Happy Hollow: A Gambrel-Style House & Guest Cottage

If you’ve got an extra $7 mil or so lying around, then this Gambrel-style house in Brookline, Massachusetts, might tempt you to spend it. Heck, I’d be happy just to live in the charming guest cottage out back! It was built in 1901 but has been beautifully updated and renovated with “English country house details.” Take a look:

The listing says:

“Happy Hollow: Historic charm meets modern elegance in this rare Brookline masterpiece. Recently expanded & elaborately restored English country manor provides the perfect blend of contemporary luxury & tranquility. Numerous extra features including gym, movie theater, wood-burning stone pizza oven, 2,500 bottle wine cellar, and landscaped grounds complete with infield grass from Fenway park. All just steps from Lars Anderson & minutes from Back Bay.”

The house has around 9,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 8 full baths.

I think I gasped out loud when I saw this sunroom. Wow.

The house sits on about 1 acre.

Even the picket fence and gate are charming:

But wait, there’s more! Check out the one-bedroom guest cottage out back:

Note the name on the towels: Bliss Cottage.

Want it? Check the listing at William Raveis. Old House Dreams has additional photos from when it was on the market last year. Thanks to Kim and Pricey Pads for bringing it to my attention.

P.S. To see more interesting properties for sale: Sunday Open House. And if cottages are your thing, I have a whole page devoted to my faves.

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  1. says

    Wow … The exteriors are the stuff of dreams and fairy tales of old.

    Inside, some of the rooms are a bit too formal for me, but the bedrooms, the kitchen with the curved ceiling and big window, and sun porch are all so charming and inviting. I can picture myself with a good book in that sun room with the rain pitter-pattering on the roof.

    But I’m with you, Julie, I’d take that in a heart-beat.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. says

    Outside is jaw dropping gorgeous. A little too formal for me inside, but I could work with it. lol I do love the cozy cottage. Thanks for sharing some pretty this morning.

  3. KellyW says

    It is so pretty! I couldn’t see my husband living there though. He’d be more comfortable in the guest house.

  4. says

    That is the most beautiful house I have ever seen…I would hate to be selling it if it was mine..
    The guest cottage living room reminds me of the house in the holiday movie.
    Must win lottery..move to America and buy this house…haha one can dream right?
    Maybe Santa will give it to me of Christmas.
    Cheers and thanks for the lookie Frances

  5. Laura says

    With minor decor updates, it’s absolutely perfect. This will be my house in heaven *sigh* :)

  6. Dina says

    Yes, lovely, especially the guest house. I do wonder if there were some changes made in the getting the house on the market. Most of the paintings I can see are cheap and mostly what I call “The School of Sofa Art”. I wonder if the family removed better pieces and replaced them with the mass produced stuff in order not to attract thieves. I find it hard to believe someone with a seven million dollar house would put paintings on their wall that I can buy for a few hundred at those “starving artist” sales usually held at local hotels. The bunny rabbits over the fireplace is sweet, but I can go downtown and buy it my local furniture store right now for about $350, along with the landscapes seen in the hallway. I know of at least one Ebay vendor with the dog paintings. I think somewhere, locked away, are some really lovely 18th-19th century originals (or at least I hope so).

    • laney says

      …what an astute eye for detail you have dina!…i am agreeing…there must be treasures we are not seeing…blessings laney

      • David says

        One of my pet peeves. I go to estate sales and walk into a half million dollar home with fake art everywhere. I live in a modest suburban ranch but at least the art is real-and personal. I have been to warehouses here in Atlanta with paintings similar to these stacked in piles 30 deep.

    • Shari says

      Hi Dina. I don’t have your eye for detail, so I went back and looked through the paintings. I have to admit I do like some of them. The room with the bunnies over the sofa was my favorite room in the house! :) I live in a tiny cottage in the country and have a similar bunny painting in my home. I enjoy it very much, but I’m also not a millionaire, so won’t be ashamed. :) Maybe they like both expensive and inexpensive items and purchase them just because they enjoy them? Who knows. Lovely cottage regardless.

  7. Jenb says

    This has to be one of the prettiest houses I have ever seen. Some areas are so formal I can’t see myself being comfortable in them. But others look so homey. I think I could adapt!

  8. says

    Lovely property! It looks like it is ready for a magazine shoot with all the beautiful decor, but It isn’t staged to sell well at all, with things in front of windows, tons of decor items littering every surface of the house including the floor. Such a shame it wasn’t staged better if they are trying to sell it. Love the blog and FB page and seeing all your fun “Home” finds!

