Billy Joel’s $18.75 Million Hideaway in the Hamptons

Billy Joel released his first hit single, “The Piano Man,” in 1973. He has since become a six-time Grammy winner with 33 top 40 hits and more than 150 million records sold worldwide. Joel announced that he was “retiring” from pop music in 1993 but has continued to tour, sometimes with Elton John.

Today he is married to cookbook author Katie Lee Joel, and they own an $18.75 million hideaway in the Hamptons.

Did you see them interviewed on Oprah? First of all, Billy Joel looked put out that he had to be there at all, and he was not pleased to have to answer Oprah’s questions about his highly publicized series of car accidents and two trips to rehab.

Then when his wife joined him onstage for her portion of the interview and tried to hold his hand, he slowly…pulled it…away. It was all very awkward.

Billy married Katie in 2004 when she was only 23 and he was 55.

Despite the 32-year age gap between Katie and Billy, they insist it doesn’t matter. Katie told Oprah, “He has this job that’s allowed him to be really immature for a long time—rock star. And I happen to be more mature for my age, so we meet somewhere in the middle.”

Billy added, “I’ve said this before—I would have married her if she was 30 years older than me,” Billy says. “When it works and it clicks, you don’t fight it. You go with it.”

(I hate to be a cynic, but somehow I can’t imagine he would’ve found her quite as alluring as an 85-year old.)

UPDATE: In June of ’09, the couple announced that they’re separating after 5 years of marriage.

Katie Joel was the original host of “Top Chef” on Bravo but only lasted the first season. Padma Lakshmi, the model/cookbook author, has been hosting ever since.

Now Katie is touting a new cookbook she wrote called The Comfort Table. The forward was written by Paula Deen. (I love Paula Deen! You can see her house here.)

To get the meatloaf recipe Katie shared on Oprah, click here. Oprah says it was delicious. You can see the dining and living rooms of the Joels’ New York City apartment behind Katie in this photo:


To watch the video tour of the Joels’ home in the West Village (decorated by the fabulous Nate Berkus), click here (they make you watch a short commercial first). This is a still photo from that home tour:

UPDATE: Their townhouse is now on the market. See it here.

The Piano Man made big headlines when he married “Uptown Girl” Christie Brinkley in 1985. Their daughter Alexa Ray (named after Ray Charles) is now 22 and pursuing a musical career of her own. Go to Alexa Ray’s official website to hear some of her music. Billy and Christie divorced in 1994 but remain on friendly terms. She even attended his wedding to Katie in 2004.

Hampton House photos via Radar Online. Wedding photo of Billy and Katie Joel via Oprah Online. Photo of Alexa Ray and Christie Brinkley via Getty Images.

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  1. JLB says

    Seriously this house is worth $18 million dollars. Am I the only person underwhelmed. (I don’t believe for one second he would have married here if she was 30 years older)(If you buy that I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell ya….. hardly ever used!!! A little old lady only used it to go to church every week…Haha)
    He certainly looked very uncomfortable on Oprah. I wonder if they actually spend any time together. Wait a minute is the blog about houses? LOL I am regressing to one of my fav hobbies celeb gossip.

  2. Hairy Weisenheimmer says

    She’s thin,she’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s rich, she’s married to Billy Joel, she has a gorgeous house on the beach.

    I hate her guts. 😛

  3. JLB says

    I think Billy is the lucky one! I can’t believe you guys like this house. It is so plain.

  4. says

    I actually love the house and love the location right by the water, but can’t believe it cost 18 million. I feel like they got taken, even in that area. I’m still most obsessed with Michael J Fox/Tracy Pollan’s house, and it cost 1/3 what this one did and seemed more tranquil and had more character. I saw her cookbook at Costco this weekend, and thought, “Who’s Katie Lee Joel, and why is Paula Deen writing forewords for her?” Now I get it. And Julia, you should try the Barefoot Contessa’s turkey meatloaf recipe (from her first book); I actually crave it sometimes, and I also find meatload a little underwhelming.

  5. says

    Hmmm. I do like the Barefoot Contessa. I imagine if anyone could make meatloaf palatable, it would be her!

    Or Paula Deen. I love her. I want her to come to my house and cook fatty fried foods for me and call me “Sweetheart.” If she made me meatloaf, I’d be happy to eat it. :-)

  6. says

    I have to agree with JLB. $18 MILLION? Seems excessive- even for the Hamptons! I didn’t see the Oprah show with them on- bummer.

