A “French Cottage” Decorated by Suzanne Kasler

This “French Cottage”-style manor, as it’s described by architects Spitzmiller & Norris, sits in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. It was decorated by designer Suzanne Kasler and featured in House Beautiful magazine. When a little birdie told me that it’s on the market, I had to take a look!

It may have been inspired by traditional French Normandy cottages, but it’s larger than most with 6 bedrooms, 8 full baths, and nearly 6,500 square feet. The gated property is listed for $3.1 million.

This photo of the entry hall and a couple other photos were taken by Frances Janisch for HB. The rest are from the Sotheby’s listing.

The walk-in butler’s pantry is to-die for:

The master bedroom:

The house has 6 fireplaces.

For more photos and information about the property, check the Sotheby’s blog, the listing by Wes Vawter, the architect’s website, and the article at House Beautiful. (Thanks to Kelly for telling me about it!)


There’s been a lot of discussion here and on Facebook about the fact that there are only shutters on one side of the house in front:


A reader named Manuel even took it upon himself to fix the asymmetry in Photoshop. Here’s how it looks with shutters on both sides:

Manuel's Photoshopped version of the exterior

What do you think? Like it better with them or without? (Thanks, Manuel!)

Kasler designs special collections for Ballard Designs. Do you like her style? Check out how she decorated her own house:

Suzanne Kasler’s Regency-Style Manor

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  1. Cyndi says

    Am I the only one who thinks the front of the house is a little strange with the shutters only on the left side of the house? Wonder why?

    • Leo says

      The reason for that is because the windows on the left side of the are smaller than the ones in the right side. If they had added shutters to the right side it would not look good because the shutters would not be proportionate with the windows. I don’t like the shutters of the left side to be honest. It looks cluttered and they don’t looks good especially with the french doors on the bottom floor. Other than that is a beautiful home and wish I could own it especially since I live 2 hours away from it.

      • Bridget says

        Thanks for the information Leo. I too was curious like Cyndi.

          • Robin says

            They were also the first thing I noticed too! Same thing with the back of the house. It looks strange like that.

      • says

        I think they could have gotten away with different sized shutters – it would have been a more consistent look than putting them on just one side of the house. What an odd choice!

        • says

          I’m so glad I’m not the only one who looked at it and scratched my head. It looks completely unbalanced and almost unfinished.

    • cbean says

      That’s what immediately got my attention, too. Whatever the explanation, it looks odd and off balance. I think the shutters are too ‘barn-like’ for the formal architectural style of the house.
      The pantry is really nice, as is the back yard. The picture of the back yard and elevation is much more pleasing than that of the front.

    • elle says

      I totally agree. Those unbalanced shutters were all I could see. I think ripping them all down is the only option with so many mis-matched windows. The attention needs to go somewhere else.

  2. shawna says

    Classic but a bit bland for my taste and too large. It doesn’t feel warm or cozy to me and it lacks personality. It looks like a show home.

  3. Shannon says

    I like how the kitchen expands and contracts, like a Harry Potter house.

  4. T. says

    The style is too formal for my own taste. I chuckled over Shannon’s comment about the kitchen expanding and contracting. I scrolled up and down between the kitchen photos myself, trying to figure out why it looks so spacious in one photo, and so long and narrow and alley-like in the other photo. Trick camera?

  5. says

    How funny! I JUST did a post on that mountain house she did for the Bealls yesterday! Great minds must think alike, right?! Isn’t that French one gorgeous? It just goes to show she has great talent and can do any style. I want the rattan bed and that pantry. Oh my!

  6. Nita says

    If I were building a real French country cottage, it would have some rustic wood, probably pine and not look so modern. It would also have a lot more color than this house.

  7. The Other Sue says

    I didn’t notice the shutters, but what I kept staring at was the doors to the butler’s pantry — they look like they couldn’t possible close! Like one door was more than adequate to cover the space. More camera trickery?

    The other thing that got me was the symmetry in the first 3 photos — too much for my taste, but otherwise, loved the house! Beautiful furnishings and palette.

    • says

      I hadn’t noticed the pantry doors, but I see what you mean. Must be the camera angle since they’re closed in the other photo.

  8. says

    I’m in love with this “cottage”! Suzanne’s style and choice of colors are so sophisticated. Thanks for sharing!



  9. says

    It is a lovely house and very tastefully done, However, the shutters on one side of the house exterior has me scratching my head. Maybe I’m missing something – maybe that’s a hallmark of French cottage design…. but probably not. It looks like the builders were slacking off or they ran out of material or something.

  10. Shabby Chick says

    It’s gorgeous inside! Call me nit-picky, but why are there shutters on only 1/2 of the house? 😉

  11. Carol M says

    I agree with other commenters about the shutters on the front of the house. I understand that the 3-across windows on the right side couldn’t have working shutters, but they could have been put there as a decorative element to balance out the front (or no shutters at all). It looks weird. At first glance I thought it was a duplex with 2 different owners.

  12. Grand D says

    Nice exterior architectural design – Interior lay-out so-so – nicely furnished – would like to see the staircase close-up. Beautiful grounds and lovely entry gate to property.

  13. Grand D says

    As far as the blue shutters go – eliminate the bottom ones – and custom build a shutter for the one on the right – it could almost have some sort of louvre-type shutter and that would balance it out.

