Tom Scheerer’s 18th-Century Cottage in East Hampton

18th century shingled cottage East Hampton 500When the Daily Beast website featured this charming Hamptons house recently, I knew I had seen it somewhere before. It was featured in House Beautiful back in 2008, but I was excited to see some new photos of it. It belongs to designer Tom Scheerer, who gave it elegant country-cottage style…

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (15)

The Daily Beast article says, “A brick path lined with low box hedges leads to the front door of this 18th-century cottage. It may look simple from the outside, but the inside is true East Hampton. No, not the new Hampton of lavish marble and four-car garages, but the old elegance of blue-and-white nautical patterns and an open, breezy layout.” (My favorite kind!)

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (7)

Scheerer explained, “There’s an 18th-century tavern-like vibe to the house,” he says, “and I wanted to play to that.”

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (3)

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (4)

Scheerer created wraparound scenic wallpaper for the dining area by enlarging a Currier & Ives print of Newport Harbor:

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (1)

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (8)

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (13)

The decorating was inspired by a childhood friend’s grandparents’ house where Tom used to spend his summers.

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (9)

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (11)

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (12)

Love this sunroom:

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (6)

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (16)

For more photos and information, check the August 2008 issue of House Beautiful by Mimi Read and the slideshow on Daily Beast. Photos by Simon Upton. You can learn more about Tom Scheerer on his website.

Tom Scheerer's East Hampton house HB 8-08 (14)

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  1. says

    It’s the wonky bits creating magic.

    Why is new architecture so afraid of ‘nurturing’?

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Laura says

    I love this house! Beautiful decor – I’d just change the few modern pieces to traditional, but I love the rest!

  3. Rick S says

    I love how warm and welcoming this house is. I could imagine sitting back with coffee and the paper or nodding off with a book. I enjoy the rustic, old fashioned charm. The history of the house shows and is lovely.

    ps. my mom and dad in-law adopted a deep auburn color little girl Shih Tzu 3 weeks ago. She was found as a stray and is filling out and she holds her tail high now. Her name is Daisy to go with their other Shih Tzu Lilly.

    • says

      Rick–It makes me happy to hear that they adopted a stray Shih Tzu and she’s doing well now. They’re among the sweetest dogs in the world. So cute that she’s a Daisy to go with Lily! :)

  4. Terry says

    I could just cry. Cry, I tell you. Except for putting the sink at the window next to the stove (easier to empty large pots of hot water after cooking lobsters), I wouldn’t change a thing. This designer hasn’t put a foot wrong.

  5. says

    Amazing home! That upstairs bathroom is so adorable I could pinch it. What a truly great home amidst all the hoopla that is the Hamptons!

  6. Julia says

    Okay, I’ve decided if you are going to have a white kitchen, then red flowers are a must. Love the wallpaper in the dining room. Lovely furnishings and not pretetious at all. This house is a beautiful home.

  7. Claudia says

    Now this is perfect! Timeless, charming and wonderful. Viewing the rooms made me feel like I was getting a big hug! This would still look good 100 years from now!

  8. Stacey says

    I love this house! It has human scale and isn’t crammed full of stuff, just enough to add interest and warmth. A refreshing antidote to the over-done mega-monster conspicuous consumption palaces! I think restraint and scale are markers of confidence!

  9. Carolyn says

    I clipped the article about this house from House Beautiful. Still love it. Charming and timeless.

  10. Alie B says

    Love this! The combination of white walls and the warm patina of natural wood is amazing. I could live here in a New York minute! :-)

  11. Esther George says

    This home is so lovely. I love the wallpaper in the dining room and oh that kitchen I want one of those. There is not a single area of this home that I don’t love. Hi Julia thank you for sharing this great beauty. Regards Esther from Sydney (I can’t remember May being this cold). Here we go it’s sitting on the heater season.

  12. Wendy says

    But don’t you just wish the front door was 12″ to the right?

  13. Cat says

    Wow what a truly beautiful house. So timeless and inspiring, though it would be dificult to recreate here where I live in damp and drizzly Ireland!
    I just adore this style.

  14. Jeanne says

    Refreshing to see someone not afraid to go with the ‘look how much money I have crowd’ and end up with a cold, impersonal, hotel like interior.

  15. Karen says

    Love the scenic wallpaper in the dining area–great idea to enlarge a Currier & Ives print. The details in this house are lovely, warm and personal. I echo the sentiments that it is refreshing to see the restraint. Every room is inspiring. Such a lovely home–charming, elegant and timeless.