5 Funny Real Estate Photos

#1. When people talk about having a flat-screen up on the wall, this isn’t usually what they mean.

#2. The listing describes “light-filled rooms,” but all the windows are covered in layers of fabric.

#3. I’ll bet this homeowner was thrilled to see her bra on the Internet.

#4. Looks like there’s a house behind that basketball hoop.

#5. “You can buy my house, but I’m not going anywhere.”

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car in front of house
This charming three-bedroom house for sale in Richmond Heights, Missouri, isn't just a drive-by. Nope. It's a pull-right-up-and-park in the front yard kind of place. …
#1. This would be a great home office if it weren't for all the, you know, dead animals. #2. This house on Hunters Hollow Lane…

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  1. says

    I love this site and the hilarious real estate photos. You just have to wonder…What are these people thinking! Keep up the awesome work. Hugs, Jan

  2. says

    The second one looks like a lair to a black widow spider….. lol

    But really.. why are the agents thinking taking these horrible pictures?

  3. Cynthia says

    LOL, that last one rocks. And what’s with the bowl of potpourri on top of that 10 foot high TV? Only a giraffe could appreciate it.

  4. says

    Oh my word, the bra! I would be mortified. Sometimes I am just shocked at the photos on MLS. When I first started working for a broker back in 2001, MLS would still go out and shoot one street shot of the listing if you weren’t going to upload one (not as many digital cameras then). If they had an old shot, they’d use it. So we had one go up with a tree in front of the front door that wasn’t really there anymore!

  5. says

    These really made me laugh…since we are selling our home and I have been looking a lot. The thing that makes me sick is how messy people are in their homes and don’t seem to care if pictures are taken of it all! ;D

  6. says

    You know Julia, just when I think that people are people are people, I realize that not everyone thinks the way I do. That was a doll on the bed…yes? Creepy! The shroud of curtains….also creepy…and the all wood kitchen with the bra accessory…? I don’t know what the agents are thinking when they post these pictures.

  7. Deb! says

    In defense of photo #5, that doll (Bastian) is by Annette Himstedt and retailed (when new) for around $800.
    Annette is world known for creating life-like dolls and apparently hasn’t missed the mark here!

  8. Kymberly says

    To be fair the TV in the first photo did fool me.

    In the “bra” photo the upside-down-cross by the sink is equally disturbing.

    I think I had the same realtor take my photos. We had a rental house for sale. She didn’t even move the ONE big green trash bag out of the way to take a photo of an otherwise pristine newly renovated kitchen and she took photos with my tenants sitting at the table talking.

    • shelly joseph says

      Its on a string it looks like a long cross I immediately went and looked LOL .. I thought that too at first like WHAT?! then realized that my Mom has a similar cross on a string too.. LOL

  9. Kymberly says

    Oh and her work in taking a close up photo of just a toilet (with the lid up)? Sublime!

  10. says

    I’ve been visiting your blog for awhile now and while I enjoy looking at the celebrity homes and movie sets, I just love getting a good laugh from the bad real estate photos! The 2nd photo is so weird. I could never be a realtor – the photo alone would prevent me from even entering the house!

  11. says

    I LOVE the middle-eastern Genie in a Bottle look in the “light filled room” hahaha. What are people thinking? Also not a huge fan of dolls appearing in real estate photos. Pretty sure that place will be haunted.

  12. says

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. The agents could offer this as an added bonus to sellers: the photos can also be used for Craigslist listings when the owners are clearing out their stuff in preparation for the anticipated move. Maybe that bra, creepy doll and all those scarves are for sale too!

  13. elsieb says

    Do you think this is a joke? I can’t believe if a person is smart enough to get a realtor licence, that they would be smart enough not to do stupid pictures.

  14. threadbndr says

    That topheavy TV in the first listing is almost as scary as the ‘webfilled BR’, and the ‘Chucky doll’ LOL.

    I’m wondering if the exterior shot is actually a capture from Googlemaps – why didn’t they just step to the other side of the basketball goal – you can’t even see the front door!

  15. says

    HA! These are really funny! It’s amazing to me all the stuff people leave out, and the junk they display when their realtor comes over to take photos to help sell their house! I’ve seen some doosies!

    • shelly joseph says

      And Why is the doll watching the TV!.. I just noticed there is a TV turned toward the doll.. Yeah run, run away .. from that house..

  16. Kim says

    Could you imagine having to look up at that big screen while watching a movie or tv show? Your neck would start to hurt.

    That second photo creeps me out. Those curtains look like a web that has a spider or creature living in it, that would swoop down and grab you in the middle of the night.

    Thanks for sharing all of these MSL photos. They are all pretty great.

  17. shelly joseph says

    Huh? What? I thought everyone kept thier BRA in the kitchen.. LOL!

  18. says

    That bra! I never would have noticed it if you hadn’t pointed it out, but that homeowner must be furious. Did the realtor climb a tree to take the basketball hoop photo? It’s such an odd angle.

  19. says

    okay, so the upside down cross in the kitchen is actually a cross on a ribbon, if you look closely. Now I’m off to bake my bras!

  20. says

    I once went to look at a house and saw dirty boxers on the master bathroom floor, a half empty box of tampons sitting on the counter and an empty beer bottle sitting on the edge of the tub. I’ll assume that the realtor didn’t give the homeowners enough notice, but since it was a very indemand neighborhood and the first day the house was on the market, it was really pretty inexcusable. Funny how I still remember that bathroom!

  21. Kenny says

    The first photo looks like a disaster waiting to happen. One good little bump of the TV stand and the couch viewers are toast. The second one reminds me of the bedroom from Green Acres. I shudder to think what goes on in there. And what’s in all those little upper cabinets in the bra kitchen??

  22. Sunny says

    I hope there aren’t any children in the home of the first photo!

    The bi-fold doors propped against the wall AND the top-heavy *entertainment* center make this mom’s alarm bells go off!

  23. Stephanie says

    The curtains in the first pic are uneven too! The last pic was a little creepy!

  24. says

    HAHA! Not another creepy doll!! These pictures are hilarious. They are trying to actually SELL these homes-right??

  25. Janice Mahon says

    I agree with Kenny and Sunny. Don’t want to be Debbie Downer here, but many children are killed by falling tv sets. An accident waiting to happen. And Spring who described number two as a Stevie Nicks video! LOL Thanks for the laughs!