Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s New House in Encino

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I actually enjoy the reality show that Tori Spelling does with her husband Dean and cutie-pie kids Stella and Liam. This season on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Oxygen network), they put the house we watched them remodel last season on the market, and they moved into bigger, fancier digs in Encino, California.

I posted photos of their former home here, so I thought you might like to see where they’re living now. Here are the real estate photos of the house from before they bought it:

The house has four fireplaces. Here’s a photo of the living room after they moved in (via the LA Times):

A larger photo of the white kitchen:

The “Tuscan-style villa” has 6,700 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. That sounds big to me, but I suppose if you grew up in The Spelling Manor, it might actually feel cozy. I have to say I kind of preferred the smaller one (you can see those photos here). But I’m sure they’ll personalize this one more in time.

4/11 UPDATE: They just put this house back on the market.

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  1. Liz says

    I don’t really care for either of the homes. They both look like McMansions with no real character or charm. I’d love to have seen the homes that were torn down so they behemoths could be built but it would probably make me cry.

  2. MaryBeth says

    I don’t watch the show but saw some photos on the web last year and FELL IN LOVE with the master bedroom window treatments. I am dying to find out the fabric used on the roman shade. Also would love the armoire. xo, MB

  3. says

    Doesn’t look like they saved any of the furniture from the old house….So did they buy all new. And did they sell the rest on Craigslist???LOL
    I actually like the new more mellow house that they just bought…A more safer pool for the kids too!
    .-= Suzy´s last blog ..Brioche Blueberry Tart….TWD =-.

  4. says

    Hi Julia,
    I actually do watch this show, my daughter got me hooked on it and I really loved their old house, it felt more colorful and homey to me. I guess I haven’t seen enough of the new one yet but still lean towards the old one. I think they are a darling couple and I hope they stay together.

    .-= LeAnn´s last blog ..Bursts of color….. =-.

  5. says

    Oh wow! It is quite a bit different than their last one. I love the kitchen. It feels a little too glam for me and I agree that their last house was more homey. It is really beautiful though.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Just Really Happy =-.

  6. says

    Love the new house kitchen floor and those mirrored cube tables in the living room, but I think over all I like the old house better. Those bright babies’ rooms are so great!
    What is it about these two, anyway? I don’t watch their show but still find them oddly fascinating… and I’m not someone who swoons over celebrities at all.
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..BLUE + GREEN. A Question Asked and Answered. =-.

  7. Eileen says

    I loved the character of the old home, although I didn’t care for the color choices. Their kitchen/family room was phenomenal! ‘loved the decorating in there!

    The new home is bigger, nice property, nice staircase, love the kitchen floor, and love the covered outdoor space with the beautiful arches. The rest of it, not so much.

  8. says

    Julia, we share the love of great houses and really bad tv. I can’t help it!! From all the Housewives to Tori & Dean, I’m almost ashamed to admit I watch. I think Tori & Dean is quite a bit scripted but I still get a kick out of watching it. As far as the house goes, I agree the first house was much cozier. There is something really weird going on with the exterior of their new house. The exterior shots they use in the show resemble this house but I’m not so sure it is the same house. Why in the world would they add a two car garage to the front and change the windows to white?? I guess they could have done some major remodeling but, boy, did they waste their time. I prefer the exterior pictured above.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Monday Memories – Gardens of the Past =-.

  9. greenie says

    I watched the first season, but don’t anymore (not for any specific reason). I love Tori! Love her sense of humor and I think she’s got more on the ball than most people give her credit for. As for this house, I could take it or leave it, but I do love the kitchen. Clean and modern with a farmhouse twist.

  10. says

    Ditto Greenie above, I like the show (except, like you, for the motorcycle accident fakeouts – what a cheap ploy), and think Tori is more down to earth than one would think for someone with her background and means. I’ve always loved a B&W kitchen but that floor takes it to the next stratosphere!
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Here’s another reason to always pack clean underwear =-.

  11. Elizabeth says

    Tori and Dean are my guilty pleasure. I love that show and i love their house….both of them!

