An Equestrian Estate in Texas Filled with Collections

This $11-million dollar equestrian estate in Argyle, Texas, sits on 50 acres. It looks pretty serious and “grown up” from the outside. But inside the owners carved out plenty of space for their interesting collections. The reader who told me about it said it looks like a “fun place to explore.” See if you agree!

There’s a lot to look at in the Great Room, from the collection of weather vanes to the sliding wood doors:

The monthly mortgage payment for a house in this price range would be about $51,000. *Cough.*

At this point in the tour, we start seeing more evidence of the homeowners’ collections and hobbies. I’m not sure I’d ever get my husband out of this game room (or my kids, for that matter):

But if I did, he’d probably head straight to the pub and billiards room next:

I’d love to get a closer look at all these old novelty games (do they make anyone else think of Zoltar from the movie Big?):

Of course there’s a home theater, too. You really would never need to leave home if you lived here.

The collections take up just about every space in the house, including the stairs and landings. It would be interesting to have a chance to look around and hear the stories behind all of their finds.

Another fun room–this one devoted to trains:

The screened porch on the back of the house looks massive. It’s kind of a blank slate. I’d love to add some rugs and color to it.

There’s a 3-bedroom guest house, too. Based on this photo, I’d be perfectly happy to stay here and just visit the main house from time to time.

As an equestrian estate, it comes with a “show horse barn, additional barn, round pen, 200′ x 160′ Keiser riding arena, and a 20-acre hay pasture, totally fenced.” So, you know, everything your horses could possibly need.

Also on the property: a professional zip-line, saltwater pool, treehouse, and a “trolley car playhouse,” which I’d love to see. For more photos and information, check the listing with Vanessa Andrews of Hoffman International Properties.

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  1. Robin says

    Too. Much. Brown!

    Well, too much house as well, but I will never understand how people who can afford to live in houses like this always lean towards so much brown and beige. Yawn.

  2. Kelly says

    I’m so curious to know who lives there. And, it was just built in 09, I wonder why they are leaving? Can you imagine the team of people it would take to move all this stuff?

  3. says

    Interesting stuff… it would be captivating just to walk around the house and look at all the collections. I especially would like to see more of the vintage novelty games!

  4. says

    Id love to stay there for a weekend! Maybe if they can’t find buyers they should offer paid stays there.

  5. says

    Totally love the guest house. I don’t know what it is about horizontal planks, but I can never say no to them.

  6. says

    I think I could live there and never leave – and I don’t even LIKE horses – lol! What a cool, cool place. I would love to know about the owners, they have such a “fun” mentality what with the game rooms, trains and horsey collections.

    This one was a neat one – thanks for sharing!


    oh and did you get a look at the property taxes???? WOWZERS!

  7. Sarah says

    I like the exterior, the pub room and the pool. Oh, and the guest house. The rest is, as Tim Gunn would say, “a lot of look.” :-)

  8. Dee W says

    Brown/Beige – they expect their friends to provide the color! And if you can live this kind of life, quiet and reserved is kind of the name of the game for downtime.

  9. Nita says

    TOOOOOO Brown!!!!! I love the outside completely, not so much the inside.

  10. Shabby Chick says

    Well. One things for certain. They really like horses on skateboards. I have nothing else to say.

  11. says

    First Impression was WOW from the outside. It’s a nice and proportianate sized home, but the cabinetry are a few shades too dark for my personal taste.

    It doesn’t look very lived in. It needs some colorful fabrics, and textural pieces like large woolen rugs, or throws.

    Love the little guest cottage.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  12. martha says

    “horses on skateboards” too funny! I agree with everyone about the brown, this home needs some punches of color. My granddaughters would love the horse theme and the men and grandsons would love the pub and game rooms…….very overwhelming!

  13. says

    I gotta say – I can sure appreciate any style in a home when it is done well … and this is certainly done WELL! WOW! Stunning in so many ways! (Drab colors and all!)

  14. Cindy says

    I might kind of hate it a little bit. Ok, a lot. *paranoid* The guest cottage looks cute though…

  15. Julia says

    Please tell me that is not an actual stuffed horse head in the guest cottage..yikes!

  16. Wanda says

    I live not far from Argyle. It is a small community northeast of Ft. Worth along the Alliance Corridor. There is a lot of money in that area. I have a friend that lives close to this house. I will have to see if she knows the story.

  17. Linzy says

    “Oh, this room? This is the room where I keep my trains. No, not the toy and games room. That one’s down the hall.”

  18. says

    $51,000 a month in mortgage payments? Sounds like trying to buy a house here in Australia (kidding, just).

  19. Christina from Dallas says

    What in the world do these owners do for a living? I can’t imagine being able to afford this house. Boggles my mind!!!Maybe they can’t afford it either. Maybe they are downsizing to a 3 million dollar house!

    • Wade Watson says

      Argyle is just a bit north of Dallas/Fort Worth and there are lots of folks who work in the DFW area who could afford it– a couple of dozen at ExxonMobil in Irving alone, I suspect. I’ve driven through Argyle many times, though, and darn if these folks have never invited me over.

      It would be a great place to visit, but extravagance to that level of excess looses me. I did get a laugh at the antique workbench in the living room. There’s nothing like hand planing wood before a roaring fire with a room full of well seated company.

  20. Rebecca C. says

    It does need some color, but I do like some of the design elements, especially all the wood used. Of course, the price. Yikes. Oh well.

  21. Alie B says

    This estate is beautiful but, mirroring what others have said, it seems a bit unlived in. If we could get you in there to decorate, Julia, it would go from “drab” to “fab” in no time! :-)

  22. Carolyn says

    I don’t get it. Why build your fantasy dream home with separate rooms for all your toys and collections (did you see the antique fire truck in the garage?) – and then sell it three years later? Maybe the fantasy was bigger than the budget after all? Speaking of all the brown – I wonder if the man of the house had the upper hand in decorating? Or is it just for a man? Brown/beige, dark heavy wood, leather upholstery are so typically masculine. Even the toys and games tilt to boys’ toys: billiards, trains, all those gaming machines, antique rocking or wheeled horses, and fire truck. And did you see the closet? Definitely a man’s. The only feminine space is the guest cottage. Hmmmm. Whoever it is, they certainly love horses.

    • Wade Watson says

      “– and then sell it three years later? ”

      Maybe the guy built his dream house a bit late in life. That will probably be the case for me. But I’ll be it’ll be a great three years (sigh).

  23. shelly says

    The room with the pooltable looks like one from the Star Trek Next Generation series.. the ceiling is the same.. Just a thought.. it is a lot of house for sure but it would be nice to have a place to put all of my fabric.. too bad they don’t have a fabric only room would love to see how they would have displayed that one..

  24. shelly says

    Wonder if they collected fabric like me how they would have displayed that.. would have loved to have seen that :-) nice house too brown for me as well but I like how they hid the tv with the barn doors in the living room that was different.. :-)

  25. sara says

    This is about 7 miles from my house. I think I need to go check it out!