An Upper East Side Apartment With a Big Headache

151 E 58 St NY angry man sculpture

When I first saw photos of this luxury apartment for sale on the Upper East Side of NYC (asking price: a cool $115 million), I was distracted by that grumpy-looking man waving his arms in the corner of the living room.

151 E 58 St NY angry man sculpture 2

What’s he so angry about? Are there kids on his lawn?

151 E 58 St NY angry man sculpture 4

But when I got to photos of the bedroom, I realized that maybe he just needs his big box of Exedrin…

151 E 58 St NY Exedrin Box

What do you think? For more photos of the apartment (and its artwork), check the listing. Maybe there’s an art expert who can tell us how many millions the sculptures in it are probably worth. Ha. (Thanks to Fiamma for finding this one!)

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  1. Alie B says

    The apartment appears to be fabulous, but I don’t get the “artwork”. To me it looks silly and immature in such a luxurious space.

  2. says

    What do you want to bet it was made (as a joke?) to look like the current owner of the apartment? Anyone who could afford an apartment like that could afford to have an artist make the angry man doppelganger. But, wow–what a view!

  3. lilkunta says

    I see no curtains nor brackets fro them to hang on.
    Is this apt so high up that one can walk naked and no one is able to see them ?

    • 65andcounting says

      The windows in this apartment have electronic window shades, which means the shades are built in-between the window panes and come down with a flick of a switch. I’ve been in many NYC apartments where the windows change tint with a one button touch so shades aren’t even necessary. Run naked to the kitchen without fear!

  4. Cheryl in Wisconsin says

    I don’t mind the artwork. But is $115 million a typo? ONE HUNDRED fifteen milllllion? Do you get the entire building? Block?

    • 65andcounting says

      Cheryl, As a tried and true New Yorker, I am never surprised what apartments dell for here.The market for the highest end, like $100million and up, is huge. Russian money for the most part and apartments fly off the shelf. There is a new building in midtown called One57 that is already 50% sold, with a BILLION dollars in transactions so far. One apartment goes for a cool $250million, making this one chump change, one for the staff!

  5. says

    If I could afford this place, I am sure I could afford a housekeeper as well, however I like to do my own cleaning, so all I see is endless glass to clean. Can you imagine the fingerprints! No thanks.
    The creepy guy in the living room is a bit disconcerting, however I think I would be more freaked out about 1) living in NYC, 2) living in a building so high up. Looking at the photos out those windows actually gives me the willies :(

  6. Laura says

    It’s a listing, for crying out loud. You’d think that the “artwork” could be moved for the photos. Although maybe in the $115-mil-for-an-apartment circles, that kind of “artwork” is impressive. The decor certainly isn’t.

  7. says

    I recognize the artwork – it’s Maurizio Cattelan. I only know this because I saw his exhibit at the Guggenheim when I was in NYC in December 2011. They have a video of the exhibit here: At about 2:20 into the video you’ll see the man with the giant head from this apartment! It was easily the coolest, strangest, most creative collection of art I’ve ever seen, all dangling from the ceiling in the middle of a giant walking ramp so you could ascend and see each piece from every angle.

  8. Martha says

    I am so not loving this…..all the glass, shiny surfaces,nosebleed height. If I had that much money to spend it, would not be on this home. I do love the idea of electronic shades.

  9. says

    I think it all looks great….. but I just don’t get the old man….. blocking a beautiful view of the city. Maybe I’m not hip enough haha.

  10. Angela says

    Thanks for the posting, Julia, but I can think of a thousand better ways to spend $115,000.000. Leaving aside the fact that anything higher than a playground slide makes me nervous I think this apartment looks as cosy as a bunker! Love your site though. x

  11. carrie says

    While I find the big, grumpy man a little scary, I have to say that I think everyone needs a rowboat in their dining room.