Gwyneth Paltrow’s House in the Hamptons

This was the last cover of House & Garden before the mag folded in 2007. Since House & Garden is now gone and so is its website, I thought I’d show the photos of her Hamptons house for those of you who missed them. I think her house looks like it belongs to her, which is always refreshing when it comes to the big-time celebs.

She’s married to Chris Martin of Coldplay and they have two children together, Apple and Moses.

Here’s Apple’s bedroom, with a sweet pink and white canopy bed:

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  1. says

    Very cute & modern. I guess when you use neutrals like B&W a lot its easy to change seasonal decor. I’m finding my purple bathroom to be quite season neutral–amazingly. Except for christmas–stumped on that one.

    • kate says

      I realize this is an old post, but for christmas decor, try silver and a darker purple. and use winter-y textures and shapes. ie thicker rugs, plusher towels, sparkly stars or silver christmas balls. a winter white or cream would look good too.

  2. says

    it looks great, but they must never let those kids around anything.. all that white!!! and Apple’s bedroom has a sink? My bathroom doesn’t have one that nice! Ahh celebrity! jen

  3. says

    Her pad is a bit modern for my liking. But I like Gweneth a lot. She is very sophisticated and smart. She could have easily grown up as a spoiled rotten kid but she has a good head on her shoulders. I really like her hair short.

  4. says

    I think it’s too modern for me – I don’t see any warmth. But I have to say, I would really like to have that exercise studio and that pool!

  5. says

    I loved this kitchen, but some of the other rooms were not my style. Great photos!

  6. says

    LUV LUV LUV this house!! Oh my, just gorgeous!!! My hubby would never go for it, but if I were single, I think I’d redo my house to look like hers. Especially LUV the kitchen – the black, the stainless, the subway tiles, the white chandeliers. Luv it!

  7. says

    i love that house! love it. and i love her in the royal tennenbaums. but i’m not a huge fan of her politics. but anyway…

  8. says

    I was right! Love it when I’m right.

    I think this house is beautiful. Personally, I like more warmth. But since they don’t really live in this home, it’s their vacation home, it’s perfect. I wish I had a modern and sleek designed Hampton’s house! I would come in from the beach and never get sand anywhere, my kids would be perfect too and not get their chocolate covered hands on anything or scatter their toys all over the place:-)

  9. says

    I absolutely love her style! It seems so girly and whimsical. I’ve always loved gwenyth paltrow and I love that they keep their personal lives very low key and out of the lime light. That has to be something you work for I would assume.

    I’ve always loved her long hair and I think the short hair looks great too…In my mind these stars have personal dressers and stylists who suggest outfits and hair do’s. So when they get trashed in magazines and tv shows I think it’s unfair.

  10. MaryBeth says

    Could you really live at the beach with 2 little kids in a house this done?
    What is amazing to me is looking at this house who would imagine a thing needing to be changed for the photo shoot but then you see how a stylist goes around and makes each room look even better. Furniture and paintings move, props put out.
    I don’t love the look but was blown away by the “staging”. MB

  11. Sara says

    I think the house is really pretty but I don’t care for Gwyneth. She seems like such a snob to me.

  12. says

    I like it (and her, too) though it doesn’t feel very homey. I guess if it’s a vacation home that’s ok.
    BTW – I’m an Austen nerd too!

  13. says

    I really like the kitchen and pool area in her home. I too like her as well, especially in Emma (and I’ve got a thing for Mr. Knightly too)! :)

  14. says

    I love Gwyneth’s house. I actually like the clean look of the white walls, and it gives her freedom to change colors/accessories easily (as if saving money were really an issue!). I really admire her as an actress, and I like the way she tries to keep her personal life private. The only thing I wouldn’t have done, if I were her, is to make a comment like that about Reese Witherspoon…I mean, it seems like Hollywood’s a pretty small town and I’d be too afraid that she’d end up working with Reese one day and “have a lotta explainin’ to do”. Plus I have this infernal desire to have people like me and I wouldn’t want Reese Witherspoon not to like me. But I guess that makes me more like Sally Fields and less like Gwyneth Paltrow, now doesn’t it??

  15. says

    Okay, so I liked Emma too…: ) Anything Jane Austin gets my vote.
    The house does not appeal to me…I did like much about the kitchen however.
    I guess I was being snarky with my comments about GP in the last posting. Sorry…menopause and all. *grin* But I am not a huge fan of hers and I adore RW. When one so called celeb says such things about another, well, it always sounds a bit envious and silly.
    I am betting that if GP was offered a wonderful RC, and paid well for it, she would leap at the chance. I know, snarky again.

    I liked the colors of Apple’s room (I just can not get by the name Apple…hm…) and wish *I* could have such a bed! : )
    The kitchen was really great, huge! All in all, too minimalist for me but I loved seeing it!

    Have a wonderful weekend Julia!


  16. says

    Love the house! She’s pretty brave to put that much white in Apple’s room though. I especially love the kitchen. It’s simple and elegant, functional and beautiful. I think it’s my new dream kitchen.

  17. says

    I think there’s a lot to like about the house. It may be a bit stark for most of us, but it’s a great study in the power of pops of color against black and white. I’m wondering if that kitchen actually gets used much.

  18. says

    I love her house, I’m not normally a fan of black/grey kitchens but that is gorgeous. One question – where’s all Apple’s stuff?!?! My daughter’s the same age and we are inundated in her bedroom! :)

  19. says

    It seems to suit her very well. Sleek and elegant. I love the kitchen!
    She probably has all her clutter in a Manhattan apartment and this is her “show home”…ah to be able to own something in the Hamptons :-)

    Pat in Brooklyn

  20. Norma says

    I really like the style for her, it suits her. It’s not really my style. I love the pool and the kitchen.

