“Flipping Out:” Jeff Lewis’s New House on Gramercy in L.A.

Did you catch the season finale of Bravo’s popular reality series “Flipping Out“? It was a good one. Jeff Lewis found out that his old house on Gramercy Place–which he sold in 2006–was back on the market. He had never forgotten the house that “felt like my soul mate,” so he bought it back.

I can see why he was reluctant to sell it in the first place. It’s a beautiful Wallace Neff-designed house on a hill overlooking downtown LA and the ocean. I tracked down some photos. Want to see?

Looking up at the Gramercy property from the street below:

He sold this house before he began shooting “Flipping Out,” so it isn’t one of the properties we’ve seen during the 5 seasons it’s been on.

When he heard that the house had been foreclosed on and was sitting empty, he wanted to see it again.

If that’s the front entry, it seems a little awkward with the steps right there. Love this dining room with the curved walls:

Jeff, his long-suffering assistant Jenni Pulos, and his real estate agent (who also happens to be his sister-in-law) try out the big windowseat in the living room while touring the house:

Jeff realized he still loved the house and that “It needs me,” so made an offer.

This living room looks huge. And it probably is. The house is about 3,700 square feet.

Based on the previews I’ve seen for tonight’s reunion show, it looks like it was taped in Gramercy:

It’ll be interesting to see how Jeff decorated it. It’s a much more traditional house than you usually associate with him.

The kitchen, which Jeff remodeled himself 6 years ago:

The kitchen set-up looks a little strange from this angle. That column is in a bad spot if you want a table or bar stools or something on the other side of the island.
What did you think of this season of the show? Seemed like he was either firing someone or threatening to fire someone in every episode, even though he had more design work than he could handle by himself.

Thank goodness he didn’t fire Zoila, at least. Love her. I need a Zoila in my life.

Upon seeing this blue room, Jeff remarked that they would need to do some repainting, “Obviously.”

The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.

And there’s a pool in back:

Jeff sold the house on Gramercy for about $2.7 million back in 2006. He says it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. He reportedly bought it back for about $1.6–a pretty sweet deal for him, even though it had been neglected and needed some work. Now I’m holding out hope for a Season 6 of “Flipping Out” so we can see this house come back to life!

More photos and information about it on Redfin, which still has the listing up up (for now).

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  1. says

    Wow! This will be interesting to see…

    I think he’s very talented, but I can’t watch this guy. He’s too “precious”, too rude and it annoys me! LOL :-)

    Have a great day, Julia!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. Michelle Gonzales says

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!! it’s nice to see jeff buying something that “speaks” to him! i CANT wait to see it in all its glory!

  3. Barbara says

    This was probably the best one of his shows. Getting the house back, Jenny’s
    going to stay, and in a sweet way…he said he wants Zoila to be his nanny. So, after
    all the crap he put her through making her feel inferior, underneath he really has a lot of trust in her. I’m always happy when my “house” shows are on.
    Although, I wasn’t happy with the end result of Design Star. Meg? I thought she decorated like an average person. Oh well.

  4. Barbara says

    I was happy to see the Jeff Lewis house. I was wondering if you would put that
    on your site. Thanks.

  5. says

    I love the show, but its beginning to feel too scripted. But regarding the post, the house doesn’t look like his style, which is very clean and modern. It will be interesting to see what he does with it.

  6. says

    I loved the season finale. I really like the exterior landscaping and outdoor spaces of Gramercy Pl. I am sure the views are beautiful. But! I’m not too sure about the interior. It really doesn’t seem like Jeff’s style so it will be interesting to see how the makes it fit into his aesthetic. I really hope they feature it next season. And yes, that column and kitchen as a whole look so awkward. I’d expect a better kitchen in a house at this price point.

  7. says

    Love Jeff and what a shocker to see Chaz, who was on Flipping Out [remember the mural that was of his deceased brother- hello Jeff! Saw that one a mile away!] selling Wen. I love Zoila, I loved the episode where he bought her a new car.
    This is a great house! Love it!!!

