For Sale: A House on a Bluff in Ephraim, Wisconsin

Sitting on one of the highest points in Ephraim, Wisconsin, this beautiful bluff-top estate has panoramic views of Eagle Harbor and the village below. The house is lovely, too–I especially like all the painted plank walls and the kitchen. It’s on the market for a little under $2 million, so take a look!

The house has 5 bedrooms…

…and 4 full baths (with 2 half baths).

Total size: 4,400 square feet.

I like how this kitchen manages to look both high-end and homey:

There’s a lovely 3-season room overlooking Eagle Harbor. If the kitchen hadn’t sold me, this would have (you know I love a good sunroom–how fun would this be to decorate?):

For more photos and information about the house, check the Sotheby’s Listing by Diane Taillon. (Thanks to Janet for telling me about it!)

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  1. Laura says

    From the first shot I thought it was going to be a rustic, casual little lake house. I would have liked that a lot better. Nice kitchen and sunroom, though!

  2. says

    This house has so many nice features, but I still have to consider it a near miss. Its location is spectacular, and its size is pleasantly large without being monstrous, but they fell into too many design clichés. For $2 million, I would want at least some original features. The kitchen especially–I am wondering if all the kitchen views I have seen lately are from separate houses, or I am seeing the same photo over and over.

    I think my favorite feature is that porch room with the fireplace–I could imagine spending a lot of time there, looking out at that beautiful scenery.
    –Road to Parnassus

  3. says

    I really love this house, but I also really love Wisconsin. The state is a well kept secret. I’ve traveled through it many times and admired the beautiful lakefront homes in small quaint towns. Away from the lake, the scenery is rural and rolling green fields with those famous dairy cows out in pasture. Wisconsin is a bit of a different story in the winter, but I still like it.

  4. Dean says

    LOL–Ditto what “Kristen@More Than Mulberries” said. I not only love your site for the houses, but also seeing houses in areas of the country that I’ve never been to nor would ever expect to see (in those areas.) Beautiful home. A little too traditional in some areas, but the house and views are stunning. Agreed about the great kitchen.

  5. 65andcounting says

    This house falls into the “just okay” category for me. I agree with Parnassus about it having too many design cliches. One thing I did notice, that is a failing of my own home – too many “sitting” rooms. In this house there’s the front LR, then they showed the cubby with the pink sofa, then the more masculine den with the leather sofa, and the outdoor porch. The way my old house is laid out, it has alot of these odd-ball spaces but in reality, my family uses two rooms. The kitchen and the TV room. I predict the cubby and the front LR are nothing more than walk-throughs to the room with the TV!

  6. Rebecca C. says

    Oh wow. I can see why you’d love that kitchen. That island is wonderful. I love that view from one of the bedrooms. I love the use of stone too. What a beautiful house. I think the only thing I’m not as partial to is the wallpaper in one of the rooms. Not a fan of it. But that is easily fixable. That house has a perfect setting.

  7. says

    I love how this home has modern sensibilities and stylings but disguised so well with a classic interpretation. That living room, for example, is so similar to all the ones I see in the high end, modern homes, but looks cozy and traditional at the same time. I, for one, am ready to move in!

  8. says

    You described that kitchen so well. That is a beautiful room,and I loved the room with the stacked stone fireplace too. It all has a “wow” factor for me…even before the views…and THEY are glorious!
    Have a great Sunday, Julia.

  9. Cindy says

    I like this house but I dislike this matching wallpaper and bedding thing. Especially when it’s such a hideous color/pattern.

    I adore that sunroom but I am not so in love with the stone in there. It just looks dirty to me. I think I’d knock it out and put some other sort of stone in there.

    The house needs more color. However, I really like it.

    • Cindy says

      Actually, looking back at the pictures, I don’t like any of the stonework on any of the fireplaces, LOL.

      And, am I the only one that wants to know more about the secret storage space in the master?

  10. betty in munich says

    Was I the only one that had to look up Ephraim, WI on Google maps? Wow, it is up almost in the Great White North.

  11. says

    Oh, this is one of my favorite homes you’ve shared with us. I love the architecture of this house!

    I’m redecorating it in my mind!!!! :-)


    Luciane at

  12. Shannon says

    Is there no front walkway to this house? Do you actually have to walk through the garage area to get to the front door?
    Am I the only one who thinks that’s weird?

    • Cindy says

      It’s a courtyard. And yes, you walk through it. And no, I don’t think it’s weird, LOL.

  13. Lynn says

    Beautiful! Would be a dream come true to live there! I have been trying to have the nerve to make another big move in my life. Hmmm, Now to find $2 million.

  14. Jamie says

    I love Ephraim! The views from this home are beautiful as well! The price doesn’t surprise me as Ephraim is located in Door County, which, if you don’t know is a tourism county. Your wallet will feel it. Very nice house!

  15. Tanya says

    Ephriam is in Door County, Wi. I live in Wisconsin and can tell you that Door County is absolutely beautiful.Especially so in the Fall when all the leaves are turning colors. It’s quaint little towns, gift shops,cafes, bed &breakfast and of course the beautiful lake fronts!

  16. Sue says

    Totally my style ..I could move in and never change a thing!

  17. Herta says

    The location is spectacular and the construction obviously expensive and first rate but… BORING…might as well be a hotel for all the originality or personality.

    You know, I am getting really sick of big houses with all the standard features

  18. Kim says

    I don’t care for the rooms upstairs. Especially the wallpaper. They could have been designed much better. Other than that, I love the rest of the house. Especially that gorgeous exterior and those views.

  19. Annalisa from Sydney says

    I love US style of houses. I particularly love this!

  20. Linda says

    There is not one thing I don’t like about this house – absolutely beautiful in every way!

  21. says

    Oh my…the house is gorgeous and the views are spectacular…Now, Julia, if I ever win the lotto and looking for my dream home…I am coming straight to you know where all the gorgeous home are!!!

  22. Kris says

    Love the house and the decorating style, love to see color. I am getting so tired of all the gray and white in all houses on the web lately. It is just so bland, I keep thinking the photos are in black and white.

  23. Elvira says

    Wow! What a stunner. I like everything about it, it’s beautiful from every angle.

  24. says

    The third picture down reminded me of a church. It’s a beautiful home. I could live there…if I win the lottery.

    Do people REALLY not have curtains on some of their windows or do they remove them for the photos?

  25. Susan S says

    This house knocked my socks off! Oh, to have a mere two million and just a few more million for taxes, insurance, upkeep, etc., etc., etc.!

  26. Screendoorgirl3 says

    So beautiful from top to bottom..makes my heart sing!!

  27. Eileen Engel says

    Looking at the house in Ephriam, WI. (Just to let you know I have fallen in love with it !!!! ). We live in Green Bay, WI so our whole family (including our children, their spouses, and all the grandchildren) spend alot of time in Door County. What a beautiful area. In two weeks we will be going up there again. Reminds me so much of Martha’s Vineyard. We even built a red saltbox home with a white picket fence so I have my own little part of New England. Ephriam is a beautiful place to live.