8 Readers’ Houses For Sale Around the Country

Here are 8 of my readers’ houses that are for sale around the U.S. right now. Click the links under the photos to see the listings, and then tell us your favorite!

1. A Traditional Two-Story in Huntsville

2. A Roomy Brick Ranch in Houston

3. Ocean and River Views in New Jersey

4. A 1920s Brick Townhouse in Maryland

5. A Renovated House That’s Bigger Than It Looks in Virginia

6. A Georgian Colonial-Style House on 5 Acres in New York

7. A Ranch with a Front Porch in South Carolina

8. An Updated Farmhouse in Ohio

Thanks to all the readers who submitted their listings and best of luck with them! -Julia

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Pacific Ave mansion for sale San Francisco
San Francisco has some of the most amazing old houses in the country. I could look through their real estate listings all day. But this…
When I saw the outside of this shingled Gambrel-style cottage for sale in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, I thought it looked charming. What I didn't expect…

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  1. Christina from Dallas says

    Wow love this crop of houses! The New Jersey house had such a fanstatic view! The one in New York was nice as it had five acres and a large house. I couldn’t believe that was only in the 300,oo.’s. That’s a great deal! The Houston house had a kinda California feel with the tile in the living room. The last house had beautiful landscaping and I noticed it was built in the 1800’s. The first few I noticed didn’t list their square footage anywhere unless I missed it.

    • Linda says

      I live in New York and have been to Wellsville. It is a depressing little town, but the surrounding areas are beautiful – Amish families live nearby.

  2. Earth Ocean Sky Redux says

    This is my favorite kind of post you do. That readers want to share their homes for sale with us is exciting – so many choices, so many price ranges, so many styles. I’m curious – is it the homeowner who sends you the link or is it more often the realtor?

    This post really says there’s something for everyone. It sure makes me rethink why I live in way-too-expensive New York when there are gorgeous homes for sale for what it might cost me to buy a toilet!

    • says

      The readers themselves send me the links and often tell me the stories behind the houses and why they’re moving. I often hear back from them when they sell, and sometimes they even send me photos of the houses they buy after moving. I love it! :-)

      • Earth Ocean Sky Redux says

        Oooh, that’s great, knowing why they are moving. I always wonder that when looking at these homes for sale, or any home for sale for that matter. Maybe, if it’s appropriate on a later post, you can ask the homeowners if you can share some of that information. I’d love it too!

        • says

          Just got this message from the owner of House #8, telling their story:

          For those who want to know – we are happy to share the details. We moved here seven years ago, when my husband took a job here. We’d been in a small, historic town in North Carolina, having renovated one house and also the oldest brick store building in town. However, my husband is a tech person, and the bottom fell out of the tech job market there, and we took this job in Ohio, instead. He’s now ready to retire, and since our four adult children are in three different states, none of them Ohio, we’ve decided to retire near the one in the warmest climate! We love this house and think it is perfect for people like us – lots of storage, lots of usable space, and best of all – a happy house. I’ve had my formal and proper homes in the past – now I’m old enough to just want a happy house. The beautiful deck with a view of two different ponds, and our neighbor’s impeccable landscaping next to our cozy landscaping gives us terrific vistas all the time. BUT, since none of our children are inclined to move here, we’ve decided to go to them, and go to a place where my husband can golf often.

          Like so many other people, we’ve been impacted by the crazy economy and house prices. We have the house listed for just about $20,000 more than we paid in 2005. However, we have put over $70,000 into it – everything from connecting to city sewer, a new roof, new windows, to digging the pond, upgrading the sidewalk, and building a nice main floor laundry room with custom pantry cabinetry. We think it’s beautiful here, but we also know the home is unique, and will only appeal to a certain few.

          Thanks again! We’re lowering the price tomorrow, and will let you know when we sell!

          • Earth Ocean Sky Redux says

            WOW, that makes this house a home. I can feel the happiness the homeowner talked about. Thanks for sharing so much.

  3. says

    Love the light and views of the NJ house!

    Good luck to all of the homeowners!

    Fresh Picked Vintage

  4. says

    The New Jersey house has fantastic views. My favorite out of all of them is the brick ranch in Houston.

  5. says

    wow – that Virginia brick rancher that is actually a 3-story home from the back is amazing! It’s deceiving from the street how small it looks, but it is actually HUGE!
    And the farmhouse in Ohio! What a surprise inside!
    Great houses everyone!

  6. Vilya says

    That NY house is amazing! And 5 acres, and in the $300’s?? That is incredible. I would absolutely buy that house if I could!

    P.S. I just discovered your blog and am loving it so much. :)

  7. Glenis says

    Love looking at the homes!! And I sure hope they all sell quickly for their asking prices!! I love the New Jersey home…all the views…but anything close the water is my favorite!! And the farm home in Ohio…loved the “feel” in the home…comfortable and inviting..but loving that yard!! Thanks for sharing…I love your blog!!

  8. says

    Wow – that first home in Huntsville has great curb appeal – I love the classic look. Enjoy seeing homes from around the country and always look forward to your post with reader’s homes.

  9. 65andcounting says

    It broke my heart to follow links from within the Huntsville listing to find that many of the beautiful homes in this Ledges of Huntsville development are in foreclosure. I see that this home is not, fortunately for them, but I have to wonder how hard it is to sell a home when around you are empty houses, or families in distress. I wish this family well and hope they are able to move without any adverse consequences.

