A Galveston Beach House on Seaside Drive

You know, most of the time I’m content to live my simple, non-millionaire life here in Ohio. But whenever I do daydream about winning the lottery, beach houses are involved. I love the idea of having a vacation home like this one on the water. It’s listed in the Galveston community of Beachtown, Texas, for $2.25 million. Take a look!

The house belongs to philanthropists Mike and Carol Linn who, according to an article in The Chronicle, “seem to collect homes like some people collect cars.” (Now there’s a hobby I could get into!)

“Greek Revival grandeur and Charlestonesque charm proliferate in the upscale Beachtown development at Galveston’s East end, but the Linn’s home is unique, with a tin roof and an ambiance fashioned after a bait camp. Albeit a very plush one, designed by San Antonio architect Michael G. Imber.”

If it looks kind of familiar to you, it may be because Coastal Living featured the house in December 2011 when it was all decked out for Christmas. For instance, here’s how that fireplace (above) looked in the mag (photo by Annie Schlechter):

You can see a PDF of the article with all the photos here.

The rooms were decorated by Marcus Mohon with industrial antiques and period lighting fixtures.

The beach house has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

Love how this room has little sleeping nooks on either side:

But the best thing about the house might be the big back porch–and the water view:

Want it? Check the listing by Dianne McDonough of John Daugherty Realtors. The article on Chron.com has more photos and information, too. Photography by Marc McKinney. Thanks to Shay for telling me about it!

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  1. 65andcounting says

    My taste to a tee. Love every aspect of it, especially all the Albert and Dash (or is it Dash and Albert) rugs. No one won the $253m lottery last night so there’s hope for those of us who would buy homes like we buy shoes.

    Cheery and bright choice for a very gloomy and cloudy day in my neck of the woods.

    • The Other Sue says

      You mean I didn’t win? Rats. I didn’t check the numbers yet, but I was holding out hope. Dreaming of a beach house is at the top of my list when I buy a lottery ticket. My perfect one has a large main house for the family, but a cozy guest/carriage house out back just for me!

      Love the color palette and much of the decor. Not crazy about the proximity to the neighbors, but I think it’s pretty common in beach communities.

  2. Tracey says

    I had never really considered having a beach house until my husband and I started researching they Gulf Coast of Mexico in the Yucatan, near Merida. Houses on the ocean there sell for about $200, ooo USD.

    We have a house bulit on the second row about 150 ft from the ocean with a gorgeoys view of the ocean for about $140.00.

    The beach houses are great, but the colonial houses in the city of Merida about 30 minutes from the beach are amazing. Huge high ceiling, lots of wrought iron and gorgeous wood work. The whole are has a strong French and Cuban influence.

    If you have a chance to find links to some of the videos of the houses of Merida, I think you would enjoy them.

  3. Shabby Chick says

    This house is pretty amazing, Julia! I live on the Gulf of Mexico, something I used to dream about! These days, my daydreams take me to a residence suite at the Plaza Hotel NYC overlooking Central Park. Is that too much to ask? 😉

      • Christina from Dallas says

        That is a beautiful house Tracey. That was some sexy music! Is it safe in the area in Mexico that you live?

        • Tracey says

          Thanks, the video is a few years old. We are still working on house all the time so it has changed some since the video. My husband made the video, i love the sexy music too.

          This area of Mexico is very safe. It is really kind of isolated from the rest of Mexico. A lot of the local people there consider themselves Yucatecan not Mexican.

          It is a house lovers dream also. In one small area there are great beach houses, Huge French inspired Mansions, and the old colonial Houses. A fun day for me there is just driving around looking at houses.

  4. julia sheets says

    HEAVEN:)!!!!!! maybe the “philanthropist” owners could hook me up!

  5. Andrea says

    I dream of beach houses too……. this one would work for me!

  6. Christina from Dallas says

    Really pretty house. I live about 6 hours from Galveston so I have been there many times. I haven’t been though since the big hurricane came through a few years ago. . This house seemed to have faired just fine.

  7. says

    Hey! That’s in my neck of the woods : o ) There are some more affordable beach homes in a community called Evia in Galveston that are also done in period style.

  8. William says

    Love the architecture but the furnishings are off for me, I’d rather see a little more beach comfy than city trendy

  9. says

    I love it all…never would have thought that industrial would have looked so good at the beach, but this is beautiful.
    Thank you for your time and research on another beautiful place.

  10. says

    I love it!

    I was totally surprised by the interior of the house and just how big it was and yet cozy! I’m definitely putting it on my dream house list!

  11. Jano says

    There is much to love about the house, though I would have had a little lighter touch with the industrial antiques. I did get a kick out of the snowshoes – not something you’d expect to find in a Galveston house.

  12. Anne C. says

    That porch (and the view from it) is to die for!!! Love the whole house, but the porch is just awesome!

  13. e. george says

    Hi Julia what a beautiful home that porch and that view to die for. My husband is the Lotto investor in this house and every week he tells me this week it’s ours. This has been going on for years. Thank you for sharing… Regards Esther from Sydney. PS Tracey you have a lovely home enjoy….

  14. Kim says

    Gorgeous beach house! If I had this place I would never want to leave.

  15. kasey says

    Oh I love it. That view, I can only imagine falling asleep on that porch to the sound of the ocean.

    SadlyI would have to pick a floor and live just on it. Way too many stairs. One would hope there’s an elevator hidden somewhere.

  16. Terry says

    Lovely, lovely, lovely home. There is just one teensy-weensy problem. Galveston’s climate can be a bit tough to take. I live near Galveston and my husband was born there. The heat and humidity are horrific. Our local weatherman calls it “air you can wear”. Believe him. It feels like a wool overcoat. Then there is the bit about hurricanes. I would love to rent this house for a couple of weeks during the winter, though. No hurricanes or tropical storms, no (justifiably) high insurance, enjoyable weather. Pure bliss!