For Sale: A Classic Older Home on Cincinnati’s Rose Hill

Classic Rose Hill Mansion from the 1920s CincinnatiT he neighborhood I grew up in wasn’t far from the historic Cincinnati suburb of Avondale. Back in ’08 I wrote a week-long series about the area, which is one of my favorite places for “walking and gawking.” This house is on the corner of Beechwood and Rose Hill, streets known for their beautiful older homes, so I was excited to peek inside. 

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (15)

Avondale was one of the first suburbs in Cincinnati. In 1886 Willard Glazier wrote about it in his book Peculiarities of American Cities, calling it “a beautiful enclave where the homes of Cincinnati’s merchant princes and millionaires are found in elegant cottages, tasteful villas and substantial mansions.”

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (16)

Avondale was modeled on an English town concept with large lots, winding streets, sidewalks, underground utilities, and gaslights that still flicker. The leading local architects of the Victorian era were hired to design fashionable homes for some of Cincinnati’s wealthiest families.

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (4)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (5)

The house has 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and about 3,500 square feet.

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (8)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (7)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (6)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (9)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (21)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (2)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (17)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (3)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (19)

A wisteria-covered deck on the back of the house:

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (11)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (24)

It’s on the market for $715,000. For more photos and information about the house, check the Coldwell Banker Listing by Nellie Schweer. (Thanks to Sarah for telling me about it!)

Rose Hill Mansion Beechwood Ave Cincinnati (13)

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  1. Wendy says

    I love big old bathrooms. They don’t build ’em like that anymore. Love the sunporch too. I would spend all my time there.

  2. Alicia Sullivan says

    Wow! From the outside you would not think that the inside would be so warm and cozy! Bravo to the decorator!

  3. laney says

    …a beautiful house…that speaks home in the most beautiful way…a perfect combination…blessings laney

  4. nanne says

    a beautiful, older home that has been re-done, but not done to death. i just love it.

  5. says

    This house is amazing Julia! Decorating is so classic, and love those checkerboard-painted wood floors! Also, the vintage fixtures in the bathroom are remarkable!

  6. Nancy says

    Is $3,000 in taxes on a $700,000 home typical or is that tax number not “real”?

  7. Jean says

    I love the traditional exterior and old home “bones” combined with fresh, non-stuffy decor. Winner!

  8. Vicki says

    What a wonderful house! I love old houses more than anything and I’m wondering if that would be too far to commute from the Louisville area….

  9. edie says

    Love the house, but the crooked pictures in the bedroom are driving me insane!

  10. Tracie says

    Wow! I love it! It’s amazing to me that they fit all of those rooms into a 3500 sq. ft. house. I also like the price! Do they need teachers in Avondale? :)

  11. Christina from Dallas says

    Well I’m not a fan of the decorating. Orange walls? Pink couch? But the actually house is lovely.

  12. Melissa L. says

    Love it! The interior is so unpretentious and comfortable–not decorated to death. Looks like old money, not new money.

  13. says

    And the checkerboard floor in that one room…..and that sitting room with the books…..and the dining room…..and the sunporch…..and the wisteria covered deck….;)

  14. Esther George says

    Hi Julia this is such a lovely home. New houses are lost on me, they look like office building and some I call army barracks because of the exterior colours, nothing homelike or romantic about them. That bathroom is superb not to mention the rest of the home. The way you describe the area with gaslights I can only imagine it’s beauty. Thank you for making my day. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS hope you have a great week.

  15. Kim says

    What a beautiful home! I love older houses they have such nice character.

  16. Peter George says

    Wow! The pictures looks great. Everyone would love to stay in a place as wonderful as this one.

  17. says

    I’ve always wanted a house with a checkerboard hall! I’ve never been to Cincinnati, but I’ve heard it’s a city with a lot of interesting history. It might be fun to visit someday.

  18. The Country Girl says

    The neighborhood is wonderful! The interior of the house is a bit of a disappointment, but one thing anyone knows about houses is that everything can be changed :-)

  19. Gur says

    What a lovely home and garden. It makes me want to pack things up and move to Cincinnati (well, almost). The bones of the interior are so wonderful. However, I feel an urge to “un” renovate that kitchen.

  20. Karen says

    Lovely home and gardens–such great bones and details. I’ve always been drawn to sun-porches and I love the wood ceiling and I especially love the wisteria-covered deck. I don’t know much about the weather there, so I wonder if it would get a lot of use. The home looks cozier on the inside than one would guess from the outside view. I’ll have to look at your previous post to see if I can find one of those “elegant cottages” in the quote by Willard Glazier. I’ve always been especially fond of cottages.

  21. Alie B says

    Great price for such an old gem! The home has an established feeling….like it’s being exactly what it is, as opposed to what buyers on today’s market typically look for.

  22. says

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