  12. Nita H. says

    When you see the house on the show, it doesn’t look like either of these front and back photos. On TV, you don’t see the garage area in the front at all. Hmmmmm………

  13. Nita H. says

    I really do love both the first house and the decorating there. It was so cute. This house is too impersonal for me, but I love Tori and Dean.

  14. says

    It is a little neutral and colorless but the kitchen floor, while not my style is unbelieveable and the living room cooly hip. Weren’t they running an inn somewhere in Malibu to be able to afford that last house? Wonder what happened there…
    .-= The Blushing Hostess´s last blog ..What would you do? =-.

  15. says

    I adore their previous home. That dining room would be hard to leave. Isn’t their new living room missing something? Perhaps fireplace flanking built=in’s? Very fun to see Julia.
    .-= Deborah Milne´s last blog ..Resurrecting the Pit =-.

  16. says

    Watching their show is one of my guilty pleasures. I have to admit, I was disappointed that they were selling their old home and moving to something bigger. Personally I liked their other home much more than this one, but I am all about the small, quaint and cozy.
    .-= Suzann´s last blog ..Summer Afternoon… =-.

  17. says

    The old house for sure. The new “Tuscan” looks like every other spec McMansion home in Southern California, and for sure Westwood over Encino anytime.
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..An Art History Assignment =-.

  18. says

    I like the show. They seem like nice parents & they care abt each other & their marriage…unlike the Jon & Kate approach to marriage…LOL. They have help & take time for each other. Good for them. I like the new house. I’m sure they will personalize it more when the cameras stop rolling. If it were me, I’d want it to be me to an extent with cameras on. I wouldn’t want the world knowing every thing I have & where it’s placed. It is more modern that I like. It’s nice that they are figuring out their style.
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..New Bedding =-.

  19. says

    I’ve never watched the show. Am I missing something? I do love me some reality TV. I think both houses have been nicely done. I love the first kitchen/family room. I wish the island in the new kitchen was black with a cream top. It is a bit too much white for me. I’m a “not so big house” kind of gal, so the the smaller house is more appealing. I actually love the MLS master bed. It is a bit funky but has a really functional space plan. Since my stuff is currently in boxes in the midst of a stressful move, I’d like to be having a cup of coffee and lounging in that bed with a good book. Ot better yet, make that a martini.
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..The Time Has Come….. =-.

  20. says

    I just starting watching this show and I LOVE it! It’s like a little guilty pleasure! I think I prefer their old place. But I think that it might be due to all the personalizing that was done to it. Maybe after they are in the new house and start to really put their mark on it, then I will like it too.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Weird-y Wednesday =-.

  21. says

    One annoying thing is her relationship with her mother. Can they just kiss & make up ? I don’t get all the whining about that subject. Just goes to show that money doesn’t buy happiness.

  22. Billy says

    West LA v. San Fernando Valley you’re kidding right, contrary to song and real estate agents, there is no good part of Encino. I can remodel a house but to move it across Mulholland is a huge pain.

  23. says

    Hi Julia :)

    I like the old house itself better, but not the way it was decorated. This one is better decor wise, but the charm is gone. I don’t mind Tori at all, but mostly because I feel bad she was raised by the crazy doll lady LOL

    Oh and I laughed out loud at Billy’s comment. I know exactly what he means :)

    .-= rue´s last blog ..A sweet and not so sweet surprise =-.

  24. says

    I love all of the blue and white, the fabric on the headboard is gorgeous. The kitchen is lovely…to me this house lacks the warmth of a personalized, lived in home. I suppose in time (if they stay there long enough, ha ha!) it will develop a more comfortable feel.
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..a summer sewing project =-.

  25. says

    6700 square feet? That’s crazy… dare I say bordering on obscene?
    I’ll take their old house, thanks, although I agree with Rue, more for its bones than the decorating style.
    .-= Struggler´s last blog ..Stop press: updates =-.

  26. says

    I was never a fan of Tori until I started watching this show. And in my mind, all I could do was compare them with Jon and Kate and the 8. I mean, no one is perfect but there is something about Tori and Dean’s relationship that seems really respectful in a weird kind of way. She respects him and he adores her.

