Larry Hagman Selling “Heaven” for $9.5 Million


Larry Hagman only played a ruthless oil baron on TV. In real life he’s a passionate proponent of alternative energy sources. He and his wife Maj live in the largest solar-powered residence in the U.S. When they were trying to decide what to name their home, which sits on 43 acres in Ojai, California, Maj said, “Let’s call it heaven, because this is the closest you’re ever going to get.”

Larry Hagman-Heaven

They fell in love with the area and decided to build there in the early ’90s because they were friends with actress Mary Crosby,who had a home there. You may recall that Crosby played Kristin Shepard, Sue Ellen’s scheming sister who famously shot J.R. during the third season of “Dallas.”

Larry Hagman-Heaven-kitchen

Now the couple is downsizing and selling Heaven for $9.3 million. According to the listing:

The house the Hagmans built is a grand Mediterranean-style residence sited atop Ojai’s picturesque Sulphur Mountain Road with commanding views of the ocean, Channel Islands, mountains, and surrounding Ventura Valley.

Encompassing approximately 18,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms, 13 full and two half bathrooms, Heaven features richly appointed open living spaces with large spans of sliding glass walls that offer unobstructed vistas of the surrounding landscape.

Larry Hagman-Heaven-bedroom

With views like this from the bedroom, I wouldn’t mind waking up each morning!

Larry Hagman-Heaven patio

See the yellow patio awning and furniture? Does it remind you of anything? I immediately thought of the terrace where the Ewings ate their breakfasts together on “Dallas,” with its yellow and white-striped awning and yellow chairs:

Dallas-South Fork yellow patio

Here’s a People cover from 1980 when “Dallas” was must-see TV. J.R. wore a black hat better than anyone!


The listing is offered by Village Properties Realtors, an affiliate of Christies Great Estates. To learn more about Larry Hagman, visit his website, which welcomes you with a “Hello, Darlin’–Come on in!”

Any “Dallas” fans out there? How about “I Dream of Jeannie”? I’ll admit I had a massive crush on Major Nelson when I was a girl watching “Jeannie” reruns every day after school… :-)

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  1. says

    Thank you for the tour! I never got hooked on another show the way I was with “Dallas”! We would all watch together each week. You’ve gotta love that Larry Hagaman-I also did on “Jeannie”-one of my favorite childhood shows.
    I watched “Parenthood” this week and I think I only paid attention to the house and paint colors!
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Stuffed Peppers for Foodie Friday =-.

  2. says

    That house looks AMAZING. 43 acres and that view from the bedroom?! Wow. Of course I grew up watching the Ewings, living in Dallas. But I hate the reputation it gave our cities overseas. I swear, people visit here the first time and ask where our horses and tumbleweeds are. OY.

  3. says

    I had no idea Larry Hagman was a proponent of alternative energy, that is fabulous in my opinion and somewhat ironic given his most famous TV roll! I adored “I Dream of Jeannie”!! I thought the interior of her bottle was very chic and well designed! Janell
    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..Max Shares His Thoughts On Design =-.

  4. says

    Wow, looking at that old People Magazine cover sure messes with my perspective. I was just a kid when Dallas was popular, and I remember thinking JR was an old guy. Like a family patriarch (I never actually watched the show but the commercials and magazine covers were everywhere). I see the cover now and marvel at how young he was! I guess age’ll do that to you?!
    .-= Lori-Anne´s last blog ..Lemon Tea Cup Chiffon =-.

  5. greenie says

    Not only a beautiful property, but eco-friendly as well! Way to go Larry Hagman!
    Watching the video, I actually had to listen to this twice just to make sure I heard him right: After installing the solar panels our electricity bills “went from $37,000 to $13 a year and now we are generating a surplus of $10,000 a year.” What a testament to alternative energy!
    Thanks for the great look at this home!

  6. says

    Loved the post. I loved that outdoor patio area on Dallas, with the yellow cushioned furniture. I am a nut for yellow, tho. It is reminds me a bit of the yellow tole painted, early american funiture that Gable and Lombard had on their porch in Encino, those many years ago.

