A Sweet Storybook Tudor Cottage in Oakland

This 6-room cottage was built in 1930 in Oakland, California. It’s on the market for $699,000, so we can take a look inside.

The listing says:

Follow the winding brick path to the arched front door of this story book cottage. Magical curb appeal with wood shake roof and English country garden.

The entry room opens to an enchanting living room with high beam ceilings and wood-burning fireplace. Hardwood floors continue into the dining room and new high-end kitchen.

Enjoy outdoor entertaining on the wood deck or stone patio. Don’t miss the secret kid’s clubhouse above the garage!

Ooh, a secret clubhouse? Wish they’d gotten photos of that!

Looks like the house has been staged to sell–everything is very neutral. I would love to see some color and vintage pieces in here to charm the place up a bit.

It seems to be in great shape, though, and a perfect blank slate for whatever you wanted to do. How would you decorate it?

I like the white kitchen–but again, I’m itching to get some color in there, too.

The listing says there’s only 3 square feet in the house. I know the cottage is small, but that’s ridiculous. Ha. Must be a typo because property records show it’s more like 1,500.

I could live very happily in a small cottage like this (maybe after my kids are grown and gone!). Could you? For more photos and info, check the listing with Anthony Riggins of Sotheby’s.

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  1. lee says

    Love the study ceiling and love love love the back patio rock wall!

  2. lee says

    Um, I would also like to see the rest of this nieghborhood. :)

    • Ann says

      I grew up in this neighborhood. Go to the realtor’s website to get the address and then go to google maps. It is a lovely neighborhood.

  3. Sue says

    Oh what perfect curb appeal!!! I do think that I would decorate it a little more cozily, with slipcovered furniture and a less formal dining room. Love the kitchen!

  4. Carol M says

    Oh I would love to get my hands on that house and decorate it in an updated English Country style. As my husband and I are now empty nesters, smaller homes are so much more appealing to me.

  5. Nita says

    I would put a lot more color into it, like in the living room. But, it is adorable.

  6. Tiffany S. says

    Super cute! We’ll probably go condo before we’ll go cottage, but you never know.

    Oakland would have been my last guess for the location. Hunh.

  7. says

    I love the very bright decor of the kitchen, eating area, and the study. The outdoor areas look very inviting, too, and the use of brick for the walk and driveway is a great choice for this architecture. Love the thatched roof on this Tudor cottage!

  8. J. Elizabeth says

    Sooo many possibilities! First thing I’d do tho is move the bushes from in front of the window. I’d want more light coming in and I like to see out when seated. Totally charming.

  9. Julie says

    I had already re-pinned this from your pin, I believe. It’s beautiful! I love English Tudor, but am also a big fan of front porches, which you don’t see too often in Tudors (a porch, not a stoop). I love the kitchen! But, yes, would love to see some pops of colorful dishware, pottery, etc. I’d be great to see the interior warmed up; something in the vein of the “Alvin & the Chipmunks” bungalow you, thankfully, profiled here. I never would have seen that movie, so thanks for profiling it, because I love it. The architectural details of that house, and this one, are just great. Thanks again!

  10. says

    Oh absolutely perfect – it’s lovely – looks really boring and dull with the decoration at the moment – but what fun to redecorate – love the fireplace in the sitting room, the kitchen is a perfect blank slate – patio, garden and study area – all just waiting for the right touch
    mary x

  11. says

    How. AH-dorable. Love, love LOVE the kitchen. I would probably paint the entire cottage Benjamin Moore’s Super White and add lots of lovely colorful art and accessories.

    Great post, Julia!

  12. Laura says

    I may expire from desire… I love every bit of this house!

  13. Charisse says

    Wow what a charming house! And that fact that it’s in the town i live in is even better! The neighborhood the house is in is lovely I use to live near by it.

  14. Kim says

    What a charming house! I have always had a soft place in my heart for Tudors.

  15. Lindab says

    So you can do it. How do you pin things to pinterest. I just steal other peeps stuff.

    • says

      Follow that link to Pinterest and set up an account. It’s easy. You put a little “Pin It” button in your browser’s toolbar and then when you see a photo you like, you click the “Pin It” button to add it to your boards on Pinterest. Nice way to keep inspirational photos all in one place!

  16. says

    I love this cottage – the living room and curved door opening remind me of a couple of houses I’ve visited in North Avondale.

  17. says

    I must say the curb appeal, to me was so much more lovely than the inside. If house was staged, don’t think the furniture gave the house a “homey” feel. But the outside would diffently pull me in!

  18. ShabbyChick says

    What a delicious little house! I’m with you, Julia, the decor is very blah and the furnishings just don’t seem at home in a house so full of charm! Oooh to get my hands on that kitchen…..I just wish it had black and white tile 😉

  19. Nancy Hoffmann says

    Charming house but the decorating leaves a lot to be desired. Furniture in the living room is too large and chunky. No art on the walls. No color. Whoever staged it did not do a good job. It does not look inviting. The best is the outside. Nancy

  20. Al says

    It needs to be more whimsical inside, more “Alice in Wonderland” tea party: black and white checks, pink, yellow. Who’s that woman in New York who has that whimsical tearoom? Her style would be great.

  21. says

    I love this. I noticed the arched door in the entryway and I’ve loved those since Three’s Company (way back in the day). I love the kitchen too and, like you, wish there was more color.

  22. says

    I love Storybook Cottages. Thanks for posting this one! There is so much potential here. I would decorate it in English Country style, lots of color and flowers and warm, inviting charm…

  23. HollyM says

    I had to look twice . . . my living room is vaulted and beamed, has a similar moss green sofa, a paisley rug, and a table in the entry with two lamps bearing square shades! Yup, I could move right in! But, yes, I would give the decor some personality and zing. I really like its bones, though. Cute and cozy. (I will say that I like my own arched brick fireplace better than the white stucco blahness.)

  24. Emme says

    I live in the area and there are so many houses in Trestle Glen that are BEAUTIFUL. There is a variety of sizes and styles, but they are all lovely. I also noticed that there are always lots of open houses on the weekends.

  25. Michele says

    This house is so adorable. Fortunately for us Bay Area folks, these type of old cottages are everywhere and it has become the norm to update them to modern standards while keeping the old charming details.

    This house is in a lovely pocket neighborhood called Trestle Glen nestled between Piedmont and Glenview. I lived in Glenview for several years and there is a lovely village with adorable and convenient shops and restaurants.

    Prices in Oakland have dropped considerably since 2008 – and this house is a good deal at the $699,000 listing price – pre-crash it would have commanded a much higher price and in fact looking at public records it sold in 2007 for $889,000.

    • says

      Your insight is exactly what I was coming to write. We were house hunting in 2006, months before the crash, and back then a house like this would have been priced well over $800k with a multiple offer scenario. We ended up in a grittier neighborhood in a house that needed way more work and paid $623k. It makes me so sad to see what we could have gotten if we had only rented for five years. Then again, at least I do love our house.

  26. says

    What a stunning cottage! This should sell very quickly. Love the kitchen and the patio!