Jennifer Lopez’s Glam Nursery for Her Twins


The new People magazine issue is on newsstands now, featuring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twins Max and Emme. You’ve got to check it out, if only to get a look at that nursery. Wow. It’s like Versailles in there with crystal chandeliers and everything.

Jennifer Lopez–a mere month after giving birth to two babies–is perfectly svelte and glowing like someone who has spent a month at a spa. Keep in mind that she looked like this just a month ago:


And here she was in NYC today:


In the People magazine photos, there’s no sign of spit-up in Lopez’s hair. No dark circles under her eyes from sleepless nights, or puffiness from hormonal crying jags. She even mentions that she plans to run a triathalon this year because she wants her babies to be proud of their mama. Way to make all the rest of us mothers feel like losers, J. Lo!

Here’s an aerial view of the Lopez-Anthony $3.7 million estate in Glen Head, New York (via Showbiz News):

When the couple bought the mansion, it was decorated in a hunting theme that included lots of plaid wallpaper and wooden mallards. The Fall/Winter 2006 issue of Vogue Living featured its remodel:


Jennifer Lopez house in Vogue Living

According to People, Jennifer Lopez declared that money was no object when it came to decorating the nursery for the twins:

Jennifer Lopez called upon the experts at Hollywood favorite baby boutique Petit Tresor. For the nursery, the twins will dream away in Chelsea Sleigh cribs, $1390 each while Mom and Dad relax in Glam Gliders $1,420 each. And when they need changing, the twins will have a Clara changing table, $1780.

Here’s the Clara changing table from Petit Tresor:

And the Glam Gliders (but I see no sign of them in the photo spread; everything in the nursery is ivory, so if they did get these, I’m guessing they didn’t go with this blue):

The French-made cribs feature hand-embroidered bedding. PageSix reported that they spent over $120,000 for the ocean-themed room: “The tiny pair will also gaze upon 18-karat gilded trim and chandeliers in Jennifer and Marc Anthony’s Long Island home, as well as in the nurseries in their Bel Air and Fisher Island homes.”

Just to be clear, when they say it’s an ocean-themed room, they don’t mean they went with this:

No. They’re talking hand-painted murals.

Despite the earlier mention of the Chelsea Sleigh Cribs, they were nowhere to be seen in the People photos. The cribs in the photo spread were from Bratt Decor ($847 each) and looked like this:

Here are the cribs in the nursery itself:

Jennifer Lopez twins nursery in People mag

I think it’s lovely. But the folks at Parents Magazine took a different view and declared it a “death trap.” In an open memo to Jennifer Lopez, the editors wrote on their GoodyBlog:

We want those sweet twins to stay out of harm’s way, so we’re begging you…please babyproof! Take the pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets out of the cribs. They’re suffocation hazards. Get rid of the dramatic draped canopies hanging over the cribs, which can cause strangulation. Those cute bows tied onto the crib slats? Choking hazards as soon as the babies are big enough to get their hands on them. And throw a window guard on that open window!

It’s such a pretty deathtrap, though. Without the bows, canopies, draperies, pillows, blankets, and piles of stuffed animals, what would be left? A chandelier, two cribs, and a window guard.

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  1. says

    Agreed- wish we could see more of her fabulous room…for you know if it is J-Lo- it is fabulous!! Thanks for a great post!

    kari & kijsa

  2. hookedonhouses says

    Thanks for the link, Marie. So J Lo’s nursery is a death trap, huh? That cracked me up. It did look totally staged and unrealistic for actual babies with all the canopies, bows, bumper pads, and pillows. Safety experts really want you to put your baby in a totally empty, bare crib, but that wouldn’t have photographed nearly as well, I imagine. :-)

  3. says

    This just makes me that much happier that my baby is 23. If People had ever gotten a gander at my boys’ nurseries they would have been stunned at the lack of resources that went into them:>) Oh well, the kids turned out fine in spite of the spartan crib and Marimekko wall hangings.

    Janet who really needs to get off the computer and finish the trim painting!

  4. Tori says

    I think she must be wearing one of those -suck up
    your tummy- things in the after picture

  5. says

    This is actually quite interesting, so I think that it’s just a sad reflection of my life that my attention was first caught by the headline: Stuff Happens: One Woman’s Attempt to Get Rid of Decades of Clutter.

    I freaked out for a second…thought maybe they’d been sneaking around my house lately.