    It would also connect the look with the shutters on the back of the property.

  14. Jenn says

    Love the house but the decor was bland and boring for me. After living in England and traveling throughout France and Europe, the shutters on half of the house is right on. Still looks lopsided, but you see it everywhere like that.

  15. Gerry says

    I agree, I was a little put off by the odd shutters. Either put them on both sides or not at all. Second, obviously no one cooks or eats in that kitchen. The refrigerator is apparently miles away from the sink and stove, and those chairs and the light colored rug right next to the sink? Don’t think so….. The whole house seems a little cold and impersonal, doesn’t look like anyone actually lives there.

  16. Linda says

    I really like this house! I don’t mind the shutters on the one side of the house, but if it was mine I’d put shutters on the other side :) Love the kitchen! I don’t know about windows looking into a pantry though – I’d have to keep my pantry clean lol

  17. Carolyn says

    Lovely home, and Suzanne Kasler always does a terrific job. She’s also a very friendly charming person (I met her once at Furniture Market). As for the shutter issue, it seems to be escaping people’s attention that this house is purposely not symmetrical. Apparently we Americans want things symmetrical, but this is not always the case in Europe, especially in older buildings that have been added onto over the years, if not centuries. It would be a crime to put shutters on those multiple casement windows just to make the facade appear to match. Since real shutters would not be made to cover such a wide expanse, any other shutter would just be a fake, for appearances only, like some useless appendage . I can’t stand that. In my opinion it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong! The architect stayed true, at least on the front, to the original French inspiration. On the rear, however, not so much. I had to laugh about the magically expanding kitchen comment. What a difference a wide camera angle can make.

    • TeresaD says

      I read through the comments looking for a response like this. Thank you for explaining the architectural norms elsewhere. Your response was helpful.

      I did find it funny that, as true as they were to European non-symmetry that the inside is all symmetrical and doesn’t have that created-for-use style applied as well.

  18. snaggy says

    I thought it was very dull in side …not that keen on the outside ether !

  19. Katie says

    It’s pretty, but…not very homey. The color palette and decor makes it seem rather cold and lacking in character. It’s a McMansion.

  20. Lisa T. says

    It’s pretty. But there is just something about it; the size maybe that prevents the architecture from shinning through. It just gets lost. At least that’s what I think, hard to tell with the weird photography. I really wish they’d quit it with that!!!

  21. says

    I really like her style. A lot. And uhm…that kitchen…I mean, WOW. That is like my dream kitchen and yes, that butler’s pantry is to die for. How pretty!

  22. Meri says

    Loveeeeeeeeee! atlanta has some of the prettiest houses in the county

  23. Kim says

    I agree with Katie’s comment. This home is nice, but doesn’t feel homey. It’s lacking in color and warmth.

  24. says

    The house is lovely! Not sure about the shutters, but if I had the money, I’d be seriously thinking about this one!

  25. Jared says

    Spitzmiller & Norris is one of my all time favorite architectural firms. They’re impeccable.

  26. Alicia Sullivan says

    The shutters on just half the house would drive me CRAZY. The look of it is so wrong! I would demand something be done about it.

  27. says

    Beautiful bedroom! I couldn’t quite figure out just how wide the kitchen is. That is some fancy camera work. I think it’s a beautiful home, but I crave symmetry. So, I would either remove all the shutters or add more. Gorgeous home, though. Thanks for sharing it with us, Julia!

  28. says

    There are so many rooms in this house to Love! The kitchen is just wonderful, the garden, dining room and living rooms are a little formal but wouldn’t take much to feel lived in. Great work – thanks!

  29. Wendy says

    This house is dull. Every room is so tastefully done, but there are no pops of personality anywhere. I don’t like the “used brick” exterior that looks like new bricks and I really don’t like the shutter treatment. I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe and get the asymetrical, cobbled together over the ages look, and I usually love it. Here it looks forced, and I wouldn’t draw attention to it by painting the shutters that blue color. That shade doesn’t feel right anyway. (There you go, the one pop of risky personality and it misses the mark)

  30. says

    Oh, improper placement of shutters are my BIG PET PEEVE. lol It drives me up a wall when people have shutters on picture windows and I’m glad this house doesn’t have it. The only way I would put shutters on a large window is if they unfolded enough to actually shutter the window. That being said, on this house, I would have either made foldable shutters for the other side, or just left them off the side they put them on because it does look odd.

  31. The Country Girl says

    The back of the house looks very strange to me— out of proportion and like its center of gravity is too high, or something. Very awkward massing in the back, IMO. The house looks like it is an overdone “movie version” of a French home. Like the interiors, though.

  32. Grand D says

    The more I look at the property – the more I like it. The more I think about way the blue shutters were such a focal point with many is because the rest of the property color palette is so serene.

    However, shutters actually have a complimentary effect, a soft hue of blue that matches the sky. Nice work!!

  33. Emma says

    I like the house, but like (almost) everyone else, I really think the shutters look silly. They should just take them off completely.

    LOVE the gates to the property! But what’s with the four brown recliners? Was it a buy one/get one free sale :) ??

    Thank you for your work, Julia. I can’t make it through the day without a Hooked On Houses fix!