Jennifer Lopez Has a New Job and a New House

American Idol Cast with Jennifer Lopez

Not only does Jennifer Lopez have a new job as a judge on “American Idol” — she’s got a new house in California, too. She worked with designer Michelle Workman to update it and the results were  featured in Veranda magazine.

Jennifer Lopez-staircase-Veranda

“Jennifer and I wanted elegance, but we didn’t want it to look stuffy or conservative or serious,” says Workman. “We wanted it to be graceful, with just enough sparkle.”

Jennifer Lopez's Hidden Hills House in Veranda

The kitchen is probably my favorite room of the house. I love the gray-blue cabinets:

Jennifer Lopez's House in Veranda

Designer Michelle Workman says, “There are all these tones of gray, and we played with that—using a bit more of a gray-taupe here, a bit more of a gray-blue there. It’s almost like a black-and-white film from the forties.”

Maybe that’s why I like it. I’ve always wanted to live in a black-and-white ’40s movie (with Cary Grant as my love interest, please).

Jennifer Lopez's house in Veranda

The guest room is painted a pastel peach color, and the headboard is from Williams-Sonoma Home:

Peach bedroom in Veranda

Workman says she had almost finished decorating the house in a château-inspired style when her famous client changed her mind and decided to go in a different direction.

“Jennifer wanted to go modern and streamlined but retain the sophistication and stylishness,” says Workman. She didn’t want to be locked into a classically French look.

Jennifer Lopez's house in Veranda

Read the story in the February issue of Veranda:

Veranda Jan-Feb cover-Jennifer Lopez house

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  1. says

    It’s very pretty, but I can’t imagine children in any part of it. If the rooms not shown are even half as formal, her kids must feel nervous in their own house.

  2. says

    I love the beautiful blue/gray tones. The kitchen is really really pretty. The glass front cabinets are just gorgeous. I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall when JLo told the designer she wanted everything redone.

    I haven’t watched AI in several seasons, but I might just tune in tonight to see how JLo and ST do. I’m with you though…can’t imagine it without Simon Cowell. I think Carrie Underwood’s season was my favorite. :)
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..A Good Friend is Hard to Find =-.

  3. Jane says

    The living room looks like one of those penthouses in a 1940s movie. Like the color of those cabinets too. Julia, you take Cary Grant, I’ll take Gary Cooper and will meet for drinks at one of those swanky nightclubs with Barbara Stanwyck as the entertainment! It would be fun to step into one of those old movies for a day wouldn’t it?

  4. Ann says

    I agree with the commenter above; other than the kitchen, the house does seem grandma-like.

  5. says

    I can see what they were going for, but it just reads ‘cold’ and ‘unwelcoming’ to me. It looks like a model home without life in it. And it’s also just a bit boring! They wanted it elegant yet not stuffy, but I think it ended up being rather stiff. Not into this one!
    .-= Jenny Hillman´s last blog ..Rooming- Denali &amp Ocean Part 1 =-.

    • T. says

      I agree! This is exactly what I was thinking. Where’s the personality??

      • Rachel says

        My thoughts exactly! Serious and formal. Doesn’t she have two toddlers? Not homey at all! I do love the kitchen though.

  6. says

    I love that kitchen as well. Jennifer seems to go through quite distinctive style periods. She was way into shabby chic for a long time. Maybe this new house is a sign that she is becoming more classic in her style.
    .-= Nichole´s last blog ..Fat Tuesday Volume III =-.

  7. Dawn says

    It’s gorgeous! I love the colors, layout and furnishings – everything!

  8. says

    I love the kitchen. Wish I could be that daring because I think I would actually enjoy that look for a long time. My favorite shot is of the dining table with cabinets in background. I’ve always been a fan of those cabinets. Never seen them in blue.
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Country Strong Wish they were really on tour =-.

  9. Janelle says

    New job, new house, and…big hair? What’s going on with her head?

    Her kitchen is quite beautiful, though. I actually really like all the photos in this post (except for the big hair one). Celebrity houses are always way over done (too rich) or way under done (too modern). This is a nice balance that I actually really enjoy.

    • Lizzy says

      I think Steven Tyler’s hair might be just a little bit bigger.

  10. says

    I’m reading these comments and while I agree that it doesn’t look very comfortable to me, I think it’s pretty. As far as the kids “living” in the house, I’m sure she has a place for everything. And the leather chairs? Who cares if you get PB&J on them when you can just redecorate on a whim? She’ll be redecorating before their stained! I think if you’re a child and you grow up in wealth, home can still feel like home–even with a house keeper and fancy chairs.

  11. says

    I love the house! Those blue cabinets are a fresh take on the all-white kitchen. It’s just enough color to be interesting but it still feels totally clean and fresh.

    And I thought I hated peach, but hey- I wouldn’t mind staying in that guest room.
    .-= Amanda- Hip House Girl´s last blog ..Whisker Wedding Wednesday =-.

