Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Beverly Hills Home

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban 9579-Lime-Orchard Bev Hills CA

Celebrity super-couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban purchased this contemporary $4.7 million home in Beverly Hills with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 4,100 square feet. It was built in 1965 but has been remodeled to look like new.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban 9579-Lime-Orchard 3

The listing says: “This recently completed and exceptionally finished contemporary home, secreted away in a star-studded, guard-attended area near the top of Coldwater Canyon, features a full-floor, upstairs master suite comprised of dual walk-in closets, a designer-chic bathroom and a spacious sitting room/office area.”

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban 9579-Lime-Orchard bed

Nicold Kidman Keith Urban 9579-Lime-Orchard 2

“The dramatic two-story entry serves as a circulation hub downstairs providing access to the gourmet eat-in kitchen, formal dining room (replete with mahogany built-ins), airy living room, three family bedrooms and maid’s.”

Kidman Urban nursery

Kidman Urban 9579-Lime-Orchard-Rd-01

Kidman Urban 9579-Lime-Orchard-Rd-06

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Beverly Hills house

Nicold Kidman Keith Urban 9579-Lime-Orchard ext

BTW, earlier this year they sold Keith’s former bachelor pad in Nashville for $2.45 million:

Keith Urban's house in Nashville

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  1. says

    Both are really stunning, but the Nashville house did the trick for me. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

    Oh, I would love to participate in the Hooked on House Tours blog party. Surely, I will be able to find an interesting house around London to shoot? :)

  2. Nancy says

    Definitely liked the Nashville house more. Also, looks like a very steep driveway for the Beverly Hills house.

  3. says

    I like both, but the Nashville house is my fav! The new one reminds me of a hotel while the old one is more homey.

    OMG! I can’t wait to see that movie. I love historical fiction and Hugh Jackman… yum! Those outfits they are wearing are to dye for. I looks worth sitting through a long movie just for Hugh and to see the costumes.

  4. says

    I really do not like their new house. LOVE the Nashville one. I dislike contemporary quite a bit apparently because I cringed through the house tour :) I would love to see the movie. I see a date night in my future! Think hubby will mind if I drool over Hugh Jackman the whole time?

  5. says

    Their new house is such a departure from the Nashville house. I realize that the new one is for both of them while the other was just Keith’s, but his home was so much homier.

    Can’t wait for the holiday house tour. Woohoo! (Happy birthday to your hubby).

  6. Melinda says

    Wow I never thought I’d vote Nashville over Beverly Hills. Their new house seems really cold and sterile (no pun intended with the infertility issues). I hope they use a different stylist!

    And where are the shirtless pictures of Hugh Jackman????

  7. says

    Too sterile for my tastes on the BH home. Isn’t that Nashville home the one they sold last year? I believe they have a new one in Leaper’s Fork-Franklin TN.

  8. says

    Nashville house was better, but the Cali one was kind of fun in it’s own way.

    Can’t wait to see Australia–but then I like long, drawn-out English movies. Good thing they put some bronzer on Nicole for her Australia pick–if she were any whiter, she’d be transparent.

  9. says

    Nashville – hands down!! What a gorgeous and blasted BIG house! I can’t imagine living there! The one BH is just cold and very unwelcoming (in my personal opinion).

  10. Tara says

    Definitely like the Nashville one better – the CA home is very uninviting (but the bathrooms are pretty cool)

  11. says

    They are such a gorgeous couple! The new home in Beverly Hills is not to my stylebut nice non the less and what a contrast from his home in Nashville! A very fun post!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    ~Tam 😀

  12. j says

    Definitely the Nashville house… except that the bathtub appears to be right in front of two very large windows. HELLO paparazzi!

  13. says

    Hi Julia, I like there Nashville house so much better. It is way more “homey” especially the kitchen.

  14. says

    The Nashville house. The new kitchen is so sterile you could do brain surgery there. Thanks for the pics.