    PS: As a rule, I follow a home’s address through Bing map and use their bird’s eye view positioning to see how a home sits – a gorgeous home can sit on a highway and unless you know, you don’t know!

  10. Lisa T. says

    All of them are beautiful in their own way. The windows look so dark on the Ranch in Houston it takes away some from the curb appeal, but overall they are all great houses.

  11. says

    I’m confused by the Huntsville house. It looks like a lovely historic house on the outside, but the interior looks like most of the house’s historic character has been removed. I wish the listing would tell us what year it was built.

  12. says

    Number 2…that beautiful ranch in TX looks good to my aging knees -smile-. My house and farm will be for sale one of these days soon. Since my husband died, it’s too much to tend to by myself.

  13. Shabby Chick says

    I love everything about the house in Hunstville (#1)….except for the dining room. The pictures of the ranch in Houston took way too long to load. To be honest, I really don’t care to see houses for sale on HOH. It takes too long to go to each listing and look at all the pictures. I find it boring…but maybe that’s because my husband was a real estate broker for 14 years. I’d much rather see movie houses or the other great properties you find! So, I’ll pass on the real estate listings. 😉

    • Jennifer says

      Out of curiosity what don’t you like about the dining room? Color? Too plain? We’re obviously trying to sell so any help would be good! But that being said, it’s made up of a hodge podge of hand-me-downs. We’re building and I’m not sure what the new dining room is going to look like so I don’t want to buy anything new but any low-cost solutions would be greatly appreciated! I honestly don’t love the look of it either but can’t figure out how to make it better!

  14. Becky says

    I wish you had not increased the advertising space so much on this blog. It takes up almost half the width of the page now. It makes me not want to linger here – it is distracting.

    • says

      I have to say this baffles me. I haven’t increased the ad space–I have actually removed nearly half of my advertising this year. At least 4 banner ads (the big ones) are gone. I haven’t done any sponsored posts or giveaways in 2012 at all. I removed all text link ads, too. Oh, and I turn down all pop-up ads, which pay the most. I’m making much less than I could. I am now accepting the small private ads in the sidebar again, but there’s only one so far so I’m not sure how bothersome that could be. The fact is, those ads pay for the blog and keep it running, and I am very grateful for the sponsors I have. Without them I’d have to give up blogging and go back to my old job. :-)

      • Becky says

        I think what bothers me visually is that the sidebars take up a little less than half the screen width. In most other blogs I read the sidebar is smaller. Maybe it is just me, but that very wide sidebar distracts me!

        • says

          Oh, well, that’s the standard width and I’ve always had it like that. No change there! Not sure why it’s bugging you more now than before. Hard for me to change the standard. :-)

          • Becky says

            Huh, I’m not sure why all of a sudden I thought the side bar was bigger. I’m not sure it’s the standard width though – go to cote de texas and you’ll see how narrow her side bar is. But that’s okay anyway – not that big of a deal.

            On another note – is there anyway you could set up a system to email your posts out? (not an RSS feed). Sometimes I forget to check for new posts and I hate missing them.

            • says

              Oh, yes, I see what you’re saying. Joni blogs with Blogger, and I’m with WordPress, and she has only a single sidebar instead of a double one like mine because she hasn’t really monetized hers. I’m with an ad network and they have standard ad sizes that they give me for our sites, along with telling me where to put them. I don’t have any control over that.

              Re: email, I’ve had that but have been getting complaints about the formatting being screwed up and the text being hard to read. Trying to figure out a solution and will keep you all posted. If I ever have time I’ll try to set up weekly newsletters or something that you can subscribe to. Thanks, Becky! :-)

          • Maria says

            Maybe it’s that the content column moved to the far right when it was centered before? That kinda threw me, but I’m used to it now.

  15. Kelly says

    anyway to find out from the homeowner of the home in Huntsville the color of her dining room?

  16. Kts says

    They are all beautiful. Everyone of them show the owners pride and care. #8 for me – love the gardens – love old farmhouses.

  17. Lynn says

    The views of the NJ house are incredible, but I love the charm of the Ohio house.

    P.S. I came across this blog while searching the web a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been “hooked” ever since – you do a fantastic job!!!

  18. ashley says

    I just want to tell the owners of the MD house (number four): you guys have AMAZING style!!! Your house shows beautifully!!! :)

    • Marcella says

      Thank you! We have worked really hard! Luckily our hard work paid off, not only have we loved living in it, but it sold after only 8 days on the market! I am desparate to break into the interior design world and need all the encouragement I can get! Thanks again!

  19. Destiny says

    I love these posts, and I especially loved hearing the backstory on No. 8. Good luck to this family, who apparently knows how to make a house a home…

  20. Lili says

    The Houston Ranch is my fave :) Love those big hexagon tiles in the living room, and all of the pretty, dark wood.

  21. says

    Nice houses for the right buyers!
    I had to exlude my first criteria, location, because none is in a place where I would want to live. So, as far as style and other details, I chose the house in Houston. I knew at once that I liked that house, then realized it is most like our house in Colorado!! gee.


  22. says

    Julia, I’ve been a devoted fan for several years and I’m hooked on your blog. Thank you for giving my addiction a name- “Hooked on Houses”.
    With some inspiration from you, I have just launched a FB page for our house that is now on the market. Thanks for all you do!

  23. says

    These all look great! But my favorite would be the Brick Ranch in Houston and the one with the ocean and river view in Jersey. It makes me very curious to behold the interior of these houses. I’ll bet that most of them have a vintage or country home interior.