  12. says

    I just went back thru the pictures. It doesn’t feel like “home” to me because there is no history–no personal items. Everything looks picked from a catalog. Yes, its pretty, and if you don’t care about stains, it may be functional. But personal items seem to make it home & I’m just not seeing the personal items. It looks like a set for a movie, you hit that right on the head!

  13. says

    Hmmm. At first I was intrigued. I love the lines of the furniture – especially those chairs in her living room. The more I looked the less enchanted I was though. The kitchen table and chairs? What is that? Way too formal. She has kids. Where do they sit? Where is the personality in this house? She really is all about impressions and not about enjoying the simpler side of life.
    Then it is the colors. Everyone has a color that they have a visceral reaction to. For me it is peach. Hate it. I would just pull the covers over my head waking up in that room. As for the icy blue. That’s how it affects me… icy. It looks cold. I am not a big blue person but I can definitely get on board with soft soothing blues. This one just looks lifeless and cold like our midwest winter skies. So although I will be watching tonight, and I love the lines and most of the furniture and I’m sure the house has great lines and bones, it isn’t for me. Give me my Linden house anytime.
    .-= pam @ becolorful´s last blog ..Pillow of the Week 38 Black and White =-.

  14. jana says

    I saw the home in the magazine. It just looks decorated to me. It has zero personality or personal style. And my first thought was that it is not a home for a pair of rambunctious 3 year olds!! It’s a gorgeous showhouse but knowing it’s a celebrity’s home, I would rather see it look a little more lived in and like she had slightly more input in the design!

  15. HollyM says

    The guest room looks comfortable. And warm. The rest looks chilly, and stiffly lifeless. Like the movie set so many think it appears to be. That’s the problem; it is a stage. But is it a home?

  16. Cindy says

    It is so beautiful and sophisticated but definitely not homey and cozy. Will she actually live there, or just go and look at it? I wonder what it is like to change your mind and go a whole new direction? Actually, I’ve done that but it takes me years to get there!

  17. Lizzy says

    Are they keeping their house in New York too I would assume?

    While I “like” the color schemes and furniture in her house more than I usually do when it comes to “stars” I agree that it’s very formal and cold and doesn’t look like a fun place to be a kid at all.

    It’s funny – because she was on Ellen yesterday – and she seemed so fun and spunky, and this house just doesn’t seem like that at all to me…..

    • Lizzy says

      And poor Marc…. I don’t care what the article says, that’s a very feminine house.

  18. Marie says

    It does look like an old B & W movie set. But where, pray tell, will the toddler twins live? The gold spindly-legged table in the entrance hall with the glass vase filled with “who knows what?” looks like an accident waiting to happen. And all that light grey paint is going to be totally scuffed-up within a matter of weeks. I have boys; I know of which I speak :)

  19. Dee says

    With all the blare and glitz of AI, I’d think a house like this would be a great downtime. Granted, not everyone would go for this, but after a day of the tv show, you’d want something laid back. And I’m sure the toddlers have their area, but I wouldn’t want everyone to know about “their” areas.

  20. says

    Hmmm … it seems that most people find the house cold and stuffy. I actually really like it! I think the colors are calm and soothing … the same color palate as a local spa rereat. Although it doesn’t look lived in, I can picture her twins running around and hopping on that furniture. I could also see friends stopping by, sitting on her beautiful couch and having a great conversation. I am also crazy about the kitchen … but that’s just me. (It isn’t even totally my style, but I do appreciate it’s beauty … it IS beautiful!)
    .-= pollydove´s last blog ..Glee =-.

  21. says

    I can’t imagine trying to keep that house clean with twins, but then, I don’t have a phalanx of maids or nannies (look at me and my assumptions!) to keep everything in order at my house. I also happen to like the look of greasy handprints on the wall.

    They must go through truck loads of Mr. Clean magic sponges.

    Still, that kitchen is gorgeous.
    .-= Spring´s last blog ..Differing opinions =-.

  22. says

    Wow. This house is so sophisticated and elegant. I love the color palette they used, it’s decidedly feminine. I love the 40s black and white film aesthetic, it perfectly translates. I’m in love with the color of the kitchen cabinets, and that stove is the most glamorous stove I’ve ever seen! This house is definitely a showpiece, not sure if it’s realistic with toddler twins but that’s kind of what’s fun about celebrities. Beautiful house, thanks for sharing!
    .-= Bre´s last blog ..Q &amp A with BB- A Little Less Conversation =-.

  23. says

    While it makes good copy, that house is for the pictures…not a family. And honestly, if I had the same budget, I’m pretty sure I could come up with a warmer-feeling home.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Joyeux Noel- the series =-.

  24. Susan says

    Now that’s one of the first celebrity homes I actually do like!
    It looks very old style Hollywood glamour. More classy than brassy.

  25. cbean says

    I’m with Jenny Hillman…I get the chills just looking at the pictures. Where is there a little touch of color, of warmth, of welcome?

  26. Jackie W. - Kansas says

    Don’t like that the dishes match the hutch.

