For Sale: Farrah Fawcett’s Former Home in Bel Air

Farrah Fawcett's former guest house Bel Air Antelo Road

One of Farrah Fawcett’s former Bel Air properties is on the market for $6.4 million. It comes with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and a little piece of Hollywood history.

Farrah Fawcett's house

Farrah sold the house in ’99, and it was on the market again in 2008 for $4.1 million. 

Farrah's kitchen

The listing says: “Walking through the doors you are drawn to panoramic city, canyon, mountain & reservoir views that can be seen through large picture windows & sliding glass doors.”

kitchen tableA reader named Thomas tells me she bought it as a guest house when she was married to Lee Majors and living next door at 3130 Antelo Road: “After the 1994 Northridge earthquake her home was red tagged and she moved into this home until she sold both and moved into a Wishire Corridor condo.” (BTW, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon now own the main house next door.)

bookshelvesDid you know she was born Ferrah Leni Fawcett — a name her mother made up because she thought it sounded good? She later changed the spelling.

She was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and died in June of ’09 when she was only 62. Michael Jackson died hours later.

bedroomHer first TV appearance was on I Dream of Jeannie in ’68. I loved that show. I wanted to marry Major Nelson when I grew up (but for some reason it didn’t work out for the two of us). You can see my post about Larry Hagman’s house–which happens to be the largest solar-powered residence in the U.S.–here.


Thanks to her famous turn as Jill Munroe on Charlie’s Angels in the ’70s, a lot of us wanted to have hair like hers. I’d be happy to show you my own pitiful attempt at mimicking her feathered ‘do in the ’80s, but I seem to have mysteriously lost all those photos. 😉

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  1. says

    The house isn’t completely my style but I do have a soft spot for that type of architecture. I’d live there for the views though, for sure. Oh, and the pool 😀
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Picture Post =-.

  2. Nita says

    I wonder what that reservoir is? Hmmmmm……

    The house is too cold and white for me. Julia, if you can, go see Nanny McPhee Returns. The house is a tudor farmhouse during World War II and it’s adorable!!!!!

    • hookedonhouses says

      Knowing them, they probably are. But a warning to them: I will “out them” right back. Because I know where to find their old photos, too. (She says with an evil laugh, bwahahaha.) -Julia 😉

  3. Dean says

    LOVE this house and the property! On a smaller scale, it would suit me to a “T”.
    Thanks for posting this.

  4. says

    The house value obviously is in its location and the views, a blank slate most definitely…one I wouldn’t mind tackling. AND…I dream of Jeanie, I loved the inside of her bottle, now that was a cool interior! Janell
    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..Isabellas Lampshade Project =-.

  5. Kim says

    This house isn’t for me. I like the kitchen, views, shower, pool, and barbeque pit, though.

  6. Cindy says

    Mid-century architecture is my favorite probably because I grew up in one and you kinda get used to those walls of windows and the openess to the outdoors. I love the updates on this one.
    Nita — that is Stone Canyon Resevoir. Go to the listing and scroll down to the map and check out the area. The house is shown without the pool on the satellite map.

  7. says

    Looks like whoever mowed the lawn was mowing & texting at the same time. They don’t mix.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  8. says

    She was so beautiful and an icon to many women during that era… I’m not keen on the house though. I’m really not into the acres of windows… I like that ‘boxed in’ feeling… leaving the elements outside… As we say in England though… ‘Horses for Courses’ . Lx
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..A little bit of home comfort =-.

  9. karin/ says

    Hahaha…I tried Farrah’s ‘do’ back then as well! My pictures have all disappeared as well!! I loved Farrah back then, but her house doesn’t do a lot for me. The views are spectacular, though!

  10. says

    I don’t love the house — it feels pretty cold — but like you, I was at the right age when Farrah mania hit, and was constantly combing Tiger Beat for her beauty tips. (Amazingly, I never read the tip, “Be born with great genes,” which I think was the real secret.) I will always have a soft spot for Farrah, and seeing her empty house makes me sad. I hope it finds a buyer who will love it.
    .-= Slowish Food´s last blog ..The Modified Compact Revisited =-.

  11. says

    I remember feeling sorry for her. She didn’t get very much attention at all because of that. Not really a fan of the house. Very stark. I would have thought she’d have fluffy pillows and girly ruffles all around:)
    .-= Becky @ Farmgirl Paints´s last blog ..Blind dating =-.

  12. says

    I love that wall of windows/sliding doors in the kitchen. I think I could be very happy here. :)

    Michael Jackson died on my birthday, June 25th. Was it the same day? I had no idea that FF passed that day either.
    .-= Kimberlee J.´s last blog ..What Excites One or Two =-.

    • hookedonhouses says

      That’s right, Farrah died on June 25, a few hours before Michael Jackson did. -Julia

  13. says

    Typical CA home again. Deceiving from the outside, and once inside, it’s all about the view. I looked at the map and I actually lived not to far away, on Encino Ave. What a difference living on the other side of the Ventura Freeway makes, LOL!
    Not particularly my style, but once again, oh those views! The pictures don’t reflect Farrah living there, righ? It’s pictures of the current owners furnishing, which could use a little TLC.
    As for the Farrah “do”…it’s timeless and I bet you wore it very well!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..Peachy Memories =-.

  14. says

    Over $6 million, for that? I think I’ll pass.

    And I so wanted to be “Jeannie” back in the day … and have always wanted to dress up like her at Halloween! I’m getting old now – better hurry, huh?
    .-= pollydove´s last blog ..Susans art =-.

  15. says

    But I knew when she died that same day over here in The Netherlands and later on I saw her movie of the battle against her specific cancer. I felt so deeply for Ryan and her son, who did such stupid things like going to yale while his mother is dying….Anyway…I meditated a while when looking at the pictures of her house in your post. Thank you.
    Godeliva van Ariadone
    .-= Ariadone´s last blog .. =-.

  16. says

    Damn that MJ for stealing her thunder. That summer was like the year of celebrities passing away…so odd. This house isn’t really my style, but I’m enjoying her bathroom with it’s expansive shower and tub. I’m a sucker for bathrooms.

    Try and find those Farrah hair pictures 😉
    .-= Bre´s last blog ..Your Makeup Artist Should Be Fired- Eva Longoria =-.

  17. Kathy :) says

    LOVED her……I watched Charlie’s Angels….and I Dream of Jeannie , I wish she had stayed married to Lee Majors…..the Bionic Man loved that show too… What a mess The O’Neil family is huh ???

    Did you ever see Farrah in The Burning Bed….I thought she was great !

    Yes I had the hair too…..first time I ever permed my hair just the sides, so I could make it roll back….MEMORIES.

    Love that tub…..we are in the talking stages of doing over our bathroom, I have a pic of a tub similar to that…… :) Otherwise not really a fan of that house !

    Nice post,
    Kathy :)


  18. Thomas says

    Hi Everyone…just a bit of info on this home. It is actually the home Farrah bought as a guest home when family came to visit. At the time she was living in the home next door at 3130 Antelo Rd, the home she had been living in even while married to Lee Majors. which is about twice the size and very different in feel. After the 1994 Northridge earthquake her home was red tagged and this is hen she moved into this home until she sold both and moved into a Wishire Corridor condo.