  6. says

    OMG! I can’t believe you have a posting about this. I mean, I can becuase you are hooked on houses. I read that People magazine and the article on J-Lo’snursery really got under my skin. It is stunning but totally impracticle. Several days before I saw that issue, I was looking around my baby’s room. It’s pretty lame as far as baby rooms go, but it’s a good size, it’s clean, cheerful and warm. It is so much nicer than what many babies in the world have. My baby has a pretty cushy life, and of course that’s what I want for her. I just hate the thought of babies not having basic needs being met.

    Then I see J-Lo’s exorbinate decorating and the prices for all that stuff. What if she HAD spared a little expense and sent the extra $ to buy mosquito nets for babies over in Africa? She could do so much more than I could with her resources. (and maybe she does) Then I wonder if I was in her position would I be sending mosquito nets or would I be hanging chandaliers in the baby’s room? I know for sure I wouldn’t be the one getting up in the middle of the night if I had 2 nanny’s on staff!

    She does look absolutely AMAZING post-baby. AMAZING.
    Anyway, I had been thinking about blogging on this topic, but maybe I’ve got it out of my system now and can let it go!

  7. Sue C. Barber says

    I guess if you have that kind of $, you can do what you want w/ it. But, w/ all the unemployed, homeless, starving people on the streets in the USA….those w/ $ should help those in need. The celebrities could wipe out hunger right here at home in our own back yard if each of them donated a few million dollars. Opra and her billions should start the ball rolling and sign on every celebrity she has had on her show….do soomething more positive than brag about what you have.

    • says

      I don’t believe I have ever heard Oprah brag about what she has. And a lot of the celebrities donate millions of dollars to charties like Sandra Bullock towards Katrina. What’s the real issue here?

      Any intelligent person should know that if media regularly airbrush super models on the cover of magazines, there is going to be a set designer on hand during the shoot to this room. Of course the room was staged!

  8. Linda Crosby says

    The nursery is beautiful. You all are just jealous. Why shouldn’t J.Lo have that nursery. She has worked hard and deserves to give her babies whatever she and Mark want. Why does everyone feel so entitled? Get a job and make your own money.

  9. Lisa in Australia says

    It is a beautiful room. I don’t think it is over done. And to those people criticizing JLO for spending her money and not donating it to save people or help those in need. If rich celebrities didn’t spend their money, look at what jobs would be lost. Sales positions, seamstresses, designers… even farmers and industry who provide the materials for their houses. By making those baby cribs it has probaby kept someone in business who can provide for their family.

  10. Johanna says

    I agree! If somebody has worked so hard let them enjoy the fruits of their labor. I mean HELLO!!! Her babies are her world now. Who care’s if she wants to give them everything she didn’t have. You mean to tell me if you were a multi millionare you would not spoil yourself. GET REAL. And this room is possibly the most beautiful baby room I have ever seen. Obviously it might have been more made up for the pictures it is PEOPLE magazine and they paid millions for those pictures.

  11. Nathan says

    I think the room was quite staged for the photos. I’m sure all the “death-traps” don’t exist in every day life. Who wants to see a picture of two bare cribs in Jennifer Lopez’s nursery? Also, I love that her twins’ cribs cost more than my bed… Just saying, lol.

  12. Chanae says

    Well I think the nursery is beautiful and if I had the money I would have done the same for my baby girl… and J’Lo has donated so much to charity’s and stuff…so why can’t she spoil herself a little she’s worked hard for what she has… so SHUT UP!!! with all that CRAP if you had the money you would spoil you’re children too… you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t…! and I too believe that all the room was over done for the pictures… because she would of hired the BUBU crew to baby proof…


    • says

      Jennifer gets a lot of flak for being a Latina who has talent and money. I’m NOT impressed with celebrities.most are looking for the next gig. I admire Jennifers discipline. It’s hard for anyone to make it in the entertainment field. Twice as hard for anyone of color or Hispanic. Three times as hard if they are female. She and Marc Anthony made got together u
      y made “El cantante”.she could have made a romantic comedy with a popular actor and gotten great reviews.instead she took a loss I’m sure and made a film about Hector lavoe . The people who know appreciated this tribute to one of the all time greats. Marc Anthony was great in the role.he nailed the music. Marc is one of this generations great singers. When you’re on top People want to knock .I recently saw a picture of Jennifer with Sophia Lopez. She doesn’t advertise everything. Somethings are not needed to be spoken about. I’m sure she’s doing her part for Sophia.look beyond the glamour and money and I think you will find dos Puerto roq

  13. caidync mason says

    i really loved her nursery, although a million dollars is much for a year then have to change it into a room for toddlers…i wonder where all that stuff will go after there done being newborns….shes needs to donate that to the less fortunate babies out there…what ever she does dnt let it go to waist…much love to j lo.