  27. Kim says

    I love the overall layout and design of the house, but the colors make it feel so cold and unviting. They should have kept the foyer the way it was before she painted the house.

  28. says

    i love the minimalist look. the white tones make the home feel very fresh! and i bet the cool colours suit the california heat :). she seems like a down to earth person (…deep, deep down, lol) so i’m sure the kids have a couple of playrooms in that massive house.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Photo =-.

  29. says

    I love the colors, except the peach guest room, so soothing, especially the kitchen, but I still prefer an all white kitchen.
    My Mother as well as myself have always had a formal living room, and the family or great room took all the living and spilling. I’m sure she has plenty of room for those cute twins of hers to have lots of fun!
    It sure is fun to take a little look into their homes!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..Four Weddings And A =-.

  30. E. George says

    Where do the children fit into this “Can’t Touch This” look? It is beautiful I agree but I don’t think the kids would be free to do as they please it’s more a place for the Snow Queen from Narnia sorry guys. Hi Julia just had to get that out but I thank you for this feature. Regards Esther from Sydney.

  31. Nita says

    Regarding the outside, OMG! And this is just her west coast house! Otherwise, it is too monochromatic for me and too planned looking. I get really irritated when I see something like that kitchen or dining room cupboard with all that matching ceramic/pottery in it! It is just too fake and stilted for me, and the kids wouldn’t ever be able to play without getting something dirty.

  32. Karen T. says

    I LOVE the kitchen best! The rest of the house is just O.K. Too cold. Too feminine(I’m not against a feminine look in decorating, but you have to also decorate for the males who live in a home even if they say they don’t care & that you can do whatever you like). Too “decorated”. As far as the kids & stains on the upholstery,rugs,etc.? Well if there’s a such thing as custom cleaning of upholstery, then I’m sure she can afford to have this done whenever necessary to maintain this look that she obviously loves.

  33. says

    Although I enjoyed watching her on AI last night….I have to say gee-whiz!!! How much money was spent going from one direction to another? It probably would have fed a lot of hungry children, built a few schools and given some victoms of Hurricane Katrina new homes. Just such a totally materialistic, hollow, meaningless choice in life. Obviously, decor to her is no more than a dress…just something you wear and throw on the floor when you change your mind….not a conscious or well-thought out choice or a home that is allowed to develop over time.
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Home Goals for 2011 =-.

  34. says

    I do not like peach, but I love that guest room. It’s so warm and bright and inviting–maybe it looks even better after looking at all those gray, cold–although lovely–rooms. I give it a big red YES.
    .-= aubrey´s last blog ..Gruesome Sights =-.

  35. mimi linna says

    and she has 3yr old twins..all I can see is grape juice box spilled on that carpet and sticky hands on their sofas. guess that is the mom in me.

  36. Karen says

    Hmmmm . . . . I’ve seen hospital waiting rooms with more warmth – what a very cold and uninviting house (not home). It looks like nobody lives there – can you imagine eating a pizza in this house – or (gasp!) a dog or cat living there??

  37. Michelle Workman says

    Just to clear up a misconception – Jennifer did not change her mind half way thru the job. The original design boards were more like the previous house I did for her which was much more French based in style. And prior to starting any work we scrapped that design and went with what you see in Veranda. It was a great collaboration and I loved doing this job!

    • hookedonhouses says

      Thanks for explaining that, Michelle. I was imagining you had already finished half of the house! Good to know it wasn’t that far along. -Julia :-)

  38. says

    Not a big fan of white and bright houses but this is really beautiful, it just don’t look kid friendly.

  39. teresa says

    the gold chandelier in the dining room made me want to cry it was so beautiful. and those cupcakes would help me drown my tears.

  40. Karen T. says

    Just had to come back and re-comment on JL’s home after seeing the actual magazine spread yesterday at my local bookstore. And, OMG!!! Guess I’ll be getting Geek Squad or somebody to check my computer monitor, because the colors in the magazine photos look so much better and everything is absolutely beautiful!

  41. says

    I like J. Lo and I like the house, but I see no connection between her and the house – it simply does not reflect her nature.
    She has strong personality and inner fire, so I expected something less pale.
    .-= Olivera´s last blog ..My City In Development =-.

  42. betty says

    I like the house and the colours therein more so the kitchen colours. Though it lacks a ply are for her children.

  43. Craig says

    She sure doesn’t look like she’s still Jenny from the block…

  44. says

    It’s really slick and lovely and somewhere I would love to live….if I didn’t have kids – this just looks like a big blank canvas for crayons and peanut butter hand prints to me!

  45. says

    CALL. 905. 7998229 LOVE AND KISSES.

  46. Nathan says

    Wouldn’t this be a good thing for the designer? I mean, I’m assuming she’d still charge Lopez for the work already done so really she’s getting another design job out of it, haha.

  47. Gil says

    A mix of classy and modest taste. I love this Lady. Jennifer, Im from Beirut-Lebanon and we love you so much. plz come and do a concert here. Gilbert Nakhle