so much to say, where to begin? Ok, first of all, I don’t watch any of these shows, or any reality TV for that matter. I’m loving that little dog, does he come with the house? (Not that I can afford it anyway!) And that closet! Now I want all of my clothes to be black, white, blue and pink, too! It would make shopping SO MUCH EASIER! I like the billiards room! And I LOOOVE that covered porch. Hmmmmm, I can see me now lounging away my days, perusing Conde Nast planning my next vacation, and getting my manicure, all while Jeeves the butler waits on me hand and foot. And just a mere $29 mil!

  5. Dee says

    No, Carol you aren’t the only one with the problem of the HD ad. I find that so annoying. Guess they’ve found a way to get around the pop up blockers this way.
    But the house is ok. I don’t need that kind of room, and wouldn’t want to clean it that’s for sure. But it’s fun to look.

  6. says

    Wow. I’m not crazy about some of the gaudy decor, but I’m a huge fan of European design, so the house & landscaping are totally my taste. Thanks for sharing, as always!

  7. Ann says

    Not loving the pink bathroom but I could live in her closet.

    • mimi linna says

      you and me both..just wish I could fit in her clothes and shoes.. i would feel like the wicked step sister trying on her shoes. lol

  8. says

    She is my favorite “housewife” of all time. Her house? Not so much. Where to start? Their art is horrible. All white can look great, but here it just looks unfinished. The upper cabinets in the kitchen don’t seem to “go” with the rest of the room. (and I agree…small kitchen for a house this size!) The grounds and that porch might allow me to overlook those things though.

  9. mimi linna says

    thank you for all your reseach on houses and psoting them for us chair side readers. It is so wonderful to sit in the morning with a cup of coffee and look at your blog and look through the photos of these beautiful homes. hugs, mimi

  10. says

    Not a fan of the black billiards room either, but the rest of the house has lots of windows, lots of light. I like that! I think their bedroom is the size of my whole house!!

  11. Cori Heffernan says

    I liked her on the show, she seemed very gererous. Her house is lovely but too big to dream about for me . It looks like a resort. The kitchen is small when you look at the size of her home. I wonder what is in all those rooms!

  12. says

    Never watch the show, but am I the only one that think it’s channeling Dynasty, circa 1984?

  13. jana says

    Love her home! I realized a several months ago that I watch tv and movies for the homes and lifestyle and not necessarily for the characters or plots! So yes, I love the HW’s franchises for that very reason. In defense of Giggy and his outfits, he has some sort of alopecia for dogs and scratches all of his fur off which is why she keeps him dressed. There was a whole episode about it and how the vet thought Lisa should put him to sleep because of it!!

  14. says

    I find some of the house to be really pretty and some of it really weird. I think I’d be scared to live in such a big place, though.

  15. says

    Nice post. I enjoyed the video at the end too. Most of the house is well done and tasteful. I agree with an earlier comment on the need for better artwork. The wine room is quite fabulous though a bit narrow if you want to move a chair after having a “bottle of wine” in a glass. The closet it very nice too.

    But what happened in the bathroom? Those cabinet doors look like a bored housewife took on a faux painting project, yick. Even if they were real, they are all wrong.

    At least the home is real and reflects the owners personality, which can be a rare occurrence. Lisa definitely seems the most authentic of the bunch and they are such a great couple. Nice post.

  16. says

    the outside spaces are my favorites…the kitchen is way underwhelming for the house…that really surprises me…good luck to her getting 29 million for it…sheesh…that’s like monopoly money to me!


    stuff and nonsense

    • arlene says

      Lisa , YOU ARE by far the most attractive house wife and so classy . Shame about Cedric , What an idiot he was in the end.

  17. Dawn says

    I often don’t like mansions because they’re too huge and often not decorated to my taste. But I like this house and how it’s decorated and think it’s modern and tasteful.

    I wouldn’t want a huge mansion and don’t need it but this is one of the nicer ones that I’ve seen. I love the closet! And I think the kitchen is gorgeous.

    If I did want a mansion, I’d consider this one. I managed to come up with a $20 and just need to come up with the rest.

  18. says

    Of course I watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! :) I like all of the RH shows, with the exception of Atlanta, DC, and now Miami-I just can’t get into them as much as I tried to. I loved Lisa and Kyle especially. Lisa’s (gigantic!) home is absolutely beautiful, but I too am surprised at the size of her kitchen. I love her master bedroom, bathroom, and her boutique style walk in closet. So decidedly and unapologetically feminine! I’m a big fan of Giggy’s too, I follow him on Twitter. He’s so cute! Love this look of Lisa’s house Julia! I’m looking forward to season 2!

  19. says

    I am a mega fan of the RHOBH! I loved this glimpse into Lisa’s house, Giggy is awesome too! It is hard to say which house I liked best, I think they showed Lisa’s a lot. Kyle’s was a bit too modern for my taste. Camille’s looked a bit dark and dated, but still fabulous and huge. I think I like Lisa’s the best, although there is a bit too much pink in there, but it suits her style, no wonder they call her “Pinky”.

  20. says

    I really liked this couple on the show. And the house too. It is lovely to get a proper look at it. The one I really want to see more of is Adrienne maloof’s house. Which I guess would be pretty similar to this one. But I remember seeing her wedding dress on display, within the wall in her closet, or a hallway part of the master suite. I loved that idea.

