The House in the Sea: A Private Island Retreat

The House in the Sea Newquay Harbor 1

When you really need to get away, it would be hard to find a better place than this private island retreat. It’s a holiday rental in Newquay, Cornwall, known as The House in the Sea. To get there, you cross this suspension footbridge over the water…

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (1)

As the listing says, “The views out across the sea are unsurpassed.”

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (17)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (2)

“Once you’ve ceremoniously raised the flag to signify your arrival at this secluded island paradise, you simply won’t want to leave… ”

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (10)

Save the windowseat for me!

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (8)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (5)

They just spent 8 months redecorating the house. They wanted to give it “a cool New York vibe with coastal luxury.”

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (6)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (9)

There are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (7)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (16)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (3)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (18)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (15)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (19)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (14)

The House in the Sea Newquay Cornwall UHS (4)

For more photos and information about renting The House in the Sea for your next holiday, visit Boutique Retreats.

The House in the Sea Newquay Harbor

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    • Cathleen says

      I lived there as a child, and swam and played on that beach!!! (and actually fell down one of those cliffs playing on the footpath!) It is a gorgeous, quaint little village. (well it was in the 60’s) I highly recommend a visit to anywhere in Cornwall, especially if you live in the US! It’s another world.

  1. Frances in England says

    Oooo I’ve been there! A few years ago in its previous incarnation it sold ice-cream – you didn’t go inside, just sat on the deck with your (rather expensive but delicious) ice-cream and looked at the views. The inside just looked like a normal house from what I could tell – nowhere near as glam as this – and was lived in by the enterprising people who decided to sell ice-cream. The bridge was kinda scary to cross if you are nervy of heights (it sways) but the views were fab.

  2. Maddie May says

    Charming beyond words both inside & out. This home is decorated in a very relaxed but sophisticated style that is so refreshing. The sea view is stunning & I would love to be sitting at that little table enjoying that glass of wine. Heaven.

  3. says

    Those interiors looked very British, didn’t they?
    Loved the white kitchen cabs with the huge wooden knobs!
    Also, those Brits love their pine floors + doors — as do I.
    How could we possibly choose plain Jane, white subway tile in our current re-do, after I spied the yummy gray versions here!
    I especially loved the bathroom with the oversized darker gray tiles cladding the tub + wall behind it. Genius!
    TY for sharing.

  4. Carolyn says

    I had seen pictures of the outside of this before, but I don’t remember the inside. Certainly it wasn’t this. I don’t know why you’d go to an island off Cornwall hoping to find a New York vibe. I like the kitchen, and a modern bathroom is always nice, but this doesn’t feel warm and cozy at all. While very chic and current, the pale gray/charcoal/black palette and modern furnishings seem too stark and cold to me. Maybe the idea is not to compete with the views out the windows, but drained of all color, it just feels lifeless. There’s nothing that reminds you of where you are – no pictures or artifacts of the sea (but a large black and white photo of a ghostly city park?). OK, maybe those are prints of sea weed/sea fans above the daybed, but it’s hard to tell – could be trees, and small prints of shells over the upholstered headboard. But this could be an apartment in Stockholm, except for the glorious views and fabulous decks and terraces. I’d like to see some vestiges of its past and history, as well as its locale, reflected in the decor. And when it’s enveloped in fog, as it’s bound to be some of the time, the atmosphere would be downright chilly. But then I’m a traditionalist. Sigh.

    • stef says

      “I don’t know why you’d go to an island off Cornwall hoping to find a New York vibe.” “(the interior) and modern furnishings seem too stark and cold to me….drained of all color, it just feels lifeless.”
      Thank you for putting into words my reaction.
      But the exterior…how lovely. I’d be happy in any house along that beach…some little room with a balcony, a coffee and croissant…sigh

      • Martha says

        I totally agree with Stef and Carolyn. I was expecting lovely, warm interiors and instead got cold and stark. The bedroom with the gauze wrapped bed seemed crowded and the bed inaccessible from one side. I did like the kitchen and the wonderful deck with the beautiful views.

  5. Brandy says

    fwi, a stag is a bachelor’s party and a hen is a bachelorette party.

    This place is gorgeous.

    • says

      I was making a silly joke, but I see now that could have been confusing. That’s why I shouldn’t write these late at night. Ha.

  6. Alie B says

    While the place is fresh and clean, and the views are incredible, I find it chilly. I too think it’s a bit odd that they were going for “New York”. Also, to me it feels like they couldn’t quite decide on design. Shabby? Modern? Coastal? Scandanavian? I can’t decide either.

  7. Carolyn says

    I think it’s interesting to compare this with your earlier post on the Oyster Catcher, also in Cornwall. Though they use a similar palette, the Oyster Catcher is much warmer. Perhaps it’s because they bring in weathered and worn pieces that add texture, and the effect is more layered. The only old looking things here are the doors and those pressed tin ceiling tiles on the wall. Yes, the light wood adds some texture and contrast and everything is perfectly coordinated, but the feel is totally different from the Oyster Catcher. This is a much bigger space, so understandably it’s not as cozy, but it still feels lacking in charm to me.

  8. says

    If I wanted to rent a place in Cornwall, I sure wouldn’t want it to have a New York vibe! What were they thinking? Am I the only person in the world that’d love to stay in a fisherman’s cottage that looks liked the fisherman still lived in it?

  9. says

    I like it a lot but I agree it is a bit disconcerting to have “New York” style in a UK coastal cottage. The foot bridge is so…… wow, scary but thrilling. Wonderful place to visit. I wonder what they do for water/sewer?

  10. buddiegirl says

    I love it, but I don’t know if I could ever make it across that bridge. I hate swinging bridges and one that high over the sea scares the heck out of me. If I did make it there, I wouldn’t want to leave because I wouldn’t want to face the bridge again, lol.

  11. Wendy says

    Yep. The exteriors and the first view with the window seat made me gasp. I was expecting great wonders to follow. But I’m bewildered by the “New York vibe.” I just had to squint at the pictures imagining all the grey as something else. That worked pretty well. Maybe as the muted green on the railing of the deck…wouldn’t have to be orange or turquoise. Just something alive. It would be so gloomy in the fog.

  12. Kim says

    I don’t like the interiors much at all. It’s too cold and sterile for me. I do love the kitchen and window seat, though. Also those views and that exterior are very nice.

  13. says

    What a great house! I would like to spent there a few days! 😉 I really like it! i’m form Poland and in my country people say: filc dekoracyjny – dekoracje z filcu – it means something like: lovely place 😉

  14. Laura says

    I agree with those above who lamented the “cool New York vibe”. I think a “lovely Cornwall seaside vibe” would have been MUCH better for this fantastic spot.

  15. Karen says

    What a beautiful location. I’d love to visit Cornwall some day. If I spent time here I’d be spending my days exploring and would want to spend most of my time outdoors exploring, walking along the cliffs or the beach. How lovely and picturesque. Thank you for sharing.