  7. says

    Must be tough leaving “heaven” to downsize. I’m sure they will still have a fab home when they do downsize! I love the wonderful to look out your window and take in all of the beauty around you!
    I always like those scenes on Dallas when they sat under that stripped awning and had their coffee, now I sit under my stripped awning (white and taupe) and have my coffee..but not on a ranch, just a suburban back yard, but just as sweet- maybe even sweeter, no one is shooting any one here! Ha!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..The Sum Of Me =-.

  8. laney says

    …i have always had a hard time accepting that larry hagman was the son of the fabulously wonderful mary martin…

  9. says

    I remember that covered porch from the show – loved seeing that he had something similar in his own home. I chuckled when I read your crush – me too!

  10. says

    I loved that show until the ‘shower’ scene and then it just got a little too way out there for me to enjoy. The first few years, though, found me clued to the tube to see what dastardly deed JR would be up to and to see how Bobby and Pam would be in love but not mushy about it. Great soap opera at night :) Thanks for sharing this! I’d be interested to see what they buy next!

    And one other thought – could you do your ‘research’ and show us what the Ewings home looked like compared to what it really looks like?!
    .-= Nancy Hood´s last blog ..Garage Door Covers =-.

  11. Kim says

    Sorry I wouldn’t want this house. It’s too big and not my style. Even if I was rich, I wouldn’t want to buy a home in California. It seems like most of the houses I see forsale in California, and look at online, just aren’t that great or a “wow” for me. That’s why I wouldn’t want to live there. If I had to live n California, I would build a house.

  12. Ann says

    The house is amazing I’m sure it will sell, heaven is the right name for this house everyone needs their own piece of heaven. Dallas is my most favorite show i grew up watching i watch all the reruns and Larry was my favorite i always looked forward to seeing him on the show he is a natural born actor, what a great talent he has and he clearly enjoyed acting it showed. The cast was great also. Dallas will always have a special place in my heart.

  13. Jackie W. says

    How much did it cost to install the solar panels ?

    If it were inexpensive EVERYONE would be doing it.

    Take the cost & divide the savings & that will give you the number of years it will cost to recoup those costs.

    • hookedonhouses says

      He tells how much he spent in the video. Don’t remember the exact number, but it was a lot of money! -Julia

  14. says

    Major Nelson! I was obsessed with those reruns! I think Jeanie’s bottle was the first interior I fell in love with…Morrocan inspired round banquette with throw pillows…getting off topic. You find the best stuff. As to the cost, to further on Jackie W.’s comment, we looked into adding solar panels to our home, and she was right. We calculated that we would need to live here for another 20 years to recoup the cost. But his home is really great!
    .-= The Zhush´s last blog ..Thank You Bill Cunningham! =-.

  15. says

    Thanks for coming over to visit my blog and comment about Mary Tyler Moore and her apartment. Yes, it is my favorite indoor/tv space. I always wanted that apartment, too. The best I could do was try and recreate the stained glass pass through in our Bed and Breakfast. My little homage to Mary and her apartment. :)
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Getting better and how about more tea! =-.

  16. says

    He said the solar panels cost $750,000.00 so he will get his investment back in 50 years or so. Beautiful home and land. Compared to several other homes of stars a very reasonable price.

    What a gorgeous blog with so much research and such great photos.

  17. says

    Hi Julia! Oh, my goodness- I actually just finished watching seasons 1&2 of Dallas on DVD. It was hilarious because I remember watching the show with my mom on the little tv in her room when I was a kid. We would sit on her bed eat chocolates and do our nails while we watched. I was probably way too young to be watching it (which is weird b/c my parents were really strict about what we were allowed to watch otherwise) but for some reason my mom was willing to break the rules for our little “girls nights”. Anyway, I was surprised during my recent viewing by how much I still liked the sets and how stylish they are again (or maybe they always have been?) – ginger jars, chinoiserie wallpaper, chinese chipenndale furniture…
    Oh to spend a day on that patio!

    BTW- thanks for following my blog!
    .-= Pam Fitz´s last blog ..Bedtime Prayer Wall =-.

  18. says

    @ Kim, not all houses in California look like this. California is rich in architectural diversity.

    But I wouldn’t want to live in this. It’s not at all right for me. Too big and too far out of the city.
    .-= Why S?´s last blog ..Local News =-.

  19. Believer from Finland says

    What a marvellous house! The house would be a fantastic place for a christianity work to give a peaceful place to people who needs to recover from their traumatic incidents. The will of the Lord be done in Jesus name. Amen!