Sunday Real Estate Sampler: 5 Readers’ Houses For Sale

1. Baltimore Home Designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted, Jr. in 1932

2. A Traditional Georgian in Charlotte

3. A 1910 Colonial in New Jersey

4. Newer Home For Sale in Washington

5. Brick House with Backyard Pool in Arkansas

Do you have a favorite? Best of luck to the readers who submitted their listings. Crossing my fingers that they all sell soon!

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  1. Lisa says

    Everytime you do the reader houses I am amazed at how much cheaper they are in the US compared to here in Australia. All lovely homes this time.

  2. Ally says

    Agreed with Lisa – these are all amazing homes and they are all only up to $500k approx.!!?! For under that price range in AUS I have not seen homes with such workmanship and range of features – I love seeing these homes. My fav has to be the first house!

  3. Christina from Dallas says

    I love the Balitmore house the best. It’s beautiful. Lovely decorating too!

    • Robin says

      Love the Baltimore house too. Seems like a good price for that area.

      • Baltimore girl says

        Baltimore house is very cute and the owners did a great job decorating it. It’s price reflects its location, in a nice neighborhood right next to a crimeridden neighborhood. Similar houses elsewhere in Baltimore would cost twice as much.

  4. Kristin says

    I LOVE the Baltimore house. We live outside of DC and you could never get a house like that for such a low price! They are all beautiful homes and are sure to sell quickly.

  5. T. says

    I am shocked that these homes are so inexpensive! I’m beginning to think real estate is over priced in my town. I’ll take the Baltimore home, please.

  6. Carisa says

    Baltimore house is gorgeous! And an amazing price! Almost wish I needed to move.

  7. says

    Those are all truly gorgeous homes! Love the yellow door on the brick one in Arkansas. The 1932 house in Baltimore is adorable on the outside and elegant on the inside. Great stuff!

  8. Laura says

    The Baltimore house is very nice, but the architecture of the NJ house is very interesting. That house could be great.

  9. says

    The 2nd house could be so lovely, but it just needs some updating in a classic way, and WOW it would be lovely.
    That F. Law Olmstead house is so nice…

  10. Marcela says

    Beautiful post !!!. the one in Baltimore is my favorite, exudes class and comfort

  11. 65andcounting says

    I see by the listing the Baltimore house has a Sale Pending. No surprise there. It’s adorable. They did everything right. Even the photos were great on that listing. By contrast, a note to the agent of the brick house in Arkansas. One, we don’t need 98 photos. Two, put down the toilet seats before taking snapshot. Three, hire someone who can take a shot that’s in FOCUS!

    • Beth Crawford says

      Ha! I’m with you! I started chuckling at all the toilet covers up…and then on a few the cover AND seat. So funny. And then those out of focus shots. Lesson for me–get final approval on photos before they get posted when we list our home.

      • Kristin says

        Indeed! Looks like the agent taking the photos took more of odd random art work on the walls than photos that actually were to sell the home. Strange choice of photos, overall. I’d get a pro to take pics even on a lower end home, and not rely on agents for photos myself.

  12. Farmeress says

    Love the Olmsted home which I see is pending. Not surprised!!! Amazing price for such an incredible house! All homes very nice.

  13. says

    The Baltimore one is well done, but i think I could work with the Charlotte one the best. I LOVE all the floors in it, and they are gorgeous. I would definitely paint the kitchen cabinets though. Thanks for the interesting collection of homes here.

  14. Kim says

    I love the Baltimore house. The interior looks so homey and exterior is charming.

  15. Carolyn says

    Nice houses. The Baltimore one is my favorite – wonderful in every way – and the price seems very reasonable for a large city. I think all these prices show how real estate has come down quite a bit. Good luck to all the sellers.

  16. says

    Man…homes elsewhere in the country are SO much cheaper than they are here in Portland, OR. That first house for 399!! I can’t believe it. That would be SO much more here. Great list. I like how different they all are. Have a great Sunday!

  17. cbean says

    The interior of the traditional Georgian in Charlotte appeals to me the most. The grounds are wonderful for kitchen or decorative gardening.

  18. Jennifer says

    Love the Baltimore house but trust me people, you don’t want to live in The Peoples Republic of Maryland. Charlotte is very nice-love the lot.

  19. Anne C. says

    I love all of the houses for different reasons. My daughter (who is 6, and starting to take just as much interest in houses as I have) and I were laughing looking at the pictures of the Georgian in Charlotte- there are so many features that look almost idectical to our house (in Delaware) that it is almost a little spooky- I will have to send pictures sometime just for you to compare- it was like we were looking at pictures of our own house. Even the layout of appliances in the kitchen is exactly like ours (although the Charlotte house has a much more updated and lovely kitchen!)

  20. Maria says

    The Olmsted house is really my favorite, I’m a sucker for those built in 1930’s eat-in nooks, great job on the remodel. Sigh, if only we could get those kind of home prices around here!

  21. dak says

    The Georgian in NC is my favourite. Love everything about it except I would have white painted cabinets in the kitchen. Perfect gardens, and the sunroom is awesome.

  22. says

    Actually all of them are good but Baltimore house is just amazing amongst all of them. I am very curious to see inside these houses.

  23. Wanda says

    Love the house in Arkansas! All the white pitchers and that master closet. Oh my!

  24. Elizabeth says

    Loved #1&2! Found it funny that #5 left the toilet seats all the way up in two of the bathrooms. ICK!

  25. Sherry says

    I REALLY love the Bmore house. Just beautiful. Wouldn’t have to even redecorate.

  26. Janet says

    Love the Baltimore house, it’s homey and comfy with all the desired modern touches. But being from NJ I had to check the property taxes on that one. Last paid in 2011 19K (yes 19!), yikes!

  27. says

    Julia, I would like to send you our house’s real estate listing, but something isn’t working right when I click the email links on your blog. :-/

  28. says

    I think they’re all nice, except I didn’t get to see the New Jersey one- it’s already gone. I like the Arkansas home, but also had issues with the bathroom pictures. The “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign in one of the bathrooms really tickled my funny bone!

    • says

      I didn’t realize the New Jersey listing was taken down. It’s still up on Trulia, so I updated the link to lead there instead if you want to see it!

  29. Screendoorgirl3 says

    Hi Julia! Beautiful homes here. I don’t see it mentioned, maybe it’s old news, but Frederick Olmstead is the visionary and designer of Central Park in NYC. In the 1850’s he imagined a place for people to go and be with nature, take walks, etc. The park is 843 acres located smack in the middle of Manhattan and today has an estimated real estate value of $529 billion (dollars!) I don’t even know how many zeroes that is. Fun fact –Nature and trees are priceless!

  30. says

    All the bungalows are lovely and well designed..There price reflects their location, in a nice neighborhood .. Similar houses elsewhere in Baltimore would cost twice as much..Interior is great..What I like most is Newer Home For Sale in Washington.