Designer Susan Anthony’s Acorn Cottage

Remember Westchester Magazine’s American Dream Home that I told you about last weekend? New York-based designer Susan Anthony worked with Ethan Allen to furnish and decorate it. When I visited her website, I came across photos of her house, dubbed Acorn Cottage. With a name like that, I had to see more. And it’s so charming, I knew you’d enjoy a tour, too. Take a look!

She told the blog All the Best that the house was such an ugly 1950s ranch when she bought it that her friends and family thought she had lost her mind. But the gardens and surrounding property had sold her on it, and she dove into the renovation.

An antique Swedish Mora clock in the foyer

She was determined to keep the reno as green as possible: “We reused much of the original construction and used only products made of recycled materials for the insulation and roofing. We put in energy efficient appliances, windows and doors and recycled the old appliances. All of the old appliances were sent to a charity that reworks them and resells them to lower income families at reduced prices.”

It took 9 months to transform the house into Acorn Cottage: “When we were finished I had added a full bathroom, an entry foyer, a bedroom, a laundry room and four closets just by adding forty-eight inches to my garage and changing some outdated duct work.”

Susan told HGTV: “I moved from a much larger home and took with me the antiques and furniture that I had the most connection with. After seeing these pieces together, I filled in the blanks with new items. I did not want furniture, rooms or objects that were not relevant to my life now.”

Susan is developing a line of sustainable fabrics under the label Acorn Cottage Designs.

“The garden was the primary inspiration for my exterior paint colors, which I chose first,” she explains. “I stood in the garden and looked at the house in its surroundings with paint colors in hand. I selected colors that went with the sky, leaves and stone. I used that palette on the interior — leaf green, creamy yellow, sky blue, stone grey, rose pink and earth brown for the floors.”

“Perched on a hill surrounded by oak trees I chose to name my new home Acorn Cottage after nature’s perfect food – the acorn. This home has fed my soul and nourished my heart,” Susan says. I love that.

For more photos and information, visit Susan’s website Anthony-Wright Interiors, the blog All the Best, and HGTV.

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  1. Alie B says

    Oh this lovely! That patio area is to die for. Love the way the flagstones just blend in with the stones on the hill behind. I think I would hang a hammock from those trees, overlooking the patio.

  2. laney says

    …to live in such a garden of eden would have sold me too…even if i had to pitch a tent…how wonderful her wise choices for the inside were fulfilled to such perfection…i love it! blessings laney

  3. david says

    Could move in tomorrow. Took note of the wallpaper. It gave depth and rhythm to the walls that plain paint simply can not do.

  4. says

    I chose to name our new home, Gopher Cottage, after natures perfect rodent–the gopher. The gopher leads a simple life. Rather than live in the spacious,weed clogged yards in the area, he chose the ever so tiny, once perfectly coifed, yard on the corner. And he brought his friends to share in his joy! He wanted my life to be simple as well. He took out all the plants that required my morning attention and replaced them with his perfectly formed mounds of fresh dirt. Now in the morning, we play peek-a-boo and dodge-the-hot-cup-of-coffee. He (and his friends) have made my life perfect–perfect hell.

    Sorry. That is all just petty jealousy. I want to live in Acorn Cottage. Or I wish my gophers would go live there!

  5. Carolyn says

    Love the cottage, love the name! I, too, would like to see the ‘befores’. It’s great that she was able to do such a *green* renovation. Kudos to her.

  6. Rebecca C. says

    I love that shade of green that she used. Not always a fan of wallpaper, but I think she used it well. I would love to see before pics. This is one remodel that turned out great!

  7. Sam says

    Julia, I really love this blog, the houses that you post are amazing and your house is amazing, I love how simple but effective it is! This house on this blog is amazing aswell!
    Sorry if the time is ridiculous like 3:00 am, I live in Australia so the time will be different. :)

  8. says

    “…the house was such an ugly 1950s ranch when she bought it.” What are you trying to kill me? Seriously, it is super charming but I would LOVE to see more of that yard. Looks pretty spectacular.

  9. Tracie says

    Ok….I’ve found it. My true, true dreamhouse. I know I’ve said it before, but this time it’s true….I can see myself in this house being happy forever. Ok. It may not fit the exact description of what my son and twin boys have in mind, but a woman can dream, right? This is one for the inspiration book, for sure!
    Thanks for inspiring us with gorgeous homes, Julia!


  10. Squirrel says

    Acorns generally require extensive processing to be edible. Unless you are a squirrel.

  11. Kim says

    What a charming and nice cottage. This would make a great getaway.

  12. Beth says

    Julia, you always post the most swoon-worthy homes! This home is truly enchanted. Beautifully edited and masterfully executed. Love every room. There are several I’d like to pin to my Pinterest inspiration boards as my husband and I embark on building our retirement home, but since there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that, can you get permission to pin to your board? I follow you :) so I could repin!

    • says

      Feel free to pin whatever you want from my site, Beth! Don’t you have the “Pin It” button up on your toolbar? That’s how I do it.

      • Beth says

        Wow! That was fast! I don’t believe the IPad allows you to put a “pin it” button on the Safari tool bar (at least as far as my technically challenged skills could determine!), so if a site doesn’t have its own button I use the Pinterest app, which does have a pin button when you go to the web through it. I went to the designer’s web site through the app, but as seems to be the case with a lot of designers, it doesn’t seem to allow images to be pinned :(. However, not to be deterred, I tried the HGTV link you provided in your post, and since they had a “Pin it” button–success! Sorry to have jumped the gun before exhausting all my options first :/ and thanks again for your speedy response!

  13. Maria says

    Really nicely done, but I’d love to see floorplans!

    “When we were finished I had added a full bathroom, an entry foyer, a bedroom, a laundry room and four closets just by adding forty-eight inches to my garage and changing some outdated duct work.”

    She added all that with just 48 inches? Me thinks she has Harry Potter magic!

  14. says

    This is such a pretty and cozy cottage. Here are a great article on how to maintain the perfect cottage ( Enjoy!

  15. stefania says

    It is Mora clock, not Moira. Mora is the town in Sweden, in the region of Dalarna, where those kind of clock were produced.