  21. Kathy :) says

    Hi Julia,

    I like her as an actress and I think this house definitely suits her. I have to say she is not one of my faves and her kids names YIKES…but to each their own.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day,
    Kathy :)

  22. says

    Hey, Julia. Never really liked Gwenyth – in fact, as much as I love Austen, she’s the reason I’ve never seen Emma. I do like way it looks – very interesting and colorful – but at the same time it’s not practical. She can’t possibly *live* in a house like that with two kids… can she?

    I always thought the kids’ names were weird and wondered if they were chosen because of their biblical reference. Maybe I’m just too analytical. If they have a third one named Noah or Serpeant, we’ll know for sure! ;o)


  23. says

    I loved the color palate. It seemed a little stark and cold for me…but it was still lovely.
    Apple’s room was adorable…the classic little-girl fantasy bed.
    I liked the kitchen and usually I’m into white kitchens but that one was pretty and clean.
    And I love her lavendar bedroom walls.
    Very nice!

  24. says

    Love the kitchen….hoping that a loaf of bread is baking in that oven; love Apple’s room….needs books, crayons and dolls and lots and lots of girly shoes; love the pool too.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  25. says

    You crack me up. Every time we listen to Coldplay in the car I always ask Clayton, “I wonder what Apple and Moses are doing right now…” And we have since nicknamed her Apple-Dapple. We have no lives of our own.

    I LOVE her house. I could just move in. The lighting over the dining room table is stunning.

    And now the Hooked on Fashion part of this post: Those peep-toe boots look like someone took a turkey carving knife to some ski boots. I, too, don’t get it.

  26. says

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me that House & Garden bit the dust. I am still mourning as it was my absolute fave decorating magazine. I am trying to convince myself to weed through my stack of them in the family room–maybe just tear out my dog-eared pages and recycle ’em. Sigh.

  27. JLB says

    People … of course she lives in that house. It was being photographed for a magazine. They probably put a semi trailer in the drive way to store all the things the photographer didn’t like until the shoot was over.
    Also she grew up in a Hollywood family and saw her relationship with Brad Pitt examined by every reporter in the world everyday. So it is not suprising that she is really guarded with her private life now.
    P.S. They don’t live there full time. They have a house in London too.

  28. says

    I do like a lot about that kitchen, but not everything. Also, isn’t the dining room pretty? That chandelier!! I guess I do like a little more warmth overall, but there’s no denying that there is a lot here that is pretty!

  29. Starr says

    Very classy home. I love Gwyneth and all things Jane Austen. Don’t know Gwyneth’s politics, but if she’s like most of the others in Hollywood- I wouldn’t like her politics!

    (I can barely stomach Tom Cruise anymore after seeing him promoting Scientology in that famous video that Gawker refused to take down even after being threatened with legal action from the Scientologists. That video was close to a career-breaker- and if I were Tom, I would want it wiped off the face of the ethernet-LOL.)

  30. says

    Cute kitchen, but that’s about it. To me it looks like they zapped any personality out of the house. Not my deal LOL

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  31. says

    This house is lovely and liveable, and it seems to match her personality quite well. I am loving the chandy over the dining room table! And I dislike vessel sinks but I think the bath was well done (including the cute little step stool for the kiddos).

  32. Amy JoTrager says

    She’s got some really cool wall papers in her house. They look luxurious, but not stuffy.

  33. says

    I have to say, I love her choices in lighting!! I am not a huge fan of hers, but she is beautiful and has great taste. I like herkitchen enough, but do feel it needs something…to give it a more lived-in feel. It is a bit too sparse for my tastes.

    I do adore that painting of the crown! You should ask her where she got that, Julia. I’d love to get one, too!!! I’m sure it would be in my price range…

    Great post, as ever!!

  34. Tori says

    I like it! I could never live there–every room would have massive
    stains from something I happened to drop. Yep I can easily put my touch on a place. I think that she was given clothes to wear and she tried to make them work. I mean most stars have their clothes
    for the ”big red carpet events” laid out for them, so maybe she had bad clothes and picked to best ones. I don’t know. It’s not a wonder
    that people get divorced in Hollywood. If you had millions of people
    saying, “You look good with him” or ”You should get a divorce.” You would tend to be swayed, because everywhere you turn people are putting their opinion into you.

  35. massimo lavagna says

    I live in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. I think this house is cold and without personality. It is SAD. I would like help Gwynnie to transform her home.

  36. shahbeen says

    well…..all i can say is its lovely,…everyone has their own taste n style,….looks like shes a responsible mom and keeps a lovely home!…personally i love classic stuff and alotta gaudy clutter though my husband isnt really in for it he aint really bothered either,…as long as hes comfy hes not the least bit interested in where i put the furniture,…maybe her husbands the same,….im more optimistic about these things….and as far as paltrow herself goes,…she seems like a wonderful person just living her life with her family……

  37. says

    Love her house, it’s not what I would’ve expected either. I pictured it being much more cottage style and relaxed than modern and “cold” for lack of a better word. But it’s beautiful nonetheless. Add me to the list of those that love. her.

  38. says

    I really liked her home even if it is a holiday home and white walls are great havnt you heard of chux wipes lol . And I think she is a fabulous actress very engaging in her roles. Cheers Debra in Australia.

  39. says


  40. ida says

    i didnt care for the house. and i perfer her with clothing on that dont show much……..hummm so negitive. sorry. i’m just old fashion like that. why is there only one chair at the table in the kitchen?

  41. Makennah says

    Her house is very beautiful. But I would have pictured it looking much more cheerful. I guess what I am trying to say it that for a family to live in it, the home altogether doesn’t seem full of detail. And Apple’s room is cute, but not a little girls room. I would have to agree with Elizabeth.