A Grand 1890s Mansion in San Francisco with a Stained-Glass Dome

San Francisco has some of the most amazing old houses in the country. I could look through their real estate listings all day. But this 1894 mansion in Pacific Heights really made my jaw drop, from the dramatic staircase to the stained-glass dome. It went on the market a few months ago for $12.5 million–take a look!

The staircase is a real show-stopper. I just sat and stared at it for a while.

The mansion is massive with 11 bedrooms, 11.5 baths, and over 16,000 square feet. There are 3 stories and a finished basement, all impeccably restored.

The listing agent says:

Originally built in 1894, the property was completely reborn and rescripted in 2000 by architect Lewis Butler and designer Paul Wiseman in a project that spanned 3 years and cost more than $10 million.

The house has 13 fireplaces, including these in the dining room and kitchen.

Looking up at the glass dome–stunning:

The top of the dome can be seen in the third-story “rec room:”

A second kitchen:

So charming–I’d be just as happy to cook in this one!

New lap pool in back:

According to the listing:

Its parcel 117′ x 127′ is one of the largest in Pacific Heights. The property fully embraces the needs and demands of the most active 21st century lifestyle from the 4-level main house to the carriage house that now includes a fitness center and caretaker’s apartment, to the spa with 75′ lap pool.

For more photos and information, check the listing by Neal Ward of McGuire Real Estate. Looks like it’s already pending. Thanks to Kim for the tip!

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  1. Janice says

    Umm, that is spactacular! Seriously. That dome in the rec room? To die for. Wow. If we pooled all our money together, could we afford it?

  2. Mata says

    This is my friends childhood home! It was always a gorgeous home! But yeah it was full of boys lol All the woodwork was there, the kitchen, no pool… Looks like they did some cleaning up, added cool lighting and maybe a new master bath, don’t know, I never went in there but it has always been one of my favorite SF homes!

      • Mata says

        Seriously. A beautiful elegant home with crazy, bright, mischievous boys who had the run of the upper floors and had a bright red English telephone booth! lol

        • Kelli says

          I took one look at the top of dome inside the rec room and just pictured my son throwing a ball right into it. Surprised (and thankful) that never happened!

  3. Ann says

    Absolutely gorgeous and it’s wonderful someone restored it since they didn’t make much (any?) money for their efforts. I have to admit though, I looked at that staircase and thought “who is going to dust that?!” I would guess the original owners had full-time and/or live-in help. And whomever built it certainly was “someone” of their time.

  4. says

    Wow – I saw that it sold (for $12 million!!). It’s beautiful, but to be honest – I don’t like all the dark wood. I’d probably anger a lot of historians by painting or stripping it all! lol …

    • says

      Ha! I thought exactly the same thing. That so much of that wainscoting would look better painted a crisp white!

  5. Kristin says

    That is just amazing. I love the child’s room where the bay is out the window. And then the overall one where you see the house in all it’s glory with the bay beyond, well, wow. I like the bathroom but I don’t love how paneling turned out under the dome- just kind of weird. Left me wondering if the dome was always interior.

  6. says

    I love EVERYTHING about this house! It isn’t often that I see a house with a perfect match of architecture and interior design (for my taste.) I would insist on moving into it furnished. I can’t find anything I don’t like! Too bad it’s already sold. I am going to SF next week and would love to see it, although you probably have to provide proof of insane wealth just to get an appointment! L-O-V-E!

  7. Bridget says

    I love the views and the house but not the decore. Not enough warmth for me.

  8. says

    I’ve driven by this home, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it looked like that inside. I love driving around Pacific Heights and drooling over the homes, and trying to imagine who lives in the houses, and what they do for a living. That house pictures is one of the more subtle ones if you can imagine!

  9. Jenny says

    Oh my gosh! Move the ping pong table away from the glass!!! lol!

  10. Brandy says

    Wow!!! WOW!!! I would buy this in a heartbeat if I were a multimillionaire…

    Anyone else get drawn into all of the other amazing listings from the agent’s site? Wowzers!

  11. Rebecca C. says

    Absolutely spectacular! The views from some of those windows are amazing. I love that it’s from the 1800s. I think the only thing I sort of object to are some of the lighting choices. A little too modern for my tastes, otherwise I love the furnishings. The wood is to die for. So much to restore, but thank goodness someone did.