  8. says

    There is no accounting for taste! Pretty much like people really, it is so often hard to see why someone falls head over heels with someone or something that just isn’t so…special.

  9. says

    I watched the episode where he bought the house back too! That house is amazing… thanks for sharing some photos of the interior. I’m sort of hoping to see what he does with it in next season too! (:

  10. handbright says

    Back in the day I was a huge fan, his homes had a unique vibe and were interesting- not so much anymore. If i see one more I really hope that he restores this instead of renovating it into the kind of taupy tan or grey sleek and no personality places that seem to have become his trademark. Seems to me that he has just one look, and he has no emotional repertoir- it seems its all about the investment in any home he lives in, they have all begun to look alike. I’m just not buying his run of the mill productions anymore- from the over long handles on each and every kitchen cupboard door, to ripping out honed granite- just because. It’s getting to get boring. Lets hear it for a little creativity in approach…

  11. says

    Love watching this show although I don’t think I could be around Jeff L. in person.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the newest house redo, since I don’t think it looks anything like what I associate as his style.

  12. Jackie W. - Kanasas says

    Surprised that Jenny is going back to work for him full time.

  13. says

    WOW! I loved that show when we lived in the US and had forgotten all about it. Now I’m going to have to see if I can find it online to watch (if you know where, help me out!). That house is beautiful, but it does have some weird things, like the stairs at the entry (even if that’s not the entry, it’s weird to have stairs going down right off a door) and the column in the kitchen. I wonder what’s up with that? Structural, maybe? Still, weird.

  14. says

    I love this show! I was so happy for him and getting the house. In fact the finale was heartwarming. I am excited tonight for the reunion. It better be a 6th season. I need to see him with a kid.

  15. Carlavs says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This show. In Canada however we won’t get to see season 5 for several months (season 3 of real Housewives Of New Jersey just started here last week)

  16. Kim says

    I haven’t seen this show, but that house looks very nice.

    I use to love house shows, but HGTV, got me sick of them and I can’t watch them anymore.

  17. says

    It was an interesting season, but sometimes he is hard to take. Oh you are so right, everyone needs a Zoila.

    Nice photos, hope he does something with that wood ceiling which feels like it could suffocate you any second. The front exterior is beautiful but the back was such a yawn. Maybe he’ll work some landscaping into next season.

    • Adrienne says

      I can’t believe I had to scroll down this far in the comments for someone to comment on that living room ceiling! Not only suffocating, but it makes me feel like a galley slave in the bilge, below deck on some crazy old ship. It needs to be painted a brighter color.

      Totally agree with you entire assessment of this house. I’m happy he made a good business deal on the whole buyback though.

  18. Sybil Law says

    Don’t think that the entry – I think it’s the balcony above the entry (i.e, the 2nd floor)! Thanks for the awesome website, though! :)

  19. Nita says

    I LOVE Jeff. I LOVE this house. I can’t wait to see it. I would LOVE to work for him, he is such an amazing designer and he is so good to his people.

  20. says

    Hi Julia! So excited you showed more photos of this house! I am a fan of Flipping Out on Bravo and was dying to see more! I was also surprised that Jeff still liked this property since it was more traditional and everything else I have seen him in is very modern/ contemporary. Can’t wait to see what updates he makes, it seems like a beautiful place!

  21. Tiffany Taylor says

    I was shocked to see Jeff buy this house. Doesn’t fit his style (or what seems to be his style). Hope we get to see what he does with it. I like this show, but don’t see how anyone can work for this guy.

  22. Julie says

    What does Bravo put in the water? I have never watched so much mindless tv as I have this past year on Bravo. I barely ever watch tv except movies, but I’m embarrassed to say how many of these shows I DVR every week. They must know the formula that gets people hooked. As for this show, I think I’m fascinated by the fact that it’s Hollywood, and I’m curious about the Hollywood of yesteryear, compared to today. When they mentioned this was a Wallace Neff house, I promptly read everything I could find. It is a beautiful house. I will be tuning in just to see how he mixes styles. One thing that fascinates me about the LA/Hollywood area, is how even the neighborhoods with the most prime real estate that sells in the millions, just look so-so, even a bit run-down. Maybe it’s the dry landscaping, or that the never-ending sun and heat is hard on houses. Houses are beautiful inside, but outside, not so much. Oh, and I’m also starting to realize how easy it is to be a stalker with Google Earth.