  21. Kim says

    I don’t watch RHOBH or any reality shows. They are boring to me.

    As for the house, I’m really not a fan of the inside much. Parts of it looks like it’s stuck in the 80’s and the house is way too big. I love the covered porch though. That’s where I would spend most of my time.

  22. Darlene says

    I know in Bev Hills more is better but why would anyone need 2 pool tables?

  23. Jennifer says

    I love Hooked on Houses when you show homes that belong to the “normal, average American” (and some of the international homes, too), but not the homes that belong to these people. The people in these shows could not be more vain and vapid if their lives depended on it. I have to say, I’d much rather look at home designs and home make overs of people who had to work within a reasonable budget (and who had to worry about whether they were going to exceed that budget) than look at the home of someone who hired a designer to decorate it for them. It’s for this reason that my husband and I stopped watching This Old House.

    I really do love your site, in fact you are very near the top of my “favorites” list, but this posting of excessive people living excessive lives leaves me cold.


  24. says

    Wow, I can’t get over that closet! The lanai was gorgeous. That’s where you’d find me every day…forget the house! 😉

  25. says

    So I’m not sure what to say about this house except I wouldn’t want to live in this decor. I think it’s almost pretty but not quite. And something about all the chandeliers bugs me. They all seem to be the wrong size – and not in an interesting way.

    Julia – I don’t mind the pop up Home Depot ads. I’ll happily make an extra click or two to get to your site, especially if it means the advertising will help you support your fabulous blog.

    • hookedonhouses says

      Thanks, Lesley! I appreciate that. I know ads are annoying, but until I win the lottery, they’re paying my bills, including the monthly fees for this new server I had to move my blog to! -Julia :-)

  26. says

    I do enjoy peeking into the houses of the fabulously famous. I do like Lisa’s house, but would only want to stay there for an excessive weekend…

    …day to day life would be lonely, you’d rattle around bored because the staff takes care of everything for you. Also intercom would be a necessity to talk to your husband whose several thousand square feet away.

    So Lisa if ever your looking for an extra person to invite for dinner, or a week away I’d come…but wont be staying as long as your previous houseguest.

  27. Nita says

    I did watch this show, and this lady is my favorite of all. She has class, where some of the others are lacking. I wonder what restaurants they own? I wondered where their money came from.

    • hookedonhouses says

      They own Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills and SUR in West Hollywood. -Julia

    • arlene says

      My Most favourite house wife of them all , classy , non assuming , gorgeous looking , lovely dogs . wish the show hadnt ended , i could watch that all day long.
      lovely house lisa.

  28. Nita says

    Oh, and that dog is the cutest thing! He looks like a little Teddy Bear.

  29. says

    Hate to admit that I even watch this show, but I do and Lisa is my favorite RHBH. She is extremely generous, and is quite the observer, snapping off quick asides, but she has a heart and will come to the defense of any of her castmates if she detects unfairness, whether she likes them or not. As for her house, it is simply gorgeous, but way too big for my tastes. Love the photos!

    Great post, as always, Julia!

  30. Laurie says

    I’m crushing on her closet! Wouldn’t my JCPenney wardrobe look amazing in there? : )

  31. says

    Lisa was my favorite Beverly Hills housewife. I actually really like her which is more than I can say for most of the housewives. I was watching Orange County housewives the other night and thinking…I don’t like any of them…not even one little bit. I actually can’t stand them. Why am I watching. But Lisa I like. Love her clothes and her house and her restaurant and Giggy!

  32. says

    I just had to come back to share this. Some friends of mine are wrapping up a Los Angeles vacation and had lunch at Villa Blanca over the weekend. They were lucky enough to run into Lisa, her husband, and Giggie there and report that she is even more beautiful in person and was very nice and gracious to everyone.

  33. Mia says

    Dear me. Well, for starters, she seems like a lovely person in the video, and very blessed to have so much bounty in her life. And, in all fairness, I have never watched her show or any “reality” show. But in the kindest, least offensive way, the furniture seems rather low-end in a very high-end house, kind of like they got it from a recycler of goods from refurbished hotels and then they just had everything covered in white. Definitely very 80’s. Or is it just me? Otherwise, this house is very cold-feeling to me – but marble (or travertine or whatever it is) flooring throughout usually does that to a house. I do agree with the comment about the chandeliers being disproportionate…and they have duplicates and triplicates of the same style. Did they just move one chandelier from room to room, one wonders? Anyway, thanks for the very entertaining post!

  34. Polly says

    Giggy wears little sweaters because he would get cold. He has alopetia which is a skin conditon, and he lost most of the hair on his little cute body. I once had a tiny dog like him with the same skin condition. Even in LA it gets cold for a tiny little guy like Giggy. He is my favorite part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show! I look forward to seeing him every time he makes an appearanc!! Love Giggy!! :)

  35. mochelle rodgers says

    Is there any chance we will be treated to pictures of their new home, Villa Rosa?

  36. Cindy says

    I just caught a glance of her backyard on last nights show, so did anybody notice those like double umbrellas & where can I find some? Loved them I think? Need a better look.