  9. Marta says

    Your site is always so much fun. This is beautiful, and so inspiring. Do people really get to live in something this charming? I agree with Frances . . . how could you leave? Thank you for sharing, Julia.

  10. Laura says

    My favorites are the kitchen and the bathroom in the guest house. Beautiful! I like most of it, really, but I’m so tired of seeing recessed lighting put in old houses. Ugh.

  11. Cindy says

    I LOVE the exteriors – love them! But the interiors are a bit too…much…for me. The architectural details are awesome, though. I could de-clutter and de-formalize it to my taste without too much effort. :-)

    • Jen L. says

      I agree! From the outside, it’s the perfect charming “movie set” home. From the inside….ugh. I don’t love super modern decor but I REALLY don’t love the over-wrought, ornate furniture and details.

      It’s sort of how I felt about Hearst Castle – grounds to die for, interiors dark and gloomy. Pretty disappointing.

  12. Julia says

    Wow! A 9000 square foot home that actually looks “homey”, I love it!

  13. says

    This is one of the most beautiful homes I have seen – I could easily live there – it is decorated in an elegant but comfortable style – I love it! I enjoy your blog very much and you have inspired me to start my own lifestyle blog. Thanks for adding such beauty into my daily life! Sincerely, Barbara @ theenchantedmanor.com

  14. says

    Gosh, just a lovely home. If I had the money this would be something that I’d buy, fully furnished, for my mom. She’d love it. It’s nice seeing a lovely home really ‘done up’.

  15. T. says

    What a lovely home! I do think the ornate furnishings compete with the rich architectural details, although that’s easily fixed (provided one has the funds, which I don’t!).

  16. Jen M says

    Agree that the exterior is the stuff of dreams. I don’t like the inside, though. Too much white, and the wood finishes are too trendy.

  17. CeCe says

    I would love this house and would want to buy it fully furnished. I love all the attention to detail. And I agree with the commenter above who said it is a homey house. So true, and so hard to do when it is such a big house.

  18. Rebecca C. says

    It is too formal for my tastes, but wow is it beautiful. I agree about the cottage. I could live in just that.

  19. laney says

    …perhaps simpler curtains…but without a doubt…a beautiful beautiful home…and like you julia…the charming guest cottage would suit me just fine…blessings laney

  20. Cindy W says

    The interiors are far too ‘foofy’ for me, but the architecture of both the main house and the cottage? Love it.

  21. Miss Emily says

    Love it! Now that’s what I call real furniture and design! If I see one more skittle-colored table that used to be a nice wood grain and finish, I’m going to scream!

  22. David says

    I don’t have 7 million laying around but I was sure stealing decorating ideas left and right.

  23. says

    Wow. Just wow. While the decor inside isn’t my style, I’m in love with this house. The exterior especially, but the kitchen is absolutely to die for. If I ever had a dream home, it’s been trumped by this!

  24. ShabbyChick says

    Julia, you just don’t disappoint. This cottage is magical, the stuff of childhood dreams!!! LOVE!!! 😉

  25. Destiny says

    I adore every little thing about the exterior/outside of this home, including the driveway and landscaping, but the indoors is way to formal for me, almost to the point where I am not able to fully appreciate it.

    A fun glance, but no house jealousy here! PHEW…

  26. Frances says

    I adore the ‘bones’ of this. The decor is a bit too… too much, but simplify it down a bit and wow what a house you could have!!

  27. Richard says

    Like the house, hate the furniture. Get Karin Blake in there.

    • Alie B says

      Yes! I love Karin Blake Design and you’re right; her style would be perfect with this architecture.

  28. says

    Yes, I would be tempted! However, our budget does not stretch to that extent. Ha
    I love most of the furniture, too, and especially the L shaped sofa with the multi fabrics. :-)

  29. says

    Wow, wow, wow! This one is my favorite of all the ones you’ve featured!!!! I could move in tomorrow – oh, wait – that was 7M???? OK, I’ll keep dreaming – lol!

    Thanks for sharing – LOVED it!

  30. Dean says

    Love the house itself, but the interior design and furnishings…Whew! Way too over-the-top foo foo chi chi.

  31. CCJ says

    I’m surprised at all the people who think the decor is formal or over-the-top… it makes me wonder what it says about me that I think it looks completely cozy and family-friendly! (Probably that I live in a collection-packed, formally furnished house, lol) Their paintings down, our paintings up, and it would be ready for us to move in tomorrow!

