Tori Spelling’s Family Room Makeover

Tori Spelling's Family Room

Over the years I’ve featured a lot of celebrity houses. Surprisingly (to me, at least), one of the most popular ones has been the post about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s house in Encino.

When I posted those photos, they had just moved in and Tori hadn’t started redecorating it yet. If you watch their reality show “Home Sweet Hollywood,” then you know that she loves to decorate and does most of it herself. A lot of us were impressed by the makeover she gave her family room last season. And a lot of you asked me to post photos of it.

People magazine recently featured a series of photos of stars in their favorite rooms, and it includes this one of Tori in her family room (above). She tells the mag, “It’s important for me to live in a beautiful space, but I also want my kids to feel they can play around.” She describes the room as “Hollywood Regency meets eclectic antique tied together by cozy family style.”

Dean is surprised

The family room makeover was a surprise for her husband Dean in the “Eat, Drink & Remarry” episode this season. I searched everywhere for photos of the makeover (dear Tori, please post some for us!) and when that failed, I took some screenshots from the episode itself (which is why they’re a little fuzzy).

Family Room Before:

family room before 1

Family Room After:

family room after 1

She took what was really a pretty dark, masculine, and serious-looking room and made it lighter, brighter, and more family-friendly. Another before (from this post about her house):

Tori's TV room

And the fireplace wall now:

family room after 2

They opened up the wall that used to have the built-in entertainment center and replaced it with French doors. It’s amazing what a difference all of the windows made to this room (this is a terrible photo–you can get a better idea of the window wall in the photo at the top of the post):

wall of windows

Liam shows his dad “Your new chair!”

orange sofa

Here’s the wall across from the windows:

Tori's New Family Room 1

Oh, and their new baby goat was wandering around the family room, too, and apparently feeling right at home:

goat in Tori's house

Tori says, “I truly feel like the family room is the heart of the house and it’s where we spend all our time together.”

Tori Spelling-family rm reveal 1

Here’s the part of the episode where the family room was revealed if you want to see more (it starts at the 0:44 mark):

What do you think of their new family room? Do you like Tori’s style?

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  1. says


    I don’t watch their show, but I like Tori. I think she has a strong personality and she shows a lot of her personality in this transformation in her house. It’s very more fun than before.

    Luciane, from

    • hookedonhouses says

      She’s starting a trend! Maybe baby goats will be the new tiny-dogs-in-purses for people in Hollywood? :-)

  2. Janice says

    I love that she reused the orange sofa from their first house.

  3. says

    I like the before more!! It was more chic I think… now it’s nice but it’s not my style..

    • Audrey says

      Me too! I like the rich black on white scheme…sometimes adding color can be done wrong. I mean, yes, this is very bright and cheery, but it doesn’t seem very relaxing.

  4. says

    I like the colors . . . but I was having a really hard time focusing after being distracted by her husband’s painted toes. LOL
    .-= LesleMora´s last blog ..jubilation =-.

    • hookedonhouses says

      That’s hilarious. I hadn’t even noticed until you guys pointed it out!

  5. lindajb says

    I like the new. Happy looking. I am not a fan of either “star” because of their lifestyle, but the house is great. A GOAT IN THE HOUSE! I see new carpets coming.

  6. says

    It’s cute. Seems like she created the feeling she was trying to create in the home, so that alone is successful!
    I have to laugh at that rust sofa, though. I just picked up a few vintage home mags last weekend, and I swear, one of them is advertising that very same rust-orange tufted sofa! I’ll have to take a pic and share….
    .-= Kelly, Arte Styling´s last blog ..My New Green Dresser =-.

  7. says

    I love it! I love all of the rooms she has re-done actually. I know they are not everyones cup of tea, but I love the bright colors she uses and how family friendly everything is- she has a great eye.

  8. says

    The after shots definitely seem a lot more “Tori” than the before. Beautiful makeover! And I have to love a woman who has a baby goat in the house!
    .-= hip hip gin gin´s last blog ..Hello There! =-.

  9. Nita says

    Didn’t this get posted earlier? Seems I saw it someplace. Yes, I like Tori’s style. She has gained back some weight and looks great. Wonder if they will move again? :)

    • hookedonhouses says

      Maybe you saw that top photo in People magazine? If there are any other photos of her family room out there, I couldn’t find them! -Julia

  10. Kim says

    I’m not a big fan of the new family room. I don’t like the tropical theme, but the open feeling is nice. This room would have been better if they had kept the dark wood beams, painted the walls some light colors, and put in some white curtains, but I’m glad they like the room.

  11. Destiny says

    I saw this episode when it aired, and I really, really like the make-over, but … I could not get past her letting that goat, even in all of its baby goat cuteness, in the house. And … I was almost as traumatized by Dean’s black toenail polish. That’s just a no go! I.c.a.n.n.o.t!

  12. laura @ the shorehouse says

    I do like the room! But I do also find them to possibly be the most annoying couple in the world. 😉

  13. J Tucker says

    I find ot very hard to move past the blk toenail polish her husband appears to be sporting !!!;)

  14. Laura says

    Beautiful. She has a great style! I love her design aesthetic. The new family room is airy and fabulous. I also love the shots from the show with her master bedroom. The blue bedroom and upholstered headboard is fantastic. Love it! She could totally be a designer.

  15. Sunny says

    It’s pretty.

    I do find it odd that she places very large lamps atop very tiny tables (if you could call some of them that) especially with small children! Ouch!

  16. laney says

    …try as i might… and i know there are others who will not agree…but i simply cannot get past the selfish behavior of this radiantly smiling couple…there are broken hearts and families in their wake…it isn’t the family room that needs a makeover…

  17. says

    First of all…am in LOVE with that velvet couch. I want one exactly like it! Right now! Haha! I know some people thought the “after” was too colorful and not soothing enough, but I have to say, I like it! I think it’s bright and energetic and warm…plus they have small kids so I like that it incorporates some primary colors. I didn’t know Tori was a designer, although I occasionally watch their TV show – off to check out some of the other rooms she’s done! Thanks for posting!

  18. Emma says

    Where on earth can i get those absolutely gorgeous lamps on the console table behind the couch?! I have been searching diligently with no luck.