    • Eva says

      Hi Julie: Yes, the sun and dry conditions here are extremely hard on exteriors and landscaping, especially as you move away from the coast and into the valleys; so keeping the outside looking fresh is a lot of work and expense, made more difficult when water rationing takes effect.

  23. Ann says

    I love the show although like another Bravo show set in the same location of the country, I’m so glad I don’t have to spend time with some of these people in real life! I can’t wait to see what he does with this. How a house can be neglected in just 5 years I’m not sure (especially after paying so much for it!)

  24. Eva says

    Sorry, had to laugh at the part of the Redfin listing that says there’s an “ocean view.” The house is about 20 miles from the ocean, in the eastern Hollywood Hills, where I’ve lived; and maybe, just maybe, on an extremely clear day, if you squint, you can see a faint tiny glimmer in the distance which you can tell yourself is the ocean.

    Welcome to L.A. real estate listings, folks! Amusing to read, not so amusing when you’re house hunting and make appointments to see places that barely resemble the descriptions in the listings. A trusted real estate agent is a most valuable asset here.

  25. Jared says

    I love this house! Although, I love all of his houses. I wonder how much is fee would be to do my apartment? I love the diamond leaded glass windows and the beamed ceilings. I think he got it back for a steal!

  26. says

    I am so glad he bought this house! I missed the finale, and the reunion, thankfully Bravo reairs their shows all the time so I am bound to catch both. I thought it was endearing when he called the house his “soul mate” it’s not often he’s sweet like that! haha that’s why I love his repartee with his maid, she’s awesome and she brings out his more sensitive side. I agree, he definitely seemed swamped and stressed and very eager to fire people this season…but I think the cuts he made had to be made.

  27. Janice Mahon says

    Jeff Lewis has an “eye” for style and this house has great bones. I am sure that he is in the middle of rehabbing the entire interior right now. They are probably in the middle of filming the new season. I bet he gets rid of those stairs off the foyer. An entire gut job I think.

  28. joanne Tozzi says

    I love the show so much I’m giving it a chance with me and my boyfriend . Buying and renovating houses. Love it :)

  29. Joy says

    Oh Julia, you are so awsome. I searched high & low to find info about this house after the season finale, So glad you did . The outside looks mort interesting than the inside though. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity as always. When are you going to get photos of the sly stallone movie Oscar?? Its georgous!! Thanxxx as always!

    • says

      “Oscar” is on my (very long) list of movies to cover eventually, but I haven’t even had a chance to see it yet. Sorry!

  30. says

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  31. Bri Bri says

    I am having Flipping Out withdrawls!! When is the show coming back on the air? I can’t wait. I love Jeff Lewis and TEAM!!

  32. says

    jeff, don’t let all the negative things people say about you.. I think you are fab!!!!!!!!
    I had a boss so much like you and I appreciate and understand why you do the things you do and why they are done that way. Keep up all of it. I know I could work for you, but Jenny is the perfect assistant or maybe zola or one of your wonderful animals. Look forward to new season. dmiekley52@hotmail.com from
    the gulf coast

  33. donna murphy says

    Dear Jeff,

    I just turned to this week’s People [Apr. 1st,,2013] where you are. I love you on Bravo. Where did you find these thee vases on the top of your dining room, on page seventy-six? If they are available or if you can suggest a store where I may to able to afford them, I could jump at the change of picking them up. I adore these vases.

    Awaiting your reply. Thank you so much.


    ~Donna Murphy

    • donna murphy says

      Jeff, I was reading People magazine April 1st, 2013, where you were showning on pages 75-76, your more than beautiful home! Where did you find these three vases on top of your dining room table on page 76? Can you suggest a store where I could be able to afford them, please let me know? I adore these vases!