Old Fox Cottage in the Cotswolds

Old Fox Cottage in the Cotswolds

This charming thatched-roof country house in the Cotwolds, known as Old Fox Cottage, looks like the perfect place to take a holiday. The vacation rental site Unique Home Stays describes it as a “traditionally thatched Grade II listed chocolate-box cottage, with Old Foxy proudly keeping watch atop the eaves.”

That’s right–look up and you’ll see Old Foxy on the roof:

Come on in…

It was fun watching the Olympics in London this summer. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s one of my favorite places to visit. I’d love to go back to England and stay at in a house like this next time.

According to the listing, “Traditional wooden beams line the crookedy walls and ceilings, whilst whitewashed cladding, stripped flooring, and interesting textiles bring a certain freshness to this adorable cottage.”

The conservatory is a sunny spot to eat in:

The cottage sleeps up to 4 people.

It’s just a short drive from the Regency town of Cheltenham “with its bevy of stylish shops and historic promenade.”

You can take your afternoon tea in the garden.

And don’t forget to visit the local pub while you’re there. The Fleece Inn has been serving locals since the 13th century and is owned by the National Trust:

Want to visit? Check Unique Home Stays for more photos and info!

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  1. e. george says

    Good morning Julia – this place is so lovely thank you for sharing. I never had the opportunity to travel outside OZ. I watch all the British shows just to see these cottages and gardens and I stay up late every July to watch Tour De France for the same reasons. Just watched Anthony Bourdaine in Vienna at Christmas time it was wonderful. It’s that time of the night. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney.

  2. missy says

    Incredibly cozy!!!! My daughter was in London this summer a week before the Queen’s Jubilee, so she got to see everything all decorated. This looks like a great vacation spot, and how about The Fleece Inn? Yes, please!!!!

  3. says

    What a delightful cottage!! Thanks for sharing the tour with us, Julia. :) I haven’t been to Great Britain yet, but it’s high on my “travel to-do” list.

  4. Laura says

    I was expecting something a little more old and quirky inside. I do like the upstairs very much, and the exteriors. I’ve been to England a lot – lived in London for over a year back in the 80s. I love it there and want to go back – it’s been a long time now! How about that thatched roof – wow!

  5. says

    I love this website, in fact I’m also posting about a property from there today!!! :-)

    This cottage is such a sweet place, isn’t it? Let’s pack our bags and rent this place for a week? That would be great, eh?


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. says

    Went into one of these while on a garden tour. Asked the owners how they stayed married. Quick honest answer, that’s why they have the beautiful garden.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. says

    Oh this is precious, charming, and adorable! If I ever venture across the Atlantic this looks like one place I would love to stay…reminds me of the cottage in The Holiday…now if we could just get Jude Law to stay there with me for company! ha ha.

  8. says

    “Crookedy walls” – LOL! This place is so darn charming, I can hardly contain my drool! Wonderfully quirky and wonderfully British!

  9. says

    You had me at wood beams. (:

    I would love to stay in a cute little cottage like this one some day. These photos are making me want to sit down by a fireplace and watch The Holiday.

  10. says

    Sweet cottage … Sign me up! I love the cozy rooms, and what a bonus to have the lovely gardens and sunroom as well. I could daydream about Old Fox Cottage all day (and probably will!) especially with an historic pub close by!

    You’ve brought a little sunshine into a rather drizzly day, Julia. Thanks!

  11. Melinda says

    Love it! My husband was born in Cheltenham and this would be a great place to stay while we visit the long lost relatives. Look out, here come the Yanks!

  12. says

    Almost too perfect, Julia – thank you!

    For me, it’s like a screenplay –
    A lifelong and crazed Anglophile, engaged to a Sicilian gentleman named Volpe (Italian for “fox”) discovers THE perfect honeymoon spot, thanks to HookedOnHouses.


  13. Spring says

    What a sweet cottage. It would be fun to stay there for a vacation, wouldn’t it?

    The rock, paper, scissor pillows out on the patio were cute.

  14. Dina says

    Cotwolds is one of my favorite places in the world. Love the exterior, especially the foxy roof. The tea looks lovely. However, the interior reminds makes me think Ikea or of a young career girl’s first apartment. I would rather some old english style furnishings to go with the architecture.

  15. paula soares says

    Really: tears ccame to my eyes when I saw this house and it’s hardly to put into words what I felt about it. And then when I saw the local pub I realised that it must be taken from a farytale…Thank you, Julia for your blog and to share such beauty with us.

  16. cbean says

    There’s not one thing wrong with this little cottage. Thank you! (:

  17. Kim says

    This cottage was so much cuter in the inside than I expected it to be. I love it!

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  18. dakky says

    I like how it’s light and neautral inside – as much as I love the exterior of these old buildings, usually I’m not fussed on the insides because they’re often dark and poky. That thatch work along the top of the roof is awesome – amazing they do all the shaping by hand – I appreciate the skill involved.

    Love the rock/paper/scissors cushions (even though they don’t fit the style of the house).
    Hate the blue lights in the bathroom.

  19. says

    Absolutely fabulous. It reminds me of a cottage I spent last summer in down at Dorset. Particularly like the outdoor area and the little fox running along the roof is such a cute touch!

  20. says

    Thank you so much for the mention Julia!! Looks great on the blog, and glad your readers like it too :) Claire (Unique Home Stays)

  21. April says

    I’m seriously in love with that polka dot giraffe in the sixth photo. It is crazy that this cottage is so cute and I love it, but I zoned in on that giraffe and I must have one.

  22. Eleonore says

    Wow this is crazy ! I’m French and I was on vacation in the Costwolds last weekend and I drove past that cottage ! I could not help but notice its roof. This is so funny !

    • says

      For some reason I can’t get that site to come up for me. Maybe it’s down right now or something, so I’ll try again later. Thanks, Wendy!

  23. says

    There’s a fox on the roof! LOL! The thatched roof definitely gives that house a very unique feel. I mean, from the outside, it has that predominant old, rustic feel. But if you go inside, it’s very warm and modern-looking. That is proof that first impressions don’t always last!

  24. chrissie says

    I live in West Devon with the Dartmoor Tors ( Hills ) as a backdrop. Tavistock is an ancient market town and I am sure you would all love it. I never tire of our scenary and yes The Cotswolds and this little cottage also pretty. Slow pace of life here. Suits me ! Hugs from West Devon England. Bottom end of the country.

    • Joan says

      Hi Chrissie,

      You live in my favorite place in the world – England! Tavistock is now on my “when I’m back in England” wish list. Cheers@

  25. says

    Love it! Here’s a bit of trivia for you… Did you know that all the Thatched roofs in England are protected? If a house has a thatched roof, the owner has to keep it a thatched roof and cannot change it to something else.

  26. Victoria says

    I lived in a similar place for awhile except ours was still heated by the coal fire in the front room, meaning my bedroom in the attic had zero heating…or insulation. The fire combined with a kitchen floor of unsealed flagstones made it so much fun to keep clean. There’s something about old houses and collecting dust quickly.