    Officially one of my favorite houses… EVER. I’ve got to save the shots for my ‘dream house’ file. Thank you, Julia!

  32. Anne says

    I have to agree with some of the other posts…………it is a very beautiful home but it feels too formal and busy. I envy the outside, I wish my lawn and stone driveway looked as pristine as this!

  33. Lisa says

    Just so much fun! There are always things one might do differently, but this one has amazingly good “bones”!

  34. Wade Watson says

    That’s a very impressive icebox-style refrigerator. I haven’t run across an American company making those. I know the European Robey company makes some similar to that, but I haven’t seen that model. I suppose it could a custom modification.

  35. Jared says

    I used to live in Brookline and it is a beautiful town. Rolling hills with patches of little tucked away neighborhoods and beautiful homes like this one. Definitely a unique place and minutes away from Downtown Boston.

  36. says

    Wow, completely not my style and somehow I would move into it in a heartbeat and not change a thing. I totally love it. It’s like a dream.

  37. Kim says

    You’re Welcome and thank you for sharing this. I can’t stop looking at this house it’s so charming.

  38. sandy says

    This home takes my breath away. If I could twitch my nose & close my eyes I would wake up there & feel I was in a dream. Love everything about it.

  39. Alie B says

    This home is so sweet and feminine! I half expected to see Snow White and the 7 dwarves in the guest house. This would be a great bed and breakfast or inn. It has a magical quality that children would love! :-)

  40. Christina from Dallas says

    This house is my guilty pleasure! I love it! My husband would look at it and hate it probably but I could live happily every after here. I wish I could somehow redo the living room in my house like this but at a less expensive price point.

  41. missannethrope says

    Yikes! Looks like an entire Ballard Designs catalog exploded all over this house.

  42. Carolyn says

    What an amazing property. Love the exterior and the house’s ‘bones’. The windows and interior woodwork/ mouldings, cabinetry, tile, curved rooms, and arched, beamed and vaulted ceilings are fantastic. A bit too sweet and feminine decor for me – agree about the foo-foo and those paintings (Chinese imports done by the hundreds). Though charmingly done, the interior decoration looks dated by about ten years +, but there are many who love this over-accessorized traditional “English” look (lots of plates and wall brackets, birdcages, fake greenery and flowers, and little paintings). I think all the amazing woodwork does call for some formality. I do love the kitchen and that birch log sunroom, but my favorite is the guest house. Not sure I would have done the faux log cabin siding inside (I like the real thing) and it’s too busy with all the early American collectibles, but that bathroom with those windows is wonderful. From the outside, it’s a perfect gem. A lot of eye candy with this post. Thanks, Julia.

  43. Terry says

    Very pretty house but the interior has way too much eye-candy, kind of like a diet of cake and ice cream. There is no place to go to escape all the Stuff! I do adore the refrigerator though. I would probably empty out the guest cottage and live there (taking the refrigerator with me). Can you imagine this place in the snow? Oh my, a fire in the fireplace, a good bottle of wine, some cheese….

  44. Lisa T. says

    OK. We’re done. Leave these pictures up and call it a blog (day).

  45. kathy d says

    oh my gosh a dream place, and I too could live in the guest house!!!!!!

  46. Stephanie says

    OMG. Wow. What a house! I love the decorating so much! What an inspiration! Hands down the most gorgeous fridge I’ve EVER seen. I could do without the inside birch trees or whatever that is – but the rest is amazing.

  47. Lori says

    Oh boy… One gorgeous house. I bet if you shared these in black and white instead of color we all would think it came right out of a classic 1940’s movie!!!

  48. says

    Love..love the kitchen!! Sunroom, yes I can picture myself in there too. Overall the house is tooo much, to much stuff, to frilly of furnishings. Outside you , at least I thought, once you went in, the home would be..homey. A warm glow, a “comfort” zone..just didn’t get that feel. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I’d take it in a new york minute, then just de-clutter some!

  49. says

    The outside of the cottage is beautiful, like a fairy tale house. The interior is way too much for my taste, though.

  50. Erica says

    The main house is too much for me, but I’m in loooooove with the guest cottage. OMG.

  51. says

    Thank you for this beautiful cottage. It welcomes me HOME! Such an enchanted place to live. As a real estate broker, I always told clients that the right house will speak. This one sang a song to me.

  52. Queenie Sun says

    Oh my! What a charming little place in Massachusetts! The price went from 7 to 5 mil too!! Waitin for four mil…. Maybe?? It’s such a spacious 1 acre home too. Maybe used as a vacation home?