    Julia- Paula Deen has a restaurant in Savannah. Want to come for a visit? We can drive up and stand in a 2 hour line and hope we get in. lol It’s THAT popular! My mom has tried to get in a few times but the line is always so long.

  7. Kathy :) says

    LOVE Paula Deen, I have not been to The Lady & Sons, my SIL just moved to SC so hopefully soon we can get over to GA and see her :)

    I agree with everyone not so fond of this house, love Billy’s music though.

    My Mother was a wonderful cook and I never had meatloaf as a kid, not until I was married did I try it, I don’t do ketchup so when I make it I add tomato sauce (my own) and place two pieces of bacon on top. It really is a nice winter meal with mashed potatoes of course…..

    Nice post,
    Kathy :)..

  8. says

    Re: the house, the wraparound deck and the views are what makes it special and for a getaway, it’s all about the outside anyway.
    Re: the celeb gossip, lord he looks old! And too bad his daughter didn’t get her mother’s looks instead of his. (Catty remark, right?)
    Re: meatloaf, Yum! I make it in little muffin tins, that way it only takes about 20 minutes to bake instead of an hour. The ultimate comfort food, especially with mashed potatoes.

  9. JLB says

    All this talk about Paula Deen. I just bumped into her in the Savannah Airport. (Savannah native here-snobbish remark inserted) It was to funny this guy from NY was lloking at her cookbook in the shop and said “who the hell is Paula Deen, evryone in my office was talking about her”. Too funny she was actually standing behind him. I am not making this up.She is a very sweet person.

  10. says’’s.worth.18.million

    My first reaction was to fall in love with the laid-back vibe and the location. It wasn’t until I read JLB’s first comment that it sunk in that it’s worth 18 million. You have to give them credit for creating a home that looks comfy and doesn’t go over-the-top in showing off their wealth. but still…18 mil…quiet sob…I guess I’ll never be a future owner of this abode (LOL as if that was ever a possibility!)

  11. Blazer120 says

    Katie married Billy Joel for the MONEY and the FAME only. She will divorce him in about 5-7 years for a BIG MONEY/HOUSE settlement and then find someone she really loves while she is still in her late 20’s. Katie is as smart as she is attractive. Way to go girl!!

  12. Kim/Billy Joel Fanatic says

    i loooove billy joel!!! katie only married him 4 his $ & fame. that is mean! i h8 her guts! like hairy! o & by the way billy, if u ever read this i loved ur may 23rd concert at mohegan sun!! i screamed the loudest! Downeaster “Alexa” rocks! i cried when u sang it cuz thats my fav song!!!! & my ringtone on my cell! ur my background! and katie, if u ever read this im sorry i was mean. ium just sooo jealous! hey billy! guess wat else!!!! my b-days 5 days after yours, when the comment b4 me was posted. ok now im babbling! Bye!

  13. Mary Gee says

    I think it’s lovely and oh so real. That’s why he has such real and fabulous music because that’s who he is. As for the price, if you know anything about ocean-front property on Long Island, you know that 18 million is actually quite acceptable. Nice, quiet and beautiful location. God Bless the house and the family, please.

  14. says

    18 million is absolutely par for the Hamptons. It is OCEANFRONT!! Just being south of the highway is huge. Billy also owns other properties in the area (a home across from the yacht club etc..) Whoever is underwhelmed by the Hamptons has not been there. I had never seen the interior shots of their Hamptons home before & personally I love it. I think it is very tastefully done. I really like Katie Lee & Billy. Divorce isn’t fun for anyone, I wish them both the best.

    Melissa’s last blog post..All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go **REVISED**

  15. says

    That house is AWESOME!!! What a dream.

    I have been told so many times that I remind people of Katie Joel… I never knew who that was for the longest time. ha! I don’t look like her at all, I’m wondering what the resemblance is about? Maybe it’s having an older husband. hee!

    Amy From Texas’s last blog post..Dark Chocolate Cookies

  16. Myke says

    As for the value of their Hamptom house – it’s all about location, location, location.

  17. says

    Alexa Ray Joel is great. She definitely inherited her dad’s talent. She is not only a good singer but also a songwriter and a pianist! Visit Just sign up for her mailing list to receive a FREE MP3 download of her single “Invisible”.
    Check her out.. you won’t be disappointed
    And stay tuned for more news on Alexa Ray Joel! You’ll be hearing a lot more about her.

  18. sonia says

    He marries something like his daughter!!!!!! That slays me, thirty year difference, billy must be in some serious “Arrested Development!”

  19. Doug Thompson says

    What a great house, If he relationship isn’t working it doesn’t matter how perfect the surroundings are.