  15. says

    I’m the opposite, I love the BH home -the Nasheville one is nice but very generic. I saw Australia and loved the film – check it out (and yes, hugh jackman is SO HOT)

  16. Kelli says

    I like the Nahville house better, but agree with someone that it is a little generic. Looks like it sold on 11/5/07 for $2,360,000.

  17. says

    Should have kept the Nashville one.. coworker said it right..the new kitchen looks like a morge.

  18. Kathy :) says

    N A S H V I L L E…for sure !!! I love those bathroom mirrors… I actually don’t care forthe B Hills home.

    Hello to you Julia :~) I am alive and kicking just very busy, like everyone else, so I am doing more reading than commenting !!!

  19. says

    Thumbs up for Nashville ! The CA home is blah, blah boring, nothing special.
    I was surprised actually – expected them to live in a really posh house in The Hills.

  20. Sydney says

    The BH house was purchased solely by Nicole so she can have easier access to her first two kids.

    And BTW, all the interior design of the BH house was from the previous owner. Those were NOT the design choices of either Keith or Nicole.

    But the Nashville house was purchased by Keith’s trust in early 2005, and all the design choices seen above were his, made in conjunction with an interior designer.

  21. lila says

    The first house is too office building looking. The landing on the top floor looks like a hallway in a building.
    The house in Nashville was certainly nicer I think

  22. Susan says

    Nashville house is lovely….ick on the one in Hollywood except for Sunday’s room

  23. shahbeen says

    i love the second house….the one tht was sold…its warm,..luxurious….just the kind of place where u can go after a hard dayz work and relax….(at home)…

  24. Nathan says

    I don’t particularly love their Beverly Hills home, but their Nashville house is fantastic.

  25. Carol says

    The Nashville house is definitely more inviting than the cold CA house. The only room I would enjoy would maybe be the bedroom. If I were little Sunday, I would have nightmares the other six days……. :)

  26. janet says

    It’s interesting that there’s hardly any carpeting in either home.

    • says

      oh my gosh!nicole kidman i realy hope you read these cause you are so awsome.we know every thing about you.we even know where you were born.honalulu,hawii.but how?we thought you were astrailian.i want to go to all your houses and eat the food you cook..i hope you come here someday. ,savanna.
      i briana think you were born in austrailia not hawii . and you are my top favorite actress and that is all.briana
      ps-we live in canton texas.and we love your hair

  27. Katie says

    gah that first house is so clinical looking like a operating theatre very fitting with the icy stiff character nicole gives off.

  28. kimberly h says

    I liked the Nashville home and wouldn’t have far to move.

  29. says

    Nashville! It’s so much more normal. Modern is just not my thing. I did like the California bedroom though. Felt like they were sleeping in a tree. That would be fun:) Happy weekend Julia.

  30. says

    as i was looking at the BH home, even though it’s not their furniture etc…i was thinking that perhaps they may have similar furnishings???!! Have a great Weekend USA!

  31. Nita says

    That’s weird, I think I just heard her tell Oprah they were still living in TN and that was only a month or so ago.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I think they have houses all over but spend most of their time in Nashville now. -Julia

  32. Beth says

    They sold the Nashville house in the above pictures a long time ago. Nic didn’t live in it long. They have a farm in Franklin, Tenn, a huge house with 7 bedrooms called the “Queen of Northumberland” in Nashville which is their primary house, the house in the above pictures in California, a big new condo in New York City, a condo in Sydney, Australia, and a big farm with a huge house on it about 1-2 hours from Sydney in Australia. I follow their careers because I love the talent of both, and I love that they have become so family oriented.

  33. waycross48 says

    I SORRY!! But the house in Calif. looks like an office building and most of the rooms are cold and unwelcoming – sort of like a psychiatrist’s office. They even managed to screw up the baby’s room – very UN baby like. Now, the Nashville home is gorgeous. I would have held on to that one and gotten rid of the Calif house or have the Calif house redecorated like the Nashville house!!!!