    Now I need to go back and look at your post, I was so excited to read that you watch them too!
    .-= Nester´s last blog ..Price My Space Party =-.

  27. says

    And PS, I love how they are always on their bed. They play with their kids there, eat there… you know. And she always has a cushy tufted headboard. I so want one now totally because of her~!
    .-= Nester´s last blog ..Price My Space Party =-.

  28. Marcie says

    I love the show and both of their houses! I am in love with the blue color they have painted in the master bedroom. Anyone know what it is? I’m dying to have it!

  29. says

    I absolutely love both of them. I think they are adorable and really likable. I think they have taught me to love comtemporary style. I really have appreciated their style and their choices. It really has broadened my love of style in design.
    .-= Heather´s last blog .. =-.

  30. says

    Does anyone know the color used in their new and current bedroom? It’s blue and I want to paint my room the same color.

  31. says

    I think the decorating in the old house is much better but I LOVE the white kitchen in their new house! I wish it was mine. and the ottoman in the living room, it’s so huge, it’s awesome!
    .-= Casey´s last blog ..lovely package exchange =-.

  32. says

    I think I like her other house better too. More homey and not so giant. Did love the kitchen in the new home…wow!! Tori and I share the exact same birthday. I always find that fact amazing for some reason. She grew up in the Spelling Manor in Hollywood and I found my way in a sweet little old farmhouse in central Illinois:)
    .-= Becky @ Farmgirl Paints´s last blog ..Motherhood & Guilt =-.

  33. amber says

    i love to watch your shows your kids are adorable to i havent watched them in a while though with school and everything.

  34. Mildred says

    I love the gold color walls in the living room with the fireplace in i, What color are the walls??

  35. Nita says

    I like their previous house, much cozier and warmer. Why does a young family like this want a house that will keep them apart from their kids as the kids grow older? Waaay too big, unless she wants six kids. I watch the show all the time and love it. I think the “problems” they are having this season are just for show.

  36. says

    Gotta go with the old house. But I do think you’re right and the new house will likely feel better when they are more settled in and have injected their own style…
    .-= Marija´s last blog ..Six & Seven =-.

  37. Kim says

    Wow there’s not very many comments on this post. Maybe if it was reposted, there would be more comments.

    Sarah, I have noticed that too. Tori and Dean actually had a different outside for their old home too. I think they do that so people can’t find where they live, by watching their show and I don’t blame them.

    I personally like their old home better. It was perfect size.

  38. Helen says

    I love their new house. She did a great job on the family room, it’s so sunny and full of color. I would give my luggage for half of her energy. I do watch “Home Sweet Hollywood”, and find her to have great taste and talent. Her greatest gift seems to be her devotion to her friends and family.

  39. Rachell says

    Hi I have been trying to find curtains like Tori’s in her latest bedroom, from what I can see on the show they look like “trees or forest” of some sort. Anyone know where to get this?


  40. Aizhana says

    Hey. I live in Kazakhstan. I like Tori and her family. My english not cool))) but i want to say- this house vary beautiful, I do watch “Home Sweet Hollywood” and i wish go in your house, when i have holiday, but its a dream)))
    So Tori my ideal!

  41. Beckie says

    Love the show!! I need to know if anyone knows where I can get my grubby little hands on the curtains Tori has on the cover of Mommywood? Anyone know?

  42. says

    Although I absolutely can’t call this house ugly, it is way to bombastic for me.

    The family looks cute though. I live in the Netherlands and here we don’t hear a lot about Tori Spelling, after Beverly Hills 90210 that is.
    .-= Maaike Quinn´s last blog ..Seven reasons why I love FlyLady =-.

  43. Gregory says

    Both look a bit unfinished, perhaps it’s still work in progress. Enough with the pastel colors already and do something with the landscaping.

  44. says

    Your house is a place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, and going to a contemporary style can be just the change that you need to make it happen. The design is simple, clean and efficient, with just a few select items to set the style. Just like what I see on those photos, the furniture are very simple yet with the combination of all it becomes so beautiful.