  12. says

    This listing is a treat to view. I had the same thought on ping pong table and the dome, as well as the renovation cost vs. sale price.
    I can’t quite wrap my mind about how you live in such a big place! Coming from a tiny family and modest sized homes. (I feel swamped in my 4 bd, 2000 sq ft home, let alone 11 bed 16000 sq ft!)
    I’d love to have that lap pool!

  13. Cindy says

    Could youplase profile the home of Michael Weatherly (NCIS). It just sold recently.
    The San Francisco house is beautiful.

  14. Lisa T. says

    The attention to detail in this beautiful home is incredible.

    Does anyone else remember the Daniel Steel novel where the setting takes place in a SF mansion with a stained glass dome above the front entryway. Was she inspired by this house?

    The heroin in the story’s father who built the house owned a mining company and the house in the story would have been built around the same time as this one. Interesting….

  15. Pamela Porter says

    Somebody lemme at that tablecloth with an iron 😀

  16. Kim says

    You’re Welcome! This is one of the best San Francisco homes I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely stunning. I love San Francisco homes. They are so gorgeous. I would love to visit there someday.

  17. says

    Absolutely amazing. It would make a great B&B. I think that it would make a wonderful place for a family reunion or something where you could rent out the place for a retreat, etc.

  18. Janelle says

    Wow! Amazing! I am truly speechless! Love, love, love old homes that are restored to maintain their glory:) Great post Julia:)

  19. dakky says

    I think the granite on the counters in the bathroom shot is the same as I have in my kitchen. However they probably spent more on that bathroom than I did on my whole house renovation!

  20. Wendy says

    Beautifully done, but I wish there was some color. Apart from one blue bedroom, it’s too neutral for me. Don’t love the furniture. Or the kitchen, surprisingly, because I usually love vintage look kitchens. It just looks too high end generic for me. Always glad to see someone taking care of the old houses in this city, though. Now if the Victorians of Oakland could be saved…

  21. Mary says

    One of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen in pictures. The dome, views and much more. I could only dream in living in a home like this in one of the greatest cities in the world.

  22. says

    Julia…you are so right..that is a jaw dropping house….the dome is indescribably magnificent!…Love every inch of that house…and that ladder in that gorgeous kitchen is terrific!!….not to mention the gorgeous views…thanks for sharing this amazing home…just wish I had enough money in my check book!!

  23. says

    San Francisco is one of my favorite cities! The people, the homes, the bridge, the hills, the clam chowder, the ocean and the fog, the “vibe” of it all. Now we can add this amazing home and the glass dome!

  24. says

    love the house. not the decorating.

    And is it just me, or are the exterior shots (first and last photos) two different houses?

    • says

      Hmmm…I see your point. They both came from the same listing, though, so I’m not sure how to explain why they would look different!

      • says

        ha. that happens all the time. I’ll see a listing with photos from a completely different house. Just a goof of the realtor.

  25. cbean says

    Then it must have survived the 1906 earthquake and fire intact.

  26. says

    I was thrilled to see that they kept all of the old wood work and didn’t paint it! I get so very tired of seeing these beautiful grand Vics made “modern” by painting every spec of woodwork they can find white (or in the case of Selling London, some other weird color). It seems to me that the owners did a beautiful and respectful restoration- making it just modern enough to suit 21st century lifestyles while preserving the past.

    Now I just need to become a mulit-millionaire…and move to San Francisco…

  27. Jennie says

    Speechless. this house makes me SPEECHLESS! Thanks for posting. You find the best houses!

  28. Zoe says

    I love all of it! Though I think some of the furniture is “too modern” for the house. It is not how I would decorate.

  29. HollyM says

    Holy crap! Did you see that view from the bay window in one of those windows?

    Be still my beating heart. If ever I win the mega millions lottery . . .

  30. Jane says

    I absolutely love that they restored all that was wonderful about the house, but made it still feel fresh, not an easy task in homes of this vintage. Beautiful, beautiful!

  31. Leo says

    Fist of all let me say I love your website but this is the first time I comment. Thanks to you I am now Hooked on Houses lol. I love how the architect chose the right amount of modern features that highlight the great details and charm the mansion has. He made the contemporary features work with the older in harmony not like the most recent post about the Sad House in Richmond Hills what a shame. I also love how its not cold like many grand mansions, it warm. I would love to live there.